Migos - T-Shirt [Official Video]

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  • Eliot Monira
    Eliot Monira 7 minutes ago

    dossier flambert terminé

  • Nils Johan
    Nils Johan 22 minutes ago

    Takeoff killed it

  • Isidora Isiidora
    Isidora Isiidora 1 hour ago

    Came here to verify if Takeoff was left out of this one too😩😩😩

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 1 hour ago

    woke up took a poop wiped my butt busted a nut......... these guys suck and just say anything that pops into their head

  • Diafar Diakite
    Diafar Diakite 1 hour ago

    putin fuck le rap français putin suis choque quel talent j'étais ds le . noir en écoutant tout c'est merde de french putin🙌✊✊

  • DrSuperpump
    DrSuperpump 1 hour ago

    orgasmic vid quality

  • Jesus Shuttlesworth
    Jesus Shuttlesworth 2 hours ago

    The Trash Bros. Dumbasses can barely speak English.

  • TheMachete ThatCommented

    The only Migos song i like

  • Danny Colon
    Danny Colon 4 hours ago

    these dudes trash lmfaooo

  • zurc palacios
    zurc palacios 4 hours ago

    Do people really think this is good music?

  • Jorgeie1234
    Jorgeie1234 4 hours ago

    Smfh this shit is straight trashh 🗑🗑

  • Ognjen Dozet
    Ognjen Dozet 4 hours ago


  • Devansh Khatri
    Devansh Khatri 5 hours ago

    Haha Pyrex jar in a pot hahaha

  • James OQuinn
    James OQuinn 5 hours ago

    takeoff the realest one

  • hallie clayton
    hallie clayton 6 hours ago

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  • Leeann Ortiz
    Leeann Ortiz 7 hours ago


  • vS a u c i n
    vS a u c i n 7 hours ago

    aint one of them girls mystics girl?

  • Finn Martin
    Finn Martin 7 hours ago

    Blacker the Berry samples

  • Francisco Jimenez
    Francisco Jimenez 7 hours ago

    me I like this music

  • Miranda Gonzales
    Miranda Gonzales 7 hours ago


  • Miranda Gonzales
    Miranda Gonzales 7 hours ago


  • DJ Khaled
    DJ Khaled 8 hours ago


  • Ronnie Cooper big dawg

    you have facebook page u

  • Avrin Flores
    Avrin Flores 9 hours ago


  • Nadia Lewis
    Nadia Lewis 9 hours ago


  • Kingpin jones
    Kingpin jones 10 hours ago

    This video is on point ,solid af

  • Basement Gamer
    Basement Gamer 10 hours ago

    y tho

  • Bee Bee
    Bee Bee 10 hours ago

    mama told me to get that bed made or that ass is grass

  • LAKB247
    LAKB247 11 hours ago

    Dumbest shit I've ever heard nd y'all who likes this shame on you y'all should've been swallowed

  • Aly 不
    Aly 不 11 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Quavo always get the chorus? Except for maybe bad and boujee..

  • AlMoSThErE___ L7
    AlMoSThErE___ L7 11 hours ago

    Fun fact if you didn't know: Quavo=Takeoff's uncle, and Offset=Quavo's cousin. Family matters

  • Og Lee
    Og Lee 11 hours ago

    young nigga poppin (8)

  • raequan armstrong
    raequan armstrong 11 hours ago

    if I was selling t shirts in the cold I will be getting 0 doller lol

  • Black Son
    Black Son 12 hours ago

    Mama told me not to sell dope


    funny how no one notices all the dead animals they wearing to entertain people. GOD wouldn't agree. Carry on sleepers.

  • Summer Keller
    Summer Keller 12 hours ago

    like this song little girl me

  • Jah'kairah Thompson
    Jah'kairah Thompson 13 hours ago

    You agly as hell

  • Jah'kairah Thompson
    Jah'kairah Thompson 13 hours ago

    Damn he is fine bitch H is my moms

  • dekool kids
    dekool kids 13 hours ago

    Make a rapping song called

  • Shamaryah Bisnott
    Shamaryah Bisnott 14 hours ago

    what brand is that sweater offset had on in the cabin?

  • Sharice Harvey
    Sharice Harvey 14 hours ago

    What in the world are they saying?

  • Calvestet Marks
    Calvestet Marks 14 hours ago

    love this beat?

  • Emir Hrustanovic
    Emir Hrustanovic 14 hours ago

    this is lit

  • Bobby Washington Vlog
    Bobby Washington Vlog 14 hours ago

    Rappers are too basic and boring today

  • Minecraft mulece
    Minecraft mulece 14 hours ago

    at least this ain't another bad and boujee song

  • Miah love
    Miah love 15 hours ago

    Mama told me hey
    Do your homework
    Don't even twerk
    Get tf to work

  • Lluvia Cortes
    Lluvia Cortes 15 hours ago

    MIGOS went 0 to a 100 real quick

  • Felicia Thompson
    Felicia Thompson 15 hours ago

    is this the first song that takeoff rapped something other than bon appetit

  • Felicia Thompson
    Felicia Thompson 15 hours ago

    the beat tho <3

  • youranus dolphey
    youranus dolphey 16 hours ago

    Like in the porn movies, nobody likes the intro, don't do it so...

  • Bennia seif25
    Bennia seif25 16 hours ago

    26/06/2017 €€€€€

  • tyler melton
    tyler melton 16 hours ago

    Can anyone smart this up for me?

    It's dumbed down so far it's impossible to make sense of

    • Trey Talbot
      Trey Talbot 16 hours ago

      takeoff feels it's his duty to show the world his talent so he will persevere whatever obstacles on his journey

  • tyler melton
    tyler melton 17 hours ago

    Fuckin retards

  • MrsHandn
    MrsHandn 17 hours ago


  • Naomi Chelsea
    Naomi Chelsea 17 hours ago

    Y'all don't know how much I love migos. If you see my playlist straight migos.

  • Ariana Delgado
    Ariana Delgado 17 hours ago

    look at Mystic Girl😂❤

  • Happyshow
    Happyshow 18 hours ago

    Takeoff look like dat typical Vodooman

  • Sneak xx :c
    Sneak xx :c 18 hours ago


  • Happyshow
    Happyshow 18 hours ago

    Dude that autotune Is strong

  • ZK Game91
    ZK Game91 18 hours ago

    very good song man

  • Nikoloz Kavtaradze
    Nikoloz Kavtaradze 19 hours ago

    Um #MAN who #has #3 TTT. #like you #monkeys. #tagboss.

  • Michael Coleman
    Michael Coleman 19 hours ago


  • Michael Coleman
    Michael Coleman 19 hours ago

    If you are African American and you find this music pleasing, just know that you are the tick in the African American culture that will continue to ruin it. THIS IS NOT MUSIC. HELL.....HE'S NOT EVEN SPEAKING IN FLUID SENTENCES.

  • Jr Prince
    Jr Prince 19 hours ago

    Momma told me get that pussy slay her down then eat that pussy

  • Kimberly Ochoa
    Kimberly Ochoa 19 hours ago

    I love your songs

  • kristijan radosavjevic

    madi facki

  • Mario Zuniga
    Mario Zuniga 19 hours ago

    This Is a nice song

    DAVEACE 20 hours ago

    OMG the rap game has gone somewhere horrible, one guy rapping about colored t-shirts and the other one saying he's not a gopher but a soldier???? What happened to awesome lyrics, lyrics that you can relate to and hit u to the core, what happened to our music?? RIP to the rap game!!

  • Nisanur Demirci
    Nisanur Demirci 20 hours ago

    melody is perfect

  • peridot vegas
    peridot vegas 20 hours ago

    real bullshit

  • Shane Davis
    Shane Davis 20 hours ago

    how can people even enjoy this GARBAGE!?!?!?!?

  • Miriam Yohannes
    Miriam Yohannes 20 hours ago

    Quavo is for ever my idol and the best!!!👌👌👌❤❤❤

  • PewDiePie SON
    PewDiePie SON 20 hours ago

    17 5

  • Sharky Boi
    Sharky Boi 20 hours ago

    this video look like a skyrim dlc.

  • Lecturing
    Lecturing 20 hours ago


  • ET Films
    ET Films 20 hours ago

    0:56 music start come to channel

  • Navi Official
    Navi Official 20 hours ago


  • Cindy Shirley
    Cindy Shirley 21 hour ago

    o.m.g....we getting..too


  • Leila Crawford
    Leila Crawford 21 hour ago

    Was that Adele?

  • Gabriel Biase
    Gabriel Biase 21 hour ago

    I'm too old for this..

  • Cody Sawyers
    Cody Sawyers 21 hour ago

    I guess I don't get it. #old

  • The Stoned Toker
    The Stoned Toker 21 hour ago

    Haha this is shit

  • Chuil 17
    Chuil 17 22 hours ago

    it is a real animals was killed for this ?

  • Daniel Halawi
    Daniel Halawi 22 hours ago

    Any idiot that thinks this is dope needs mental help mumble trap shit lyrics what is this trash fools now days are retarded

  • Jayne
    Jayne 23 hours ago

    Momma told me!!!!!!!!!! Listen to her.

  • Terpsnation94
    Terpsnation94 23 hours ago

    Is that Mystic's girl??

  • Thief Gaming
    Thief Gaming 23 hours ago

    Dobri ste :D

  • Brother Squad
    Brother Squad 23 hours ago

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  • Eman Babiker
    Eman Babiker 23 hours ago

    This song is nice😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • StarZu XingZu
    StarZu XingZu 1 day ago

    Botox girls in the back hahaha xD

  • Carlo Brandon
    Carlo Brandon 1 day ago

    67 k people don't wear a T-shirt

  • Catlikecartoon 4
    Catlikecartoon 4 1 day ago

    175 same color tshirt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Abadazad420 Weedmaster


  • david prudence
    david prudence 1 day ago

    migos the best

  • Weirdgamer 55555
    Weirdgamer 55555 1 day ago

    Lmfao I searched "mama told me change that t shirt" LMFAO

  • tony parker
    tony parker 1 day ago


  • Eve Davidson
    Eve Davidson 1 day ago

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  • Samuel Quartel
    Samuel Quartel 1 day ago

    aint gonna lie that was your worst song ever

  • rayje rayje
    rayje rayje 1 day ago

    Damn not a black women in sight. niggas is pathetic.

  • Bando
    Bando 1 day ago

    How much times does takeoff say "nigga"

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