How to open a lock with a nut wrench

Hi, there, my friends, in this video I am going to show you an unusual idea to force open a check-lock if you happened to lose your key.

That is all folks I wished to share with you! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel with some more interesting video stories still waiting for you further on.

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Author lee schofield ( ago)
Sophia grace

Author Lucas Ekvall ( ago)
you ar sil

Author Philipp Jugl ( ago)
Bolzenschneider und Gut.......

Author Creeper ( ago)
"easiest way to steal the sh't of people"

Author Blato ( ago)
من طرف زد هكر لايك"💜

Author DarkAngelx920 ( ago)
Thank you for teaching me how to get into my dads gun safe gonna go to school later sooo yeah bye 🖐

Author Giovanni Masi ( ago)
Who walks around with wrenches? What if you don't have them on you?

Author JayTeller ( ago)
oh cool! *goes Rob a bank*

Author Hawk3r ( ago)

Author Charles Skidmore ( ago)
Useful trick - thanks!

Author Mr. HoronToron ( ago)
HoronToron man

Author Nubras ALjarallah ( ago)

Author Krishna Kapoor ( ago)
what is name of this music please reply help me

Author KHIZAR ALI'S WORLD ( ago)

Author KHIZAR ALI'S WORLD ( ago)
whats its music sir

Author Isaac Carvalho ( ago)
wait try unlock those metal master locks.... yea its impossible

Author Joe Smith ( ago)
How to open a lock composed of rotting garbage.

Author Connet V.2 ( ago)
Great demonstration of how to steal houses!!!

Author 2Sneaky4you KUQEZI ( ago)
ist er deutscher oder englischer ytuber

Author lucifer tech and games ( ago)
pls subscribe to my channel I have already subscribed to all channels guys so pls

Author curious human ( ago)
that lock was made in china... so obviously itll break with ridiculous tools....

Author Ankit Negi ( ago)
the compromise r

Author Ömer Akcıl ( ago)

Author Joseph Almodovar ( ago)
lets use the most expensive locks at the 99c store

Author SonicOffRedBull 789 ( ago)
What song is it

Author Kim Eaton ( ago)
he showed his face

Author kurvenreiter # ( ago)
Fake !

Author Kayvon Rad ( ago)
anyone else forced to subcribe and get notified from this channel? fucking annoying

Author Little Family ( ago)

Author aka 47 ( ago)

Author Phagun Gera ( ago)

Author Ryan Law ( ago)
what is the song

Author Azad Kashmir ( ago)
is its you in this video

Author Affle Tekk ( ago)
this is not open. its break

Author FischRaubArt 823 ( ago)
toll jetz könnten leute mein fahrrad klauen

Author A fairly priced lukewarm basket of chicken wings ( ago)
Previous episode: How to pickpocket
Next episode: How to commit tax fraud.

Great lesson Mr. Gear. Well at leat you're no longer teaching my kids how to burn my house down with knives.

Author Michael De Santa ( ago)
this is why i became robber

Author Ryan Sheldon ( ago)
1:03 mrgear face reveal?

Author donniecatalano ( ago)
Locks made of putty

Author Даниил Дробинин ( ago)
Кто русский ставь лайк ❤️👍

Author Polewa xd ( ago)
czemu wy piszecie po angielsku komentarze jak napisał pod filmem po polsku

Author Brian J. Schmidt ( ago)
Perhaps in the future, you'll use a lock of some substance...

Author Kostyan 6866 ( ago)
а что там кулибин забыл?

Author Little Mouse ( ago)

Author Vibroidfire60 ( ago)
Is that him

Author NightDancer Gaming ( ago)
Dude you literally saved my life. Thank you. Sub like share.

Author idziordzi 123 ( ago)
to jesteś polakiem czy nie

Author Crab Cake ( ago)
this is how you open a lock in walmart

Author Ron Sloan ( ago)
those were the cheepest POS locks i have ever seen wont work on a good american lock

Author Charles Randall ( ago)
wow, this is so helpful thank you so much. This is so cool.

Author Biih Games ( ago)
Robbers see You!

Author Jackidale ( ago)
MrGear ma sei italiano o inglese?

Author Dragu Ion ( ago)

Author Mari Gran ( ago)
hat super geklappt

Author михаил переверзев ( ago)
Артём вернись

Author Real Lyfe Gaming ( ago)
Well done. You've encouraged a bunch of break ins and robbery's. Great youtuber. 6 million subs! (All from the "1000° C RED HOT KNIFE!!" OMFG kys)

Author BùĺĺýPĺàýź ( ago)
what's the song?

Author Sam Lutfi ( ago)
these locks are made of marshmallows

Author SP TH ( ago)
last night I tried it to your home Mr.Gear

Author Kim Panter ( ago)
Hi super grateful. My daughter lost her suitcase key and this worked thank you.

Author yada yada ( ago)
These padlocks suck ass

Author Paweł Noworodek ( ago)
ty jesteś Rosjanem czy Polakiem

Author neiketho rups ( ago)
try steel locks lol not stupid seals or anything

Author Garvit Garg Garg ( ago)
hey see my channel for mobile tricks Abhinav Mangal
and also see my channel for comedy channel Kids cam7

Author توفيق العمراني ( ago)
هاذا قفل ابو كلب ينكسر على طول

Author Louis-Max Magic ( ago)
moréal kébec apele les hendeks

Author Venon ( ago)
to ty polak jestes?

Author Kacper Piechowski ( ago)
Poland Poland hhah polska gra _ game tak polska wygriwa

Author Yaros Yudaev ( ago)

Author Ekaterina . net ( ago)
есть русские ?

Author owocki wiśni ( ago)
kto z polski

Author Verteo 300 ( ago)
omg thanks !

Author Thomas Boyd ( ago)

Author Epic Tv ( ago)
Please Subscribe Me I am poor Guy from india Your One Subscribe Will change My Life Please I Need

Hope You Like

Author Ivan Gamer ( ago)
ты русский??

Author Don't read my profile picture ( ago)
Don't Read my name!lol

Author Joseph Pacheco ( ago)
try that with a MASTER lock then I'll be impressed.

Author maxwell smart ( ago)
Must be a china lock

Author VenomXDx ( ago)
They aren't high grade locks though are they, no they are fucking locks from pound land or some shit

Author Milly Lucy ( ago)
that it for thieves if u dont know

Author suresh v ( ago)
I think it is just a plastic lock in which you are fooling everybody

Author YOLO TV ( ago)
Next video please tell us how to break prison cells

Author Lamorożec Wafel ( ago)
Dlaczego to jest po polsku?

Author Vortical nowledge. Это итересно, ТОП. ( ago)
Кулибин ТВ тоже твой канал автор?

Author Кирилл Мухаметшин ( ago)
Кто из России?

Author Epic #ConTv ( ago)
The thugs here in Brazil thank you

Author pink sheep lover ( ago)
what is this songs name?

Author Rotos Rotos ( ago)
po polsku??

Author Brierlycool MSP ( ago)
MrGear I really think you are doing good but I really do think this video could be useful for robbers and thieves but I still gave a like 😊

Author super kanał ( ago)
no i co Anglicy nie rozumiecie mnie a ja was tak ☺😀😈😯😬

Author Kolacha Official ( ago)

Author WojTeK ! ( ago)
jesteś polakiem?

Author Jason Addison ( ago)
Don't anyone notice that he's using the same cheap lock every time.

Author вr4iр ( ago)
kulibin tv

Author get a job ( ago)
whats the song

Author Steve Allen ( ago)
Were those locks two dozen for a dollar??

Author hristo bg 12 ( ago)
sor reklama etogo kanala hristo bg 12 pls bratochka

Author hristo bg 12 ( ago)
mr gear mojeli da mi napravish teklama pls

Author CookingGaming Tv ( ago)
Song Name please

Author ABSTREX Official ( ago)
But if the door is locked and I am outside and lost the key also I am not having money to buy that but wrench,then what should I do?

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