Donald Trump Plays 'Where's Waldo?'

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  • Dennis Rodman is visiting North Korea and brought some gifts with him including the book 'Where's Waldo?' We don't know if Trump has read 'Where's Waldo?' but we feel like he has, because we've noticed that when he gives a speech he always seems to be playing it.

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    Donald Trump Plays 'Where's Waldo?'
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Comments: 50

  • Mad Boy
    Mad Boy 5 days ago

    Trump just whooped your white guilt ridden ass again, jimmy...

  • MEDiAgamer
    MEDiAgamer 7 days ago

    This is terrible! after what happened to Otto Warmbier he should have cancelled this trip!

  • M B
    M B 7 days ago

    Hilarious hahaha

  • Ville Hytönen
    Ville Hytönen 7 days ago

    You forgot: "Where is Mike" when he was sitting the opposite side of the table in the cabinet meeting.

  • darklord60411
    darklord60411 8 days ago

    paid 10 cents for my Trump book

    HAIRCUT 10 days ago

    Trump is always looking for people because nobody wants to be around that assclown.

  • Chao Feng
    Chao Feng 10 days ago

    I bet Kim speaks English. He studied at Switzerland.

  • julian hobrough
    julian hobrough 10 days ago

    Tony Schwartz wrote Art of the Deal and was so disgusted with Trump, he almost didn't finish. There's a clip of Schwartz presenting a talk about the regrettable experience at the Oxford Union.

  • Seth Bryant
    Seth Bryant 10 days ago

    The table looks like a really sad silent auction

  • Marcus Wright
    Marcus Wright 11 days ago

    I still love Jimmy Kimmel as he more genuinely funny than all most all the late night show hosts. But pandering to a small minority of whiny SJW's just to beat Stephen Colbert's ratings? Damn man. This is just stale man and you are way better than this.

  • ETHAN_ Vargas 84
    ETHAN_ Vargas 84 11 days ago

    click bait... taught Trump was actually going to be in the show if you know what I mean

  • Heiko van Hamme
    Heiko van Hamme 11 days ago

    What r they laughing about?

  • NewCanadianTurtle
    NewCanadianTurtle 11 days ago

    The liberals should play a game called "where's the Russians?"
    A game where they'll forever lose because there's no proof. Don't be mad homie, truth hurts

    • Slamz Dunk
      Slamz Dunk 10 days ago

      Somebody has spiked the football way too soon.

  • Izzy P
    Izzy P 11 days ago

    Where's is Leo?

  • Floppy Bird
    Floppy Bird 11 days ago


  • Estonian Smile
    Estonian Smile 11 days ago

    1:51 looking for his mate overseas

  • ZD Florida
    ZD Florida 11 days ago

    Like= Nothing
    Sub= Oh Thanks

  • Joanna Barbara Jòzefa Lach


  • Kieran Bugg
    Kieran Bugg 11 days ago

    Trump can't find Waldo because he deported him

  • Landscapes_
    Landscapes_ 11 days ago

    Next let's play "Where's the cheeto"
    Donald should look pointedly at himself.

    • antonela bakavic
      antonela bakavic 6 days ago

      +silvergold fuckoff  naaaah, I'm not anyone's supporter. I am not even American. but ,looking from here across the Atlantic, it seems that no one knows who is actually leading US. I don't say that European countries governments are also not corrupted but US government is one of the most corrupted and it has been like that for centuries, especially last five decades

    • silvergold fuckoff
      silvergold fuckoff 6 days ago

      antonela bakavic we got a trump supporter triggered xD

    • antonela bakavic
      antonela bakavic 6 days ago

      Landscapes_ and he should also point at all of the Senat,all ex senators,CIA,FBI, all living ex presidents after Kennedy...and ofcourse at Hillary and all of her supporters.

  • Cancun771
    Cancun771 11 days ago

    Kim Jong Un was educated at a European private school, in Switzerland if I recall correctly. I'd be very surprised if he didn't speak English.

    • Crash Dummi
      Crash Dummi 6 days ago

      He most likely attended le Rose. It is an IB system which is taught in British English. I go to an IB school.

    • F U
      F U 7 days ago

      Jason it amazes me why some people are so willing to show us their ignorance and stupidity. I imagine not only did he speak North Korean before he took the throne, my guess is it was his first language. Just a guess though

    • McDonald Trumpepe
      McDonald Trumpepe 7 days ago

      Jason Johnston, this dude said that North Korean and Swiss are languages lmao

  • Naik Michel
    Naik Michel 11 days ago

    This looks like a terrible photoshop job on the table with those books :/

  • Joe Fangers
    Joe Fangers 11 days ago

    Kim Jong Un murdered his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, by firing squad. He also murdered his defence minister Hyon Yong Chol for falling asleep during a military ceremony.
    Death by firing squad isn't unusual. Indonesia still executes people that way. What makes Kim Jong Un (or as I like to call him, King Jam Bun) different is that the 'firing squad' uses anti-aircraft guns.

    • Nael Dababneh
      Nael Dababneh 10 days ago


    • Nael Dababneh
      Nael Dababneh 10 days ago

      Ewoksson yuyuuu

    • Ewoksson
      Ewoksson 11 days ago

      Blowing the brains of their citizens into space is the closest North Korea will ever be to space.

  • jamlogic
    jamlogic 11 days ago


  • Dario Courtney
    Dario Courtney 12 days ago

    Rodmans the Man Man!!

  • Herpy derp
    Herpy derp 12 days ago


  • Qwinnly 288
    Qwinnly 288 12 days ago


  • Steven Lam
    Steven Lam 12 days ago

    this mans gave him soap because he knew kimmy got them dirty bombs

  • TheGamingHubDV0UR
    TheGamingHubDV0UR 12 days ago

    Omgg 😆😆😆😂😂

  • dat_suicidal_boi 666

    Yurrrrr herd

  • The Experts
    The Experts 12 days ago


  • Fallen Angels
    Fallen Angels 12 days ago


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