How to Adjust the Carburetor on your snowblower with a Tecumseh engine. Visit my channel for more repair videos.

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Author Paul Huskey (7 months)
First time with my snowblower... seems like it's revving too high. Not sure
what it's supposed to sound like. Do you adjust the upper screw CW or CCW
to decrease idle speed?

Author Michael Hammer (4 months)
my carb is leaking fuel, and it is not running well. i tried cleaning out
the jets and ports with it on the snowblower. i did remove the bowl and
clean it and the purge jet. i did not remove the float, and clean the
needle, and seat. i am thinking the seat is dirty and not letting the
needle seat properly.

Author Jim Dent (7 months)
I just cleaned the carb on my snowblower which would not run for me very
well this year. It runs great now but I notice that the muffler is glowing
a bit and flames shoot out the muffler when I go from high to low RPMs.

My carb is like the first one you show in this video. Any suggestions?


Author Terry g (7 months)
Thanks for your help bud, you fixed my issue...good video.

Author Tyler P (8 months)
Hey thanks for this video... I just finished cleaning and tuning the
carburetor on a 80's 9 horse craftsman snow blower I got from a friend.
Got it up and running like a top with your help. Thanks again

Author pete barber (7 months)
Great video bro...keep on keeping on...hope the wife is feeling better...

Author Frank Breen (4 months)
I have the 9HP OH318SA/OH358SA model. It "hunts" rpm goes up and down
without a load. With a load it runs fairly smoothly. What video would you

Author noclouds111 (6 months)
dony, you were born to teach. Thanks!

Author MyDailyFocus (7 months)
Hey dony! Love your videos. I have a snow blower that starts and idles but
shuts off as soon as it touches even 2" of snow. I've been told maybe I'm
getting too much air. Any tips?

Author David Chipkin (7 months)
Thank you. Prior to your video I watched some other one that helped me
rebuild the carp. Yours help me get it running perfectly. Thanks 

Author James Silverman (6 months)
I got some small stones caught in the snowblower on second time I used it.
The auger is stuck shut and if I try to engage it it makes a high pitched
sound, but does not turn. Please offer suggestion what to fix and how.
Thank you

Author Kevin Pipes (6 months)
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." -
Albert Einstein
Nicely done.

Author David Allan (6 months)
Very nice video. You did a really nice job showing all those screws. Clear
and instructive. Thanks.

Author tim pontius (5 months)
My carb is leaking and I replaced the bowl gasket

Author noynic (5 months)
When I purge the carb I see fuel leak out from the bowl. How can I stop
this or is it a safety measure? Seems odd if it is a safety measure.

Author Sam Jonhanson (7 months)
Thanks Dony! My Tecumseh in my sander/salter was a pain to start and ran
crappy. I cleaned the bowl, nozzles etc......and it works great!
Thanks again!

Author Stephen Kuper (4 months)
I bought a Sears craftsman worked great for last 4 years. This winter it's
seems to surge up and down during idle and when underload. Sometimes small
backfire after coming out of being under load if load not put back on it
right away. Any ideas.

Author J Smitty (7 months)
Where is the air filter on the newer engines?

Author Dan Allain (6 months)
I have the older type carburetor, When I prime it, fuels squirts out near
the top, an inch or so above the bowl gasket... Do i need a new carb, do
you think? I took it apart and the float has a crack in it also.

Author Mig .Monkey (6 months)
I was messing with mine all night (just picked it up as a freebie) it won't
run. Starts if I squirt some fuel in the carb but dies right out. I'm
thinking it's the adjuster on the bottom of the bowl now. I didn't check it
before cleaning so I think I tightened it right up.

Author bsox67 (4 months)
Used this video and the carb cleaning video to fix a freebie toro snow
blower and got it running like a top...Then moved on to a problematic husky
saw and fixed it (broken gas line) by watching Don's chain saw vids. No
other way to say it... Don's the man!

Author Vince Ski (8 months)
Hi just repaired my hsk-70 tecumsech after the repair I noted that the main
crank seal belt side Is leaking oil, thay turn the auger the will I need a
puller after I lousen the set screw? any tips for doing this, I plan to
replace all 3 seals cam and flywheel

Author fjqtaxch9 (5 months)
Great video how-to! Enabled me to tune my 18 year old Toro with the old
style Tecumseh 10hp engine. The shute had been clogging in the heavy wet
snow we've been having. Doesn't clog anymore!

Author Daniel Goins (6 months)
This was good had to familiarize with this carb,mine has more issues than
news week. 

Author Mario Lap (6 months)
Finally I'm going to make my snow blower work. This summer I had no time
and someone gave is snow blower and it was outside all summer. My
carburetor was all clogged. I clean it and install a new carburetor kit. I
just to make the adjustment. THANKS

Author James Guild (4 months)
Hammer, Mine was leaking bad and I discovered it was the bowl gasket.

Author Pro1er (5 months)
Nice video and very nice camera work!

Author MrZombieIsHungry (6 months)
My snow blower was running a bit rough and I was not sure exactly how to
adjust it to run smoother. I came on youtube looking for answers and found
your video. Thank you for a well done video that explains everything very
easy and clear as it was a great help. 

Author James Braun (5 months)
One of my neighbors gave away a 179CC Craftsman electric start snowblower.
I started and it runs, but runs rough. Do you have a recommended video on
how to start diagnosing this problem. Thank you.

Author Steven Zucchi (5 months)
Thanks, nice explanation!

Author Dylan Forrest (6 months)
well it run then die then run and die 

Author Kenny Walters (5 months)
Terrific and super informative videos. All of your information is right on
target and 100% accurate. I appreciate the time you have taken to prepare
your videos. They have saved me a lot of time correcting issues and saving
spending unnecessary money. Many, many thanks. Ken W..

Author steve M (6 months)
Man you my hero.u too smart and you do a good job.

Author Rock Levesque (6 months)
thanks for the video, I will see if this work. My snow blower is an older
model and i got it all tuned up last year and it ran great all winter but
this year, it does not keep it's idle and rev up and down when the throttle
is mid way up . any suggestions?

Author FirstFrank LastBesek (4 months)
Just watching your videos are fun and enlightening donyboy. I like to see
what makes it tick and you do a tremendous job in explaining it and filming
it. Many thanks for your taking the time and trouble to share. God Bless !

Author JaY fOSTER (5 months)
if my engine is the old type, and it is surging (revving up and down
constantly in idle or in use)....which screw should I be adjusting?

Author stev379 (6 months)
I rebuilt a Tecumseh 5.5's carb 2 years ago, then put it away for a season
only to have it fail to start. Snow wasn't bad enough till now so I took it
apart, cleaned it and replaced a washer and cap. I would not have done as
well as I did if not for the specific details you gave and video of the
spray coming through. You made sure the glare from the light didn't prevent
understanding. My machine is running smoother and better than ever. Thank
you for taking the time to share your knowledge. You do good for people.

Author Mark Trachy (7 months)
I need that first carb...any idea of where I can get it?

Author Pierre-Luc Simard (6 months)
Would both types of carburetor fit older generation models?

Author Robert Banas (5 months)
Awesome videos! Can't wait to get this old 87 craftsman snowblower running
tomorrow. Gonna clean and readjust the carb according to your advice and
should be up and running in no time. Thanks Again!

Author Roomie Kay (5 months)
Great video, such a young man with so much knowledge, I have gotten less
information from a guy thats been in business for 30 years. 

Author Shawn Stewart (7 months)
I just cleaned and adjusted per your great videos and my exhaust smokes
when I stop the engine? Its an older craftsman snow blower with 5 hp. What
causes this?

Author TA223R (7 months)
Very good info, got my machine running great, just in time for darkness,
lol. Oh well guess i get to play tomorrow. Thanks

Author TheTbubba (7 months)
Hi Donny: Love your videos. Changing the drive gear on an electric starter
was a breeze thanks to you. Today I discovered that my older model Briggs
snow thrower is leaking from the plunger valve on the bottom of the carb. I
suspect the gasket inside the bowl has disintegrated. Do you have a video
that shows how to change that part out? Hopefully while leaving the carb
attached. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Author irtoast (5 months)
Great videos. Just saved me a ton of time. Thanks.

Author tchjjal (7 months)
Thanks. This was very helpful!

Author majordave100 (6 months)
Feakin worked! Smooth running - was surging like a madman and stalling
before I ever got to the notch down low - THANKS!

Author strangebrutoo (5 months)
I have the "more recent" type of carburetor. If the carburetor can not be
adjusted by a fuel mixture screw, then how is that mixture adjusted? My
engine has a few problems. It wont idle, it just conks out if I lower the
throttle less than half. I tried to adjust the idle speed, it didn't do
much. Also, more importantly, it doesn't run as strong as I would like at
full throttle. I tried to adjust the full throttle speed, that helped a
little but hard to tell how much to rev up. In addition, and most
importantly, I have to keep choke about halfway, even after its completely
warmed up for 20 minutes. if I put the choke on 'no choke' or 'full
choke', it doesn't run well at all. Is that normal? Any ideas? thanks

Author Bertminator (7 months)
Mine runs for a bit then seems to run out of fuel. Do you think this is
all that is needed? It worked fine yesterday & for a long time, but all of
a sudden, it's stalling. Please help quick!! There's a blizzard and I
really need it now.

Author Craig Stej (4 months)
I had cleaned up the carb, all ports, went down to local shop for new seal,
gasket, and needle kit, Mechanic reminded me to check the float for gas
tried to start, just sputtered, found Your recommendations, worked like a
charm, Thanks again!

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