Queer as Folk Season 1 episode 1 part 2

It was taken down by youtube, but It's back!

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Author Johnmichael Azul ( ago)
Yaaaaamiiiiiii:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Author thejourneyhorse ( ago)
Who answers the phone during sex?

Author Shalini Matarage ( ago)
c'mn i was born in 1988 why can't i watch this ??????????????????????????/

Author Alejandra Corianga ( ago)
Awkward moment when one of the guys from here is now a Disney channel star

Author Ally Skinner ( ago)
That white ass xD haha
Camera: let's show everyone this fiiiiine toned body *gets to butt* man
that's white xD no tanned butt here xD haha 

Author Joey Davis ( ago)
Most stereotypical view on the gay lifestyle I ever saw. The more I watched
this show the more I hated it.

Author jakeexxmvs P ( ago)
I wished Brian and Justin were able to reproduce and make cute babies lol.

Author su kim ( ago)
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ헤라 아르테미스 아테낰ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아귀엽닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Author Filmscool ( ago)

Author Wesley Loveless ( ago)

Author Wesley Loveless ( ago)

Author pijas delhospi ( ago)
THUMBS UP if you think that these kisses are more realistic than the kisses
between Aidan Gillen and Charlie Hunnam ^_^

Author andy Gonzalez ( ago)
love this show i was a little too young when it first aired though!

Author faithosaurus ( ago)
I love Emmett, he is amazing!

Author Emily Ryan ( ago)
the first line get me every time, I like your kitchen ahahaha

Author MrsHolliValo ( ago)
LOL I forgot how innocent Justin was in the beginning :) WOW did he change
LOVE this show --- best ever on the earth. thanks for having it here. I
have all the dvd's but it's so much more fun to watch with other people's
comments ((RAINBOW HUGS))

Author Paola Rosario ( ago)
"Oh I should have been often do I get to see snatch?" omfg Brian.

Author Veronica Brown ( ago)
I’m American and love the original. I think Stuart (UK) is hotter than
Brian and Vince is hotter than Michael too. Stuart set a standard that will
be hard to meet. He put the cock in cock-he. A kid couldn't take Stuart's
3some by just dancing. But I do like Justin better than Nathan. I'm sure
the US show will grow on me. It just hasn’t yet. They changed a lot of
crucial things. The only good one is the kid is 17 and not 15. Many US
series are from the UK but they don’t usually change the names.

Author RubyReem19 ( ago)
Nope I'm English, well you should definitely check out the UK one if you
can. But to be honest I've nearly finished the US version and its grown on
me, at first I was a bit offended that they completely plagiarized one of
my favourite shows but now I'm just in love with Brian & Justin :) They are
not as unattractive as they first seemed... I still think the original is
better though!

Author Linda Bennie ( ago)
That's fine. But question- are you American? And one other thing- I've
never seen the UK Original, but because it's the original, it's probably
better anyway. You know that thing with movie sequels. Anyway, I think the
guys are pretty attractive, actually. At the absolute least, I've seen
worse. And about the plagarism- welcome to America!

Author Simon Dufresne ( ago)
Playing Tomb Raider... pretty much my first answer, too.

Author DruryLiz ( ago)
Then why are you watching it?

Author Marsh Matthers ( ago)
What is that song in the beginning?

Author sandy river ( ago)
do you know what else is abomination? Divorce. Hey, you know kid! I think
God forbids man on man sexual act just like God forbids hetero one based on
playful lust (sorry i forgot the real term)

Author Elias Fas ( ago)
i find it funny how all the homophobes come and WATCH those videos and then
comment about how awful homosexuals get yourself some d!ck coz
you seem to crave it!

Author RubyReem19 ( ago)
Sorry to say but from what I've seen so far of this version, the UK
Original is a hell of a lot better, I mean come on these guys aren't even
attractive (just my opinion, calm down) & how much more plagiarized can it
get!! I didn't realise they'd copy practically everything but with American
actors... People should definitely check out the UK version = )

Author annie10103 ( ago)
To be fair, there's not much wrong with incest. As long as no offspring are
produced, as they usually have health problems.

Author Tralcent Oblivion ( ago)
I don't know wether to join the argument or stray away from it...I've
already told one Christian off today so I think I'm good

Author Giselle Rose ( ago)
hahahahah "just cant sleep without my oreos" x3

Author Alice Walker ( ago)
Lol" you like Special K?" " yeah I guess but I like Cheerios better'l

Author Callie Bates ( ago)

Author Jan McLerry Cinco Micabalo - Darker II ( ago)
yeah this sucks!

Author ToxicFishyWaffle ( ago)
You know, the Bible portrays incest as normal and acceptable...

Author l ortiz ( ago)
Only if he has a virgin on her wedding night..Emmaculate conception my
ass..He raped her.

Author by POU ( ago)
Dammit I'm not the only one thinkin Justin's so cute right? Right?

Author Johannes Jooste ( ago)
Kinda stereotype :( Im gay and dont believe in jusr sex...

Author trucolorz33x ( ago)
you're an idiot lol

Author Jessica George ( ago)

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
Laughing at jerks

Author SPN Fan__ ( ago)
You have some serious issues! I already can see you being mean to gays,
already! Gays are the coolest people in town, and guess what? THEIR Hot as
fuck. God has nothing to do a damn thing about this! God loves everyone, no
matter their race or sexuality! If it's such an abomination to god then why
are you watching it then, hmm? Oh to hell with you, and everybody that
thinks M/M F/F is wrong!

Author delavalmilker ( ago)
So---gay guys have lots of torrid sex with other hot-looking gay guys. And
when they aren't engaged in that, they're out clubbing! As a gay man
myself, can someone tell me what universe this show takes place in? But I
suppose if you put lots of implied sex and near-nudity in a tv show, it is
SURE to boost the ratings!

Author ramone simmonds ( ago)
loving this part memories!!!!

Author Lance corporal rivaille ( ago)
i'm a christian and the funny thing is that God loves everyone . did you
just come on this page to say something hateful and disrespectful? stop it
just stop and what do you mean by zeus? i worship the one and only true God
so IDGAF about your opinion just don't hate on others k?

Author Aisha Mohamed ( ago)
omgomgomgomg he is so clueless

Author alencar alex ( ago)
não tou entendo nada oq vsc tão dizendo!!! eu sou de caxias-ma brazil ok

Author Ellie Gator ( ago)
Brians voice is so smooth

Author JackieCola1405 ( ago)
This is one of my favorite shows and I'm so happy that I have all seasons
on DVD.

Author Bill Bennett ( ago)
I just went on Amazon and bought seasons 3, 4 and 5! Best series ever!

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
Zeus, he hate fags something awful!

Author sskg34 ( ago)
god? which god? Zeus? Hera? Artemis? Athena?

Author Palazzio Farsider-Slider ( ago)
cool go watch something else then

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
You're really stupid if you think anyone but a faggot gets off on having a
rod up their arse.

Author BOSANKA PRAVA ( ago)
i love justin and brian

Author Palazzio Farsider-Slider ( ago)
you're really stupid if you think that's how an orgasm works

Author Slytherin Heir ( ago)
So is being shaven, eating shrimp, a woman having sex during her period, a
woman speaking, and oh yeah here is the kicker, wearing two different
materials together. Most of that books teachings are null and void, now
that we have science and ways to prove things like where children come
from, what a star is and that everything is acutally obiting the Sun not
the Earth.

Author lanayahe ( ago)
I love this show because it's awesome

Author jassie sang ( ago)

Author MangaAnimeLover8 ( ago)
I thought Special K was a date rape drug.

Author Tabii Weritz ( ago)
Then why the frick did you click on this video anyway? You're supposed to
be watching straight love scenes. shoo!

Author Jonathon Woodgate ( ago)
QAF was my guilty pleasure on TV... I was totally addicted! I miss it!

Author Ryan Wilkinson ( ago)
"Watch TV, play Tomb Raider" lol

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
I don't give a fuck what you do sweetheart. How about you piss off and ram
your fingers up the ass of your supposedly hetero bf.

Author Flick ( ago)
If you fail to actually check before answering me again, I'm just going to
ignore you. I respect your beliefs (on some level), but you shouldn't be so
stubborn as to ignore the way the human body works. No doubt the spot you
call the g-spot is a very sensitive area, I know this, I'm not a fool. I'm
merely asking you to prove what you say is true. Ignore my request, and I'm
just going to have to ignore you, like a little child. Sorry.

Author Flick ( ago)
Did you check before you answered, like I had asked?

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
I know what a prostate is. I know where the male G spot is. You said it was
in the prostate, it isnt. I was even kind enough to tell you where it
actually is. I havent been violent. If I was violent, I would have posted
'shut the fuck up whore before I punch your ugly face in'.

Author Signe Henriksen ( ago)
Justin's so awkward and I love it.

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
Ignore reality all day if you want. Keep shoving your finger up your bf's
ass, he'll keep fantasising that you are a 12 year old boy,

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
Yes. It sure as fuck isnt a g spot. Its a prostate.

Author Flick ( ago)
Do you know what a prostate is?

Author Joseph Santos ( ago)
Why did youtube delete most of the seasons?

Author tya4life17 ( ago)
Well it seems we need to ignore the ignorant little boy. No matter what
anyone says, ignorance isn't always bliss, so I say wish him/her the best
and move on. =)

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
I told you where the G spot is. Belive it, dont belive it, I dotn care. The
reason 'so many' guys like having fingers shoved up their ass is because
those guys are FAGS. Your fiance just hasn't had the balls to come out of
the closet yet, trust me he will.

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
Just because someone has a female pic doesn't mean they aren't a guy. You
obviously have no idea how to give hand jobs then, I'd hate to have a gf
that ignored my actual g spot and spent half the time shoving her finger up
my ass.

Author tya4life17 ( ago)
and I am not a guy, just in case you are that blind. but if I had a dick
I'd love a handjob, thanks for the offer lol =)

Author tya4life17 ( ago)
hmm really.. then why do u suppose that so many men, INCLUDING STRAIGHT
MEN, so enjoy having even finger in their ass and it makes their orgasms a
hell of alot better. why dont YOU try it, then try and lie about it. And I
know from experience, since my fiance enjoys it and he's not gay. EXpand
your mind =D

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
Fuck off it is. Try my suggestion, trust me, your head will pop off. G spot
in the ass indeed...If that was true we'd orgasm every time we took a dump

Author pokelover223 ( ago)
it is look it up...

Author simplyprecious441 ( ago)
I am a female that enjoys guys fucking each other...probably more than I
should actually lol

Author Ryan Huntington ( ago)
i am not gay . i have seen this show and its ok

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
haha no way in the world is a guys g spot in his ass. I don't know which
fag told you that but its bs. A guys G spot is in the shaft of the cock
about 1 and half centimeters down from the head. If you havent worked that
out i feel sorry for you, no ones obviously given you a proper handjob.

Author tya4life17 ( ago)
And don't you find it hysterical that God put the man's G spot in his ass?
Therefore, how can it really be an affront to God if a guy gets anything
put in his ass?? lol. Its amazing to me the amount of stupidity that roams
around....and remember, if you don't like it, don't watch it....have a nice
day =)~

Author Skibeetle ( ago)
You think you`re a man - full frontal

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
Oh you'll get plenty of wall play... IN HELL

Author EvilValenStrife ( ago)
Sounds kinda fun! I actually like wall play!

Author Maddie .-. ( ago)
I didn't think it was possible to fangirl over two guys I discovered like
20 mins ago I guess I was wrong

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
Yea well you can tell your queer bum chums that when you are digging your
nails into the charred walls of the damned!!!

Author NearlyMello ( ago)
I'm pretty sure god doesn't give two fucks were people stick their dicks

Author dynodish ( ago)
WTF are YOU doing on this channel anyway? Wishing and hoping or hiding and

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
It's an abomination and an affront to god!

Author NearlyMello ( ago)
That is because it is.

Author NearlyMello ( ago)
Gasp! Yay

Author Shou ichi ( ago) hate it, but still watching it on YT. I can't believe a
bitch is here. well.. okay.. bye bye..

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
Yea well many people don't love you, you non loved person!

Author Shou ichi ( ago)
Whatt?? no wayy straight man loves this show! O_O

Author Shou ichi ( ago)
well.. it's not. Because many people loves this so much.

Author gillyssquashball ( ago)
You shut up!

Author Michael Petrova ( ago)
oh shut up

Author Elephants Are Cool ( ago)
That's the same reason straight guys are into girl on girl.

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