Rotten Lobster Almost Kills A Customer - Kitchen Nightmares

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  • During a catastrophic dinner service at Mama Maria's, things turn to chaos when a customer starts vomiting after eating some rotten lobster, and an ambulance has to be called.

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  • Crock Pitts
    Crock Pitts 9 minutes ago

    God damn vegetarians

  • Entertainment For All

    If this is what most restraints are like then I'm really concerned...

  • The great Milica
    The great Milica 2 hours ago

    What happened to the guy? Really, this is no joke.....This ain't good......

  • Jay P
    Jay P 7 hours ago

    What piece of shit people are putting pork or any meat product into a marinara sauce and selling it to vegetarians!? :(

  • Mexaking 16
    Mexaking 16 9 hours ago

    Another reason to cook at home and not eat at a restaurant.

  • The Of
    The Of 10 hours ago

    After she said "I'm a vegetarian" she should have had 300 lbs of raw meat thrown at her

  • Dragonpanda farts
    Dragonpanda farts 11 hours ago

    Yea what's wrong with these people you have to get decent food not food that will kill you

  • Nicole Otero
    Nicole Otero 11 hours ago

    John is a fucking douche "I don't want anyone to get sick", but five minutes before that had no issue serving someone who was vegetarian pork when people can have strict no meat diets where pork could kill them.

  • gamefire74
    gamefire74 12 hours ago


  • Mr Nice Guy
    Mr Nice Guy 13 hours ago

    I cant believe the fucking level of negligence, ignorance and stupidity.

  • PeachyKitten89
    PeachyKitten89 13 hours ago


  • PeachyKitten89
    PeachyKitten89 13 hours ago

    is he a vegetarian

  • Complicate Democratize Channel

    I remember having E. Ecoli after having Chinese food in Florida. I think it was due to poor prep and the handling of food by someone with dirty hands or who used dirty cooking utensils.

  • The mad Gamer
    The mad Gamer 19 hours ago

    *holy shit*

  • Mishkastuff77
    Mishkastuff77 20 hours ago

    The way he says "wut da fak" is extremely funny in the beginning

  • Colepaq
    Colepaq 21 hour ago

    LMAO what is he doing at 1:07! Whacking off in the kitchen? SAD!

  • BeanBoone
    BeanBoone 22 hours ago

    take a shot for every customer hospitalised, that's the drinking game that dipshit's playing

  • FluffyHusky
    FluffyHusky 23 hours ago


  • Understandable, have a great day

    "I dont see it being a problem" Are you fucking dumb mate?!

  • Bill Cosby
    Bill Cosby 1 day ago

    A vegetarian should know what they eat. It's ok no meat makes you a little stupid

  • Dark Rose
    Dark Rose 1 day ago

    Dumb fucks

  • TheTyrranicalT-Rad

    dont eat seafood from a pizzaria.

  • Nick Medellin
    Nick Medellin 1 day ago

    "A guy had some Lobstah".

  • S A T U R N
    S A T U R N 1 day ago

    Take a shot everytime someone says fucking

  • Sauce Cat
    Sauce Cat 1 day ago

    Change the title: Nigga dies

  • Sauce Cat
    Sauce Cat 1 day ago

    Nigga died

  • Augustus Egipto
    Augustus Egipto 1 day ago

    3:39 Mind your own business Fool.....

  • BioYuGi
    BioYuGi 1 day ago

    I feel like Gordon was overreacting about the bone in the sauce thing. There's no law saying that tomato sauce has to be vegetarian. If she wasn't sure she should have asked.

  • Mr Roboto310
    Mr Roboto310 1 day ago

    They had better given this man a full refund or something

  • Rosie Lps
    Rosie Lps 1 day ago

    "Do you want me to get medical assistance?"

  • Larkin Chandlr
    Larkin Chandlr 1 day ago

    I've always been told don't serve food you wouldn't serve yourself. If you wouldn't eat it then why the hell would you make other people eat it.

  • TurnerTastic
    TurnerTastic 1 day ago


  • Owen Fitzgerald
    Owen Fitzgerald 1 day ago

    Put meat product in a vegetarian meal and poisons someone. ARSEHOLE! Shut him down.

  • Jennifer Peterson

    Gordon makes me question my favorite restaurants

  • Sirk #
    Sirk # 1 day ago

    2:22 Gordon fucking just said the lobster smelled FISHY

  • Blakerton A
    Blakerton A 1 day ago

    He had a reaction go to it? no he got SICK

  • sveezec
    sveezec 1 day ago

    She wanted it BONLESS

  • Tabs T
    Tabs T 1 day ago

    Kill the cameras? he almost killed a fucking customer and he goes to take a shot of vodka. Fucking idiot.

  • I stole Your memes


  • Kirk Palma
    Kirk Palma 1 day ago

    1:07 ok this angle is weird

  • tobias membrey
    tobias membrey 2 days ago


  • Nick Walker
    Nick Walker 2 days ago

    talk about having killer food...

  • Christian Garcia
    Christian Garcia 2 days ago

    She should have just asked if it was vegetarian.

  • infinitimac
    infinitimac 2 days ago

    Try that pork bones in veg food in India and they'll burn down the fucking restaurant with genius boy inside of it.

  • France Off
    France Off 2 days ago

    The way you've always done it but asked for his help with something clown 😡😡😡

  • vEcliipse 2k
    vEcliipse 2k 2 days ago

    is he jacking off or is it just me??? 1:07

  • Pastel Marshemellow

    "Wat duh fuck" Gordan Ramsey's accent though. (No hate :/)

  • Antisora
    Antisora 2 days ago

    why does this guy named jhon look like the medic from tf2

  • Nathan
    Nathan 2 days ago

    Killing the cameras is not going to hide your fuck up you prat!

  • Zekster 101
    Zekster 101 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is the only person who does not have click bait.

  • NobleWarrior 04
    NobleWarrior 04 2 days ago

    I know everyone's complaining about what the chef said when the ambulance came but imagine if he said
    "Uuuuuum Mr.Ambulance person I gave my customer rotten lobster and for some strange reason I don't know why really, but for some strange reason he's feeling bad"


  • Olie 05
    Olie 05 2 days ago

    Worse one on Kitchen nightmares

  • Shlongyflongflong
    Shlongyflongflong 2 days ago

    kill the camera's?
    more like kill the customers

  • LizzLard
    LizzLard 2 days ago

    Im the 900th dislike but I actually like the video but I wanted the 900th dislike

  • Humanoidfreak
    Humanoidfreak 2 days ago

    You give meat to a vegetarian and your response is "that's how we always do it." Boy you're a special kind of dumb.

  • Charlotte C.
    Charlotte C. 2 days ago

    As a vegetarian myself, I'd be absolutely disgusted if I found bone in my meal. 😷

  • ykagz007
    ykagz007 2 days ago

    i don't approve of vegetarians life style but the souce with the bones felt like a dick move
    unless it was unintentionally

  • realboggs
    realboggs 3 days ago

    i feel like gordon ramsey could beat someones ass

  • Dovahkiin
    Dovahkiin 3 days ago

    That restaurant is an murder restaurant?

  • Dovahkiin
    Dovahkiin 3 days ago


  • Nextgengamer Jc
    Nextgengamer Jc 3 days ago

    why dont most if the video load up .
    they freeze anyone else have problems

  • Gabbi Falk
    Gabbi Falk 3 days ago

    i love how Gordon is AFRAID of the vegetarian girl and what she'll think when she finds out.

  • Smaug The Dragon
    Smaug The Dragon 3 days ago

    "A customer had a reaction to the lobsta," IT WAS RANCID YA FOOKING IDIOT

  • Daniel Gisborne
    Daniel Gisborne 3 days ago

    1:08 anger wank?

  • Bloke Jr
    Bloke Jr 3 days ago

    I like how he says "Wtf" 😂

  • MythicalStorm16 #Life

    Guys it's ok he doesn't see the problem with serving a vegetarian meat. Calm down!

  • Inquisitive Cameron

    in all fairness... he ordered lobster from a pizza place... lol.

  • French Lobster
    French Lobster 3 days ago

    I have to say, I was surprised that Gordon Ramsay was so concerned that a vegetarian got meat in her sauce. I thought he wouldn't give a shit. I respect that.

  • CJBG
    CJBG 3 days ago

    1:07 lmao

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 3 days ago

    But it wasn't a rock... It was a rock Lobster!

    MIKEY VEE 3 days ago

    Imagine having Ramsey as your Colaneri school teacher

  • TheHoomanSkelly
    TheHoomanSkelly 3 days ago

    question I have is are they vegetarian by choice or medical reasons

  • Triple OG Big Mac
    Triple OG Big Mac 3 days ago

    Who Else thought it said red lobster

  • Wynter
    Wynter 3 days ago

    It's the vegetarians fault for ordering the fucking Pork Soup or whatever.

  • Supergirly Sofia
    Supergirly Sofia 3 days ago

    0:54 "thats the way we've always done it"
    You gon learn today

  • MyFriendsAreMyPower/Maddy Day

    If a customer gets sick, YOU CAN'T FUCKING SAY THAT THE FOOD IS FINE

  • Shia Labeouf
    Shia Labeouf 3 days ago

    Smell this...
    *sniff sniff*
    *smells good*

  • Mega DD
    Mega DD 3 days ago

    Be honest. Comments never gets dislikes.

  • Joelson Rosa
    Joelson Rosa 3 days ago

    "I found a bone in my sauce"
    Why u snitching?

  • John Wright
    John Wright 3 days ago

    Check the food before you serve it or cook it you dumb fuck!!

  • fire god
    fire god 4 days ago

    this is a shut down

  • High Carb Diabetic Ⓥ

    I'm disgusted that this guy thinks it's acceptable to serve a vegetarian, dead animals.

  • Shinji Ikari
    Shinji Ikari 4 days ago

    3:20 "How would you feel if they started puking all over the place?" Is he seriously upset that the customer was sick? From eating his ROTTEN lobster?

  • TheKillerTaco
    TheKillerTaco 4 days ago

    "This could kill him!"
    -"So should I call an ambulance?"

  • Killerjeff99
    Killerjeff99 4 days ago

    AMMONIA IS NOT FUCKING GOOD wtf it can kill a fucking bison

  • Samwise Gamgee
    Samwise Gamgee 4 days ago

    I feel so sad for the sick customer

  • DaveMusic
    DaveMusic 4 days ago

    Poisons customer, takes a shot.

  • Alex Carrera
    Alex Carrera 4 days ago

    what was he doing at 1:06

  • Ram Believer
    Ram Believer 4 days ago

    did the guy who ate the lobster tail make it?!?!? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!

  • Robert Ofenloch
    Robert Ofenloch 4 days ago

    What I love is that they blurred the faces of the paramedics, but not the guy who got sick OR his friend...or the chef who did it, for that matter.

  • Dahlia Flower1
    Dahlia Flower1 4 days ago

    1:06 chef:I don't know ramsey:I'm fucking don Chef just starts beating his meat

  • Max Hammerum
    Max Hammerum 4 days ago

    Ah yes, good ol' liquid courage.
    Drink your problems away guys, it always helps i promise ;)

  • Jonatan Zabuski
    Jonatan Zabuski 4 days ago

    The worst part is when he hears that the costumer got sick he immediately suggested to call an ambulance, like he knew he is serving rotting food

  • Grace
    Grace 4 days ago

    I legit feel bad for this owner. His parents never let him go to high school, or take on any responsibility in the restaurant before they died. Mentally, he's still a child.

  • Doctopus
    Doctopus 4 days ago

    "im a vegetarian and there was a bone" excuse me snowflake , do u shit gold too? bitch

  • Wind Princess
    Wind Princess 4 days ago

    It doesn't seem appropriate that I had a Red Lobster commercial before this video...

  • Melon Inc
    Melon Inc 4 days ago

    OMG it's a bone it will kill us all!

  • Wesley Wears crocs
    Wesley Wears crocs 4 days ago


  • Mike Gallant
    Mike Gallant 5 days ago

    oh dear God....I pray the guy made it and didn't die!

  • kai9755
    kai9755 5 days ago

    "Kill the cameras!"
    "Sir, don't you mean the customers?" Lol

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