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Author nick butter (1 year)
nice CGI leg break.....

Author Santiago Infante (1 year)
Jajajaja colombiano y tiene mas pinta de mexicano que un hpta

Author Javier Hinojosa (1 year)
on their real names: Scott Adkins versus Marko Zaror

Author ProFox (1 year)

Author Brandon Ware (1 year)
This is the most complete Movie in the world.

Author malik hama (1 year)

Author Miroslav Hudec (1 year)

Author Eric Bruhns (1 year)
9:00 weidman vs silva 2 

Author hector manuel vazquez oliva (1 year)
que buena pelea

Author dante parker (1 year)
Fighting in real life is mostly people swinging randomly hoping to get that
1 hit knock out which I hate

Author Vinícius Rosa (1 year)
8:55 - Boyka rips Dolor's tibia and fibula

Author Patricio Alarcon (1 year)
marco zaror is chilean! he is cool!

Author Arev Naitsirhc (1 year)
Como se llama la pelicula?! alguien me responde porfavor

Author DeathStein1 (1 year)
anderson silva vs chris weidman

Author iliyas snow (1 year)
A lot of people here say's OH WHY DID THEY CHOOSE A COLOMBIAN FIGHTER they
should choose a russians they are known to be brave and have a fighting
spirit"" blablabla... do russians have 4hands 2heads 6feet in 1body or what
wee are humains and humains can develope his own skills no matter where hee
lives ! & by the way ! the colombiano has some serious skills right there
! so shut the f**k up & enjoy the motherfu**ing movie !

Author kadir turhan (1 year)
VictorSenin amına koyim hdgjashdjkwq 

Author ilyas pashayev (1 year)
what is the style of scott adkins?

Author hai ngoc tran (1 year)
dm like

Author DanteSparda ! (1 year)
como se llama la primera casion que sale en este video

Author Richard Allende (1 year)
Marko Zaror... es 1000 veces mas chileno que colombiano...
Viva Chile!!! Viva Marko Zaror!!!

Author suskun kral (1 year)
hızı 1.5 yapın süper oluyo

Author galvão rilex (1 year)
qual e o nome da 1 musica ?

Author André Luiz (1 year)
09:05 anderson silva

Author Rello Montana (1 year)
Boyka was the truth 

Author Fatih Yıldırım (1 year)

Author Mohamed Labouardy (1 year)
best fight ever

Author Dahlia Reyes (1 year)
Boyca is best

Author Matt Sugrim (1 year)
The most badass fight since bruce lee killed that japanese dude with his
jumping high kick in the chinese connection!

Author Danilo Faria (1 year)
9:00 anderson silva

Author Sho Splash (1 year)
Scott Adkins was a BEAST in the undisputed series, his fights in green
street 3 where nothing compared to this!

Author Gio Bakarandze (1 year)
what musik is this

Author TheTerminator1889 (1 year)
7:39 min Templer ?

Author Purjon Jaryce (1 year)

Author Elian Piano (1 year)
When he was normal, he losed from this guy, why would he keep fighting if
his leg is broken. He's weaker then before and at the begin he was already
not good enough

Author robster robsterfromcroatia (1 year)
so cool

Author qpae123 (1 year)
5:40 What stincks ? :))

Author Martyna Macka (1 year)
bojka wygra zobaczycie

Anyone get reminded of Silva vs Weidman 2, at the ending...

Author ahmet berk çitil (1 year)
boyka you win and clambiona is fuck

Author Андрей Волостных (1 year)
Prompt, and the first part interesting?

Author Javier Cipagauta (1 year)
He's not colombiano -_- :'c he's original from Chile.

Author Katie Threux (1 year)
Just the best.

Author J.$tyLe (1 year)
this is epic, but its bullshit, after all that beating he took and even the
fracured leg his gonna get up and break dolors leg with his injured one lol

Author Rafael Rodrigues (1 year)
Anderson Silva in 8:55 

Author ElNiiCko! (1 year)
De hecho, es Chileno.

Author Santana Tunney (1 year)
8:55 Anderson Silva man...

Author Hacı Balbaba (1 year)

Author Ank a (1 year)
Sana vuran eller kırılsın boykaaa :D

Author HidekiTOG (1 year)

Author galvão rilex (1 year)
qual é o nome dá primeira musica?

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