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Author Stavro Naseem (1 month)
Ronaldhino's overall in fifa 15 should be 84 passing, 63 heading, 81
shooting, 93 dribbling, 78 pace.

Author monostrelok (3 months)
536 people thought its download button 

Author Rodrigo Garcia (9 months)

Author danny williams (7 months)
The trick over 1000+ people could do..The touch at 0.20 only Ronaldinho can

Author REGIM360 (9 months)
A Eternal Magician :'D

Author Jeremmy Necromancy Perez (9 months)

Author Oscar Portillo (9 months)

Author Edison Cortés (9 months)
Dinho! Magic.

Author puazseg (9 months)
No mames..., 1000 veces mejor que Messi y Maradona juntos. 

Author Miles Gilroy (1 year)
Should be Ronaldinho humiliates Physics 

Author Hugo Manotas Roa (9 months)
El mejor control del mundo!!!
Grande dinho eres el mejor

Author Hans Hinojosa Wong (9 months)
The best.

Author Luis Vargas (9 months)
Pura genialidad!!

Author Jhoel Fernando KC (9 months)
esto es magicooo

Author Juan Pablo Suscal (9 months)
este es el mejor de todos esos inútiles como Neymar
grande Ronaldinho

Author carlos arturo rodriguez mendoza (9 months)
es un crack! un mago, es el puto amo y señor del balon #HeDicho 

Author Esteban Herrera (9 months)
Solo el ANO viejo de Scolari piensa que ese talento no sirve. La Historia
de el fútbol a hablado por si sola.

Author Dj Husseina (11 months)
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk why did he look under his feet??the ball already
passed between his legs lol..that is a great humiliating

Author Edison Ra (1 year)
This has to be the most impressive ball trapping in the history of soccer.

Author Ab- Alshareef (1 year)
خُراااااااافي ي إبن السليساو 3>

Author Mersud Nuhanovic (2 years)
nekada je bio majstor

Author Lionel Messi (2 years)
I was talking about Ronaldinho not Messi,..........

Author malahierva12 (2 years)
ronaldinho just the best

Author Gunsol Videos (3 years)
not his team mate, its the water boy who gives them the ball and drinks and
shirt etc

Author Michael Benson (2 years)
FIFA 13 needs to take note on how the best footballers in the world really
take a first touch!

Author Jefferson Deanda (2 years)

Author Sachet Nayyar (2 years)
cr7 cant do this he dosent have this sort of touch

Author RainsonaSunday (2 years)
Dayum that touch was godly.

Author xeniosm (2 years)
the best manipulator ever existed.... cr watch and learn

Author dirtmcgurt (2 years)
it's called trapping the ball. he has nice control, but it's a fundamental

Author TheBoardathome (1 year)
can i upload this to pornhub?

Author tesnibbles (2 years)
holy shit when he caught the ball from the air

Author Hubertinho1 (2 years)
so.. its supposted to be funny? or somthing...

Author Connor Maxwell (2 years)
who the fuek disiked this

Author VezLs (2 years)
i am more impressed of 0:21

Author Younan Moawed (2 years)
what a legend

Author jesus is a fraud (1 year)

Author Footy TwentyfourSeven (2 years)

Author earthwormjim88 (2 years)
almost as good as djorou's trick

Author Overfloable (2 years)
0:32 is the best xD. Nonchalance ftw.

Author matthew gorman (3 years)

Author Iconoclast792 (2 years)
God among men.

Author Palwinder Singh (2 years)
I still cant believe how the ball is dead after falling from such height. I
understand that it can be controlled but not like this. Ronaldinho is god
of skills and soccer. Respect,.....

Author Lewis Eley (2 years)
that fucking touch

Author Nick Bianco (2 years)

Author Alan Donoghue (2 years)

Author Mateo adezz (2 years)

Author paddyss1 (2 years)
How he controls the ball when it falls down almost gives me an orgasm.

Author MrTrig84 (2 years)
517 people have been nutmegged by Ronaldinho

Author squinlan93 (3 years)
The touch was x10 better than the skill

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