Working Lego Desert Eagle Rubber Band Gun

First test of a modified Lego gun. Google "rubber eagle" for the original build plans.

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Author Vredix (3 years)
stayin alive, stayin alive, ha ha ha ha..... stayin alive stayin alive.....

Author theherm100 (3 years)
I forgot i was playing a first person shooter because thats the way
blackops guns look

Author EinsDaVinGaliDar (4 years)
@aceman4564564 Yeah, okaaay. I don't even know what the fuck you just said.

Author EinsDaVinGaliDar (4 years)
@aceman4564564 Well his hobby is green and yellow green and yellow green
and yellow! :D

Author briackman (4 years)
did you say full auto? (and i wouldn't find a person like you to play with

Author Jus tin (3 years)

Author agghostman677 (3 years)
thats just great, u taught kids how to make a murder wepon with toys.

Author realmomentsdotcom (4 years)

Author Game of Drones Aerial Sports League (3 years)
@KINGxREJECT You got that right. What are you?

Author ŠØÐÅ (4 years)
you should make it semi auto

Author agghostman677 (3 years)
@Hunterthehunter1 look its a mother fuk1n joke goddamn

Author Cole I (4 years)
@EinsDaVinGaliDar not very respectful of other peoples hobbys are you

Author EinsDaVinGaliDar (4 years)
WOW! That's really cool!! =D Too bad you must half no life to create a
working LEGO gun! D=

Author Cole I (4 years)
@EinsDaVinGaliDar so is peoples barf what is your point?

Author TheYosuck (4 years)
nice check mine out +)

Author KINGxREJECT (3 years)
this is a grown ass man,smfh

Author Hunterthehunter1 (3 years)
@agghostman677 Wow, that is one of the most idiotic things I have ever
heard. He is not teaching kids how to make a "murder weapon," he is showing
them how to make a rubber band gun. A murder weapons is something made to
kill, this is something made to play with. And F.Y.I. learn how to spell.

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