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Author frontierdriver (1 year)
I used to go there too!

Author litehouse6 (4 years)
It's a good thing Uncle Ivan was there to stop Magnum from cheating.

Author packleader1215 (4 years)
Breaking News: The WWE is no longer WRESTLING. It is only "WWE" - They
figure to take out the wrestling as well as GET The "F" OUT from WWF plus

Author UnCivileyez (7 years)
Magnum 4-3 I believe

Author Jonathan West (6 years)
Magnum T.A hands down is the BEST US Champ in Wresting History.

Author Karen Shaw (7 years)
No Nakita won it 4-3

Author JayEd KC (8 years)
thx for the post,i really enjoy this classic wrestling,brings back memories.

Author philaman1972 (4 years)
NWA wrestling at its finest. Just listen to that passionate crowd.

Author cwb cwb (4 years)
these two at their best!

Author WolfieRich (7 years)
2Ruthless07 - Are you fucking stupid? Go wank over TNA you stupid shit.
This history is for grown ups.

Author frontierdriver (1 year)
If you grew up watching NWA back'd be longing for it. You can
have your sports entertainment.

Author okrabay (5 years)
Magnum really sold in this one. He was a great worker who stood out above
the crowd.

Author NATIONALCOMMUNISM666 (3 years)
@jaguar94able ok you confuse me. peace 666

Author ahdonye (8 years)
its fine, your computer sucks

Author paritutu (7 years)
Definiton of Boor: a rude or offensive person...I agree OMG!!!!...obviously
someone watches UTUBE, and misses out on homework. What a great match
though, as a kid I always was a fan of Nikita. Does anyone know what
happened to him?

Author A LO (8 years)
i agree nikita was huge

Author madmanszalinski (5 years)
@dutedo Someone might wanna correct me, but I believe Magnum TA had his
fateful car accident before this series could be completed...or maybe it
was afterwards, I don't remember, but I'm sure it was in 1986.

Author pwafan584 (7 years)
mmmmmmmm slim jims

Author Sanguiluna (4 years)
The NWA is the only wrestling organization I know to have kept their
product the same over the years (primarily wrestling-based). That may or
may not have been a contributing factor to the NWA's decline in popularity
and importance over the years. Which is a damn shame, because the NWA has a
shitload of uber-talented wrestlers who go widely unknown, like Adam
Pearce, Oliver John, and Phil Shatter.

Author Chris J (4 years)
@slydewinder I think you have gotten it exactly right.

Author WCWnumba1 (3 years)
WTF is this shit, this isn't wrestling, the Attitude Era is real wrestling.

Author Ross Cicero (6 years)
The fuckin' ref kicked Nikita's arm!!!!!! What a rip-off!!

Author Windwatcher (7 years)
Whoever was doing color with Tony must not have had a wrestling background.

Author Buckeyecat2002 (3 years)
Are you really, really, really sure that these two wrestlers are better
than, say, WWE , 2012 superstars, Dolph Ziggler, Lord Tensai and Damien
Sandow (the Savior of the Masses who wears pink trunks and purple knee
pads) ?

Author what up my neighbor! (5 years)
nikita was 305 lbs pure hard muscle.

Author Roy Smith (4 years)
This is the wrestling i wish i was around to see, but i was born in 94 and
for some reasone wrestling was never as good as this AWA and Florida

Author Richard Thompson (6 years)
The only difference between back then and now IMO is that the lights are
brighter and more entertaining...but they still get it in if you really
watch it...characters just aren't pushing themselves like these dudes...old
school really tellin the story wrestlers don't do anymore.

Author Dan C (6 years)
OMFG I saw this match back in the day, thank you for posting it!

Author pkrcaliber03 (8 years)
Why? This isn't WWE Copyright video.

Author dutedo (7 years)
who won the series?

Author Willie Bennett (3 years)
the best US title match of all time..

Author lead2end (7 years)
You got that right!McMahon is slime on an out-house toilet!

Author WCWnumba1 (3 years)
@jaguar94able Dude fuck you, the Attitude Era was true wrestling and it
took Paul Heyman's ECW and Vince's Attitude era to show people that, this
shit right here is total garbage and not wrestling.

Author LLWoodstock (7 years)

Author Joe Newberry (7 years)
That finish seems kind of weird. It's one thing when the heel uses the
ropes for leverage to get a pin and the referee breaks it, but what's the
thinking on breaking the ropes when the wrestler is using them to save
himself? It'd be like a ref knocking a guy's foot off the rope and counting
a pin. I doubt any fan there cared that the evil Russians got cheated

Author MIkey Crashcap (6 years)
Nikita Koloff is from Minneapolis, and with his real name being Nelson
Scott Simpson, he's probably of English descent, like fellow Minneapolis
wrestler, Mr. Perfect, Curt Henning. I also find it ironic, that in the
1980s, the decade of what was thought to be an upcoming nuclear war with
Russia, wrestling needed to demonize the personification of an alleged
Russian villian, against a patriotic American wrestler, i.e. Magnum T.A.,
Lex Luger, Dusty Rhodes, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, etc..

Author Mark Haggman (4 years)
@doomed7t1 the wreck happened after the matches cause Nikita had won the
title at the GAB and the accident was October

Author house5052 (7 years)
They say Magnum was about to get a huge push. He was supposed to face off
with Ric Flair in a huge feud. Too bad that accident happened. He was about
to be a huge star.

Author geerice (8 years)
I was there... Great American Bash '86, Greensboro Coliseum... Awesome

Author Wanttograpple? (5 years)
russian vs. US is not a race. I dont know where people are getting this
information on race. Negro, Asian, Caucasian= races. Russian, German,
Italian, Brazilian, Chinese, Australian = nationalities. A white american
and a russian are both the SAME race.

Author MIkey Crashcap (6 years)
You forgot Ronnie Garvin.

Author Mark Haggman (4 years)
@madmanszalinski @doomed7t1 the wreck happened after the matches cause
Nikita had won the title at the GAB and the accident was October

Author horrorgirl64 (5 years)
wrestlers and wrestling are not what they were and it is a shame

Author WolfieRich (7 years)
DAMN Right!!

Author NATIONALCOMMUNISM666 (3 years)
@jaguar94able pro wrestling is A four ring circus once you start taking
thing out you might as well not even call it wrestling any more... the
reasonw hy wrestling is so popular is it A mixture of soap opra sketch
comdy show talk show sport action adventure soft core pornnography an some
time even horror... if wrestling was like it is in the vedio I an Alot of
orther pepole would not watch it... an adding sex can increase the
entertainment value of the product same as music.

Author kmg6888 (4 years)
i have koloffs autograph

Author jerryreiner . (8 years)
No, it isn't their computer... The sound is off. You hear the sound before
it happens on the video.

Author eric collins (8 years)
yeah it is vince bought all awa and nwa /wcw and ecw videos

Author Bryan Greenfarb (5 years)
Nikita and Ivan Koloff are both American's that acted well.....see newer
you tubes of them in their retirement speaking about their roles in the NWA

Author litehouse6 (6 years)
Magnum was far from the best US Heavyweight champ ever. Johnny Valentine,
Terry Funk, Ric Flair, Greg Valentine, Blackjack Mulligan were all better.

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