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Director: Bryan Chojnowski & Grant Olin
Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson
Head of Production: Nick Erickson
Production Companies: MegaFive &

Views: 7816679
Runtime: 4:2
Comments: 10396

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Author Gürçay AYGÜN ( ago)
Lindsey, don't eat that tomato.! It isn't hygienic!!!!!!

Author Stan Marsh [South Park] ( ago) thats why my parents want me to be eating tomato's

Author India Kostiuk ( ago)
😍 I love this

Author Lonely Moonbeam ( ago)
Lol I wonder what Lindsey was thinking when she made this XD

Author Fake Vader ( ago)

Author Kamen rider guy ( ago)
rule number one dony climb on a wall during a kajui fight

Author nina the exe ( ago)
alguien se sabe lacansion de este video

Author דניאל רודב ( ago)
0:15 be wary of trump

Author Allie Manly ( ago)
I love the animation and the song good job it must of took forever to do this animation!

Author Hendrik Steinbach ( ago)
I love the Video 👍

Author jerzy wach ( ago)
Don't ever feel like the odd one out because kids, somewhere out there there's a magic tomato that makes you basically kill everything. :)

Author Jacob Olevano ( ago)
did anybody else think the big thingies were pokemon

Author The Canadian Wizard ( ago)
This is why you don't eat food that's been on the ground.

Author Eileen Suescun Peñafiel ( ago)
Me gusta cuando se transforma

Author Joe V ( ago)
What was in that tomato?!?

Author Ellie Martin ( ago)
Why doesn't this have more views?! It's amazing!

Author TheMaskedFrenchMan ( ago)
Moral of the story, eat your vegetables kids, so you too can battle giant scary monsters XD

Author Fifgo00 LaNuevaEra ( ago)
And with the power of this tomato I can save the city.

Author Luxi Wang ( ago)
I really don't understand, why a tomato?

Author Eileen Suescun Peñafiel ( ago)
Mencanta este video

Author Kasey Kilian ( ago)
This insthe song that got me into Lindsey's music! You go girl, keep up the good work!

Author luchia4tom ( ago)
eating tomatoes grant super powers *rolls eyes* yeeeaaahhh  soooooo believe that! (runs off to shops to buy as many as possible)

Author Pastelbitxh ( ago)
that little boy smiles too much...... i'm getting creeped out

Author TheBluePotion ( ago)

Author Freak show14 ( ago)
3:22 her face it's like

"Jesus fukyng crais have you seen wath you have done to the mother fuking city!"

Author Zila Nature ( ago)
that teaches you to eat your vegetables .

Author GoldenGlider ( ago)
Can Lindsey and Pop-eye give us some tips about super veggies? xD

Author GoldenGlider ( ago)
I wonder how I ended up listening to this on repeat ^.^

Author Austin Gutzmer ( ago)
Yep that was funny.😁💍

Author Professor fox ( ago)
that's tomatoes was in a orange shelf so it was different then what it was surrounded by and she was different from everyone else 😏

Author Lexiekatt ( ago)
This is why I love cherry tomatoes

Author Shyanne Spearman ( ago)
This made me feel like I was on drugs 😶🙃

Author Rehna Firoz ( ago)
At tomatoes and get magic powers 🏵

Author Fernanda Garcia ( ago)
Anyone else reminded of Godzilla or TIMMY TOMATOE?

Author Classy Patato ( ago)
The original plot to Godzilla

Author Lunar_Artist ( ago)
Eat your tomatoes kids and become a super sayan lol I don't know how to spell

Author corwyn calc ( ago)
That was adorable!

Author Sheila Fryer ( ago)
I love this song don,t you?

Author Tae Hwang ( ago)
Ok so if im angry eat a tomato and then kill everyone :)

Author RedTM ( ago)
Amazing song, and great animation

Author Lily D. ( ago)
What is in that tomato and where can I get one.

Author Vyniel V ( ago)
That is one indestructible tomato.

Author FizzMoLP ( ago)
This is why i dont eat tomatoes because i cant Play violin

Author Junkrat_Main ( ago)
Do a cover of the rising sun plz! 😀

Author Briar Peterson ( ago)
This video came out on my birthday Awesome!!

Author Rahana Yoosuf ( ago)
i love her music i wish i can be her

Author Aitor Legorburu ( ago)
You know you are fucked when you see Lindsey taking her violin

Author Olivia JT19 ( ago)
This has to be the weirdest animation I have ever seen, but not for a bad reason!

Author Neriniex ( ago)
A H.

Author DrkDragonZX ( ago)
stirling toppa gurren lagann

Author Anime Poison05 ( ago)
Did they just *attack on titan* us?

Author Hello Kitty ( ago)
this was great

Author Inga Bobcova ( ago)
wth tomato is magic XD

Author Giant Meteor 2016 ( ago)
tomatoes make u super saiyan

Author yukiandkanamekuran ( ago)
it's the maximum tomato from kirby

Author Latina Heat ( ago)
her powers unleash when she bites a tomato 😂

Author IceComet060 ( ago)
Yes. It all makes sense now. If you eat a tomato then you will become a giant star colored thing that plays the violin. Finally something that makes sense.

Author Lord Pizza The Great ( ago)
Trypophobia triggered :(

Author Joshua Beadle ( ago)
Tomato fire ball 0:59

Author Joshua Beadle ( ago)
Tomato fire ball 0:59

Author Hazim Jamli ( ago)
Gaige before mechromancy

Author Humana De la Tierra ( ago)
ladybug :v

Author Sarah Henry ( ago)
anytime i hear this song or see this video, i keep thinking of the power rangers. does it make me nutty?

Author Maxyne vang ( ago)
the magical power is a tomato 😆

Author ChevysGirl321 ( ago)
That is one durable piece of fruit

Author trisff ( ago)
ипать! моя голова -_-

Author Ask Miku 2 ( ago)
Godzilla references

Author Micah Comeaux ( ago)
EAT YOUR FRUITS KIDS!!!! *throws fruits everywhere*

Author anime boo ( ago)
tomatoes are powerful

Author Pandaness ( ago)
Do you feel like you're second-hand?
Do you feel you're afraid to stand alone?

Cut away every safety net
Live your life so you won't regret the road

Feels like you, standing there so small
Just the space between the stars

Don't be afraid to risk it all,
'Cause we are, we are

We are giants
We are giant
We are giants
We are, we are

We are giants
We are giant
We are giants
We are, we are

(Then a bunch of "Oh" ^-^)

Raise your flag-- let your voice be heard
Put your heart into every word you say

All your failures a cornerstone
Build a house with the things you've thrown away

Feels like you, standing there so small
Just the space between the stars

Don't be afraid to risk it all,
'Cause we are, we are

We are giants
We are giant
We are giants
We are, we are

We are giants
We are giant
We are giants
We are, we are

*Music Solo*

Feels like you, standing there so small
Just the space between the stars

Don't be afraid to risk it all,
'Cause we are, we are

We are giants
We are giant
We are giants
We are, we are

We are giants
We are giant
We are giants
We are, we are

Author Auryon Lupe ( ago)
this reminds me of one of those TOGE games.

Author 郑文姗 ( ago)
奥特曼打怪兽的套路。z z

Author david snith ( ago)
Love the art style in this video! And also Lindsey is a beast for climbing the tower!

Author Creeperded Drawings/Games ( ago)
Avatar:The last Tomato Bender
Avatar:Legend of The Violin

Author ScoutKirby ( ago)
**faint "TOSHINOU KYOUKO!" in the distance**

Author CannonManXD Fusion ( ago)


Author JJ Prince ( ago)
Im in the mood to play a Lindsey Stirling themed version of wind waker involving tomato power ups.

Author Accendance ( ago)
so a GMO MAX tomato from kirby spliced wiith the geens from a mario mushroom!

Author TaîRøne Yennille ( ago)
i want limitless seasons of this anime!!

Author What's wrong with a black dog? ( ago)
we are giants OR tomato mania

Author spazattack ( ago)

Author Garrett Taylor ( ago)
(little girl) THIS ISN'T EVEN MY FINAL FORM!!!!!!

Author DoubleA Inc. ( ago)
tht moment when Lindsey goes super sayan

Author Flowerpop9 Videos ( ago)
Maybe it wasn't the tomato, but the girl herself....

Author jose lugo alcantara ( ago)
soy de mexico mi ingles no es bueno but you videos so grat an uniques

Author Winter DiAngel ( ago)
*finishes video* Remember kids, Eat your tomatoes!

Author ( ago)
1:03 la définition du seum en image

Author Eridan Fanatic ( ago)
This is a cute story, and you are all making jokes about it?
Come on people, will you make jokes about a song that's about death? I wouldn't be surprised if someone did.

Author Cerah White ( ago)
I love the animation!!!

Author Shnebs ( ago)
This can't be
Her power level

Author reclaimdestiny ( ago)
just one question why and how can one become a giant by eating a tomato, and of which country.....hmmmm

Author Pascal Chiu ( ago)
..... best song ever!!!!!!!!

Author Kitty Sky ( ago)
Animation level:10/10
Violin level:10/10

Author el pandax ( ago)
hello lindsey

Author XxLuna_The_WolfXx 1 ( ago)
This is so well made I watch it every day

Author Red_Milk ( ago)


Author Mr.Death ( ago)
"All I want to do, is see you turn into... a giant woman." -Steven Universe

Author elizabeth Rogers ( ago)
Interesting to do it in animation, but still a awsome video

Author Lana Huang ( ago)
The power of a tomato XD

Author Lollipop ( ago)
I Am the only one who see that she did not buy the tomato ?

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