Queer as Folk Season 1 episode 1 part 2

It was taken down by youtube, but It's back!

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Author Lauren Cullen (3 months)
special k lolll i prefer cheerios

Author Shalini Matarage (10 days)
c'mn i was born in 1988 why can't i watch this ??????????????????????????/

Author jakeexxmvs P (5 months)
I wished Brian and Justin were able to reproduce and make cute babies lol.

Author Joey Davis (3 months)
Most stereotypical view on the gay lifestyle I ever saw. The more I watched
this show the more I hated it.

Author Ally Skinner (3 months)
That white ass xD haha
Camera: let's show everyone this fiiiiine toned body *gets to butt* man
that's white xD no tanned butt here xD haha 

Author Alejandra Corianga (3 months)
Awkward moment when one of the guys from here is now a Disney channel star

Author DALE G. McGINNIS (1 year)
THEY"RE B*A*C*K* IN THE S*A*D*D*L*E* A*G*A*I*N*~!?! lol!

Author jhosmar david chacin (1 year)

Author Tabii Weritz (1 year)
Then why the frick did you click on this video anyway? You're supposed to
be watching straight love scenes. shoo!

Author RubyReem19 (7 months)
Nope I'm English, well you should definitely check out the UK one if you
can. But to be honest I've nearly finished the US version and its grown on
me, at first I was a bit offended that they completely plagiarized one of
my favourite shows but now I'm just in love with Brian & Justin :) They are
not as unattractive as they first seemed... I still think the original is
better though!

Author TheKwachner227 (1 year)
yeah striaght up!! lol did u know hal sparks who plays micheal is from
kentucky? crazy shit man

Author jassie sang (11 months)

Author Animefan1528 (1 year)
By obsession I take it you mean you find his ass attractive. If that's the
case, I completely agree with you. And not just his ass, he's overall a
very attractive man. Absolutely gorgeous. Are you female and is your
husband ok with you liking Queer as Folk, especially considering the
good-looking guys? If so I hope when I meet a guy that he will be okay with
it because I will still watch QaF whenever I feel like it as the years go

Author Slytherin Heir (11 months)
So is being shaven, eating shrimp, a woman having sex during her period, a
woman speaking, and oh yeah here is the kicker, wearing two different
materials together. Most of that books teachings are null and void, now
that we have science and ways to prove things like where children come
from, what a star is and that everything is acutally obiting the Sun not
the Earth.

Author Felicity Neal (1 year)
Do you know what a prostate is?

Author delavalmilker (9 months)
So---gay guys have lots of torrid sex with other hot-looking gay guys. And
when they aren't engaged in that, they're out clubbing! As a gay man
myself, can someone tell me what universe this show takes place in? But I
suppose if you put lots of implied sex and near-nudity in a tv show, it is
SURE to boost the ratings!

Author tya4life17 (1 year)
Well it seems we need to ignore the ignorant little boy. No matter what
anyone says, ignorance isn't always bliss, so I say wish him/her the best
and move on. =)

Author EinFreundOderNicht (1 year)
guy on guy action for girls is like girl on girl action for guys. Only
females are less obvious about how much they like it! :D

Author gillyssquashball (1 year)
You shut up!

Author Orphy Elias (8 months)
i find it funny how all the homophobes come and WATCH those videos and then
comment about how awful homosexuals get yourself some d!ck coz
you seem to crave it!

Author Babyfacedanimegeek (1 year)
That is because it is.

Author monica duarte (1 year)
it is called the song that plays when they start kissing... please respond

Author gillyssquashball (1 year)
Yea well many people don't love you, you non loved person!

Author EvilValenStrife (1 year)
Sounds kinda fun! I actually like wall play!

Author Mrsbunnyxkitty (1 year)
May I agree? (;

Author Kyubeis (11 months)
cool go watch something else then

Author Menhiria (1 year)
I am :-))

Author Gunnhild Edwards (1 year)
The L Word is a piece of shit well so is this show too.

Author Aldranza Millamar (1 year)
...hahahaha pretending so much time...

Author Simon Dufresne (7 months)
Playing Tomb Raider... pretty much my first answer, too.

Author tya4life17 (1 year)
And don't you find it hysterical that God put the man's G spot in his ass?
Therefore, how can it really be an affront to God if a guy gets anything
put in his ass?? lol. Its amazing to me the amount of stupidity that roams
around....and remember, if you don't like it, don't watch it....have a nice
day =)~

Author nefis djelassi (1 year)
trop bon

Author andy Gonzalez (6 months)
love this show i was a little too young when it first aired though!


Author Ryan Huntington (1 year)
i am not gay . i have seen this show and its ok

Author Jessica George (9 months)

Author wesleyloveless2002 (5 months)

Author marie stein (1 year)
1:48 i love that song,but i dont know whats it called so i got up and
danced and didnt bother watching the vid

Author Ryan Wilkinson (1 year)
"Watch TV, play Tomb Raider" lol

Author gillyssquashball (1 year)
Yes. It sure as fuck isnt a g spot. Its a prostate.

Author superjonny10794 (1 year)
What is the song of the min 1;00?

Author andhereithought (1 year)
Full Frontal- You Think You're a Man

Author Liamfrom1Direction (9 months)
It may not technically be normal seeing as sex is meant for a baby to come
out of it but it's acceptable none the less

Author LeonardoAlmeida01 (1 year)
cool!! i love it

Author GurlCaa (1 year)

Author Algy Imagination (7 months)
What is that song in the beginning?

Author SubtitledArabicSongs (1 year)
thumbs up if you're a guy ;D

Author Bill Bennett (11 months)
I just went on Amazon and bought seasons 3, 4 and 5! Best series ever!

Author DruryLiz (7 months)
Then why are you watching it?

Author simplyprecious441 (1 year)
I am a female that enjoys guys fucking each other...probably more than I
should actually lol

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