Plants vs Zombies - Survival Fog (Hard) - Part 1 of 4

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Added: 712 years
Runtime: 8:0
Comments: 172

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Author Linda Bengoa ( ago)
The soundtrack is pretty good.

Author Tordsworld ( ago)
Good job neighbour! Wabby.

Author Gengar05 ( ago)
In Pool:hard,I did 3 rows of melonpults,then added Winter melons,
Tallnuts,Spikerocks,Catails. Great money making strategy!

Author javuchon ( ago)

Author emre guzel ( ago)
why is the loading of the sea shroom that long!

Author Khang Cao ( ago)
I did that idea.But it let me survive for 5 flags.

Author Osvaldo Limon ( ago)
no mames we que chido

Author Lego Fan (AwesomeSwagGT) ( ago)
i hate fog, its so annoying 'cause its FOG! But thanks you helped me to win

Author FlaughEdits ( ago)
it is ? wtf

Author Adrian Wälchli ( ago)
your sunflowers work at night? this is not possible!! 

Author nick katz ( ago)

Author nick katz ( ago)
you need grammar

Author Taparal ( ago)
Produce sí.

Author Cindy M. Velasquez ( ago)
el girasol no produce sol en las noches hubieras puesto al hongo amarillo
que produce soles en las noches 

Author WaterPhoenix35 ( ago)
El noob seras tu que usas hacks para pasarte el survival 

Author diego reategui ( ago)
graciasme pudo ayudar 

Author Aline Tavares ( ago)
i love plants vs zombies

Author ECHO.EOW.50535 ( ago)
do i have to get twin sunflower?

Author Marcello augustto ( ago)
Noob nei coloca sol ilimitado -.-' 

Author Wicked .Drew (1539 years ago)
don,t let the zombies eat your brans 

Author Wicked .Drew (1892 years ago)
I love this game it is fun really

Author finnisimo12 ( ago)

Author Franco Avellaneda ( ago)

Author zana lloyd ( ago)
i love this game

Author mobilen022 ( ago)
Die u lame baetch

Author Chia Fenskyoung ( ago)
i fnsh all level of ths game. . Great game.. D0wnload free full versi0n at . .chersh..

Author VideoGameAce ( ago)
why don't you commotate?

Author Triggerfisk ( ago)
There aren't any gargantuars in the first two flags. And, two squashes is
enough to kill a gargantuar. (Or a squash and a jalapeno, to get rid of the
little imp as well.)

Author Alp Samli ( ago)
sunshrooms work better in night levels thumbs up if you agree

Author Patrick Ryan Joseph ( ago)
In part 2 we can see the "KA-DOOM!!!".

Author HavelRocks ( ago)
i feel a strong urge to hug you right now, thank you so much.

Author ANewlyConciousWorld ( ago)
Combined with Fume-shrooms and Wall/Tall-nuts, it makes for a great
strategy in a regular night level.

Author NatCat ( ago)

Author parker young ( ago)
u know this doesnt work if there r gargantuars in it

Author martin mendoza ( ago)
onde o como puedo jugarlo no encuentro ningun lugar no se si me puedan dar
un link o algo asi U.U

Author waqlerg ( ago)
The sunflowers are used because he uses the double sunflower.

Author Buddyid ( ago)
you should use the orange mushrooms instead of sunflowers at night

Author Adnan Hz (MindFreak1987) ( ago)

Author Graysongdl ( ago)
ive beaten the game and it didn't happen.

Author Adnan Hz (MindFreak1987) ( ago)
eeeh i dont know ask the 17 people that liked my comment and if you play
the game a long time this would also happen to you!

Author Graysongdl ( ago)
why would anyone do that?

Author saebats ( ago)
Unskipable buffering ad that's 5 minuets long= RAGE!!!!

Author Get REKDD. ( ago)
@luvmyeric buy from crazy dave

Author Get REKDD. ( ago)
"Luvmyeric" u gotta by from crazy dave

Author LuvmyEric ( ago)
How do you get the imitator?

Author MrMeliBetacp ( ago)

Author Glenn Bandy ( ago)
i tried baeting this level hundreds of times but they all failed until now

Author TheAemon2 ( ago)
i want to beat dis mode so bad cause i want endless to get pkanst for zen
garden....i have a hibby of collecting zen garden plants :P

Author Martin Bourdev ( ago)
i needed this REALLY bad just to unlock the golden sunflower trophy

Author devilsangel0727 ( ago)
Thank you so much! the watermelons and pumpkins helped me defeat this!

Author Uzair Sohail ( ago)
I personally found it much easier if u use 4 cat tails , 2 lines of
watermelons n a line of winter melons and u can even use the light to clear
out the fog n use spike rocks for stopping gigantaurs and catapults n
magnet shrooms for the miners i only had to use the doom shroom once n even
that was because i just love the way it explodes but kudos for a great vid

Author Nikki Segundo ( ago)

Author GreekFunTime ( ago)
Thanks for the help!I was trying to beat this for months!

Author dragonbly1 (501 year ago)
thanks for helping me!!!

Author Guercinator ( ago)
is it absolutely VITAL to have 10 slots. Cause I only have 9 and I was
wondering if I could do without the grey copyrighted pumpkin?

Author Othmaine ( ago)
Like this comment if you think that the fog on this video is better than
the fog they have now 

Author Rahil Shaikh ( ago)
@epulsanada oh, so i can't get it either. darnet crud 

Author Byron Lee ( ago)
@evilgreebo i use the sunshrooms and it works fine. i just replace them
with sunflowers so i could put twins on them. 

Author Some Cat ( ago)
@epulsanada not in my game. It gets sold out at 9. I have the DS version

Author saiful nizam ( ago)
@danovan235 buy it at shop. it cost 80000 zen.

Author Some Cat ( ago)
How do you get 10 slots?

Author foxking39 ( ago)
@rfm767 how do u get the wite pumpkins?

Author moglin20 ( ago)
no fair i got diggers on secon' level

Author Vlad Hociung ( ago)
i use cheats with cheat engine

Author Mrmega loader ( ago)
they should add sun magnet

Author CasualThursdays ( ago)
wow! i never thought of that pupkin miner idea. i deid on day hard to a
miner... on the final flag!

Author CasualThursdays ( ago)
how did you get your name like that w/ crazy dave?

Author 188mandude (1578 years ago)
@b2trajo2 i feel ya bro. 

Author Magnemite ( ago)
@ZanaranIsAGhoul But there's no twin sun shroom, and they only help in the
beginning. Normally, l use sun shrooms, too.

Author dwh56595 ( ago)
@mckee1001 buy a lot of marigolds for your zen garden, buy a snail, feed
him chocolate every one hour and leave the computer by itself.. 

Author Chris Mulder ( ago)
whats an easy way to get 10 slots? 

Author SUPERXERICX ( ago)
how many flags do u need to pass to get the trophy 

Author Atomic254 ( ago)
@thesawstrangers0909 i mean 2 or 3 rows.

Author Atomic254 ( ago)
@thesawstrangers0909 plant spikerocks at the start of the game.(at least 2
or 3)

Author Zanaran ( ago)
When it comes to night levels, Sunshroom > Sunflower.

Author Dauske ( ago)
You know you don't have to pumpkin your entire back row from miners the
water ones are safe from miners

Author Rfm VS Games ( ago)
@frostblade808 the real key in this level are the ice melons, crows control
ftw. doom shrrom helps alot though

Author Pixel 13 ( ago)
After the first 4 flags every time a wave comes you should place a doom
shroom near the center of the first or second row.

Author marbien somoza ( ago)
@unit1027 sun flowers are better than sun shrooms because they can e
upgraded to twin sunflower which produces 50 sun energy 

Author Unit1027 ( ago)
ur suppose to put sun shrooms then 2 layers of puff shrooms infront of it

Author graalplayah ( ago)
@thesawstrangers0909 get a squash,Red pepper thingy(idk how to spell
it),spike weed,and heavy plant damgers

Author GenericUsername ( ago)
arguably the hardest survival that you can finish.

Author Martin Bolima ( ago)
@thesawstrangers0909 stew--pid zombony

Author Quinlan Tran ( ago)
ai i the only 1 who can complete the game with ONLY 6 seed slots [ want to
to show you guys? ] just sayin

Author Kennedy Andrade ( ago)
@PvZgamelover i clicked,too

Author TheNewshorts ( ago)
sunflowers by night.? 

Author Adnan Hz (MindFreak1987) ( ago)
thumbs up if you clicked on the sun at 2:34 and paused the video

Author Ewan M Gillings ( ago)

Author dungeonseed ( ago)
nice but what i do is use sun shrooms at first and sunflowers for a second
column then switch out the shrooms with the sunflower later

Author PlasmaWisp ( ago)
@MasterQuestMaster Danke! :)

Author MasterQuestMaster ( ago)
@blue4600 gratulation

Author PlasmaWisp ( ago)
@MasterQuestMaster Natürlich noch Twin Sunflower!

Author PlasmaWisp ( ago)
@MasterQuestMaster Jetzt hab ich Survival Fog Hard geschafft. Nachdem ich
mir 10 Slots, Winter Melon , Cattail und über Wallnüsse und c.o. pflanzen
gekauft habe.

Author MasterQuestMaster ( ago)
@blue4600 ist es nicht, sonst würden nicht so viele survival endless
spielen können ^^ (schaltet man erst nach allen anderen frei)

Author PlasmaWisp ( ago)
Ich finde das Survival Fog HARD so gut wie unmöglich.... D:

Author Jomako8 ( ago)
@ryanwastesyourtime You buy it at crasy daves shop. beware tho, it cost
80,000 coins :\

Author MassiveZero ( ago)
@khj96051 Yea, it actually helped alot. I always used sun shrooms on night
mode, but sun flowers are much much better

Author k1ll3rhandz ( ago)
@PvZgamelover lol same

Author Valentinoz1 ( ago)
@ryanwastesyourtime u get the 10 seed slot from crazy dave for 80,000$ :))

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