Plants vs Zombies - Survival Fog (Hard) - Part 1 of 4

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Views: 416,960
Added: 5 years
Runtime: 8:03
Comments: 220

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Author javuchon (19 days)

Author emre guzel (5 months)
why is the loading of the sea shroom that long!

Author Khang Cao (8 months)
I did that idea.But it let me survive for 5 flags.

Author Osvaldo Limon (1 year)
no mames we que chido

Author Unit1027 (3 years)
ur suppose to put sun shrooms then 2 layers of puff shrooms infront of it

Author Milo Andrews (4 years)
u should use sun-shrooms.

Author nick katz (1 year)

Author blue4600 (3 years)
@MasterQuestMaster Natürlich noch Twin Sunflower!

Author lucario12838 (1 year)
But why dont Use Cattail?

Author mrdetonator55 (3 years)
@thesawstrangers0909 me too!!!!

Author dragonbly1 (2 years)
thanks for helping me!!!

Author DawndreAm3r (4 years)
@TipsyCleavagePenguin I dun think so... Sun shrooms are actually better
than sunflowers cuz they are cheaper and the production of sun is faster..
Observe closely ....

Author Uzair Sohail (2 years)
I personally found it much easier if u use 4 cat tails , 2 lines of
watermelons n a line of winter melons and u can even use the light to clear
out the fog n use spike rocks for stopping gigantaurs and catapults n
magnet shrooms for the miners i only had to use the doom shroom once n even
that was because i just love the way it explodes but kudos for a great vid

Author Adrian Wälchli (1 year)
your sunflowers work at night? this is not possible!!

Author Prjct_Mayhem (1 year)
do i have to get twin sunflower?

Author Rahil Shaikh (3 years)
@epulsanada oh, so i can't get it either. darnet crud

Author NatCat (2 years)

Author MassiveZero (3 years)
@khj96051 Yea, it actually helped alot. I always used sun shrooms on night
mode, but sun flowers are much much better

Author toribashmaster201 (1 year)
Produce sí.

Author HavelRocks (2 years)
i feel a strong urge to hug you right now, thank you so much.

Author bubby912 (3 years)
@unit1027 fail he can do it however he wants plus who cares if its flower
or shroom?(i used this without imitater(the first one(lol))and its working

Author saiful nizam (3 years)
@danovan235 buy it at shop. it cost 80000 zen.

Author foxking39 (3 years)
@rfm767 how do u get the wite pumpkins?

Author Nikki Segundo (2 years)

Author finnisimo12 (2 years)

Author RafaelFonkz75 (3 years)
i love this game ^^.

Author GreekFunTime (2 years)
Thanks for the help!I was trying to beat this for months!

Author TipsyCleavagePenguin (4 years)
@cyberpikmin Yeah, but all it does is prolong the inevitable unless you
have stars, split peas or gloom-shrooms.

Author Bobstew68 (2 years)
There aren't any gargantuars in the first two flags. And, two squashes is
enough to kill a gargantuar. (Or a squash and a jalapeno, to get rid of the
little imp as well.)

Author evilgreebo (3 years)
you know I never realised you could use sunflowers at night, I thought they
didn't work at all. As soon as I dumped those fucking worthless sunshrooms
I did this map in one go

Author Mikey Ward (3 years)
I has another way where i use garlic to protect a line of sunflowers and a

Author Dauske (3 years)
You know you don't have to pumpkin your entire back row from miners the
water ones are safe from miners

Author Kennedy Andrade (3 years)
@PvZgamelover i clicked,too

Author VideoGameAce (2 years)
why don't you commotate?

Author Wicked .Drew (2 years)
don,t let the zombies eat your brans

Author Bill Rabjohn (2 years)
me 2!

Author psychobear6669 (2 years)
@Guercinator 10 slots are better, sure, but you can do it with 9, don't

Author JockeyJam (4 years)
@Zuhalter87 because there simply better than the sun shroom as they give
out more sun anyway.

Author PvZgamelover (4 years)
i clicked the sun, habit . .....

Author Wicked .Drew (2 years)
I love this game it is fun really

Author MurffyTheMongoose (4 years)
i was surprised not to see at rake at the beginning.

Author Patrick Ryan Joseph (2 years)
In part 2 we can see the "KA-DOOM!!!".

Author Atomic254 (3 years)
@thesawstrangers0909 plant spikerocks at the start of the game.(at least 2
or 3)

Author Pixel 13 (3 years)
After the first 4 flags every time a wave comes you should place a doom
shroom near the center of the first or second row.

Author lucario12838 (1 year)
Nice More Sucribe More Like!!

Author zana lloyd (2 years)
i love this game

Author dungeonseed (3 years)
nice but what i do is use sun shrooms at first and sunflowers for a second
column then switch out the shrooms with the sunflower later

Author nick katz (1 year)
you need grammar

Author Jaydhamac (2 years)
Can you get survival mode for ipod

Author Zuhalter87 (4 years)
why sunflowers at night?

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