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    The white chevy driver ran a red, causing another vehicle to hit it.
    Instead of stopping, she ran, and was caught in her own drive way
    later. Running from an accident is never an option.




    4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmi2X_Eiy-Y - [Tank Cusack]


    6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljZQuBX--C4 - [HaloMastermind117]


    8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pU0oFm0wZ_I - [Tommy Twowheels]


    10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQem5MhyWkY - [Victor J]


    12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LscRWTqgf5U - [1SilverS]


    14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQAfiFCjkcg - [Bill Lowe]


    16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXUahs22HcM - [Ian Foster]


    18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF1oBiGrf4M&t=10 - [Scootskute]

    19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpPPe4LfB5k&feature=youtu.be - [X Hubb]

    20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oiErxp2djQ&feature=youtu.be - [FyourLSX]

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  • DDS TV 2
    DDS TV 2 18 days ago

    Hope you guys enjoy this juicy xxx compilation ;) Lots of goodies in it! Thank you so much for all your support, and for people who sent in clips. <3 #DDS4Lyfe

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    • legofreak
      legofreak 10 days ago

      Mojo Reanimated Groundhogs are smarter then her

    • Nebula Universe
      Nebula Universe 14 days ago

      DDS TV 2 In the 7th clip, was that in Houston? Because I think I've passed through the area a couple of times.

    • Mojo Reanimated
      Mojo Reanimated 17 days ago

      *Cerebral capacity of a groundhog*

      That's just magic words right there. :)

    • Ryan Difrancesco
      Ryan Difrancesco 18 days ago

      DDS TV 2 takes no shit from anyone literally had me laughing! always love a good compilation by you, I watched everyone so far!

    • Leroy Toboggan
      Leroy Toboggan 18 days ago

      Jim Holmes Except usually you get fucked trying to be nice. I agree, but the LAW states those merging into the highway must yield.

  • Ecchi-BANZAII!!!
    Ecchi-BANZAII!!! 1 day ago

    4:55 Oh I know that song. :3

  • SanderGaming
    SanderGaming 2 days ago

    Can You make another one with norway? 😄

  • Stephanie Sternberg

    I feel like a lot of the videos even though it might not be the cammer's fault whatever happened to defensive driving and having patience? Maybe I'm the only one that tries to avoid accidents by driving the speed limit and if someone really wants to get in your lane and I can why not let them (assuming it is safe to do so) people are in too much of a hurry these days. What does speeding and aggressive driving accomplish exactly?

  • Feature Buddy
    Feature Buddy 3 days ago

    I felt bad for the Volvo guy. He was just trying to merge into the lane because it was busy and this other guy just keeps going and pits him?! Really?! Just slow down! The volvo guy was just tryin to merge
    1:28 is the face of "you son of a Betch you hurt my Volvo"

  • Paul Anthony Iglesias

    Your correction.

  • Scott Lambeth
    Scott Lambeth 4 days ago

    HA..... that last commentary, it's hard to convince idiots that "fast and furious" driving belongs on a track and not the street.

  • acemace
    acemace 5 days ago

    6:40 I know that intersection, pass through it a lot

  • Clash Oyuncu: EREN
    Clash Oyuncu: EREN 5 days ago

    1:25 Volvo 😂😂

  • Peaches Rambo
    Peaches Rambo 5 days ago

    People are idiots, sometimes just because you have the right away, SLOW DOWN!  I have seen all of theses vids and most times, if the cammer would slow down nothing would happen. People are being taught, you don't stop/slow down for nothing.

  • Petr Lohnický
    Petr Lohnický 8 days ago

    Number 2 - the volvo dick didn't have the right to merge but sure as hell is the cammer responsible for the crash.

    • Petr Lohnický
      Petr Lohnický 3 days ago

      Don't get me wrong, the Volvo driver was an idiot, but the cammer could've easily prevented that crash.

    • poor volvo driver
      poor volvo driver 3 days ago

      Unfortunately for the volvo driver the cops didnt agree with you and he was found a week later, given multiple citations and facing prosecution.

  • 『Blank』
    『Blank』 8 days ago

    Oh Ruslan. Ruined an STi.

  • gibysgb
    gibysgb 8 days ago

    Lol at the first one :)

  • Diogo Sousa Pinto
    Diogo Sousa Pinto 8 days ago

    6:22 .. did that parked car turned his stop lights on?

  • JforJoYT
    JforJoYT 9 days ago

    I know where 7 happened I live near there :p at least I think I'll check again.

  • Bottled Windex
    Bottled Windex 9 days ago

    Glad the first guy crashed. Maybe it'll teach him a lesson.

  • MikeHunt
    MikeHunt 9 days ago

    8:24 - Fresno SR41/Shaw Ave

  • Edward Mosqueda
    Edward Mosqueda 9 days ago

    LOL The CHRIS C video @ 5:21 is from Arlington Texas. Aloooot of stupid drivers Here.

  • Jay W
    Jay W 10 days ago

    The truck sped up to not let the car in. This the reason I don't use my blinker sometimes.

    • Jay W
      Jay W 3 days ago

      Lmao "no need to get your panties in a twist"
      *proceeds to write a butthurt paragraph response*
      Irony is amazing buddy

    • poor volvo driver
      poor volvo driver 3 days ago

      I think I am in a better position than you are to know if he sped up or not. As for "liberal response", I am not sure what is liberal about it. Unless you mean it is liberal with astute observations or liberally factual, or maybe liberally awesome. If you meant all that, then I am inclined to agree. And you are a part of the problem of people not using their blinkers to merge. You even admitted it. You can't just take it back now that I called you an idiot for not utilizing such a simple device to communicate with your fellow drivers of your intentions on the road. But this is just the internet buddy. No need to get your panties in a twist over my comment.

    • Jay W
      Jay W 3 days ago

      Lmao I was waiting for a liberal ass response like that. It's obvious the truck sped up, your simple minded brain probably can't see that. The car just slow turned like a moron to cause that accident. I am not part of any problem. It's certainly obvious you drive like shit on the road based off your low IQ. Enjoy your next accident

    • poor volvo driver
      poor volvo driver 3 days ago

      its obvious he didn't speed up. However, he did maintain his speed. and you not using a blinker makes you part of the problem. and when you get smashed i am sure you will blame the person traveling in their lane and maintaining their speed for the accident and not your own stupidity and impatience.

  • Chevelle 70
    Chevelle 70 11 days ago

    0:51 he could go on a little slow on the road in that would not had happened.

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown 11 days ago

    Typical subaru driver

  • Paul Anthony Iglesias

    Thx. poor Volvo driver.

  • Allmir Demirovic
    Allmir Demirovic 11 days ago

    3:05 Mario 64 music. Good memories.

  • Chris DeCanio
    Chris DeCanio 12 days ago

    The accident @ 1:16, wouldn't it have been avoided if the cammer had just hit his brake and, let the asshole in? I've had a drivers license for 39 years and, I used to be the same way. I've had accidents that way too. Just let them in! Avoid accidents and headaches that accompany them!

    • poor volvo driver
      poor volvo driver 3 days ago

      it also could have been avoided if the guy in the volvo and merged lawfully and safely.

  • Adidas Players
    Adidas Players 12 days ago


  • James Harden's Nappy Ass Beard

    1st clip,white guy speeding in subi,no surprise.

  • Heyu Yoma
    Heyu Yoma 12 days ago

    5:05 Lady steals parking spot? I slash tires. You can stay in that stolen parking spot...

  • McKessen
    McKessen 13 days ago

    Thumbnail tho.... "RIP SUBIE." 😭

  • SOAR1214
    SOAR1214 13 days ago

    Groundhogs everywhere are now triggered after being compared to that jackwagon.

  • D.J. Schreffler
    D.J. Schreffler 13 days ago

    Appreciate the commentary on each one. It's too bad that no-one does that for the Russian ones, because their traffic crash compilations are completely crazy.

  • Joseph Dugan
    Joseph Dugan 13 days ago

    You might want check the road rage video from player18792 for next week's highlight reel

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 13 days ago

    #2 is in Tacoma Washington. I drive on that road a lot. I-5 North

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob Thomas 13 days ago

    5 was from Newnan ga

  • Michael Cody
    Michael Cody 13 days ago

    omg dude whos parking space got stolen was blasting the redline soundtrack xD

  • VQ3713
    VQ3713 13 days ago

    It's funny how people with no insurance and sometimes no license drive the high end car. I guess these losers have to at least appear good/successful in some way. 😂

  • Matthew Weems
    Matthew Weems 13 days ago

    Nice video, like the explanation text but at times found it difficult to read. Please make it more visible.

  • mark francis
    mark francis 13 days ago

    when challenged to be a man, the millennial responds with the only thing he knows, you tube video. this adds a whole new level to being a PUSSY

  • Donye Pittman
    Donye Pittman 14 days ago

    This was first one MOTO. MADNESS ROAD RAGE ( tommy twowheels rage)

  • Bill Dumas
    Bill Dumas 14 days ago

    3:25 I saw no reason for you to insult groundhogs with that unwarranted slur.

  • Harry Andruschak
    Harry Andruschak 14 days ago

    3:27 Please do not insult the groundhogs :(

  • Paul Anthony Iglesias

    Dude, your a macho truck douche bag guy with a camera who goes looking for trouble. Get a life.

  • AshuraH
    AshuraH 14 days ago

    8:45 Such a beautiful background

  • Tom Clooney
    Tom Clooney 14 days ago

    7:23 I thought the car would prevent that from happening, it's a Model S right?

  • Sharpshooter
    Sharpshooter 14 days ago

    #2: Merge in BEHIND the guy if there isn't room. Non wonder the crackhead hasn't got a license.

  • Phil
    Phil 14 days ago

    8:00 regular lane change on motorway in Europe. So pity for a driver who tries to drive nicely by not blocking the left lane. And you're happy for "karma cop". I'm sick of you.

  • Sleeping Lion
    Sleeping Lion 14 days ago

    "snowflake" "snowflake" Jesus christ.. people that keep regurgitating this same poor washed up insult are a bunch of homos.

  • Alexandre Brochu
    Alexandre Brochu 14 days ago

    3:21 Please do not compare that lady to groundhogs.....that's insulting to groundhogs

  • greenmanjph
    greenmanjph 15 days ago

    And this is the world we live in now. Nobody will take responsibility for their own actions and admit they made a mistake. A person has a stop sign/light and then rolls through it almost hitting a person with the right of way and all they'll do is scream at the person they almost hit and/or challenge them to a fight, "How dare you point out that I, the greatest person in the world, made a mistake!"

    I had a guy in front of me stop in the left lane at a green light (almost making the car behind me hit me), because he wasn't sure if he should turn right or not. After some beeping by me and the cars behind me, he finally turned right from the left lane, but of course he flipped us off in the process.

    People suck.

  • YouTube Comment
    YouTube Comment 15 days ago

    First cammer got the karma. That is NOT where one places a dash cam.
    1:37 one can get the warm fuzzies from knowing that the guilty party gets what's coming to them but maybe cite your sources? How does the viewer know that information isn't made up?
    5 drivers distracted/not paying attention at the same time? no. most likely one driver stopped short or another might not have expected such a sudden stop.
    2:29 truck driver shouldn't have been a jerk and should have just let the other driver over. at the end of the day it really doesn't matter that much and is a helluvalot better than causing an accident.
    8:02 lane's clear, suv using right blinker, cop aint got shit

  • Genadiy Ivken
    Genadiy Ivken 15 days ago

    1:18 I support the Volvo driver, and dashcam driver is a total asshole, who could have let the driver in.

    2:24 - Asshole truck driver

    • poor volvo driver
      poor volvo driver 11 days ago

      you should go pay the volvo driver's bail then, since you support him.

  • Insomnolent-Ocean
    Insomnolent-Ocean 15 days ago

    "Cerebral capacity of a groundhog" is my new favorite insult

  • Myst1kat
    Myst1kat 15 days ago

    Too favorite road rage/crashes video channels are:

    1. DDS TV 2
    2. Moto Madness
    3. Dirtbike Lunatic

  • BP
    BP 15 days ago

    How are you gonna blow through a red light, almost hit a biker, and then get mad at THEM?

  • Nicolas GRAULS
    Nicolas GRAULS 15 days ago

    the truck driver in 2:19 is a fucking idiot to ..

  • Jeremy Carter
    Jeremy Carter 15 days ago

    3:22 ROFLMAO!!!!Bahahahahaha I LOVE that comment!!!!

  • Brianna B
    Brianna B 16 days ago

    5 since there were more spaces near, but a 10 if there had been fewer choices. LOL

  • Joshua Scales
    Joshua Scales 16 days ago

    Red car at 5:04. I would've keyed their car.

  • HunterShows
    HunterShows 16 days ago

    2:35 You killed your own joke.

  • I'm Irreducible
    I'm Irreducible 16 days ago

    If only the people that could actually drive, and not be stupid, own nice cars.

  • ProcrastiNate
    ProcrastiNate 16 days ago

    #12. I was wondering, who would want Domino's at 3AM? Then I remembered a scene from SpongeBob. "Oh boy, 3AM!" lol

  • Shinyhunterlobo and ShinyhunterRaven

    Who the fuck orders pizza at 3 am?!

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers 16 days ago

    #1 & #20: Wise Man Say - "A fool and his expensive sports car are soon parted."

  • pajerofan22
    pajerofan22 16 days ago

    I found it hilarious how the subaru had an ''exotic'' license plate.

  • MrTysonian
    MrTysonian 16 days ago


  • Vic Lawrence
    Vic Lawrence 16 days ago

    8.55 that's some stunning scenery right there.

  • Tristen Neron
    Tristen Neron 16 days ago

    Nissan driver probably did not have insurance 6:00

  • Nedzad Mehic
    Nedzad Mehic 16 days ago

    The car in the last clip was a Nissan,not a Subie...

  • James Clark
    James Clark 16 days ago

    @3.20 you shouldn't cut across the other side of the road when turning left (especially when there is a car waiting there) go 1 - 2 yards further down the road before you start to turn and you won't cut off those going straight across (for example) with no hindrance to yourself at all.

  • Dapper Gaming
    Dapper Gaming 16 days ago

    Fuck this. Two my favorite cars got totaled this episode. Rip Subie and GTR

  • Dr.Don002
    Dr.Don002 17 days ago

    Fuck these idiots that would rather hit someone than let them merge in. You would rather cause a collision, sit on the side of the road for an hour til cops arrive and hassle with insurance companies than slow down for a sec and let someone merge? You feel like a big tough man cuz you don't take no shit from nobody and stand your ground?? what a bunch of clowns.... fuck the assholes that try to force their way in too but most of the time both parties are being complete idiots

  • Dr.Don002
    Dr.Don002 17 days ago

    aww how cute... another douche in a subaru that thinks owning a subaru automatically gives you the skill to be a rally driver/drifter. [subaru imprezas are some of my favorite cars btw but idiots like this give them a bad name]

  • Caleb
    Caleb 17 days ago


  • Modest Moose
    Modest Moose 17 days ago

    #4 was totally the truck's fault. He sped up to close the gap after he knew the car was gonna merge.

  • KOforLiddell
    KOforLiddell 17 days ago

    7:57 I understand why the driver cut off the cammer. It wasn't out of malice, he (or she, but I'll stick with he for simplicity) was just trying to get out of the sheriff's way ASAP. Of course he shouldve waited and changed lanes at a much safer distance, but at least he wasnt being like 90% of the dicks who cut people off in these vids just to brake-check them.

  • fordoverlord
    fordoverlord 17 days ago

    Well deserved for the Subaru and the GTR driver, luckily they didn't hurt anyone else.

  • Jasmine Davis
    Jasmine Davis 17 days ago

    I hate how when I don't have my dash cam on I see all these accidents in front of me and then when I have it on nothing happens😫

  • Tony Cantu
    Tony Cantu 17 days ago


  • iDinduNuffin !
    iDinduNuffin ! 17 days ago

    I cried at the last clip

  • Steven Cooper
    Steven Cooper 17 days ago

    Please stop insulting groundhogs.

    WARRIOR4LIFE 17 days ago

    5:20 11-chris c the Nissan driver probably didn't have insurance that's why he didn't stop

  • markpoptart13
    markpoptart13 17 days ago

    Crazy! #5 is literally half a mile from my house. That shit happens ALL the time! People don't understand how to do double left turns!

  • WYO Garage
    WYO Garage 17 days ago

    Im sorry, but "your going on youtube tonight" doesnt sound as badass as one would hope.

  • jrc1903
    jrc1903 17 days ago

    1:37 Daniel is indeed a card carrying fucktard. someones indicating,how hard is it to them them in. No be a arrogant arsehole and cause a accident that's a hassle for both of you.

  • Samuel Gardea
    Samuel Gardea 17 days ago

    Video was in Atlanta, that's the metro building to the left 😱

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 17 days ago

    #16 IF THATS 1 FOOT!

  • Paul K
    Paul K 17 days ago

    Sadly the first one is a typical douchey Oregon Subaru driver. Fog lights on (illegal) & driving way beyond his skills. SMH.

  • Central Illinois Dashcam

    Always a great show, DDS! :-)

  • Hernan Cortes
    Hernan Cortes 17 days ago

    sti was beautiful car

  • DougE
    DougE 17 days ago

    Hahahahah that license plate on the Subaru hahaha. What a tool. Just cause it says sti and has awe does not mean you dip down gravel roads when you have no fucking idea what you are doing. Start off slow, take it slow

  • Chepe Sanchez
    Chepe Sanchez 17 days ago

    hooray for karma cops

  • Nova Nation
    Nova Nation 17 days ago

    Not the sti... this video is nsfl...

  • Ragemutt
    Ragemutt 17 days ago

    Umm, the cunt at 5:08 was not a lady.

  • EricNielsen187
    EricNielsen187 17 days ago

    At #13 it's hard to be for certain, but it looks like the left turner waited until the light was red before he/she turned. The Straight thru driver ran a red light and should be at fault, in my opinion. But still, should have waited until it was safe. Some people panic if they are going to block an intersection.

  • Volvo Dashcam
    Volvo Dashcam 17 days ago

    1:55 Don't blame the first car in line.. he did not hit anyone. (And hard to see if the one behind hit the first one first or if he got pushed into the one ahead.. For sure there where not 5 bad drivers there.. at the most 4.. and might have been less.

  • bacterio99
    bacterio99 17 days ago

    I do have to say, I like the way you handle every incident in a right and objective manner. Good job, you got my thumbs up :)

    DONALD TRUMP 17 days ago

    I really hate when people cut truckers off. that pisses me off

  • argonian bilbo
    argonian bilbo 17 days ago

    under steer and over steer. One little mistake and you are screwed. Just like a subaru and the GTR drivers learned

  • Abbie Louise
    Abbie Louise 17 days ago

    Does anybody know the song used at 0:17 I've been trying to find out what it's called for years

  • Code Geass
    Code Geass 17 days ago

    3 was hilarious
    the cammer in 6 had a terrible angle when turning; literally was driving into the suv even if it hadn't moved

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