Found treasure chest while metal detecting!

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  • _ NiKiTa_
    _ NiKiTa_ 3 hours ago

    кто от зомби чеза?)

  • Traken Gamer
    Traken Gamer 4 hours ago

    зомби чез

  • Дімон Резнік

    Ставь лайк если от зомби!

  • Balagur Play
    Balagur Play 5 hours ago


  • Pazik _play
    Pazik _play 5 hours ago

    так что в сундуке?

  • imam shamil
    imam shamil 6 hours ago


  • Dylan Rogers
    Dylan Rogers 15 hours ago

    i wanted to know what was in it

  • Aries Girl 4 Life
    Aries Girl 4 Life 22 hours ago

    That is so neat. I wonder why he didn't play along. I would have.

  • Marita Guareschi
    Marita Guareschi 23 hours ago

    Porque no lo abriste

  • Suraj Nalawde
    Suraj Nalawde 1 day ago

    fake full time pass

  • tommy lucky
    tommy lucky 2 days ago

    fake... pre planned search

  • Aliraid Raid
    Aliraid Raid 2 days ago

    the Lock's are New..... fuck you uploader

  • ismailmatisa0276 Is

    it's real or fake

  • tunabiscuit
    tunabiscuit 2 days ago

    I like how the leaves underneath the chest are the same color as the leaves on the ground. You'd think after 70 years those leaves might have decomposed.

  • Ramon Munoz
    Ramon Munoz 2 days ago

    you dummy

  • Robinhood Call Of Duty

    I found your video interesting that's why I watched it and I subscribe and like it 👍👍👍👍👍

  • FinGame
    FinGame 3 days ago

    I like how people say its fake without watching the whole video xP

  • Mc Suckables
    Mc Suckables 3 days ago

    So it's a worldwide game that nobody knows about ummm okay

  • John Clark
    John Clark 3 days ago

    I hate your video 😰😰😰😲😲😡😡😡😡😡😾😾😾😾😾😾😾

  • Female User
    Female User 3 days ago

    Top15s anyone?

  • king of fighter
    king of fighter 3 days ago

    And I Found FAKE video...............

    • The Arcade Nub
      The Arcade Nub 2 days ago

      did you watch the whole fucking video it's a geocache

  • Kevitho Zashiimo
    Kevitho Zashiimo 4 days ago


  • Ryann Marsh
    Ryann Marsh 4 days ago

    why so guit

  • Yashica Beasley
    Yashica Beasley 5 days ago

    why?!!😭😭😭😭 you could have kept it for yourself

  • jaber issaad
    jaber issaad 5 days ago

    i think it's fake cuz if any one found like that chest will 1st start laughing and screaming !
    2nd i dont think that there is some person will read the notice and won't open the chest to see the gold or diamonds ! fake

  • Pro-Game Pro-Game
    Pro-Game Pro-Game 5 days ago

    its a free chest from clash royla

  • No name
    No name 6 days ago


  • Hafizah Calya
    Hafizah Calya 6 days ago


  • Lyrus Aramo
    Lyrus Aramo 7 days ago

    wow laki

  • Gamingmaster1x_X XD

    what I would if done just take it and see what's instil you could become r

  • Amir Khan
    Amir Khan 7 days ago

    I li

  • Калоян Зердев

    open this

  • Diego DC
    Diego DC 11 days ago

    falsa tu caga

  • G Lévesque
    G Lévesque 14 days ago

    Surprisingly sparkly clean.

  • YoloKing
    YoloKing 14 days ago

    It's fake

  • Karel2015
    Karel2015 15 days ago

    Real question is, whose going to randomly find a box and NOT open it to see what's inside?

  • Cheryl Matthews
    Cheryl Matthews 15 days ago

    There are some really stupid people out there. Geocaching is a real game that people play (family game). You use GPS to locate the treasure (if you will). Usually it's in Tupperware box or a metal amino box or something that will keep water out. That's the first time I have actually seen a real treasure chest. Wow that was sweet! Whenever you find the location it usually is above ground. You look in the box, you log in. If you take anything you have to put something back in to replace what you have taken.
    Out west United States the players are real serious. If you find money you better replace it with money. There's always someone watching. Play fair
    And keep it a clean family game.

  • Mohannd Alhiloo
    Mohannd Alhiloo 15 days ago

    كس اختك

  • Megan Dedios
    Megan Dedios 17 days ago

    This is SO fake I mean everyone knows that I can make a paper look like that 😡

  • VALENTIN du 57 bg
    VALENTIN du 57 bg 17 days ago


  • Edgy Dabs
    Edgy Dabs 17 days ago

    Well this is pointless.

  • Simon Roughton
    Simon Roughton 17 days ago


  • KurzeLunte
    KurzeLunte 17 days ago

    thank you for put the chest back in the hole 🖒

  • highhat Kali
    highhat Kali 17 days ago

    I found a geocaching box the other day metal detecting! how cool is that!? nice find.

  • Jose Ruiz
    Jose Ruiz 17 days ago

    I found 9 billion dollars in my woods

  • james  gunther
    james gunther 17 days ago

    You're a fucking idiot. You find this treasure chest and then dont go back to open it??!! Probably nothing valuable inside, but still..... Pointless video. Never watching one from you again.

  • futebol do Nuno fultebol

    this house is nicest

  • Bartek Gawel
    Bartek Gawel 18 days ago

    hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahaha jaka przerobka

  • pets pet
    pets pet 18 days ago

    the letters are printed
    .. lol

  • crecent .m
    crecent .m 18 days ago

    A button or a water bottle

  • Grzesiek Pamuła
    Grzesiek Pamuła 19 days ago

    Why you not open it?

  • hi ihr nudeln hi
    hi ihr nudeln hi 19 days ago


  • Bigfoot doesn't believe in you either

    Total bullshit

  • Arun priya
    Arun priya 19 days ago


  • Ethan Morrow
    Ethan Morrow 19 days ago

    it's obviously fake

    BEN BENAZIZA 19 days ago

    i am a pro metal detectorist, , the leave in the bottom when he lifts it out are fresh, take alook, nice try but youll have to do better than that next time, hahaha

  • gigi tm
    gigi tm 20 days ago

    Nossa, a globo tá perdendo um ator xD

  • Nathan Pacamana
    Nathan Pacamana 20 days ago


  • William Aquino
    William Aquino 20 days ago

    this is not true he just make it real

  • Sılanaz Güler
    Sılanaz Güler 21 day ago


  • scooter throttle
    scooter throttle 21 day ago

    fake. just wants more views to earn YouTube money. lol

  • kashif khan
    kashif khan 22 days ago

    hahahahah old time use Google Web sites hahaha you can chak this website here in the box

  • TheCamaro5
    TheCamaro5 22 days ago

    so what do they put in the CHEST??

  • retro1980
    retro1980 22 days ago

    Rotting leaves in the bottom of the hole under the chest...hmmm

  • pierre michelle
    pierre michelle 23 days ago

    the lock looks very new

  • pierre michelle
    pierre michelle 23 days ago

    thats fake

  • Tito Raines
    Tito Raines 23 days ago

    Take it home

  • Katrin Sutkus
    Katrin Sutkus 23 days ago


  • Sylvia S
    Sylvia S 23 days ago

    OMG it's a chest full of stuff

  • Grand Legendary
    Grand Legendary 24 days ago

    the under there
    is slenderman
    I see it?? 😰😰😰

  • Trick shots and challenges

    This video looked fake

  • William123 Stone
    William123 Stone 25 days ago

    This is so fake

  • Ur Ez Af Rs
    Ur Ez Af Rs 26 days ago

    had u ever thought it was just a message to differ u from opening?

  • andrei Grigore
    andrei Grigore 26 days ago

    It's fake treasure 😠😠

  • Cynols Gomes
    Cynols Gomes 26 days ago

    Where did you find the tearsure box😃😍😌😗💸💰💲💷💶💴💵

  • Cynols Gomes
    Cynols Gomes 26 days ago

    Is that real

  • Dillon Inman
    Dillon Inman 27 days ago

    It's fake

    SILVER SULLIVAN 27 days ago

    Its for gamers dude wtf

  • TomKaren94
    TomKaren94 28 days ago


  • lobster maggot
    lobster maggot 29 days ago

    Bro this video is staged you can tell by the way he's acting

  • Colin Parungao
    Colin Parungao 29 days ago


  • BLAZEpowder 27
    BLAZEpowder 27 29 days ago

    Dumby you did not try to get in😡

  • Haylen Sokolosky
    Haylen Sokolosky 29 days ago

    He said hide instead of hid

  • Hamzah Mann
    Hamzah Mann 29 days ago

    Why didn't u open the chest

  • Tim Mulder
    Tim Mulder 1 month ago

    waar is dit?

  • Tim Mulder
    Tim Mulder 1 month ago

    it is a geocache

  • canal de todos
    canal de todos 1 month ago

    nossa cara

  • Moutaz Emad
    Moutaz Emad 1 month ago


  • diamond luke and diamond

    subscribe to me

  • mschnurp
    mschnurp 1 month ago

    very cool that you returned the chest. it was proper NOT to show the contents, it would just ruin it for the others who enjoy doing this. i do hope you logged in how you found it, as its a cool way to find it and read about it. i personally dont treasure hunt, but i love the idea. it harms no one and kind of exciting to do. well done sir!

  • yuriko sato
    yuriko sato 1 month ago

    so did you see what inside!?

  • Alison Williams
    Alison Williams 1 month ago

    your really boring to listen to lol

  • Otter Gamer
    Otter Gamer 1 month ago


  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee 1 month ago


  • richard Jiménez
    richard Jiménez 1 month ago


  • Westoso Isd
    Westoso Isd 1 month ago

    so fake

  • simply Alize's channel

    did you open it

  • alexander ivanchev
    alexander ivanchev 1 month ago

    haha how fake

  • Francisco's Numo
    Francisco's Numo 1 month ago


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