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Author Alma Hardy (9 months)
Don't weep he said; it's hard!!! I miss my Uncle Pat RIP till we meet

Author kevin green (1 year)
RIP Dr. Patterson. May you be at rest.

Author Mara Roberts (1 year)
Heaven is rejoicing, God's son is home. 

Author Rochelle Ball (1 year)
My Lord, Dr. Patterson preached his own eulogy on this message. Rest in God
Dr. Patterson! 

Author Jackie Mason (1 year)
RIP Dr. PATTERSON, we will see you on the other side!!! † † †

Author taneka brown (1 year)
Wow. First time hearing this man of God preach. Rest in peace, Awesome man
of God.

Author Bishop1937 (1 year)
Rip Dr. Patterson

Author Clinton McFarland (1 year)
Rest In Peace preacher. You were one of the greats!

Author Aaron Marble (1 year)
Many preaching giants in the room!

Author Geremy Jones (1 year)
He will be missed. #alifewelllived

Author Jamal Johnson (1 year)
Pure it.

Author tara perry (1 year)
This man made me want to know the Lord for real ... and I do! 

Author Livinus Maduka (1 year)
What a Preacher. RIP

Author Geremy Jones (1 year)
He will be missed. #alifewelllived

Author Sam Proc (1 year)
40 days

Author Janice Pleasant (1 year)
I had the pleasure and the privilege of serving under Pastor Patterson's
leadership for more than 2 years. He consistently preached with passion,
taught the Word with spiritual precision, and loved God's people without

I celebrate the life that he lived and the legacy he leaves as a faithful
steward entrusted by God to share The Gospel to a dying world. Now, Pastor
Patterson rests from his labors; and his works do follow him.

Author WAQH3 (3 years)

Author MissNik08 (7 years)
Dr. Pat is still amazing. He is without a doubt the dean of preachers in
the Houston area.

Author bigFEW2 (7 years)
i have always thought that he was one of the greatest preachers i ever
heard....go a. louis

Author bishopccrainer (7 years)
PREACH A. LOUIS! You're a blessing to me, Pastor. I know about C.A.W.
Clark, Manuel Scott Sr., E.V. Hill, William Shaw, but I love you, Pastor
Patterson. You have tailored my method of preaching and I'm forever
indebted to you for being a PREACHING ICON who is led by God. You and your
seed is blessed: A. Louis III is a beast for the Kingdom! God bless you, A.
Louis, Sr! You may not have long to stay here, but I'm so grateful for your
life and ministry! Jackson TN loves you!

Author Dezra Nauls (7 years)
LEGEND!!!!!!!!! One of Houston's finest!

Author jazzlife1 (7 years)
I love it! I love it! I love it! Dr. Patterson and Jasper in the
background. I love it! Ohhhhhhh!

Author dementedsagittarius (7 years)
I go to his church! Mount Corinth Baptist Church in Houston TX reprasent!!!

Author richard vazquez (4 years)
prayers to his sons family A.L Patterson the third who passed away

Author Dezra Nauls (7 years)
Surely one of the greatest!

Author Aaron Jones (4 years)
If I'm not mistaken, I believe I saw Bishop Keith W. Reed, Sr. of Sharon
Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA @7:00

Author drkmears (5 years)
@GiltEdgeMedia That is Bishop Curry on the dias

Author Imazia (5 years)
I listened to him at church and it was better than any concert I've been
to. No concert ever moved me that much. That's for sure. He goes harder
than any rapper. So if ur young...or even if you're old... take the time
and check this video out! Thank you Pastor Patterson

Author lildfreeman (6 years)
OOh OOh preach pastor Pastor P. Im a member he off tha chain

Author bishopccrainer (7 years)
A. Louis Patterson is the bomb. Man, I attended the National Congresses and
Conventions so I could hear HIM. He's one of the finest preachers in the, if I could be 1/3 of the preacher he is...

Author Diezo Da'Freighttrain (5 years)
w green speaks well of you and i see why...god bless you pastor
patterson..i ain't long to stay here...but i've got eternity with GOD!

Author darlamaria108 (3 years)

Author austinboy91 (7 years)
wow even Jasper Kids are there

Author preacher608 (6 years)
Preach Rev. Preach

Author SharnelleJ (7 years)
No relation. :)

Author Marvin Tiller (6 years)

Author GiltEdgeMedia (5 years)
I thought i saw another preacher on the far far right once they panned the

Author GiltEdgeMedia (5 years)
That looks like Bishop Victor Curry in the background.

Author heavenlygurl777 (5 years)
I am saved today because of this man. His crown will be bright in Glory!
Love you Pastor Pat

Author Jeffery Black (5 years)
No, thats Rev. Jasper Williams Son, who preaches as well. his name is
jasper williams III....

Author Jerry Gaston jr (4 years)

Author darlamaria108 (3 years)
A. Louis Patterson, Jr., My favorite pastor. I thank God for the short time
I spent with the Mount Corinth family.

Author cobo4 (7 years)
I seen him at the 2007 e.k. bailey preaching conference

Author DearMe1981 (4 years)
I love my pastor this man is awesome!!!!!

Author GiltEdgeMedia (5 years)
@drkmears Thank you

Author DREZLEE (7 years)

Author demdimples89 (6 years)
A Louis Patterson is the best God Has Givin... You may not have long but I
am greatful to have been a student of your teaching at a young age...Thank
you from the bottom of my heart.. And ALPIII Is a beast... It's call DNA...
Love you both

Author Farakan334 (2 years)
is that Dr. C. L. Fairchild?

Author lrjllc (7 years)
is he the late bishop G E patterson family

Author TJZDouglas251 (6 years)
Yes that's Pastor Jasper Williams, both of his sons, and Bishop Victor T.
Curry on the pulpit stage.

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