O Raje...Mi Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy!

Also now u can watch making of MSBL on following link...
U better check it out.

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Author Onkar Sontakke ( ago)
Jewel Of Secular India

Author SARTHAK Dhanvate ( ago)
overacted picture aahe.

Author Himanshu mirajkar ( ago)

Author Anand Dabhade ( ago)
Jay bhavani jay shivaji,

Author Deven Vaijapurkar ( ago)

Author Punit Ahire ( ago)
Jay bhavani Jay shivaji

Author Sushant Subhaash Divekar ( ago)
जय शिवाजी

Author Chandravijay Metkar ( ago)

Author Prashant Bansode ( ago)
Jai Maharashtra...

Author Prashant Karanje ( ago)
jay shivray

Author Swapnil Mhaske ( ago)
Great song!

Author Aniket Pokhriyal ( ago)
What about dogras who helped ahsaan farmos sikhs .

Author shraddha Mahalle shraddha sanjay mahalle ( ago)
proud to be a maratha

Author shraddha Mahalle shraddha sanjay mahalle ( ago)
proud to be a maratha

Author shraddha Mahalle shraddha sanjay mahalle ( ago)
heart touching

Author MegaVicky0007 ( ago)
This song reminds me of my roots

Author MegaVicky0007 ( ago)
This song awakes the maratha warrior , maratha is a warrior clan and I just
love to here this song ...........Jai bhavani Jai shivaji.

Author Saurabh Upadhyay ( ago)
My role model chhatrapati shivaji maharaj

Author Sanjay Gite ( ago)
Proud to b Marathi 

Author ajit Cool (1260 years ago)
Jay shivaji

Author Sarthak Bhalerao ( ago)
gad aala pan sinha gela :(

Author nagesh harnal ( ago)
har har mahadev 

Author prashant mundhe ( ago)
Ek Ch No.......

Author koulik chakraborty ( ago)
har har mahaaaaaaaaadev

Author Shautik Nandy ( ago)
Long live the Indian Empire! 

Author raj bhattacharya ( ago)
Jai Bhavani jai shivaji ...!

The Great Maratha

Author Ashwani Pandey ( ago)
जय भवानी! जय शिवाजी!! 

Author Sushant Pabale ( ago)
Very nice and inspirational song

Author Harshad Kshirsagar ( ago)
Chhatrapatinshi Nishta, Hich khari Pratishta ! Jayasto Maratha !!!

Author Shraddha verma ( ago)
speechless song ever

Author nisha nair ( ago)
truly charismatic powerful leader
jai bhawani jai shivaji

Author Ashok sk ( ago)

Author Pathikrith Mukherjee ( ago)
what a powerful song

Author Vishal Naik ( ago)
Damn man... Sukhwinder Singh sir shuld be awarded National award for ths
he sang it frm hs heart..pure heart... Mahesh Manjrekar sir no comments...
u r jus awsm... u r jus perfect for th role.. WOW... :)

Author ashugtiwari . ( ago)
after this, im pumped with greatness and epicness that i wanna go out and
kill all enemies of country starting from all politicians

Author Parjanya Shukla ( ago)
Marathas were great warriors of their time but their biggest strategic
blunders were committed in their Northern Indian campaigns. But no matter
what, we had to fall to the British, just NO MATTER WHAT. Indians did not
have neither the economic or strategic depth of the Mighty British empire.

Author kharku93 ( ago)
i didnt show an hatred against any religion !! i just gave an awnser to a
comment; and u want to talk about how im raised !! well maybe you should
take a look at your hindu community which feeds on the anti muslim ideology;

Author Ajay Bongane ( ago)
Are you serious?...such hatred against any religion raises question on how
well you have been raised...sick mentality...grow up..don't let your
parents down...they must be feeling ashamed...

Author varun P ( ago)

Author Sushil Shinde ( ago)
maharajachaa jai aso

Author kharku93 ( ago)
yea they sure sacrificed alot after hiding in a fruit basket and playing
dead for three years; BOY that is sheer BRAVERY !! u dont belive imma SIKH
!! never asked you too

Author Yuvraj Patil ( ago)
I've seen your profile, I understand your frustration..dont be India or
Hindu hater..we respect all Sikhs here in India..dont let your religion has great history of courage and devotion..I dont believe that you
are a Sikh..and as I already said you dont know Marathi culture & their
sacrifice for the nation..You Have proved it here

Author jitub77 ( ago)
Shivaji Maharaj was the lion of the mountains. The term pahari chuha was
given by mughal historians out of frustration at not being able to defeat
the marathas inspite of sending massive armies. Just to give you reality
check, at its height, the Maratha empire stretched upto Attock which is
near islamabad in modern pakistan.

Author jitub77 ( ago)
by the way, Shivaji Maharj fought for Hindavi Swarajya.

Author jitub77 ( ago)
even before Shivaji Mharaj, the hindu empires were brave and strong enough
to deter and defeat the likes of the cowardly mohammad ghazni who was
defeated by Prithviraj Chauhan and had to beg for his life. The dastardly
mughal showed his ungratefulness by immediately galvanising a new empire
and did not show any mercy when he won subsequently. I would have thought a
paki would understand this given how they beg for money, weapons and aid to
americans and chinese.

Author kharku93 ( ago)
what sacrifice's; the sacrifice made at the treaty of purandar, in which ur
king prostrated his asshole to the mughal's and gave his son sambhaji as a
"chance pe dance" karne wala mujra dancer; jealousy!! yea we are so Jealous
that gand-fatti pahari chuha hid in a fruit basket to escape from the
mughal's then played dead for 3 full year's; should i be jealous by these
cowardly act's; and im not a paki or bangla bachu; maybe u are cuz the
mulla's ruled u for what like since the 12th century

Author Yuvraj Patil ( ago)
Some paki/bangla idiots like kpnath 1993 are here to get themselves kicked
by Marathas..they feel great pleasure in it.. just feeling pity about their
jealously and poor knowledge about Marathas & their sacrifice for India

Author kpanth1993 ( ago)
they fought for themselves not india; and if u call this the last great
hindu empire; then i wonder how hopeless your past empires were..

Author kpanth1993 ( ago)
history humne ashe se parha hai maratha; aur hum ashey sey jantey hain ki
tera shivji raja kaisay mughlon se bhag gya tha; unke ghahe me chu kar; yeh
aukat thi tum marathion ki; sharam karo sallo sharam

Author kpanth1993 ( ago)
hamare baap log mughlon ki fuddi tum marathon se pehle se forh rahey hain;
agar sardar na haotey marathon ne kabhi delhi tak pahunchana hi nahi tha;
sardar Bhagel Singh led the sikh's in delhi in front of the marathas

Author Pathikrith Mukherjee ( ago)
Some one like Shivaji Maharaj comes only once in a million years..I am a
bengali and if I ever thought anyone as my hero from my childhood..that is
Shivaji Maharaj..I felt also proud to be born on the same national land..I
read him at least once in a year to regain my inspiration and
motivation..The word..'Jai Shivaji' still brings me power of 1000 horse
when I say 'Jai Shivaji..Jai Bhavani'.. what a song.. tremendous

Author ArySamaj23567 ( ago)
woh muslim hai re search his id he is from pakistan.

Author visma babbea ( ago)
jai bhawani jai shivaji

Author visma babbea ( ago)
jai bhawani jai shivaji

Author Kiran Dhumal ( ago)

Author Gajanan Suryawanshi ( ago)
Jay Maharastra

Author Swapnil Purohit ( ago)

Author Tushar Shinde ( ago)
its not Shivaj ( _/\_ )i.. its Shivaji maharaj.. singly calling.. is
disrespectful.. plz dont..

Author Durgesh Shirgire DaDa ( ago)
Jay Shivaji Jay Bhavani

Author Swapnil Purohit ( ago)
Are bhau Sikh Pan aaplyatle ek aahet. Ata bagh aplya army madhe tech jyaast
ahet. Please all Hindu people also should meet. Ekta theva hindu sathi
ladhayla. Jai Bhavani JAI SHIVAJI.

Author Chud Gaya Porkistan ( ago)
जय भवानी जय शिवाजी, हे मदॅ मराठी बांधवानो कदापीही विसरू नका शिवरायांना,
लकशात असू द्या सदैव त्यांच्या मुळेच आपण आज सन्मानाने जगत आहोत, नाहि तर
ढुंगणं वर करुन अल्ला अल्ला करत लांडे झालो असतो. उभ्या हिंदूस्तानात
लांड्यानी आकॄमणे केली, पण महाराजांमुळे महाराष्टाच्या वाटेला जाण्याचा
त्यांच्या गांडीत कधीही दम झाला नाही.

Author Shamsundar Chandelkar ( ago)
Proud to be Maratha.....

Author abc39722 ( ago)
इन्द्र जिमि जृम्भा पर...बाडव सअंभ पर रावण सदंभ पर...रघुकुल राज है ! पवन
बारिबाह पर...संभु रतिनाह पर ज्यों सहसबाह पर...राम द्विजराज हैं ! दावा
दृमदंड पर...चीता मृगझुन्द पर भूषण वितुण्ड पर...जैसे मृगराज हैं ! तेज तमअंस
पर...कन्ह जिमि कंस पर त्यों म्लेंच्छ बंस पर...शेर शिवराज हैं!!....This poem
on Shivaji Maharaj is written by Kavairaj Bhooshan who was from uttar
pradesh and contemporary to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj...This indicates
that, Shivaji Maharaj was popular in north India also.

Author abc39722 ( ago)
इन्द्र जिमि जृम्भा पर...बाडव सअंभ पर रावण सदंभ पर...रघुकुल राज है ! पवन
बारिबाह पर...संभु रतिनाह पर ज्यों सहसबाह पर...राम द्विजराज हैं ! दावा
दृमदंड पर...चीता मृगझुन्द पर भूषण वितुण्ड पर...जैसे मृगराज हैं ! तेज तमअंस
पर...कन्ह जिमि कंस पर त्यों म्लेंच्छ बंस पर...शेर शिवराज हैं!!

Author Ammar Patel (607 years ago)
one of d best marathi song ... music has no religion .. m muslim and as
indian and maharashtrian i feel proud on my history ..

Author Sai Kiran Sharma ( ago)
I am neither Rajput nor Maratha, but a Brahmin, but I will always remember
Shivaji for his teachings!

Author Sweta Dhondoo ( ago)
superb song! good movie too (Y) Jai Shivaji!

Author Ammar Patel ( ago)
jai maharshtraaaaaaaaaaa

Author Ammar Patel ( ago)
m muslim nd as a maharashtrian i luv this song .. marathi composer really
wors\k hard

Author Abhijit Sawant ( ago)
In fact all Hindus to get unite & well wishers of Hindustan including
Muslims,Jai Maharashtra jai hind!!!

Author Gitesh Kulkarni ( ago)
Proud to be marathi jai shivaji jai bhawani tuljapur bhawani bless each and
every marathi blood

Author jack arnold ( ago)
Shivaji was one of the greatest warriors of India. He truly was the son of
soil. Shivaji never lost any fight. He beat the lights out of invaders
namely Moghuls (Turks), and also kept the Portuguese and British away.

Author MsHrudaya ( ago)
who is dis idiot sikh soldier..are oh.. pahele dekh le tu ...agar shivaji
raje na hote toh tu mughal ke ghar me ghulami karta hota samjha.. hindustna
me kisiki "aukat" nhi thi .. hinduo ko unka hak dilane ki.. tu sikh toh
badme.. aye re.. tumhari bhi utni majal nhi thi mughals.. ko mat dene ki
but shivaji raje ne.. mughals.. ki neev hila dali thi.. aur ha.. shivaji
raje ke bare me.. galat words bolte hue sharm nhi ayi tumhe.. history padho
aur phir bolo.. u idiot..

Author Nikhil Bhouraskar ( ago)
Jai Shivaji

Author Rahul patil ( ago)
गर्व आहे मला मराठी असल्याचा मी मराठी

Author nimerful ( ago)
i am not maratha.. but i feel great about shivaji maharaja,the work he did
for intigration of hindus. i am proud of him.. i like maratha culture...
and national intigration of hindus. jai shivaji

Author pooran411 ( ago)
I m frm jharkhnd studyng in bangalore. I wanted 2 study in mumbai bt
couldn't coz i didn't knw marathi. My luv towards maharshtra was my
religion.I m vry fond of my religion.I don't care wat i speak .nd wat's
other wants to listen frm me.I first say 'ganpatti bappa' whole world reply
back 'maurya. i love you all marathan. and in this song, i feel fragrance
of hinduism and the soil of hindustan

Author Ram Bo ( ago)

Author Sunny Singh ( ago)
it is awesome

Author Swapnil Mahadik ( ago)
i dont like this movie for several reasons ..

Author Aditya ( ago)
please keep the post clean of any abuse, and taking this opportunity to
hurl abuses at Pakistan is only lowering our moral standards and are an
injustice to the ideals of Shivaji who believed in a sovereign nation and
endorsed secularism.

Author swapnil wagh ( ago)
@rahulware95 Barking dog... let him bark, thats what he can do

Author prafulkadupatil ( ago)
this is good movie, song & every character is good T hank's for YOU TUBE

Author Raj Budake ( ago)
very good

Author gbhavik ( ago)
this has happened to be one of my fav song..

Author jwil200 ( ago)
@SikhSoIdier09 u basterd go to hell

Author jwil200 ( ago)

Author myyoutubisthis ( ago)
khup aabhari aahe....

Author mashMUM ( ago)
@sunrise2440 i like ur comment buddy .....

Author soccer1ish ( ago)
I am not a Maratha but I will always be grateful to Shivaji and the
Marathas.The Marathas fought for whole India and for the proud of the
Hindus.The Maratha Empire was the last great Hindu Empire in Indian history.

Author Anand Date ( ago)
Zemmyz It is called ''Tutaari''

Author Manu Pupu ( ago)
good video

Author shivfloyd ( ago)
1 of the best songs i hve heard

Author pushkar Deo ( ago)
Mi tyachya account var jaun tyala shivya ghatlya,tumhi pan ghala.

Author pushkar Deo ( ago)
Kay kartay marathi porano,ha kutra shivaji maharajana shiwya detoy,shiwya
ghala tyala.

Author SikhSoIdier09 ( ago)
Veer Shuvji was a fag Dressed in the evening in drag His wife was a whore
He married a hinducunt&made her cunt a bore Shivjis wife had big cock That
Shivjiji loved2suck Shivaji had small cock&was a midget runt So he let
Muslims with big cocks fuck his wifes cunt AfzalKhan kept Shivjis daughters
as his personal Mujra dancing whores These mahrati hindu cunts were his
personal fudiwhores Fuck hindustan fuck hindus fuck mahratis&sikhs in
indian army die bastards.Divide hindus&sikhs.PakistanZindabad

Author qiron ( ago)
Sukhwinder Singh did a wonderful job singing this Marathi song. Its a
Lovely composition indeed. Its also an example of National integration. A
Punjabi(raised in England) singing a Marathi song...Awesome !

Author Zemmyz ( ago)
any1 know the name of the horn playing at 0:18-0:25 ? the maratha'ish horn
in the background.

Author Yug Shende ( ago)
yes thats it u dont need to be a marathi to be a maharashtrian

Author ultimate32123 ( ago)
hrudayat jagude punha ata rangada josh. dahi dishi ghumoode shiv
chatrapateencha ghosh ladhnya sangram aaj ha bal de ya mangati amha karnya
sanhar shatrucha janma ghe punha ata talvaar nachate rani aisa petato raag
jaga mara jiv ha fule maharashtrachi baag jaganya sidhant aaj ha shakti de
shatapati amha salsalte oth ghalate saad marathi aata zatakun taak ti rakh,
navyaane jaag, petu de aag marathi aata. dolyaat fute angaar, baghun
raktaat, jagude aaj bhavani mataa

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