Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #33 - Black Ice !

Due to popular demand, I'm uploading another of these car crash accident compilations. These are mostly from the US, and Russia. These crashes are caused by black ice, snow, and cold and slippery weather. Enjoy!

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Author Vincenzo Salvatore Dragotta ( ago)
"Deja vu, I've just been in this place before
Higher on the street, and I know it's my time to go"!

Author MC_Q Playz ( ago)
1:25 to 1:27 is actually kinda funny

Author MC_Q Playz ( ago)
I bet these people got Fs in learning Bcz they always say to drive slow and safely in the winter 🙄🙄

Author Isadore DOWNING ( ago)

Author Brown Recluse ( ago)
I don't know what's worse, russian roads or russian drivers.

Author Kaitie Michelle ( ago)
The last one "oh shit gtfo gtfo gtfo gtfo"

Author Tomás Coronado ( ago)
The last one was wonderful.

Author Josh B ( ago)
How can so many people be so stupid so often????

Author ɴɪɢʜᴛᴄᴏʀᴇᴊɪɴx ( ago)
It's pretty sad how in Russia people are just so used to car crashes they aren't even shocked anymore.
Fucking hardcore.

Author defcon999 ( ago)
Russen sind zu doof zum Scheissen!!!! Das ist ja Einer blöder als der Andere .....

Author Cc Cc ( ago)
Bylate > i learned new word 🌚

Author kay2382 ( ago)

Author Zine El Abidine ( ago)
blaaad ... hopaaaaa

Author LSZocker2009 ( ago)
Die Russen und ihre Sprache XD

Author 1000hpHONDA ( ago)
10:56, How on Earth do you crash there? Looks like you steered right into the back of the truck. All you had to do was not use any brake or gas and simply lightly steer...

Author M Bro ( ago)
@2:25 impressed by the coolness factor of the guy with his hands in his pockets

Author Christian Hopkins ( ago)
1:26 wheeeeeeeee!

Author Armadyl Featherbreeze ( ago)
9:39 Ambulance already on scene lol

Do they give toddlers drivers licenses in russia?

Author Ksk Boy ( ago)
My first car was wrecked because this dumb person hit me and my car was an Audi

Author Marco Polo ( ago)
This is mother Russiaaaaa!

Author Platii ( ago)
lol it's all russians

Author Gazooo29 ( ago)
Where are these places? Looks like Russia,czechia,ukraine etc

Author TheDrummerman1951 ( ago)
You wonder if these idiots know what slow down means?

Author TVegaC ( ago)
it really annoys me when people pass red lights AT THAT SPEED. I get that you will pass it when you have double checked if there is no car coming but if you just pass it like that you must be tremendously stupid.

Author Hiago Abreu ( ago)
Agora me diz pra que essa pressa andando no gelo ?

Author great star ( ago)
buy one of the best tires for winter. or this will happen... ( the vid)

Author michel dieuze ( ago)
you drive too fast idiot!

Author c5back9 ( ago)
Russians can't drive.

Author Neale Clark ( ago)
Two words "Excessive Vodka".

Author Disgusting videos ( ago)
nice video

Author Mark Cooper ( ago)
No you know why Russia is still a shitty third world country

Author High Frequency ( ago)
The swerve to the left usually kicks things in motion before the crash happens

Author BertBot NY ( ago)
Worst friggen, drunk, retarded drivers ever... thank you for all the videos!

Author Allie Bun ( ago)
90% of the accidents could easily have been avoided if they would SLOW DOWN.

Author beefstrudel ( ago)
9:36 they're listening to No Doubt. hahaha

Author Bmtp27 ( ago)
Stupid ass Russians

Author Alexis Jordan Schreiner ( ago)
Any1 know the song at 10:31?

Author fllipinissprintin ( ago)
Anyone else surprised that 90%of this if not all of it takes place in Europe for Canada.

Author Reparatii Frigidere Chirita ( ago)
Super tare !

Author teepicgamer73 ( ago)
I'd say 50% of crashes were from idiots, 40% by the conditions, and 10% were either both, or something completely out of this world, ie. The trucks wheel that falls off

Author SpencerPlaneBain ( ago)
5:46 radio bass drops as the car hits the snow😂

Author ASS KUM ( ago)
The last one was insurance fraud for sure

Author Kirk Young ( ago)
These crashes are not caused by the weather. These crashes are caused by dumb-ass drivers.

Author Frost Wolf ( ago)
The speed is big Problem in Russia

Author Prenses ( ago)
8:36 E - Drift :D

Author Jason Voorhees ( ago)
when in doubt go fast as possible

Author Jeff S ( ago)
Russians listen to some awful music.

Author Kica Jimenez ( ago)
no entiendo....a que velocidad tendrian que ir.? un poco imprudentes manejar en esas condiciones no?

Author mark James ( ago)
Someone from Russia wanna tell me how much car insurance is per yr/month ? I pay 70 a month Canadian.

Author Chris Doyle ( ago)
Remind me never to go to Russia. They have to be some of the worst drivers on the planet.

Author James Devlin ( ago)
In Russia if you can breath you can drive

Author Damian Dobrowolski ( ago)
Ruskim rower dac a nie samochód

Author TroyMclore ( ago)
1: no winter tires?
2: no dirving liscence?
3: speed to high!
4: are they all stupid?

Author Grant Joe ( ago)
I love watching you dumb cunts crash

Author johnnie walker ( ago)
i would say youre safe when yore obeying the laws of traffic plus some reason while driving

Author YouKnow Who ( ago)
Farmers, we know a thing or two cause we've seen a thing or two

Author SfarcopoliS ( ago)
and again a lot of Russian crashes lolll

Author Jezza ( ago)

Author Mikael Falkenberg ( ago)
Who need comedy clubs or rent funny movies when all you need is to start youtube and watch russians drive cars.

Author Peanut Romano ( ago)
جاي من طرف خالد العليان

Author ManSnowdrift ( ago)
Зачем пиндосы гололед черным льдом называют?

Author vShark7 ( ago)
غشمان يا رجل !

Author Jeremy Berlanga ( ago)
UK crashes don't count... they all suck at driving... need more USA crashes since that is rare

Author KWT ( ago)
It is snow, you and your driving skills are not better than snow and ice. Some people need to know that.

Author Franke609 ( ago)
2:45 is that a person flying from that car?

Author Brandy 17 ( ago)
the about 5th one with the car sliding and did not hit annything make be laugh😂

Author Flaxvert and Mini Flax Adventures ( ago)

Author Jahmela Stenson ( ago)
Www.gofundme/youngcouplerobbed ❤️💙

Author Paul T ( ago)
How the fuk does anyone get anywhere in Russia??????

Author JD Worx ( ago)
Video description: These crashes are caused by black ice, snow, and cold and slippery weather

Reality: These crashes are caused by dickhead drivers.

Author Brian Aitchison ( ago)
Why are Russians so dumb that they do not realize you have to slow down when driving on ice.

Author 4640jds ( ago)
Mostly from the US and Russia?  They're ALL from Russia!

Author Donald Trump's Bedwench ( ago)
why are they driving so fast
slow the fuck down ASSHOLES

Author Indy Carr ( ago)
People, before you start on a green light, look left, right, then left again, don't count on people stopping. The driver at 8:05 could have avoided that collision is she looked left, right, left before hitting the gas.

Author Indy Carr ( ago)
Some people are FLIPPING idiots! Slow the hell down morons! And I swear, some of these collisions could be avoided if the drivers were paying attention.

Author Ryan Kercher ( ago)
Ice = go FASTER!

Author антон кудрин ( ago)
Зима оцтой

Author Trevor Brent ( ago)
Ohh those Russians...

Author cowens00able ( ago)
you mfers need drivers lessons

Author t4705mb6 ( ago)
Now remember people; If the roads are snowy icy and dangerous make sure you drive really really fast and always recklessly!
Oh yeah! Have about six vodkas before stumbling behind the wheel and NEVER wear your seat belt.

Author Giii Hhgi ( ago)

Author Özhan Seyhan ( ago)
this sons of bitches deserving accident. look how fast they going in that snow what a retards

Author troyswanner666 ( ago)
these idiots need to slow down and learn how to drive in the snow

Author Vehicle Virgins ( ago)

Author Mario Huhn ( ago)
Russia, so, no wonder

Author Джордан Пикфорд ( ago)
на 8.42 коза ойкает 😂😂😂. все лихачи здесь ... жмут в пол

Author kamaradski1 ( ago)
the first black ice compilation without a single black ice clip, well done

Author Steven Wilson ( ago)
Russian men only good for drinking vodka and their women just for fucking. Worthless country.

Author 2000 teiki ( ago)
You guys have no choice!
It's crazy.

Author Detroit Dawg ( ago)
Lmao Russians listen to alot of techno

Author 02Nawal ( ago)
Slow down you dumb Russian bitches

Author Viper Romani ( ago) leave it to the moronic dramatic idiots in the US to enjoy this crap... russians yeah who cares just as arrogant and retarded as people in the US

Author junaid ali ( ago)
this is very danger acciden

Author junaid ali ( ago)

Author Nicknack A ( ago)
I'm thinking there is a lesson to be learned here.......maybe slow down and pay attention? Looks like these people got their licenses out of a Crackerjack box!

Author Austin Tibbits ( ago)
The ones that are dead silent then theres just a random car going sideways into your lane 😂

Author Saini ( ago)
speeding in snow wtf do you expect to happen cunts

Author Wyber Ms ( ago)
0:40 кто сука там дерево посадил?

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