Two Guys Try A Future Toilet

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  • Two completely different experiences…

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    Chris Reinacher -
    Keith Habersberger -

    Washlet infographic



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  • Runtime: 3:41
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Comments: 3 418

  • Yui Kirigaya
    Yui Kirigaya 1 day ago

    i have one of these toilets at home...


    i don't call it a future toilet. i call it a japan toilet.

  • AdamInBoise
    AdamInBoise 11 days ago

    That boy seems to have been molested by that toilet.

  • Lily Takahari
    Lily Takahari 12 days ago

    my family has the exact same bidet....

  • Chuckle Honeybear
    Chuckle Honeybear 23 days ago

    Basically every toilet over here in Japan... whats the fuss 🙄

  • Daniel Lüthi
    Daniel Lüthi 1 month ago

    I use my Geberit shower toilet evry day!! Its just a questin of hygiene!

  • Asahi
    Asahi 1 month ago

    I'm trying to understand why it's called a future toilet....
    These toilets are everywhere in asia

  • floral ghost
    floral ghost 1 month ago

    ...ryan was sitting on the toilet ???????

  • medibbs
    medibbs 1 month ago

    Future Toilet wtf they have been around for at least 20 years before this video was made but remember if you find one turn the pressure up to full before you leave it hehehe

  • Ecko Lyman
    Ecko Lyman 1 month ago

    I think he... he... just look at 1:36 OK..

  • Kyle Sakai
    Kyle Sakai 1 month ago

    Future toilet? Go to a mall in Japan...

  • melodrama
    melodrama 1 month ago

    I actually cried with laughter at this video oh my god I am dying

  • Yoyo He
    Yoyo He 2 months ago

    I'm laughing so hard LMAO, Chris is hilarious

  • Markus Ruiz
    Markus Ruiz 2 months ago

    who's here from Chris quit buzzfeed?

  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown 2 months ago

    Chris is me lol

  • flamemon11
    flamemon11 2 months ago

    that face at 1:42, its like he's having an orgasm

  • Khwunnuch S.
    Khwunnuch S. 2 months ago

    before pooping, try warm up the seat.

  • Mr. Malfoy
    Mr. Malfoy 2 months ago

    toilet enema

  • I'm Englisher
    I'm Englisher 2 months ago

    That's very similar to a japanese toilet. I've used them plenty of times

  • Geo M.C.
    Geo M.C. 2 months ago

    I live in Japan and hear are EVERYWHERE!!!

  • FrrateK
    FrrateK 2 months ago

    why is this the future ? its like extreamly normal in my country ... ( sorry for my english im japanese )

  • Emma Bernabe
    Emma Bernabe 2 months ago

    i feel violated

  • kalloused
    kalloused 2 months ago

    I bought a bidet and I have no idea how I ever lived without one. It is the MOST amazing thing ever. It, with a built it dryer and a squatty potty just makes you excited to have to take a dump.

  • Pivaxi
    Pivaxi 2 months ago

    Look i used future toilets in Japan. They're so effective at cleaning! I really loved it! I would also use it when I have the chance if it was more of a thing in Australia!

  • PoofWoof
    PoofWoof 2 months ago

    I had those toilets before in my house then I was like "I'm bored of this I want to pee in a normal toilet"

  • Jerry Nguyen
    Jerry Nguyen 3 months ago

    In Japan,have a lot!

  • Toby Murray
    Toby Murray 3 months ago

    I think his problem was he went from no water to full pressure

  • sourabh jurri
    sourabh jurri 3 months ago

    we have those toilets in india but not digital!

  • Sarah Fetrow
    Sarah Fetrow 4 months ago

    So Chris basically gave himself an enema. Lol.

  • Julie & Peyton Floyd
    Julie & Peyton Floyd 4 months ago

    you do not shoot paste out of you're buthole

  • HT T
    HT T 4 months ago

    Stop putting electronics in everything. it just breaks down at the worst times. and there's no worst time to break down than when you're using it.

  • Andrew Gerges
    Andrew Gerges 4 months ago

    "Future Toilet": Standard toilet in Egypt

  • 11Frodo11
    11Frodo11 4 months ago

    That would be your G-spot, Keith.

  • Sparky
    Sparky 4 months ago

    this was comedy gold I'll give them that

  • LegendDaWolfieX
    LegendDaWolfieX 4 months ago

    why is this so interesting??

  • Fernando Tapia Jr.
    Fernando Tapia Jr. 5 months ago

    japanese people have those almost everywhere

  • 000 00
    000 00 5 months ago

    why use that bidet when i have a tongue ?

  • Stephanie Chan
    Stephanie Chan 5 months ago

    its amazing how every toliet in japan is like this even in not so good areas

  • mashay austin
    mashay austin 5 months ago

    lmao poo paste great detail lol 😂😂

  • Lesheanna Crumby
    Lesheanna Crumby 5 months ago

    this is everyday in japan

  • Ruth Salinas
    Ruth Salinas 5 months ago

    Japan's been using that toilet for a very long time

  • ExceptChris
    ExceptChris 5 months ago

    I've been using this for so long, I'm dying when they call it a "future toilet"

  • MetalWhine
    MetalWhine 5 months ago

    This is what people use in my country, except less buttons

  • Tuyet-Nhi Nguyen
    Tuyet-Nhi Nguyen 5 months ago

    When you half Japanese and live with this everyday.

  • Harry Styles Music
    Harry Styles Music 5 months ago

    live in Japan and that 'future toilet' that you're talking about is just a normal toilet in Japan lmao

  • Karvin
    Karvin 5 months ago

    Oh.... so you mean a Japanese toilet?

  • young smoke
    young smoke 5 months ago

    accidental enema.

  • Kylie Pi
    Kylie Pi 5 months ago

    2:43 - It's called and Enema Chris. When water goes up your butt. At least I think that's what it is

  • Lore Lara
    Lore Lara 6 months ago


  • Navaneel Ghosh
    Navaneel Ghosh 6 months ago

    what the hell?! "poop paste"😂😂

  • Osama Alhammadi
    Osama Alhammadi 6 months ago

    I was watching pes coinstar how did I end up here

  • тαєlιcισυѕ
    тαєlιcισυѕ 6 months ago

    Future toilet lmao you find them in Japan xD

  • Ellie Cheng
    Ellie Cheng 6 months ago

    ummmmm....... This toilet is everywhere in Japan

  • faris 2567
    faris 2567 6 months ago

    keith (sorry if wrong spelling) just got water up his anus

  • Amanda
    Amanda 6 months ago


  • Ba2sik
    Ba2sik 6 months ago

    lol i have this for 5 years in my house

  • Heilon Iris
    Heilon Iris 7 months ago

    so Japan is the future of toilets

  • Steven Song
    Steven Song 7 months ago

    Really? my house installed it four years ago..

  • iRunTheNorth
    iRunTheNorth 7 months ago

    Chris acts like he didn't like it, but 1:42 is definitely a jizz-like reaction though.

  • RoswayTV
    RoswayTV 7 months ago

    thats uh.... thats a little gay

  • Heather M
    Heather M 7 months ago

    Chris's experience sounds like a weird enema

  • The Rainbow Narwhal
    The Rainbow Narwhal 7 months ago

    Chris was raped by a toilet

    • luvly
      luvly 4 months ago

      The Rainbow Narwhal LOL ;(

  • Universe98
    Universe98 7 months ago

    We have that 'future' toilet at home😅

  • Mico Lantin
    Mico Lantin 7 months ago

    I tried it, omg so good i tried in Phillipines theres a hotel in baguio that has a future toilet

  • Annaquaura
    Annaquaura 7 months ago

    we have those 'future' toilets in India in every household.

  • The Flash
    The Flash 7 months ago

    there in japan and ive used one in japan

  • Ivy m
    Ivy m 7 months ago

    based on Chris's face we know the exact moment in which the water assaulted him. that "o" face was too much 😂😂 1:37 to be precise

  • Annika Wolanczyk
    Annika Wolanczyk 7 months ago

    I have one in my house not a "future" toilet.

  • diane kim
    diane kim 7 months ago

    thats in korea

  • Amonra 333
    Amonra 333 7 months ago

    Chris is so handsome

  • Carole Morin
    Carole Morin 7 months ago

    I have one and it is just awesome!!! I hate pooping elsewhere because it's gross.

  • Bill gamer/ drawer Just bored


  • Tina and Einstein
    Tina and Einstein 7 months ago

    Two guys, one toilet. What are the odds?

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez 7 months ago

    Buzzfeed - repackaging other people's content since 2006.

  • JY J
    JY J 7 months ago

    Using bidet with highest pressure so the water goes inside of anal is not proper use of bidet.
    I have bidets in my toilets. In my case, maintenance company changes filter and nozzle(where the water comes out) every 2 months.

  • eliana maurer
    eliana maurer 7 months ago

    "poop paste" *cringes*

  • mikkaella tsugane
    mikkaella tsugane 8 months ago

    i have tried using this before cause i already have been to japan everything thereis automaticly works like the door,vendingmachines,andtoilet just needs a little push on the buttons

  • Rina Y
    Rina Y 8 months ago

    My grandparents house has one... both of them and mostly everyone I know? ^-^

  • Gordon Lou
    Gordon Lou 8 months ago

    Your so called 'future toliet' is a standard toliet in japan, its normal in japan

  • Hayden
    Hayden 8 months ago

    Chris's hoodie strings are really annoying!

  • Alcoda the Leopard
    Alcoda the Leopard 8 months ago

    Technically, this guy in the green just douched himself.

  • Don Han'cho
    Don Han'cho 8 months ago

    Am on the toilet right now

  • Oliver Saville
    Oliver Saville 8 months ago  eating.......wrong video to click on.....

  • Mr. May-May
    Mr. May-May 8 months ago

    What am i watching?

  • whole wheat bread
    whole wheat bread 8 months ago

    chris has a non consensual duching

  • Sans
    Sans 8 months ago

    can we all talk about Keith's shirt

  • z
    z 8 months ago

    We get it, Japan has this lmao no need to keep commenting the same thing all over

    • Kaegan Guy-Halton
      Kaegan Guy-Halton 7 months ago

      thank you.. jeez like i get it thats great for japan and all but why would you comment the same thing that you see 20 other people already said..

  • alex lim
    alex lim 8 months ago

    everyone has it. it is built in the toilet

  • alex lim
    alex lim 8 months ago

    we have those in Korea

  • Larisa Damian
    Larisa Damian 8 months ago

    Does it makes me a weirdo if I say that I was laughing so hard because of he's bad experience ? 😂😂😂😂

  • John kln
    John kln 8 months ago

    How's bidet a future thing ? I grew up using a bidet 😂😂😂

  • WaffleDeath
    WaffleDeath 8 months ago

    i have one of these in my bathroom

  • Sivan Shamayev
    Sivan Shamayev 8 months ago

    bida hhh???😂😂😂

  • Kaiser Mayberry
    Kaiser Mayberry 8 months ago


  • Jahnevah Numa
    Jahnevah Numa 8 months ago

    I guess Keith likes anal so that's fun

  • Cierra Smith
    Cierra Smith 8 months ago

    that was... lol

  • Jelly Fan
    Jelly Fan 8 months ago

    Japanese toilet. I used them in japan

  • Liam Dickson
    Liam Dickson 9 months ago

    of course Keith loved it

  • Kevin Wolfe
    Kevin Wolfe 9 months ago


  • Aidyn loster
    Aidyn loster 9 months ago

    I have one of those at my cabin

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