Maximum Security Straitjacket Escape

Maximum Security Straitjacket Escape performed by Daniel Love.
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Author Benjamin Hoffman (6 years)
He used a few tricks that are obvious to the trained eye. When he crossed
his arms, the sleeve of the right arm crossed over the left elbow, giving
him the slack he needed to pull the buckle connecting the sleeves together
to the point he could undo it with his teeth. Also, this is an older model
posey with belt-style buckles... the newer friction buckle models provide a
much closer fit. If it had been properly applied and a newer model, he
would have had a harder time. Good dramatic escape tho.

Author boomstick900 (4 years)
the neck strap looked very loose from the begining...

Author Roslyn Walker (4 years)
@Ialocin85 German made straitjacket? What model is that? Send me one. I

Author siggy2the3rdpower (3 years)
@clintonearlwalker you are right... at 1:58, you can see the strech in the
left sleeve

Author 2caras09 (4 years)
oh yaeh ,criss angel is shit you got wacth rocketmartha vid and see for
yourself ,look for houdenny

Author greenbrownblue3 (6 years)
WOW i thought that was why magic peeps always got out so easy but here u do
it with all those extra straps! nice!

Author rocketmartha1948 (4 years)
Get the facts accurate...Houdini didn't have the front strap...EVER.
Another thing is that this performer never actually had his right hand
underneath his elbow. The strap of his right hand was outside the elbow
allowing slack as you can see given to him while reaching the other side
for the buckle. The only escape artist that I have seen do it correctly is
the king of straitjacket escapes and he goes by the name of Houdenny. Watch
and see his skills. You'll be amazed!

Author Clint Walker (3 years)
@siggy2the3rdpower That jacket "looks" like a Posey with the green collar
stripe. However, I have vid saved on my computer of a girl trying a small
Posey with a red collar, it has friction buckles in the back as opposed to
belt type buckles on this jacket. There are many gimmicked jackets for sale
on the net, I looked at some today on e-bay. There are vids posted on YT of
the abandoned Weston State Hospital if you are interested. Our guide said
they had to put the jackets in the attic.

Author johihesu (3 years)
simple trick - cheat, I think. Sleeves go to wrong way and sleeves isn't
enough tight - you can pull other sleeve and open your arms...

Author sdgundam37 (5 years)

Author straitjacketgirlie (6 years)
looks like a proper posey straitjacket to me, the real deal, i have a
couple and have NEVER got out of them, good work!

Author d4m4s74 (4 years)
I tried geting out of a maximum security strait jacket once. gave up after
about 10 minutes

Author tolgug (3 years)
This is not escapology - just entertainment. If the jacket had been
properly applied - assuming it's not gimmicked, he'd never have got out.
The chains are just window dressing.

Author baggedup1 (3 years)
so, what does it take for a chance to try that on myself?

Author cubefreak1 (6 years)
this is a real posey jacket, made of extremely heavy duty canvas and all
the buckles he just knows how to escape which is really hard

Author Roslyn Walker (4 years)
@Ialocin85 In answer to lalocin85's comment of this being impossible... For
you it may well be. But for a highly trained pro EA (like me) it is far
from impossible. In fact you send me a Posey SJ from your stock room at
work (I take a large btw, the one with yellow neck band) and I'll film
myself escaping from it just for you. No gimmicks. No tricks. Your SJ. Let
me know if you're up for it. Go to my website (link in my channel) to get
in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

Author star0the0legend (4 years)
criss did the maxsecurity striaghtjacket and travel strightjacket both at
the same in under 5 minuets, he beat houdinis record

Author fanguk (6 years)
Awesome! Man, I would LOVE to see more of your straightjacket escapes!

Author Clint Walker (3 years)
That jacket looks like it's basically made of spandex, he pulls his right
out but the left arm doesn't move, there is never that much slack in a
jacket. I was recently at the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (abandoned) in
WV and out guide said no one ever got out of a straight jacket.

Author amazing4928 (5 years)
This jacket is not old, its new. Don't be fooled by the fact that there are
roller buckles on this.......they were modified by Mark Cannon. Notice how
wide the straps are (1& 1/2" wide).....the old jacket had narrower straps.
The arm buckle is gimmicked for quick release, that is why it was converted
to roller buckles instead of friction buckles. Check out Cannons Great
Escapes to see this product.

Author amazing4928 (5 years)
It is........Check out Cannons Great Escapes to see this product (Gimmicked
Posey Strait Jacket).

Author Airrider (6 years)
The TF2 music's a nice touch too.

Author KyleCom (6 years)
Team Fortress 2, The best game ever !!!

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