Lexus SC400 1uzfe W58 Manual Conversion

Thanks to (formerly known as my Lexus SC400 is now manual. This uses a 1995 NA Supra W58 transmission connected to my 1uzfe V8.

Please visit for swap information (in the forums). Also the products to do this swap are available for purchase.

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Author Hope Tui ( ago)
u cant shift properly!

Author Thomas f.254 ( ago)
wow!! I wish my sc4 would look as gd as yours! :)

Author AK540i ( ago)
The W58 bolts up to the 1UZFE?

Author closedeyeslie ( ago)
nice car

Author brian5o ( ago)
Very nice job on the transmission swap. I love your car, too. Very nicely

Author Jack O F F ( ago)
What are you using for an exhaust?

Author AndyAngelZ ( ago)
work on your shifting

Author Chris Lora (1056 years ago)
With the adapter kit did you have to shorten your driveshaft? 

Author Matt Rickman ( ago)
do you still have all the pictures from your how to thread? all the picture
links are broken on clublexus

Author SwapSupra ( ago)
awsome sc man , are you still runing the w58 ?

Author Tanner “tannerb” Bean (770 years ago)
I'm gonna guess you've either sold the car by now, or the W58 has long
since given out.

Author ShepherdsWrench ( ago)
very nice work.

Author HoodHopper ( ago)
What's the turn around time on this swap? Can it be done in a day??

Author Andres Perez ( ago)
That webpage is not working properly... I would like some information on
the W58 swap. Besides the transmission, what do I need and how much are the
parts worth?

Author Mark ( ago)
hey man how much did it cost you???

Author 1995RangeRover ( ago)
WOW!!! Clean coupe with a manual! NICE!!!!

Author Plasmamuffins ( ago)
I think you did perfectly fine for your 2nd day. Fuck the trolls. :)

Author Beurky24 ( ago)
What are these rims plz ??

Author patrick jones ( ago)
it can do if its a soarer I think which is the same car rebadged

Author otakukj ( ago)
Will the nur spec work with other setups? for example I have the v8 then it
dies and I want to slap a 2j in it later?

Author MattSchwaggerTV ( ago)
dude forget kvagroup, you did a sick job with making look factory and doing
the work AND learning to drive manual. thats what I call a pride and joy
car. mad props man. was the center console hand made or a part from a
manual sc300? id like to know cause im planning on an sc400 project myself
and AT dont cut it for me lol

Author Juan Mitropoulos ( ago)
Nice Job Budy! =)

Author Josh Monroe ( ago)
did you have to get a custom drive-shaft or where u able to use the stock
one ?

Author D. Hernandez ( ago)
I hope this kit works for the sc430. 

Author slamminfashion ( ago)
Celica wheel? Why?

Author marlboro bill ( ago)
I don;t remember him saying he was a performance driving expert. I'm sure
you were a pro straight from the womb, but those of us not born perfect
have to learn things. Why is it that anyone new to anything is now an idiot
who doesn;t deserve to breath? Everyone starts somewhere. Grow up.

Author Tyler Horstman ( ago)
How much did that cost you?

Author Redphoenix2k1 ( ago)
Blitz Nur Spec

Author Redphoenix2k1 ( ago)
Stays the same

Author Redphoenix2k1 ( ago)
Sorry buddy, I wish I took a video a week later or something.. this was my
2nd day of driving manual ever... I basically did the swap and forced
myself to learn by doing so. Talk about willpower to learn!

Author Redphoenix2k1 ( ago)
Sorry buddy, I wish I took a video a week later or something.. this was my
2nd day of driving manual ever... I basically did the swap and forced
myself to learn by doing so. Talk about willpower to learn!

Author Redphoenix2k1 ( ago)
lol that was the 2nd day of me ever owning a manual car. I was still
learning to drive manual, let alone learning the car. That was three years
ago... yes the car drives great, I loved it but have recently sold it :(.

Author downonit22 ( ago)
Where you still getting used to the manual transmission in this vid? almost
stalled it near the end lol. and how does it drive?

Author Chris Hernandez ( ago)
cant drive manuel for shit !! lmfao 

Author GrupoKVA Grupos Electrogenos ( ago)
jajajaja please, use AT. You do not know how to use the clutch jajajaja

Author matthew guttenbeil ( ago)

Author Biggieman2k6 ( ago)
How much does gas improve, if it improves at all when doing a manual tranny

Author Beurky24 ( ago)
What type of exhaust ?

Author BlazeLE ( ago)
why? its not some beater 240... its a lexus...

Author Bjarni Hörður Halldórsson ( ago)
@87quest9899 its not an fe series engine it is a uz the f stands for narrow
angle valve (economy) e stands for electronic fuel injection

Author andreynfs ( ago)
i thought you tube didn't allow Porn!?!?!?

Author zukijamesoffroad ( ago)
hard to tell in the video .. but is it faster with the manual swap?

Author adam ( ago)
its an FE series and what about the toyota trucks??? sr5 tundra 5spd behind
a 2uz did not put a manual behind the FE series engines that it
used. just sayin

Author Bigwes2215 ( ago)
This ride sounds sick!! Best exhaust for this car. If u have a SC400, this
is the exhaust to get. But I drive a GS400...

Author Patrick Vang ( ago)
Nice lexus! Its so hard to fins in manual. How did it cost you to do the

Author trigga5 ( ago)
What exhaust you running in this vid. Sounds nice as!

Author dre1507 ( ago)
People may say the Japanese don't do V8's as well as the Americans, but
they sure do sound a lot better. 

Author cory newlon ( ago)
did the w58 bolt directly onto the 1uz block? or did you have to purchace
an adapter? im lookin into putting an r154 in my 98 but if w58 is bolt on
ill go that route.

Author Muffasa28 ( ago)
what is your entire exhaust system in this vid? please and thankyou i tried
to look on the forum but it wont work...

Author TeamTOS ( ago)
do you have stock headfer and what exhaust you have

Author Prentiss Thomas ( ago)
Autos are ok but nothing beats a manual. 

Author Ash Kmiec ( ago)

Author djinfinity09 ( ago)
@dustinsv8240 whats the name of that tranny

Author Pele Douangsavanh ( ago)
is that a celica steering wheel? did u have to do any mods for it to work
in the soarer?

Author Kevin McCaleb ( ago)
What did you do about the ECU( meaning what ECU did you use for the swap)?

Author RMAffiliations ( ago)
i have two of these engines sitting in my garage, one broken and the only
ready to be swapped. the only thing is that the fucken cat is melted :( its
costing me 500 to replace the stock cat:(((

Author Celibate Carl ( ago)
So I now know what Im getting for my birthday.

Author djinfinity09 (647 years ago)
@BadBoyMike3 Your talkin about the SC300.. not 400

Author djinfinity09 ( ago)
@dustinsv8240 Really? Will it handle the torque tho?

Author sarcastic_ass ( ago)
Why a w58? Why not a R154?

Author dustinsv8240 ( ago)
a 95 5 speed transmission in a 240 will bolt right up to the 1UZFE. I have
one in my car

Author K3Shuff ( ago)
wut exhaust brand do u got 

Author majorbison ( ago)
What did you do for the clutch pedal, use an Sc300 5 speed assembly or

Author camsac ( ago)
that sounds beautiful, what exhaust do you have fitted on it?

Author Jeresen Apana ( ago)

Author bfaleimu ( ago)
Was this a difficult swap to perform? Did you do it yourself, or was it
done at a shop?!?! Absolutely gorgeous ride by the way!

Author accordv6er ( ago)
@BadBoyMike3 close mate. It was the sc300. The UZs (as stated) never had a
manual with them.

Author Twobarpsi ( ago)
oh that sounds sweet!

Author McSaggler ( ago)
Damn, sick ride.

Author xxnissansilviaxx ( ago)
which is better the 1uz or doing a 2jz twin turbo ? which is better for
daily driver .... 

Author Muffasa28 ( ago)
@Muffasa28 what are they?

Author Richard Leary ( ago)
Truck trans?

Author Snow Peak (304 years ago)
@SoCalLexusSc How exactly is swapping to a manual tranny going to cause

Author Craig Kulig (480 years ago)
Bro, that is fucking SICK!!!! Where do you go abouts getting a 1UZ-FE

Author Muffasa28 ( ago)
what size rims are those bruhh?

Author lazzer408 ( ago)
@Redphoenix2k1 The price would have been less characters.

Author BboyBlackout ( ago)
Love your ride. What are the specs of your wheels and suspension?

Author Beakyboo92 ( ago)
Where can I buy a front lip like that?

Author herbienbrian2 ( ago)
this is so cool! It sounds nearly identical to a new Shelby Mustang.

Author Buntha Onn ( ago)
i bought a sc 400 because of this video

Author CockYaLegS ( ago)
Hey, first saw your car on SM a while back and fell in love. I am looking
at picking up an sc4 soon and would like to do a 5 spd swap. My only
concerns are that I am going for 98+ car, and didnt know if the swap would
require anything extra due to the vvti, etc? Also, I currently have an R154
from an a70. Obviously the speedo is driven manually by gear where as the
sc is electronic. Any advice?

Author Kyler Jensen ( ago)
why did you go with the W58 over the R154

Author Eric K ( ago)
sweet ride man...I use to have a 93 SC400, I miss it ;(

Author Jake Breyck ( ago)
@Ill06Taco Lol thanks ;-)

Author panzerfaust375 ( ago)
How long has she been manual for? The w58 is a fairly decent box but I
found for my driving it wasn't strong enough. I've heard there is steel
plate w58 which is more expensive but a bit stronger. Think that's the one
up against the 2jz n/a supra. I've heard of some going for years with w58
in applications that far surpass there stock applications. I've got a 1uz
now supercharged tied to an original auto (2nd 1uz). This time I have a
r154 waiting. Still in 2 minds about it though.

Author Jesse Lawton ( ago)
can i have your car? thanks .... ;p Nah oiy looks fuckin hot :)

Author Dan Short ( ago)
That car is sick. I was choosing between an s13, an sc, miata, and is300
for my first car but i got the s13. Still would like an sc one of these

Author Hugens Dejean ( ago)
@kaushin Lol

Author Adrian Dustin Roberson ( ago)
what rims are those?

Author jamaicanlovrboy ( ago)
yo man, that thing sounds mean

Author YoshiMan38 ( ago)
Damn, thats freaking sick!

Author oggie cengiz ( ago)
yo how much did it cost you to convert to manual ??

Author Esko Lopez ( ago)
Does the ecu need to be changed because its auto - to manual? Can someone
clear it up Cheers Ive

Author HKMediaChicago ( ago)
props for great work. that SC is very clean, the conversion is definitely
unique in my opinion.

Author Derrick Cui ( ago)
hmm, what about swapping a 1uz into a OEM SC300 5-speed?

Author Jason Park ( ago)
@volleyballurrrr looks like an is300 steering wheel to me

Author powersliding ( ago)
suddenly the v8 doesnt sound lazy

Author velocity211 ( ago)
@volleyballurrrr it's a stock toyota celica/corolla/matrix steering wheel,
and yes it has an airbag.

Author Will R ( ago)
@Namord yeah but im saying that one looks like an aftermarket wheel

Author Will R ( ago)
what steering wheel is that? does it have an airbag?

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