Boyka vs Colombiano

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la gran pelea o invicto

Author voltkurtgamingTR ( ago)
T Ü R K İ Y E Beğeninde ülke görsün kodumun ipneleri

Author Ricardo R.Z.X. ( ago)
Como se llama esta pelicula??

Author Hector Romero ( ago)
Zaror Culiao Bacán!

Author El poder de la Conciencia ( ago)

Author Андрей А.В. ( ago)
Мощно, но не реалистично, и очень шаблонно.

Author Alejandro Ducret ( ago)
Marko Zaror the Colombian, Chilean really

Author Alejandro Ducret ( ago)
really not colombian, is Chilean

Author Lucas Crantz ( ago)
Search about "Undisputed", this current part from 3rd film's final scene.

Author hüseyin Kocak ( ago)
178 Dislikes lol Colombiano's Family :-)

Author Luziens ( ago)
Is this a film? or a documental?

Author Marco Gerard ( ago)
5:49 Super Saiyan activate

Author Vandersan Costa ( ago)
- Um dos melhores filme ja assisti valew meu parceiro Beto do Recife!

Author Максим Дё ( ago)
Это просто отличный боец, у которого есть сила духа, в отличие от
современной молодёжи!

Author Losowy widz ( ago)
adkins perfect body.

Author 1johnhulk ( ago)

Author Brylle Cedric ( ago)
bokya bokya bokya bokya bokya bokya bkoya bokya bokya bokya bokya bokya

Author Brylle Cedric ( ago)
bka mabokya na ako sa test nmim sa kakapanood kay bokya?

Author MrFreyze ( ago)
Best Scene ever: 6:07 xDDD - Bravo *clap* *clap* *clap* :D

Author Abdullah Arpoglu ( ago)

Author World -Wide ( ago)

Author Abdullah Arpoglu ( ago)

Author luz maira zarate ( ago)
muy buena ta la peli!!!!!

Author FlyingNimbus ( ago)
You mean Bruce Lee

Author TheBigMasther Oscar ( ago)

Author Jorge Ovalle ( ago)
Grande Marko Zarol "EL Colombiano", es realmente CHileno...

Author Cedric Ambrocio ( ago)
This Video I find Tanks

Author LisaDancerCuties ( ago)

Author Gene Compa ( ago)

Author FATİH ERDEM ( ago)
T U R K E Y :))

Author LYNXROCK ( ago)
The "colombian" is a chilean martial arts actor, his name is Marko Zaror,
he has a role in the new "Machete" movie as well

Author Ibanez ( ago)
colombiano, colombiano, colombiano

Author Ignacio Cosmelli ( ago)
guys is not a colombian is a chilean fighter his name is marco zaror

Author rule3433 ( ago)
Along with +99 Damage resistant and Badassery

Author GameTime ( ago)

Author G0DZ1LL4 G1R0FLEx ( ago)

Author Daniel Jurecki ( ago)
bring it on

Author Jean Aguilar Acevedo ( ago)
His Anger Makes Him Chuck Norris

Author Angel Vielma ( ago)
Uta ke se le ve rica la pierna al final

Author Angel Vielma ( ago)
No entiendo ninguno de los comentarios porke tan en ingles

Author vas pag ( ago)
4:11 riot RP punch

Author GoPro Martinique ( ago)
9min !! arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Author GoPro Martinique ( ago)
Il aurait du remplacer ce genre de scene de combat par le catch le catch
c'est nul ca meme si on sait que c'est faux c'est excellent

Author Antifa Omonoia ( ago)
he got too mad after it man ffs.. cant you just see at the video??

Author Boosted ( ago)
Song at 0:32 please ?

Author Zack Musick ( ago)
Because movie.

Author Gonzalo Polancolol ( ago)
WTF the leg broken seems like some liquid object xD

Author Tomáš Hoch ( ago)
it is the best

Author Сергей Казаков ( ago)
Как называется этот фильм?

Author никита чеснов ( ago)
colombian fuckking beach

Author Reid McAllister ( ago)
His anger adds +10 Attack power and speed.

Author Dallas Salmon ( ago)
Ive seen every one if those movies. What does that have to do with this.

Author Manucho Noya Quintana ( ago)
So, this is your first "fight" movie, right? You didn't see Rocky,
Bloodsport, The Karate Kid, Never Back Down, Kickboxer, Danny the Dog, and
the like?

Author Tiến Tài Phùng ( ago)

Author TheMega Skeeter ( ago)
I think that.. boyka was really angry x'D

Author Devin Crowther ( ago)
soo much win!! this is a way better story than the little train that could
like its a good story but this one n.n is too grate

Author Jose Antonio Santamaria Gonzales ( ago)

Author mariusss95 ( ago)
you know what efects have on you much adrenalina and a strong morale....i
won t tell you....i let you to find out!

Author jersonmajin ( ago)
Columbian Columbian Columbian

Author TiiE JayZ ( ago)
Bring it on

Author T.j. McGill ( ago)
Man...when I say this nigga fell instantly,he fell instantly.

Author majx alrashdi ( ago)
Boyka his winer

Author Dallas Salmon ( ago)
He was already mad from the start?

Author Mario Vega ( ago)

Author hansena80 ( ago)
Wtf his leg?

Author Rassionell Maddman ( ago)
He got angry.

Author Антони Стоименов ( ago)
First song name?

Author Martin Chili ( ago)
the motivation

Author КаРлоС ДриМ ( ago)
Наш парени

Author Masel ( ago)
someone know what song is it ( starts about 7:00)

Author Masel ( ago)
yeah but Scott Adkins is master in Wushu, Taekwondo, Kick-boxingu, Judo i
Jiu-jitsu if u dont know

Author Tolga Özdemir ( ago)
sıctı azına bıraktı boyka colombiyalıymış :D

Author tiago martins ( ago)
sorry to tell u bro...but this is a movie :\

Author Nelson Altuve ( ago)
que cagada película al fin Boyca ya estaba eliminado

Author MrMrcyborg ( ago)
Boyka! Boyka! Boyka!

Author Teric Cobbins ( ago)
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit hisssss leeeggg

Author Sergio Andres Rubiano Obando ( ago)

Author ELVIN VALIYEV ( ago)

Author Carlos Alberto ( ago)
so mas rauquiones ele luta maissssss

Author Murphaticlaw ( ago)
it was written that way in the script

Author youtube_adict ( ago)
Ha eso exiplica por que perdimos, era un falso colombiano!!! LOL

Author youtube_adict ( ago)
Un apellido no muy Colombiano, parece apellido Mexicano; pero bueno es una
pelicula gringa, y los grngos son estupidos no saben ni donde estan
parados, es normal en ellos.

Author javier ignacio ( ago)
igual el actor es chileno¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Author BugSplat ( ago)
he got mad

Author Victor Manuel ( ago)
ese hombre k interpreta a colombiano es chileno jajajajaj chileto

Author MethaneMcGuiness ( ago)
Boyka may have won the fight but that night Colombiana sneaked into his
cell and assassinated him.

Author AJweathersby ( ago)
He changed his style of fighting mostly. Before, he was doing nothing but
stand-up striking, where Dolor was faster and better suited at doing than
Boyka was. Then he changed gears to doing mostly grappling, where his knee
wouldn't be as much of a hindrance and where he had the advantage. Or we
could go with the simpler explanation that movies always make the main
character start out fights losing to the villain, only to magically start
winning at the end.

Author Alejandro Diego Abrego ( ago)

Author junioki peña ( ago)
colombia es colombia papa

Author TheTwinkieMonster ( ago)
How? to make the movie more intersting, or you wanna see boyka get in the
ring and beat the shit out of the colombian within 3min ? like MJW does in
his every fucking movies?

Author krdnio ( ago)
Notable lo de Marco Zaror en el minuto 02:47... un crack.

Author Kevin Tonkinson ( ago)
he needed the magic mop

Author sergio suarez ( ago)
Un grande scott adkin

Author robert coles ( ago)

Author Santhiago u. ( ago)
Im from colombia and i find this offensive.

Author Anime Dean ( ago)
It's a movie

Author Igor Gomes ( ago)

Author FLYTRAP47 ( ago)
He realized he had a limited amount of time left to win the fight and all
the money was on the Columbia fighter to fight to the death and boyka is
the most complete fighter in the world so really he was always going to win!

Author Ricardo Quidel ( ago)
Con Uds el Gran Marcos Zaror¡¡¡¡¡

Author Dallas Salmon ( ago)
Undisputed 3:Redemtion

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