Ladies' Sangeet (Dholki)

Dholki is a pre-wedding function in which girls get together and sing wedding songs in honor of the bride or groom-to-be. It is usually a girls only funcion and is also known as Ladies' Sangeet. One person plays the dholki and the other person bangs a metal spoon against the dholki to get an added beat. Other girls clap their hands while singing.

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Author Muhammad Yusaf ( ago)
Ok dzire1 I am supplying you a list of songs that were performed in the
movie. The write up may not fit in this reply box. Please check you inbox,
they will be there.

Author Heba Ahmed ( ago)
Can I please get a list of the song you guys played? thank you

Author nosh121081 ( ago)

Author seemstress17 ( ago)
@seemstress17 lol I need to learn how to play like that. im one of three
people in my family who play it. 3! thats it!

Author Muhammad Yusaf ( ago)
Thank you lilbabz23 for your favorable comment.

Author Muhammad Yusaf ( ago)
Thank you seemstress17 for your suggestion. It is too late now to edit the
video again but we'll keep your advice in mind for future use.

Author seemstress17 ( ago)
you guys need to take a slow motion video of her playing the dholak!

Author Muhammad Yusaf ( ago)
PakistaniGirlRocks, thanks for appreciating the video. Your YouTube user
name shows that you are a Pakistani and you are proud to be Punjabi. We are
from Lahore and some girls in the function are from other parts of the

Author PakistaniGirlRocks ( ago)
This is really nice......iam punjabi to...from which side of pakistan r u !

Author Muhammad Yusaf ( ago)
Yes PakistaniGirlRocks, you guessed right, we are Punjabi and from
Pakistan. Thank you for liking the video.

Author PakistaniGirlRocks ( ago)
mashallah this is nice....r u punjabi but from pakistan !

Author Muhammad Yusaf ( ago)
Thank you RUBYxyx for appreciating the video. Ladies gathered to celebrate
this important pre-wedding function in a way that reminds us of our great

Author RUBYxyx ( ago)
great video shows the great culture and wonderful atmosphere of our
weddings x

Author Muhammad Yusaf ( ago)
Yes Billo Raani, I agree with you that our traditions and our culture is

Author Muhammad Yusaf ( ago)
Thank you BilloRaani for watching this video. The very fact that it reminds
you of our culture is a proof that the video portrays the message well.
Wherever we live in the world, we should not forget our mother tongue and
our culture.

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