Working Lego Desert Eagle Rubber Band Gun

First test of a modified Lego gun. Google "rubber eagle" for the original build plans.

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Author Vredix (2 years)
stayin alive, stayin alive, ha ha ha ha..... stayin alive stayin alive.....

Author theherm100 (3 years)
I forgot i was playing a first person shooter because thats the way
blackops guns look

Author EinsDaVinGaliDar (3 years)
@aceman4564564 Yeah, okaaay. I don't even know what the fuck you just said.

Author EinsDaVinGaliDar (3 years)
@aceman4564564 Well his hobby is green and yellow green and yellow green
and yellow! :D

Author briackman (4 years)
did you say full auto? (and i wouldn't find a person like you to play with

Author Jus tin (2 years)

Author agghostman677 (2 years)
thats just great, u taught kids how to make a murder wepon with toys.

Author realmomentsdotcom (4 years)

Author Marque Cornblatt Prod. (2 years)
@KINGxREJECT You got that right. What are you?

Author xstenyboyx (3 years)
you should make it semi auto

Author antiarcky (4 years)
what technic pack of legos would you recommend from walmart

Author agghostman677 (2 years)
@Hunterthehunter1 look its a mother fuk1n joke goddamn

Author Cole I (3 years)
@EinsDaVinGaliDar not very respectful of other peoples hobbys are you

Author EinsDaVinGaliDar (3 years)
WOW! That's really cool!! =D Too bad you must half no life to create a
working LEGO gun! D=

Author Cole I (3 years)
@EinsDaVinGaliDar so is peoples barf what is your point?

Author TheYosuck (3 years)
nice check mine out +)

Author KINGxREJECT (2 years)
this is a grown ass man,smfh

Author Hunterthehunter1 (2 years)
@agghostman677 Wow, that is one of the most idiotic things I have ever
heard. He is not teaching kids how to make a "murder weapon," he is showing
them how to make a rubber band gun. A murder weapons is something made to
kill, this is something made to play with. And F.Y.I. learn how to spell.

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