How to Adjust the Carburetor on your snowblower with a Tecumseh engine. Visit my channel for more repair videos.

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Author Robert Waid ( ago)
nice detailed video don. pretty soon we ll be working on those carbs.

Author CB Tech ( ago)
Hey. I have a question for you. I have a Craftsman 7.5hp OHV Snowblower.
It had a bent push rod. I put a push rod in it and it fired right up.
Then i shut it down, and it will not restart. When I go to adjust the
valves, it seems like the valve timing is off. Have you seen that. The
intake valve opens when the piston is coming up. Can the cam gear jump.

Author ron martin Mhg ( ago)
Nice one Donny. On my weed eater TD 40 The carb seems not to have a mixture
adjustment screw. Is the mixture controlled by the throttle needle? If so,
what notch should it be held in? The machine is running rich and just to
keep it running the throttle slide is way above the idling adjustment
screw. Thanks again for your videos.

Author John Nelson ( ago)
This was awesome! Just what I was looking for.

Author tony nourbusiness ( ago)
thk u i got it running i just got to play with it..

Author Joseph Anderson ( ago)
Thank you for your Videos on various small engine problems. I'm so glad
that I'm a subscriber to your channel !!!

Author M Morrissey ( ago)
Donyboy73 - thanks for the instructions. I followed these last fall and my
Toro ran better than it has ever run, and ran well through the record
setting Boston winter. Thanks for taking the time to make this video.

Author Pete Massey ( ago)
Very clear instructional video. Definitely removes the uncertainty I had
when approaching this carbs adjustment. Nicely done. Thank you!

Author John Sin ( ago)
Good job.

Author goodfly1 ( ago)
love all the tips ,i have a 8hp snow king with a tecumseh that in dark you
can see fire out exhaust and truns muffler red hot what could cause this ?

Author John Tumolo ( ago)
Excellent job. Easy to follow. 

Author rojasj10 ( ago)
My Ariens 932 % + 2 Sno Thro with a Techmuse HS50 engine has had a problem
from day one where it will only run with the chock closed even after the
engine has been running for half an hour. As a result I have not used it
much even though it is twenty years old. This evening I removed the bowl
and main jet and everything looks new and clean. Just in case I cleaned the
main jet. Of course the spark plug gets fouled up do to the way I have to
leave the choke. Where would I start to fix this problem?

Author Kevin Logozzo ( ago)
Hi, thanks for posting these, they are very helpful. I have ~2003 Tecumseh
without the adjustable fuel mixture screw under the bowl. Is there a way to
adjust the fuel/air mixture on this carb? I've noticed just this year a
reduction in power where the engine struggles with even 5" of light snow. I
have to go very slow. Now it's really starting to struggle and I noticed a
blue flame coming from the exhaust when under load. Might have been doing
this before but it's usually not too dark out and it wasn't noticed.
Cleaned the bowl and jet although they looked very clean. I always use
fuel with stabilizer. I am replacing the spark plug tonight too. Any

Author Bertminator ( ago)
I have a similar snowblower (as the older style), and wonder if you have an
answer for me. Yy starter spins nice & smooth (no rough sound at all),
however in -40° C weather, the starter gear won't engage the engine, but
will still be spinning nicely. Basically the gear doesn't come out enough
to engage the engine gear (flywheel or whatever you want to call it). I
already lubricated the starter gear with silicone spray as well as
penetrating oil (NOT WD-40), and still on cold days it won't engage. It
engages fine if the snowblower is in my shop and warmed up. Any ideas or
tips would be great. Thanks.

Author bilibob rut ( ago)
My 8hp keeps backfiring like crazy on full throttle, what should I do?

Author Brian Marzan ( ago)
Hi Donyboy73,
First, thank you for taking the time to film these videos. All the shops
here in New England are backed-up for three weeks or more, with more snow
on the way, so I’m trying to maintain my Toro snowblower with a Tecumseh
HMSK80 the best I can. I just installed one of those $18 replacement
carburetors from China. The blower is running better with the new
adjustable carb, however it is leaking gas from the fuel adjustment screw.
I’m having to use my fuel shut-off and then dump the bowl as a work around
for the problem. Ideas on how I could fix the leak would be appreciate.
Thank you.

Author aaron schoessow (1700 years ago)
Hello I have watched your video on how to adjust the carburetor on my Toro
it is a 8 horse. Tecumseh engine. Still seems to backfire out of the
exhaust quite a bit... I pulled the air mixture needle. Also have turned
out the needle at the bottom of the float bowl. Turned it all the way in.
Then out one and one quarter turns. I also did this with the air mixture
needle so it is at one and one quarter turns out. The cover on this, I have
removed, for easier access... Will that cover make that much difference???
Also I just bought a new fuel cap. Any suggestions you may have or
questions please feel free to ask. Thanks for the help...

Author INTERNA9 ( ago)

Author Joe W ( ago)
I've got an older Tecumseh 5hp snowblower. I bought a brand new carb off
Ebay (Tecumseh branded). It runs great for 2 minutes and as it gets warmer
runs poorer and poorer as it gets hot. I'm stumped. Any ideas? Points?
Coil? Spark seems fine. 

Author d barboza ( ago)
Thank`s for the help!

Author Frank Rivera ( ago)
Great video! Thank you for all of that useful information.It wad just what
I needed to learn. Thanks again!!!!

Author 78726222 ( ago)
got it. just needed to remove the cover...

Author 78726222 ( ago)
thanks I will try wiping it. I pulled the plug wire but didn't see it was
wet. Where is the intake to spay into?

Author 97197mech ( ago)
Donyboy, I'm trying to fix my neighbor's Toro snowblower with Tecumseh
HSK60-76008B (H) DOM 6853D Engine. The problem was it wouldn't run without
the chock on fully and even then it cut out every minute or so. I removed
the carb and found the float was not adjusted properly and the needle valve
seemed to be sticking. I soaked the carb overnight in carb cleaner then put
a wire through all visible passages, installed a carb kit, adjusted the
float, set the idle mixture screw to 1¼, set the bottom mixture screw to
1½, drained the fuel and refueled with fresh fuel. Now with everything
reinstalled I can only get it to run for a few seconds with the choke full
on. I've attempted to adjust the bottom mixture screw out but still can't
get it to run more than a few seconds. I'm thinking there are other carb
passages that may need to be cleaned behind the blanking plugs. Should I
remove them and clean the passages? What is the best way to remove/install
them? Thanks for your help.
Did I do a thorough enough cleaning?

Author 78726222 ( ago)
Donyboy...I have an MTD with the carb with a fixed jet. When snow would
dump onto the carb side if I his a drift it would run rough then be ok. I
imagine from aspirating snow into the intake. This time it stalled and
now wont start even using electric start. I drained some of the bowl with
the drain valve but not all of it thinking if there was water it would
drain out.

Author bmbell1919 ( ago)
Hi Donyboy. I have a 1994 Toro 38180 snow thrower. By design, there is no
low/high speed setting. I am confident that the carburetor is clean, the
spark plug is new, and the oil/gas is fresh. It starts after a pull or
two, and sits idle at about 4,000 RPM. However, when I engage the augers,
that drops to about 3,500 RPM. The issue that I have is that the machine
is unable to handle anything greater than a few inches of snow before
near-stalling. There are three screws that can be adjusted on the carb
itself, and then the governor arm. Forgive my amateur take, but I know one
screw adjusts the idle speed, the second may be the fuel/air mixture, and I
don't know what the third does. I need help understanding where to start
making tweaks to the carb and governor arm. My method (trial-and-error) is
frustrating at times. I am sure there must be an order to the steps, and
if they are done out of order, you end up in circles like I am now. If you
or anyone are able to assist I would be most appreciated. In the right
hands, I know this machine would be amazing.

Author Katherine Niebla ( ago)
Donyboy you speak clearly and slow enough for me to understand how to fix
my snowblower while working on it as well. As a female just learning how
to fix things myself, I want to thank you for a great training you gave me
on the belt tension as well as carburetor.

Author Ian Gans ( ago)
Thanks, dude. Super helpful. I have an old Ariens, but the carb is

Author The89stang1 ( ago)
Donyboy I have a early 70s Ariens snow thro snowblower, when i run blower i
have to keep it one setting away from full choke to keep running properly.
I have the second style carb in this video which i never took apart before.
When i take out screw on bottom of bowl does it have jet attached, i have
cleaned that style jet before just wondering if old style has jet. This is
my guess for needing choke jet needs cleaning. Any help appeciated.

Author brysonz ( ago)
Great video explanation! My craftsmen 9 HP is surging and the muffler has
flames inside. This should so the trick.

Author Darryl Voight (128 years ago)
Thanks a lot Donyboy! I just got an old used Snapper 10HP, 30" the other
day before the "big" storm hit NJ. It ran very rough and only with the
choke on at first. But after watching your video, I was able to get the
idle and full power operation to work just great. 

Author bobriguez1 ( ago)
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! My Tecumseh Snow King decided to run
like crap today(during a blizzard)... these adjustments made all the

Author Theo Macris ( ago)
Bummer, just used your settings on my toro 824. The engine idled up too
fast and promptly blew the engine, I assume a rod since there is no
compression. So much for that.

Author TheGurtsmen ( ago)
Thanks a bunch. My dads snowblower ran like crap for years. Cleaned the
carb and tweaked the screws as you did... Good as new. Great video. 

Author Carl Zorro ( ago)
what can it be when you go toward the snow but it turns off as it's going
to intake the snow to blow it out?

Author Robert Jackson ( ago)
First, thanks for taking your time to make these good videos. I have an
Ariens snow blower w/ Tecumseh engine from 1992. For the first time ever,
I have to run with the engine fully choked in order to use the snow blower.
I am no longer able to back off the choke and keep the engine running as
in all previous years of use. Do you think I have debris in the carburetor
or do i just need to adjust the main jet by turning the adjustment screw as
indicated in your video? Should I remove the bowl and clean it out first?
The bowl has never been removed. Thanks, Robert

Author Clare Dejong (223 years ago)
I like that you kept it simply.

Thanks for the information.

Author Bob Berg ( ago)
Hey Dony I have a 1980 model Toro 7/24 and after a motor swap with same
year and model the blower does not run. I may have hooked up the linkage
wrong or set the carburator up wrong. It ran for a littl;e bit and then I
was not able to start it. I did a minor rebuild to the carb and still no

Author sammy 9000 ( ago)
Hi donyboy. I have Stiga snowblower with 8hp Tecumseh and i have a red
glowing exhaust mufler when running full gas. Engine works fairly good maby
litle misfire and some blue flame comes out to mufler, you can see flame
and red glow clearly when you run it evening when its dark outside. Reason
why i ask should i do something to fix it cause i dont want to burn exhaust
valve or something else. What you think is this problem fuel mixture issue
engine running lean or is exhaust valve clearence too small and valve
doesnt close full? Carburetor is that newer model, nozzles cant be
adjusted. I measured engine compression cold motor and it showed 55psi is
that good or bad to that engine? Maby i should measure it again when
engine is hot... cause if valve clearance is too small valve won't close
fully when engine is hot i think? If this problem turns out to be too
small valve clearance, is the job to fix it pain in the butt and do you
have a video where you do a similar job. If i find there allready burned
exhaust valve can i find somewhere a new valve to this motor? I live in
Finnland and i'm pretty sure that i need to order it from USA cause this
blower is probably around year 2000 model and the spareparts this old model
is hard to find our retailers. Sorry my bad english and thanks if you
bother to answer. :)

Author Bruce Albarado ( ago)
hi donyboy73..I have a 8 hp techumseh snow blower I just replaced the
throttle control arm.Put my linkages back where they were.If I throttle up
it wont throttle down..not sure what is happening any ideas would be
helpful..not a small eng guy but have learned a lot from watching your
vids.need help here I'm lost on what to do...please help

Author aWoodchuckTunaMelt ( ago)
I recently acquired a snowblower with a Tecumseh HMSK80 engine from my
grandfather, and long story short i dont have nor can get the original
carb. According to the owners manual it had the non adjustable carb on it,
I, not realizing it at the time, purchased an adjustable model. After
installation and despite my best efforts to tune it it just wants to surge.
Are the jets on the non adjustable model carbs bigger/smaller? Iv spent
hours fiddling with the mixture screws to relatively no change. Any help
would be greatly appreciated, im at my wits end with this thing!

Author pei bossman ( ago)
very good, thank you...

Author Jim Bigger ( ago)
It has the fuel mixture idle screw and the float adjustmen screw on the

Author Jim Bigger ( ago)
I recently put a carb kit in My Tecumseh 10hp and adjusted it to your
recommendations. I found it wouldn't stay running but I moved the engine
speed governor Linkage and it stayed running and ran perfect. I havent used
it since until today and it will not stay running. It's like once the fuel
from priming is used it dies. I played with the linkage a little bit and it
would stay running but at a very low rev. As soon as it tried to rev up -
it would bog out and die.
Any suggestions?

Author tellebracht ( ago)
Awesome! Runs like a champ now!

Author shizermuffin ( ago)
Excellent video. Thank you

Author Verne Potvin ( ago)
Have a Tecumseh 10hp with fuel dump at bottom of bowl and adjusting screw.
Question....I have set up the governor etc and adjusted the fuel mix and
idle. But as oon as I put it under load, the unit bogs down and quits. Any
suggestions ????

Author Raman B. Chauhan ( ago)
Million Thanks. I followed your precise instructions and my 27 year old
Sears Snowblower is still chugging along without ever visiting a shop.
Thanks so much for posting your videos. You are doing us a big favour.
Seasons Greetings to you and your family. 

Author Cheryl Everett ( ago)
My husband bought an old tecumseh snow blower last year. It wasn't running
that well this year. After watching your carb cleaning and adjusting videos
- it now runs fine. He says 'thanks for the great videos!'

Author Jim ( ago)
So my blower would not stay going when i closed the choke - only stayed
going with choke on. I adjusted the engine speed governor and it stayed
going when I closed the choke. Was that the best adjustment/ solution for
my problem?

Author george flanagan ( ago)
Thanks donyboy73 folloe your 3videos on 8 hp carburetor and works fine on
my snowking snow blower thanks again 

Author Tim Miller ( ago)
Hello don I have a 17" snapper le and it doesn't throw snow well even after
replacing padles and scraper. Any ideas. Thanks tim

Author Wayne Perkins ( ago)
Thanks donyboy73, Without your video I'd have been lost. Followed your
suggestions and darn if the John Deere 828d snow blower seems to be
running and idling the best it has in a long while. Thanks so much for
posting your videos.

Author Vin Bellissimo ( ago)
you and I must have learned the same hard way... I drilled out the cover on
my old Simplicity so i could get to the high speed screw. I find your
videos very helpful 

Author Susan A. Enns ( ago)
Thank you very much for an easy to follow video. You made it simple for
someone who knows nothing about carburetors. Much appreciated!

Author Craig Arndt ( ago)
Very helpful Dony. 

Author guitartec ( ago)
Should the choke be off to do these adjustments?

Author ugotit33x ( ago)
Excellent explanation thank you

Author Garry Burgess ( ago)
I was pretty unhappy with my MTD that had a lot of problems that it should
not have had, even when brand new.

Author Garry Burgess ( ago)
I'm buying a brand new Honda snowblower, but I want to watch as many videos
like this to make fewer mistakes than I made with m MTD, which still runs
OK, but I'm giving that to one of my kids. Probably what saved me all of
these years was fuel stabilizer.

Author arbab go ( ago)
thanks man

Author angus kangus ( ago)
As a new home owner I have to say your video's have helped me a lot Thank
You !

Author Big Rockk ( ago)
Thanks a ton Dony, exactly what I needed to know. The old girl is running
good now, as usual an excellent video!


Author Yiannis-limnos ( ago)
p/s great videos!!

Author Yiannis-limnos ( ago)
Donny, I have an 8HP Tecumseh engine in my snow blower, I cleaned and the
carb and it does not stay running unless the choke is fully closed. Any

Author sparc500 (1554 years ago)
Thanks a lot.. very clear explanation, I got a new carburetor for my
Tecumseh and needed an explanation of the process to go through.. works
great now.

Author Richard Kim ( ago)
Great Video, Donny. I followed your 3 step process to rebuild the Tecumseh
carburetor on my Toro 521 snowblower. This video completed the repair to
get it running at top performance. Thanks for making it VERY easy to

Author gerry6310 ( ago)
As usual Donny, you make a great video so I can fix this items myself,
saves me a a lot of cash On a pension now

Author Stokersrule ( ago)
I bought my snowblower used a while back and was about to replace it after
trying everything, including a trip to a small engine shop, to get it
running properly. After this tutorial coupled with your governor vid, it
threw like a new machine last year. I just realized I hadn't commented
while telling a family member about it. Anyway, thanks so much, great job!

Author thersten ( ago)
Great job. Once again your videos are the best videos online!

Author Stephen Kuper ( ago)
I bought a Sears craftsman worked great for last 4 years. This winter it's
seems to surge up and down during idle and when underload. Sometimes small
backfire after coming out of being under load if load not put back on it
right away. Any ideas.

Author Frank Breen ( ago)
I have the 9HP OH318SA/OH358SA model. It "hunts" rpm goes up and down
without a load. With a load it runs fairly smoothly. What video would you

Author James Guild ( ago)
Hammer, Mine was leaking bad and I discovered it was the bowl gasket.

Author Funkinbassman1984 ( ago)
Thanks Donyboy73 for this video! My Ariens is running like a top now -
idles smooth and I feel like I've got some power now when I throttle up to
the rabbit!

Author Craig Stej ( ago)
I had cleaned up the carb, all ports, went down to local shop for new seal,
gasket, and needle kit, Mechanic reminded me to check the float for gas
tried to start, just sputtered, found Your recommendations, worked like a
charm, Thanks again!

Author Michael “Moses” Hammer ( ago)
my carb is leaking fuel, and it is not running well. i tried cleaning out
the jets and ports with it on the snowblower. i did remove the bowl and
clean it and the purge jet. i did not remove the float, and clean the
needle, and seat. i am thinking the seat is dirty and not letting the
needle seat properly.

Author FirstFrank LastBesek ( ago)
Just watching your videos are fun and enlightening donyboy. I like to see
what makes it tick and you do a tremendous job in explaining it and filming
it. Many thanks for your taking the time and trouble to share. God Bless !

Author bsox67 ( ago)
Used this video and the carb cleaning video to fix a freebie toro snow
blower and got it running like a top...Then moved on to a problematic husky
saw and fixed it (broken gas line) by watching Don's chain saw vids. No
other way to say it... Don's the man!

Author fjqtaxch9 ( ago)
Great video how-to! Enabled me to tune my 18 year old Toro with the old
style Tecumseh 10hp engine. The shute had been clogging in the heavy wet
snow we've been having. Doesn't clog anymore!

Author Roomie Kay ( ago)
Great video, such a young man with so much knowledge, I have gotten less
information from a guy thats been in business for 30 years. 

Author noynic ( ago)
When I purge the carb I see fuel leak out from the bowl. How can I stop
this or is it a safety measure? Seems odd if it is a safety measure.

Author Steven Zucchi ( ago)
Thanks, nice explanation!

Author Robert Banas ( ago)
Awesome videos! Can't wait to get this old 87 craftsman snowblower running
tomorrow. Gonna clean and readjust the carb according to your advice and
should be up and running in no time. Thanks Again!

Author Pro1er ( ago)
Nice video and very nice camera work!

Author irtoast ( ago)
Great videos. Just saved me a ton of time. Thanks.

Author K “Ken” Walt ( ago)
Terrific and super informative videos. All of your information is right on
target and 100% accurate. I appreciate the time you have taken to prepare
your videos. They have saved me a lot of time correcting issues and saving
spending unnecessary money. Many, many thanks. Ken W..

Author strangebrutoo ( ago)
I have the "more recent" type of carburetor. If the carburetor can not be
adjusted by a fuel mixture screw, then how is that mixture adjusted? My
engine has a few problems. It wont idle, it just conks out if I lower the
throttle less than half. I tried to adjust the idle speed, it didn't do
much. Also, more importantly, it doesn't run as strong as I would like at
full throttle. I tried to adjust the full throttle speed, that helped a
little but hard to tell how much to rev up. In addition, and most
importantly, I have to keep choke about halfway, even after its completely
warmed up for 20 minutes. if I put the choke on 'no choke' or 'full
choke', it doesn't run well at all. Is that normal? Any ideas? thanks

Author Billy Shelly Staley ( ago)
Thanks for taking the time your a good man

Author tony Kari ( ago)
Great. Info. Thanks

Author James Braun ( ago)
One of my neighbors gave away a 179CC Craftsman electric start snowblower.
I started and it runs, but runs rough. Do you have a recommended video on
how to start diagnosing this problem. Thank you.

Author JaY fOSTER ( ago)
if my engine is the old type, and it is surging (revving up and down
constantly in idle or in use)....which screw should I be adjusting?

Author tim pontius ( ago)
My carb is leaking and I replaced the bowl gasket

Author Kevin Pipes ( ago)
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." -
Albert Einstein
Nicely done.

Author majordave100 ( ago)
Feakin worked! Smooth running - was surging like a madman and stalling
before I ever got to the notch down low - THANKS!

Author Rock Levesque ( ago)
thanks for the video, I will see if this work. My snow blower is an older
model and i got it all tuned up last year and it ran great all winter but
this year, it does not keep it's idle and rev up and down when the throttle
is mid way up . any suggestions?

Author steve M ( ago)
Man you my hero.u too smart and you do a good job.

Author Ken McIntyre ( ago)
i have an old snapper snowblower starts runs for a min or so then dies 

Author Pierre-Luc Simard ( ago)
Would both types of carburetor fit older generation models?

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