How Darth Vader Finally Killed Anakin Skywalker(FULL) - Explain Star Wars

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  • Be sure to join in on this exciting new contest, here in this new episode i did what many fans were asking for and combined two of my previous videos into one so that you can binge watch them both...

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    Wait which issues were the comic in the end of the video with Vader and like almost touching hands??

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    Your videos are awesome! Thanks!

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    That little bit in the end shows that Anakin is still not dead and that a tiny sliver of him remains

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    Sadreli M 9 days ago

    Now that line "That I can kill you repeatedly is by far your most appealing trait" is prolly the best line I've ever heard Vader say, a perfect Sith line. Ive always been a Sith and especially a Vader fan and that line just tops it off, no mercy just power.

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    Great Job telling this story

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