The Flash 3x17 | Duet Sneak Peek #2 | The Flash Season 3 Episode 17

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  • The Flash 3x17 Duet Sneak Peek.
    The Flash Season 3 Episode 17 Sneak Peek.
    The Flash 3x17 Musical Crossover with Supergirl Sneak Peek.
    The Flash 3x17 Kara and Barry Team up in one week Musical Crossover Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes.

    The Music Meister sends Supergirl and the Flash to a world where life is a musical and the only way to escape is to sing and dance.

    Director: Dermott Downs
    Writers: Greg Berlanti (developed by), Andrew Kreisberg (developed by) | »
    Stars: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Melissa Benoist

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Comments: 5

  • Tan yong wen
    Tan yong wen 2 months ago

    Anyone can tell me any websites that I can watch the flash for free?

  • hunter playz
    hunter playz 2 months ago

    it would be better is it was vixen (not musically only fighting) like she had been in arrow

    • Nicole Coleman
      Nicole Coleman 2 months ago

      hunter playz

      In there dreams
      both Barry & Kara
      didn't have there powers thanks to
      Music Meister who
      put them there but
      he was doing for true
      love he's like cupid..❤

      If Vixen goes against
      Music Meister he would put her to sleep and he would take her powers to
      just like he did to both Supergirl
      and Flash by taking thete powers for
      awhile to put them in deep sleep to teach
      them a lesson about

  • Jimmy Clare
    Jimmy Clare 2 months ago

    she sounds so good

  • Eric Ortega
    Eric Ortega 2 months ago


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