Gisele Bundchen Shares Diet and Fitness Secrets | E! Live from the Red Carpet

  • Added:  7 months ago
  • How does the supermodel stay so fit? Hear Gisele dish on how she starts her day and they types of workouts she likes in this exclusive interview.


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    Gisele Bundchen Shares Diet and Fitness Secrets | E! Live from the Red Carpet
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  • Runtime: 2:48
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Comments: 31

  • michael andrews
    michael andrews 24 days ago

    brady places his penis inside her. lucky...

  • Manuela Andrade
    Manuela Andrade 27 days ago

    hahahahhahaah.. amada!

  • Soniya Kiti
    Soniya Kiti 1 month ago

    So sweet! I love you Gisele

  • Michele Clark
    Michele Clark 3 months ago

    Wish I was so dedicated! She has her kids in bed at 8pm too...Wow! Definitely trying to improve my diet, not a big veggie fan, but getting better! You can see it in her limber body she doesn't cheat much! Though I've seen her and Vivi w ice cream cones!!!

  • amnos99
    amnos99 4 months ago

    hahahahha just like my mom. whenever we leave food on our plate, especially when we dine out, she eats our leftover. well, that's how moms are. :) i wish i have her discipline to work out everyday. i love her so much!

  • Guille Muniz
    Guille Muniz 4 months ago


    COOKIEAA8 SNOWBALL 4 months ago

    Love her personality...

  • Alexandre Portela
    Alexandre Portela 5 months ago

    She is so real.

  • vander santos
    vander santos 5 months ago

    "i workout so i can eat whqxhsftvuagejp i want"

  • KerrieBradshaw
    KerrieBradshaw 5 months ago

    No hate. Killer body. Ugly face.

    • Thaynara Goulart
      Thaynara Goulart 1 month ago

      She has a very nice face. She once said people complained about her nose but I think the fact she maintained it in a world full of Kardashian plastics gives her points!

    • etlrduce
      etlrduce 3 months ago

      Idk I like her's not that typically bubbly kind of beauty, but when she walks I adore her resting bitch face.

  • Juana Waterkemper
    Juana Waterkemper 5 months ago

    she's a goddess!

  • Nem135
    Nem135 5 months ago

    Great energy!

  • Luz Oliveira
    Luz Oliveira 5 months ago

    1:50 LOL true

  • Suganshi Ropia
    Suganshi Ropia 6 months ago

    she's so honest and that's so cool

  • josedokarmo
    josedokarmo 7 months ago

    she always speak loudly.. That's funny!

    • Paulo Seewald
      Paulo Seewald 2 months ago

      Eduarda Campos EXATAMENTE!

    • Eduarda Campos
      Eduarda Campos 4 months ago

      josedokarmo that's a brazilian thing. we just can't keep our voices down

    • vsa fan
      vsa fan 6 months ago

      Brazilians are very lively,vibrant people.

  • Metsasusi
    Metsasusi 7 months ago

    I thought she was vegan. But now she is talking about eggs?

    • Paulo Seewald
      Paulo Seewald 2 months ago

      Metsasusi Gisele is from Southbrazil like me and we just love meat! Steak is her favorite food!

    • Catherine M.
      Catherine M. 6 months ago

      Karl Tree she does, but very few

    • Karl Tree
      Karl Tree 6 months ago

      I think she just don't eat meat

    • Stone W
      Stone W 7 months ago

      Oh no! The horror!!!

    PUD NUK 7 months ago

    my God she's amazing.

  • django fox
    django fox 7 months ago

    She looks like she can suck a dick very good

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