We Are Giants ft Dia Frampton - Lindsey Stirling

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    Director: Bryan Chojnowski & Grant Olin
    Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson
    Head of Production: Nick Erickson
    Production Companies: MegaFive & Whitelist.tv
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  • Runtime: 4:2
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  • チャンりる。 / channel りるあ。


  • ryan lame
    ryan lame 12 hours ago

    Alright Jojo fans, name her stand

  • Mia Lopez
    Mia Lopez 18 hours ago

    we are giant's!!! 💙💚💛💜

  • Mikaela Miller
    Mikaela Miller 23 hours ago

    Man if only all problems could be solved that way.

  • Godo
    Godo 1 day ago

    A lot of people saying that "Eat your veggies" is the story behind this story, yet she took the tomato without paying.

  • Princess Jello
    Princess Jello 2 days ago

    So i think they might be giants

  • Bopkasen
    Bopkasen 2 days ago

    Only in this reality where it is allowed to steal without paying.

  • sciencenerd218
    sciencenerd218 2 days ago

    I love how no one is talking about how she thought it was a good idea to throw the tomato at the monsters and how it squeaks on impact and bounces off the monster. But also how the music is amazing!

  • the Otaku4ever
    the Otaku4ever 3 days ago

    the girl look like a pokemon rainer.

  • Lithe Zebra 9
    Lithe Zebra 9 3 days ago

    Pretty sure that tomato was an infinity stone.

  • PenWielder Magic
    PenWielder Magic 4 days ago

    Love this lolololol I want to do music videos like this

  • Isabella Wu
    Isabella Wu 4 days ago


  • Hamman Abdurrofiq
    Hamman Abdurrofiq 5 days ago

    Love forever for lindsay

  • M Tumia
    M Tumia 5 days ago

    The song and the animation...just...UGH! Why are you amazing?!

  • Azure Smile78
    Azure Smile78 6 days ago

    Lindsey knows how to dance,play a violin AND do parkour?

  • Clara Montes
    Clara Montes 7 days ago

    I dont want to sound mean or rude but a tomato is a fruit...love you all

  • Karim Tibben
    Karim Tibben 8 days ago

    the people arent even buying the fruit/tomato's there just straight up stealing it

  • Ezio Auditore
    Ezio Auditore 9 days ago

    The animation was cringe

  • Tom Rodgers
    Tom Rodgers 9 days ago

    cute video outstanding message.

  • TheGreatMcPain
    TheGreatMcPain 9 days ago

    "Top 10 Anime Battles"

  • Alpaca_Biscuit
    Alpaca_Biscuit 10 days ago

    Amazing how one tomato can change every thing...

  • Mr. Paws
    Mr. Paws 11 days ago

    Eat your veggies kids

  • Ваня Пальжок

    Я один вижу Ульяну из Бесконечного лета?

  • Sophie Tomov
    Sophie Tomov 12 days ago

    Lindsay: *throws tomato at giant monster*
    monster: ...
    Lindsay: ...
    monster: seriously?
    Lindsay: dang it I thought that would work.

  • Aidan Douglas
    Aidan Douglas 12 days ago

    Im getting a violin soon and I hope to one day be close to as good to you.

  • Markus Jordan
    Markus Jordan 12 days ago


  • Vurdelious Gaming
    Vurdelious Gaming 12 days ago

    when you realize the kid has pig nose

  • Platypus Fedora
    Platypus Fedora 13 days ago

    WAIT. the little her played violin. The big one had a cello. How did dat happen?

  • Platypus Fedora
    Platypus Fedora 13 days ago

    Plot twist, the giants were just dancing together.

  • Mr. Spaps
    Mr. Spaps 13 days ago

    rip Iwata

  • Platypus Fedora
    Platypus Fedora 13 days ago

    I means, vegetables activate my superpowers too, so.

  • Mockingbird Inc.
    Mockingbird Inc. 13 days ago

    Okay, so maybe I _should_ start eating my tomatoes.

  • R. Fen
    R. Fen 13 days ago

    So this is what a Maxim Tomato actually does.

  • Alexander Guziy
    Alexander Guziy 14 days ago


  • Isabella Hermosa
    Isabella Hermosa 14 days ago

    Lindsey Stirling:*wakes up*wow!i had a dream where godzilla and a sea montster were fighting and i saved the day by eating a tomato and becoming a giant!

  • tiny tiger
    tiny tiger 15 days ago

    this song is great but I would be scared shitless if I parkoured up a light tower

  • Evie Valsenhaim
    Evie Valsenhaim 15 days ago

    I don't know why but this reminds me of Life is Strange

  • BabyTreePig
    BabyTreePig 16 days ago

    **When you're too busy rewatching this to eat a snack**

  • anna larmore
    anna larmore 17 days ago

    that must have been one tastey tomatoe

  • Destinee Kim
    Destinee Kim 17 days ago

    love it SOOOO much

  • Mélanie Reymond
    Mélanie Reymond 17 days ago

    i love

  • Dreamer Dawn
    Dreamer Dawn 17 days ago

    Lindsey must like tomatoes...

  • xX LCLuna Xx
    xX LCLuna Xx 18 days ago

    Moral of the story:
    Eat your fruits and vegetables and you will gain supernatural powers

  • Dean Bianchi
    Dean Bianchi 18 days ago

    why don't I have such a tomato in my fridge?

  • Dean Bianchi
    Dean Bianchi 18 days ago


  • Dean Bianchi
    Dean Bianchi 18 days ago


  • ZendPixie
    ZendPixie 19 days ago

    Magic Tomato, Anime Violin Hero and a random kid-sidekick. Oh! Can't forget the poker-faced citizens.

  • Creeperded Drawings/Games


  • Eira Sjoo
    Eira Sjoo 19 days ago


  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 20 days ago

    I never saw such beauty in this she is so gorgeous and her music is excellent

  • Софія Мельничук

    to strange

  • Creativeman x21
    Creativeman x21 22 days ago

    What a tomato!

  • GalaxySimmer
    GalaxySimmer 23 days ago

    something inside that tomato has some kind of drug because this logic is mindfucked xD

  • Furious Destroyer
    Furious Destroyer 24 days ago

    What we leaned today: Eating tomatoes makes you a god.

  • Teodor Kalinov
    Teodor Kalinov 24 days ago

    haha thats is funy

  • Dalia Fernanda Perez Pineda

    a mi me encanta esta cancion anustedes no?:)

  • Xatar Iz Daa
    Xatar Iz Daa 25 days ago

    Attack on Titan?

  • Felispinoplay Andrade

    estou assistindo em 2017 esse clip e demais amei

  • The Awesome Potato
    The Awesome Potato 25 days ago

    meh not as good as before but ehh

  • laydbakk1
    laydbakk1 26 days ago

    Is this something like a spin off "killer tomatos"...??? Pretty wild stuff...

  • Spirit of Faith
    Spirit of Faith 26 days ago

    I was wondering why tomatoes were going for 450...Nooowww I know.

  • John Carey
    John Carey 26 days ago

    this shoud be an anime

  • CarJokes
    CarJokes 27 days ago

    That's one dangerous tomato . .

  • Allen Rin
    Allen Rin 27 days ago


  • Genesis Rich
    Genesis Rich 28 days ago

    I'm sorry but the giant Lindsey looks based off of the legend of kora spirit kora fighting unovotu. please like if u agree.

  • Color Clan
    Color Clan 29 days ago

    i forgot this exsisted until now😓😄

  • Grell is Fabulous
    Grell is Fabulous 29 days ago


  • Flyburrito
    Flyburrito 29 days ago

    It's clearly a tomato. 😏

  • Isi dannich
    Isi dannich 1 month ago

    So... she didn't pay the tomato

  • SuWin
    SuWin 1 month ago

    I love this song it's so cool and the Animation is also very nice! <3^^

  • Selena Moon
    Selena Moon 1 month ago

    I literally forget the name of this song and searched tomatoes and this came out

  • Classic 9
    Classic 9 1 month ago

    I like the song soooooo much I can't stop listening to it.

  • Lorraine Brunner
    Lorraine Brunner 1 month ago

    now excuse me while i go eat all the tomatoes in the fridge....🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

  • Moonlightpetal Cherry

    How is that tomato not squished into a mush yet....?

  • guidinglightfilms
    guidinglightfilms 1 month ago

    what did we learn today?. tomatoes are op

  • Sans Kat
    Sans Kat 1 month ago


  • Caitlyn R
    Caitlyn R 1 month ago


    Just another little girl with a big imagination who thinks she can save the world from her imaginary monsters
    And every becomes nicer because of her great imagination
    :3 good righ?

  • Pyro Grimm
    Pyro Grimm 1 month ago

    super sonic tomatoes to the rescue!!! XD

  • hosneara begum
    hosneara begum 1 month ago

    I'm crying..... where'd the tomato go


    Poor tamato its been thrown at monsters snd dropped


  • Pyro Grimm
    Pyro Grimm 1 month ago

    who knew tomatoes were this good for you?

  • Malena Ferro
    Malena Ferro 1 month ago

    tus canciones me encantan.

  • Pushy Wopitime
    Pushy Wopitime 1 month ago


  • Peter Strawn
    Peter Strawn 1 month ago

    Did you animate it

  • Luna Denisse The Darck Rose

    She is great

  • Huy Ngo
    Huy Ngo 1 month ago

    She forgot to pay the tomato anyway.

  • Owen Ryder
    Owen Ryder 1 month ago

    This is why you eat your veggies kids.

  • Zahra Normansyah
    Zahra Normansyah 1 month ago

    waiting for Lindsey vs godzilla, dissapointed

  • EniChe
    EniChe 1 month ago

    should that girl look like lindsey? Im not thinking its bad, just weird

  • Snorf88 Waverman
    Snorf88 Waverman 1 month ago

    if you think about it, she only took one small bite of the tomato. So think about what would happen if she had eaten the entire thing. She would have become extremely godlike.

  • Yandere Chan
    Yandere Chan 1 month ago

    y does it look like this whole song is about a tomato

  • PixiPuff
    PixiPuff 1 month ago

    See kids, this is what we call an acid run.

  • Michele
    Michele 1 month ago

    her songs are always so inspiring

  • Mr Invader
    Mr Invader 1 month ago


  • karim15343
    karim15343 1 month ago

    there not even paing for those tomato's there just straight up stealing them

  • Max Rabe
    Max Rabe 1 month ago

    Ah this was the one I couldn't remember I really like this one actually

  • WoWShamanify
    WoWShamanify 1 month ago

    Looks like FLCL on drugs. Did anyone notice all these japanese signs? Or the art which i think is a mixture of western carton and anime? :D And the music is great! And the monsters look like they are parodies of nintendo game monsters and/or Godzilla. So much Japan in here guys.

  • World Domination
    World Domination 1 month ago

    *Thinks* What if she ate the whole tomato...
    *Also thinks* This is what happens when girls don't get their food in time...

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