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Author Andres Perez (2 months)
That webpage is not working properly... I would like some information on
the W58 swap. Besides the transmission, what do I need and how much are the
parts worth?

Author HoodHopper (1 month)
What's the turn around time on this swap? Can it be done in a day??

Author Beakyboo92 (3 years)
Where can I buy a front lip like that?

Author oggie cengiz (3 years)
yo how much did it cost you to convert to manual ??

Author Redphoenix2k1 (2 years)
@louisdelsol1 Bilstein/Hypercoils

Author Redphoenix2k1 (3 years)
@mengthor Understandable, but a transmission swap is easier than an engine
swap... hands down.

Author dre1507 (1 year)
People may say the Japanese don't do V8's as well as the Americans, but
they sure do sound a lot better.

Author Redphoenix2k1 (2 years)
@kumbial0ka SSR SP1

Author kaushin (4 years)
FWD LOL. these cars aren't Hondas GTFO.

Author zukijamesoffroad (1 year)
hard to tell in the video .. but is it faster with the manual swap?

Author hemet92544 (4 years)
Looking to buy a car soon, SC400 or mustang GT, like the 400 better, only
thing is, its now at least 10 years old, up to 20 years old. I know I know
the reliability of 400 will be better than a GT, but, parts, while can be
had today, its less and less, and in 5 years or so? even if i rebuild the
engine/tranny, its all those other parts, 500 for this censor, 250 for that
thingy, that worries me. share anyone?

Author Jesse Lawton (3 years)
can i have your car? thanks .... ;p Nah oiy looks fuckin hot :)

Author majorbison (2 years)
What did you do for the clutch pedal, use an Sc300 5 speed assembly or

Author LKdot007 (3 years)
check out those fucking rockets. jeez

Author Snow Peak (3 years)
@SoCalLexusSc How exactly is swapping to a manual tranny going to cause

Author Muffasa28 (3 years)
@Muffasa28 what are they?

Author Jeresen Apana (2 years)

Author Patrick Vang (1 year)
Nice lexus! Its so hard to fins in manual. How did it cost you to do the

Author CockYaLegS (3 years)
Hey, first saw your car on SM a while back and fell in love. I am looking
at picking up an sc4 soon and would like to do a 5 spd swap. My only
concerns are that I am going for 98+ car, and didnt know if the swap would
require anything extra due to the vvti, etc? Also, I currently have an R154
from an a70. Obviously the speedo is driven manually by gear where as the
sc is electronic. Any advice?

Author matthew guttenbeil (1 year)

Author camsac (2 years)
that sounds beautiful, what exhaust do you have fitted on it?

Author Bigwes2215 (1 year)
This ride sounds sick!! Best exhaust for this car. If u have a SC400, this
is the exhaust to get. But I drive a GS400...

Author Tyler Horstman (1 year)
How much did that cost you?

Author Coolvideos65 (2 years)
I wanna do this to my car, is it hard?

Author RMAffiliations (2 years)
i have two of these engines sitting in my garage, one broken and the only
ready to be swapped. the only thing is that the fucken cat is melted :( its
costing me 500 to replace the stock cat:(((

Author Twobarpsi (2 years)
oh that sounds sweet!

Author Ash Kmiec (2 years)

Author djinfinity09 (2 years)
@BadBoyMike3 Your talkin about the SC300.. not 400

Author anarchistbot (4 years)
\this is a v8 right? fwd? how much was the conversion never seen these cars
and will the beat a gsx you think? THIS CAR IS SICK POST ANOTHER VIDEO

Author Craig Kulig (3 years)
Bro, that is fucking SICK!!!! Where do you go abouts getting a 1UZ-FE

Author TofuProductionCinema (4 years)
props for great work. that SC is very clean, the conversion is definitely
unique in my opinion.

Author Buntha Onn (3 years)
i bought a sc 400 because of this video

Author Derrick Cui (4 years)
hmm, what about swapping a 1uz into a OEM SC300 5-speed?

Author SoCalLexusSc (3 years)
@Redphoenix2k1 cool i agree automatic pisses the shit out of me i juss had
a friend that had all the peobs on his 99 maximum but thanks ill prob do
the same

Author WestLosHomiez (3 years)
So basically you got a W58 tranny, the gearbox, the clutch master cylinder,
the slave cylinder, the flywheel, the clutch set, the brake pedal(what
car's pedal did you use?), the clutch pedal(what car's clutch pedal did you
use?), shifter cable & installed all? you have to make holes in the
firewall? & didn't you have to close the radiator's transmission fluid
lines? & im guessing you used 93-98 supra parts :] KUZ DIZ JUZ FKKIN

Author Richard Leary (3 years)
Truck trans?

Author Redphoenix2k1 (1 year)
Blitz Nur Spec

Author K3Shuff (2 years)
wut exhaust brand do u got

Author Biggieman2k6 (1 year)
How much does gas improve, if it improves at all when doing a manual tranny

Author Pele Douangsavanh (2 years)
is that a celica steering wheel? did u have to do any mods for it to work
in the soarer?

Author D. Hernandez (1 year)
I hope this kit works for the sc430.

Author Redphoenix2k1 (3 years)
@WestLosHomiez SC300 clutch pedal, brake pedal, driveshaft, shifter trim
and 95 w58 transmission. holds are stamped, you need to drill them, clutch
line comes in the kit.

Author velocity211 (4 years)
@volleyballurrrr it's a stock toyota celica/corolla/matrix steering wheel,
and yes it has an airbag.

Author Redphoenix2k1 (1 year)
lol that was the 2nd day of me ever owning a manual car. I was still
learning to drive manual, let alone learning the car. That was three years
ago... yes the car drives great, I loved it but have recently sold it :(.

Author yotatoysupra89 (4 years)
I did this swap not to long ago, I am very pleased with it. Did you get
cruise control to work for you?

Author MeissnerFlux (3 years)
Nice work! the sc400 in manual must be heavenly!

Author Redphoenix2k1 (3 years)
@suprafanatic1984 1995

Author Namord (4 years)
After a certain year, ALL passenger vehicles included an airbag on the
driver's side. in the early 90s passenger side airbags were optional i

Author Plasmamuffins (8 months)
I think you did perfectly fine for your 2nd day. Fuck the trolls. :)

Author andreynfs (1 year)
i thought you tube didn't allow Porn!?!?!?

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