Ronaldinho humiliates his teammate during warming up

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Author Northern ( ago)

Author Stavro Naseem ( ago)
Ronaldhino's overall in fifa 15 should be 84 passing, 63 heading, 81
shooting, 93 dribbling, 78 pace.

Author monostrelok ( ago)
536 people thought its download button 

Author tobi jle ( ago)
Virgin Detected :S

Author BilalOsman24 ( ago)

Author Michael Scofield ( ago)
you wouldn't have got near him

Author lukelgproject ( ago)
I would of two footed him ha

Author Jacob Jeffries ( ago)

Author Grant Meldrum ( ago)
nah they don't allow rape

Author TheBoardathome ( ago)
can i upload this to pornhub?

Author hpcaperocks ( ago)
Dat elastico

Author MrJohnson ( ago)
do you really think doing this will get you into heaven coz it wont

Author denial1385 ( ago)
And then he runs away like wheeeeee

Author zzenne ( ago)

Author JJ CASH ( ago)
0.20 dat control O_o

Author jesus is a fraud ( ago)

Author TheEpicCoconut ( ago)
The hypocrisy here is hilarious!

Author jesus is a fraud ( ago)
attention whore

Author pocketofgoodness ( ago)
That touch was like glue

Author Nick Ronaldo ( ago)
That control.... Jizzed my pants

Author Elbron Odisho ( ago)

Author BodmonBullet ( ago)
Holy fuck, that was sick!

Author Patrick Hutchinson ( ago)
That one was just bad.

Author inshipin ( ago)
apparently messi created 525 accounts

Author Mahad Mohammed ( ago)
oh shit!

Author Alexe Babira ( ago)
Personally i can do that easily and i cannot even juggle properly but
getting that flap with soo much control and direction is ridiculous,
particularly the outside in one

Author spartai gorogcsavo ( ago)
R10 <3

Author KarteyKid1997 ( ago)
he didn't even humiliate his teammate that much, HE HUMILIATED GRAVITY!

Author James Bond ( ago)
The word 'humiliates' is an understatement. His teammate got raped

Author 5950ziel ( ago)
Crazy ball control

Author ClassyDimitar ( ago)
FIFAs first touch control, take notes

Author Jefferson Deanda ( ago)

Author Mateo adezz ( ago)

Author Mr Anderson ( ago)
i will serve jesus christ if he gives me hot bitches to fuck daily. can
your lord provide that for me?

Author Younan Moawed ( ago)
what a legend

Author I'm Qvik ( ago)
Holy Fireyballs

Author Dare Flow OGK ( ago)
Amazing how he stopped the ball

Author SeYoo Kingg ( ago)

Author Jakub Frťala ( ago)

Author Mersud Nuhanovic ( ago)
nekada je bio majstor

Author Miguel Tek ( ago)
Fuck gravity

Author Palwinder Singh ( ago)
I still cant believe how the ball is dead after falling from such height. I
understand that it can be controlled but not like this. Ronaldinho is god
of skills and soccer. Respect,.....

Author Palwinder Singh ( ago)
All i have learned about physics is not true from now on.
100000000000000000000000000000000000000 salutes to God of soccer Ronaldinho.

Author mcunited24 ( ago)

Author jackforpresident22 ( ago)
Fuck your mom.

Author Full Scale Replica ( ago)
fuck you

Author jackforpresident22 ( ago)
I know what it's called. 'nice control'? He is arguably the best at ball
control of all time.

Author dirtmcgurt ( ago)
it's called trapping the ball. he has nice control, but it's a fundamental

Author Kamoliddinov Elbek ( ago)
yes, even he did not notice he humilated gravity, OHH I see he does this
every day :)

Author Kamoliddinov Elbek ( ago)
touch itself is skill

Author Malthe Granau ( ago)
He's the best, ever!

Author jackforpresident22 ( ago)
Then there would be videos of other soccer players doing it.

Author jackforpresident22 ( ago)
EXACTLY!!!!! Watch a video of his top 10 free kicks too. You can see for
yourself how accurate Ronnie can be when he wants to.

Author zaribenn ( ago)
undoubtedly the best footballer of the modern era

Author Nick Bianco ( ago)

Author drFu Manchu ( ago)
there is gravity or else the ball wouldnt come back and would go straight
up to meet ramos penalty ball in the orbit... so the the comment should be
more like "fuck physical elasticity" and "so Newton, you say actio and

Author Kevin Junior Mekulu ( ago)
Newton who????????????

Author zikadopantanal1 ( ago)
So Newton, you say about gravity?

Author jesusfor12 ( ago)
That was awesome as fuck!!!

Author Phu du ( ago)
Maybe the Nike commercials arent fake...

Author Lionel Messi ( ago)
Hmmm, Yeah.. What about.... we can BOTH be MESSI!!!

Author Lionel Messi (820 years ago)
Okay this is awkward....

Author Adel Abdulle ( ago)
That touch wtfffff Ball died. Well done Ronnie

Author TheBerbeamas ( ago)
absolutely brilliant bit of skill..worth over 3 mill hits

Author va ndewere ( ago)

Author Lionel Messi ( ago)
I was talking about Ronaldinho not Messi,..........

Author Rodrigo Lima ( ago)
Hi Messi, can you do it? lol

Author TrueJaguarPaw ( ago)
that touch to control is quality

Author EliitezXbox ( ago)

Author Alan Donoghue (369 years ago)
Who's Better???

Author Alan Donoghue (391 year ago)

Author Alan Donoghue (429 years ago)

Author dirtmcgurt ( ago)
honestly, that's pretty easy. any jv soccer player can do that.

Author jpjpd ( ago)
he could control an asteroid head for earth

Author VezLs ( ago)
i am more impressed of 0:21

Author Lionel Messi ( ago)
Skillzz! Thats Ronaldinho Gaucho!

Author anklebreaka03 ( ago)
That touch...

Author Matt Relax ( ago)
obviously you don't even understand the feebleness of physics, it rules
your world doesnt it :)

Author TheAsha1980 ( ago)

Author Michael Benson ( ago)
FIFA 13 needs to take note on how the best footballers in the world really
take a first touch!

Author Footy TwentyfourSeven ( ago)

Author 0121zero ( ago)
I can do that

Author harris aziz ( ago)
its like that ball just dropped out of heaven

Author Stephen Marriott ( ago)
It's like he's taking the piss out of physics...jeeeeez, learn to laugh
once in a while...

Author platoiscool ( ago)
More impressed with his first touch, stopped that ball dead from such

Author lanrekids ( ago)
Someone needs to interview the guy he megged

Author MrTrig84 ( ago)
517 people have been nutmegged by Ronaldinho

Author earthwormjim88 ( ago)
almost as good as djorou's trick

Author Iconoclast792 ( ago)
God among men.

Author eneclaros (269 years ago)
Let's see you do it, then.

Author kernalization ( ago)
like its nothin

Author Connor Maxwell ( ago)
who the fuek disiked this

Author saltyboy155 ( ago)
Touch of a rapist

Author 19Musicman97 ( ago)
Check out my video

Author Jorge Luis ( ago)
R.I.P ball

Author NumberWangg ( ago)
HO.... HO HO

Author thejonegg ( ago)
Wtf that touch.

Author iLoveTroling ( ago)
The move was nice, but i thought the skill was his first touch when the
ball hit his foot. ABSOLOUTE LEGEND!

Author tkid375 (247 years ago)
This guy is blessed. No-one can touch the ball like that

Author IrelStormbrand ( ago)
Dat first touch

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