Boyka vs Colombiano

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Author ProFox (6 months)

Author Brandon Ware (6 months)
This is the most complete Movie in the world.

Author Javier Hinojosa (6 months)
on their real names: Scott Adkins versus Marko Zaror

Author William Parra (7 months)
Fuck the Colombian was winning and as always lost

Author Mehmet Gökdemir (1 year)
Boyka vs Colombiano

Author Vinícius Duque Rosa (7 months)
8:55 - Boyka rips Dolor's tibia and fibula

Author Willy Weed (5 months)
Fuck this Hollywood Fake sh*t. The Colombiano guy has a much cleaner
fighting style and damages Boyka a lot. Then, after getting his knee f*cked
up, Boyka gets creative and makes himself a bandage. Back in the ring it is
hard for him to walk and his knee is bleeding. But just after a few punches
and kicks, Boyka is a even better fighter than before... I know, it's
supposed to be with a turning point, but the contrast is just too f*cking

Author Gamer Pops (6 months)
Russians the only people that are able to beat black people :)

Author Taha Nalbant (7 months)
Movie Name ?

Author DeathStein1 (7 months)
anderson silva vs chris weidman

Author cloud nine (7 months)
this dancing will not ever happen in a real fight. only in movies. 

Author I AM TORMENTED (7 months)
at some parts it just looks like their tapping each other

Author Pitt-Zahut (7 months)
great movie !
at least in this one the American didn't save the world
i didn't understand is why they choose a columbian as the toughest fighter?
russians are known to be brave and have a fighting spirit but i dont recall
any good fighter coming from columbia

Author Stefano Guida (7 months)
Proud of being Colombian 

Author Asil YILMAZER (1 year)
Boyka vs Colombiano

Author dante parker (7 months)
Fighting in real life is mostly people swinging randomly hoping to get that
1 hit knock out which I hate

Author ATuM OsiRus (4 months)
One of the best martial arts films...must say 2.30-2.40...those quick
punches. ..!!! Now my signature technique lmao. 

Author J.$tyLe (5 months)
this is epic, but its bullshit, after all that beating he took and even the
fracured leg his gonna get up and break dolors leg with his injured one lol

Author EfsaneTR (6 months)
8:55 :D FACK

Author ThePiotro78 (6 months)

Author jarrell baker (4 months)
Boyka was the truth 

Author Danilo Faria (6 months)
9:00 anderson silva

Author nick butter (4 months)
nice CGI leg break.....

Author GraffitiLifeCZ (5 months)
I would like to can do, what Boyka cans...

Author HidekiTOG (6 months)

Author kadir turhan (5 months)
VictorSenin amına koyim hdgjashdjkwq 

Author Chelsea dabest (8 months)
@alejandro ducret it is dolor -,-

Author ilyas pashayev (4 months)
what is the style of scott adkins?

Author hai ngoc tran (4 months)
dm like

Author isaac savi (7 months)
shit,colombian is a shit man,SHIT.Boyka is the big guy

Author Michael Braun (6 months)
His leg got fucked up at the end of that fight!

Author Brandon McCallum (6 months)
Same thing happened with Silva and Weidman lol

Author 1natetheking (6 months)
Russians are very good at fighting <3 boyka

Author robster robsterfromcroatia (4 months)
so cool

Author Андрей Волостных (5 months)
Prompt, and the first part interesting?

Author Adams Aaron (6 months)
Rusia the good fighter,..yuri boyka

Author Matt Sugrim (5 months)
The most badass fight since bruce lee killed that japanese dude with his
jumping high kick in the chinese connection!

Author Everwinter (8 months)

Anyone get reminded of Silva vs Weidman 2, at the ending...

Author Elian Piano (5 months)
When he was normal, he losed from this guy, why would he keep fighting if
his leg is broken. He's weaker then before and at the begin he was already
not good enough

Author mauro navarro (7 months)
boyka wins!!!!

Author Rafael Rodrigues (6 months)
Anderson Silva in 8:55 

Author Sho Splash (4 months)
Scott Adkins was a BEAST in the undisputed series, his fights in green
street 3 where nothing compared to this!

Author Scooboy19 (7 months)
Dat ending tho :O

Author Jose 'R (8 months)
The most complete in the world

Author TheTerminator1889 (5 months)
7:39 min Templer ?

Author henry artiles (8 months)
Esooo boyka!!! 

Author Katie Threux (5 months)
Just the best.

Author Dimitrios Eustathiou (6 months)

Author Dahlia Reyes (4 months)
Boyca is best

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