Is it Possible to Start Fire with ICE?

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  • Ragav Janardhan
    Ragav Janardhan 17 hours ago

    lol isn't it the other way around

  • ChasityN Liggett
    ChasityN Liggett 4 days ago

    this is way cool.. Happy Monday ... love his brain .. smart people are cool..

  • Pacific Permaculture

    Cool survival tip ! !

  • Johnny Rebel
    Johnny Rebel 7 days ago

    "Is it possible to start fire with ice?"


  • Mystic Alpaca
    Mystic Alpaca 8 days ago

    7:55 lol

  • Veera Prakash
    Veera Prakash 10 days ago


  • Maria Zepeda
    Maria Zepeda 11 days ago

    Welcum bek too mi lawbaratoriem

  • TITOM PoarNemn
    TITOM PoarNemn 11 days ago

    5:26 , he said ice cube against a ice ball😂😂

  • Sakman Nakki
    Sakman Nakki 11 days ago

    In Soviet Russia fire starts you!

  • {KU_hama_RD} 7
    {KU_hama_RD} 7 12 days ago

    Haha 😂 haha 😂 amazing 😉

  • Thomas Purselle
    Thomas Purselle 14 days ago

    Shut up you jerks😡

  • Mike Stewart
    Mike Stewart 15 days ago

    Nice dog

  • Saul Ruiz
    Saul Ruiz 15 days ago

    I subculture

  • nick schellbach
    nick schellbach 15 days ago

    Does the ice have to be round?

    X WISHY X 16 days ago

    in what scenario would this be useful

  • Temp Fix
    Temp Fix 16 days ago

    Beautiful doggi

  • Pokemaster200 Vlogs
    Pokemaster200 Vlogs 16 days ago

    Good ol ise bolls

  • Pleesher
    Pleesher 17 days ago

    Where can i buy this Iceball maker?

  • Francisco Treviño
    Francisco Treviño 18 days ago

    This reminds me of Anthony Hopkins in The Edge.

  • Carla Meier
    Carla Meier 19 days ago

    Your doggy is so cute I wish I had one but I only have 2 pet budgies

  • Isaak Costa
    Isaak Costa 20 days ago

    hugo is like nom nom noooommmm

  • blackdog196
    blackdog196 21 day ago

    New survival firemaking technique. All you need is a freezer, one of deeze tings dat makes the ice ballz, some coconut husk and char cloth. How epik iz dat? You see how well it's burnin?

  • Mufasa
    Mufasa 23 days ago

    i thought he was going to smack ice so hard at eachother for sparks lol

  • Kyubey Incubator
    Kyubey Incubator 24 days ago

    make fire with ice please.

  • Banana Tube
    Banana Tube 25 days ago

    "can you start fire with ice?" LETS TALK ABOUT THAT *plays gmm intro

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  • Violeta Marquez
    Violeta Marquez 25 days ago

    you may use it in camping

  • SlapMeToSleep
    SlapMeToSleep 26 days ago

    Hugo is cute

  • Future Zen-Oh Sama
    Future Zen-Oh Sama 27 days ago

    I R O N I C

  • GamingWithThisGuy
    GamingWithThisGuy 29 days ago

    There is a movie called hugo

  • D.A. Soekarno Putra
    D.A. Soekarno Putra 1 month ago

    he started fire with ice.
    give this man a nobel prize

  • candice Hughley
    candice Hughley 1 month ago

    I know his hands cold

  • Itsme MATTHEW
    Itsme MATTHEW 1 month ago

    1:39 he likes the eyesballs

  • Romano Vergerio
    Romano Vergerio 1 month ago

    I love Hugo 11/10

  • skyler barbot
    skyler barbot 1 month ago

    i love the arguments with the dogs😂😂😂😂😂

  • skyler barbot
    skyler barbot 1 month ago

    his labaratory is everywere

  • skyler barbot
    skyler barbot 1 month ago

    hugo stahp it

  • skyler barbot
    skyler barbot 1 month ago

    "safety is our #1 priority"
    Starts fire in bare hands....

  • Chris Pinlac
    Chris Pinlac 1 month ago

    Is it possible to start a fire with this guys bald head

  • Woodsman Gaming
    Woodsman Gaming 1 month ago

    ever seen that episode of iron chef

  • Onur K
    Onur K 1 month ago

    How is that effect called scientifically?

  • The Skylan Show
    The Skylan Show 1 month ago

    Do you still have Luke?

  • The Skylan Show
    The Skylan Show 1 month ago

    I think it will work!

  • Kuroko Tian
    Kuroko Tian 1 month ago

    song of ice and fire

  • Neel Gamer
    Neel Gamer 1 month ago

    showing middle finger to us 6:16 -6:20 ....LOL

  • 3virgul14
    3virgul14 1 month ago

    hügonun amına koyyim :))

  • khaled awesat
    khaled awesat 1 month ago

    5:23 I'm putting Ice Cube like this.

  • PaaawZ
    PaaawZ 1 month ago

    We started the fiiIIIREEE

  • Javad Mu'nis
    Javad Mu'nis 1 month ago

    A Song of Ice and Fire.

  • ainrain jomari bantillo

    does that mean that u could also start a fire with a real ice "CUBE"? I believe that u were able to do that coz of the structure of the ice because of its spherical shape like a magnifying glass which is also appears to be convex, enables it to concentrate the amount of sunlight that passes through the glass(ice) and directing it to small space or surface. man, i like your videos, but i think theres a misconception with this one.

    ГАНА АРЯ 1 month ago

    Welcome to my labaratoy

  • Stey#
    Stey# 1 month ago

    we started the *fIiIIrEe*

  • Jetmorrison
    Jetmorrison 1 month ago

    this was a really fun video! other ones are good of course, but this one was really interesting. Love the experiments!

  • TheRealG Johnston
    TheRealG Johnston 1 month ago

    Pour rubbing alcohol on ice then light it

  • this is dead
    this is dead 1 month ago

    safety is numbeb bird

  • Prashant Giradkar
    Prashant Giradkar 1 month ago

    Your Dog is so Cute!!!!!

  • JiroGamerYT
    JiroGamerYT 1 month ago

    nice husky

  • ZRIX DaPiup
    ZRIX DaPiup 1 month ago

    i thought u were gonna light the ice on fire

  • CR Suomalaista Pelailua.

    owww hudo is cute

  • Lily Banana
    Lily Banana 1 month ago

    😎 cool 👍

  • Nick Hamilton
    Nick Hamilton 1 month ago

    I love how he says ice balls🤣

  • Kris Ssard
    Kris Ssard 1 month ago


  • SmallerJester35
    SmallerJester35 1 month ago

    *Next Video*

    Can you fight fire with fire?

  • QuaterZ
    QuaterZ 1 month ago

    Cute Dog

  • forestgnome55
    forestgnome55 1 month ago

    Fire with ice, super cool! Love Hugo, beautiful dog! Thanks!

  • UniverseTV
    UniverseTV 1 month ago

    In Russia, fire starts you

  • Yasuo Alzheimer
    Yasuo Alzheimer 1 month ago

    " and I thought to myself" 🎶 *What a wonderful world* 🎶

  • Pulpetti Pekka
    Pulpetti Pekka 1 month ago

    2:44 idk why i started laughing

  • Farah Syed
    Farah Syed 1 month ago


  • star wars jj
    star wars jj 1 month ago

    Doggy #😎

  • Bob Frank
    Bob Frank 1 month ago

    epic video, should have thrown the ice at the fire though

  • BoredArmour
    BoredArmour 1 month ago

    Hugo is best :D <3

  • Aceplaya 21
    Aceplaya 21 1 month ago

    We now know you can start a fire with ice, but what about starting an ice with a fire?

  • Diego ME
    Diego ME 1 month ago


  • bossatron 21
    bossatron 21 1 month ago

    are you chuck norris

  • Bigdick Ricdickulous

    So dope

  • ProGamer
    ProGamer 1 month ago

    Does he brush his teeth?

  • Docsis
    Docsis 1 month ago

    hugo is my homie :-)

  • Luke Mitchell
    Luke Mitchell 1 month ago


  • SebbyPL Kus
    SebbyPL Kus 1 month ago

    his thumb was messed up when he holds the ice

  • Joseph Ankrom
    Joseph Ankrom 1 month ago

    I am pretty sure it will still be water if you put it in the fridge

  • zRep
    zRep 1 month ago

    you are literally my fav YouTuber... I love your channels so much!

  • Tamarra James
    Tamarra James 1 month ago

    Interestingly enough, the Norse creation begins with Fire and Ice.....and here you are having fun with that very combination. Also, all the Futhark. Runes are formed of combinations of ISA, the ice Rune and KENNAZ, the Fire Rune. Very cool experiment.

  • Anssi Tunkkari
    Anssi Tunkkari 1 month ago

    Wooow! That ice is so cool

  • Da Monke
    Da Monke 1 month ago

    2:57 i thought that was hair.

  • Wyatt Alminaque
    Wyatt Alminaque 1 month ago

    I need to get that kind of dog

  • Striker411 Official
    Striker411 Official 1 month ago

    So much for the name Crazy Russian HACKER 😂

  • Ahmed Ghandour 17
    Ahmed Ghandour 17 1 month ago

    Ice balls😂

  • KJtheGamer2
    KJtheGamer2 1 month ago

    who was talking in end of video

  • Hala bil3yal
    Hala bil3yal 1 month ago

    Maaaaan if only I could create the subtitles

    They'll be something like this

    Hugo stahhp ett yol nutt yallpppin

  • Hala bil3yal
    Hala bil3yal 1 month ago

    5:26 worlds first spherical ice cube.

  • Hala bil3yal
    Hala bil3yal 1 month ago

    ~Even MORE Clearer~

  • Bunnie Blossom
    Bunnie Blossom 1 month ago

    Do a shot whenever he says "ice."

  • randy joble
    randy joble 1 month ago


  • Snako 204576
    Snako 204576 1 month ago

    hugo is so adorible 😍😍😍

  • Akshay Parab
    Akshay Parab 1 month ago

    super awesome👌boom

  • rubymystery5730
    rubymystery5730 1 month ago

    can I start a fire on a person with ice

  • Joel Teague
    Joel Teague 1 month ago

    You got a nice dog

  • Arcade Random
    Arcade Random 1 month ago

    174:I bet there will be flying cars in the future!


  • Mike Dr
    Mike Dr 1 month ago


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