Putting the animals to bed - Fluttershy Leans In

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  • Micah Buenaventura
    Micah Buenaventura 3 days ago

    why are only pony related and mythical creatures are the only things that can talk

  • Princess Cadance
    Princess Cadance 15 days ago

    that sloth is adorable.

  • Maria Clayton
    Maria Clayton 1 month ago


  • GazpachoMacho
    GazpachoMacho 1 month ago

    That giraffe is so cute.

  • Aija Weeler
    Aija Weeler 1 month ago

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  • Melissa Román
    Melissa Román 1 month ago

    omg the fact that zecora, being a zebra, is a talking creature, and this giraffe is just like an "ordinary animal" is so confusing XD

  • Bronybrotherforever
    Bronybrotherforever 1 month ago

    The giraffe in this episode just proves that there are other animals from africa besides zecora living in equestria.

  • ahmed kaled
    ahmed kaled 1 month ago


  • Denjired
    Denjired 1 month ago

    Uhm, Fluttershy, there's a soon-to-be-dead fish in the coffee cup, you might wanna check that?

  • Rougamaru
    Rougamaru 1 month ago

    It's moments like this that make you fall in love with Fluttershy all over again! XD

    • Ariel OwO
      Ariel OwO 1 month ago

      Rougamaru Lol

    • Rougamaru
      Rougamaru 1 month ago

      Aye laddy, she's a real cutie that lil' lassy! XD

    • Ariel OwO
      Ariel OwO 1 month ago

      dontrequest oh

    • dontrequest
      dontrequest 1 month ago

      I rather have eyes for Gina Giraffe.

  • crichie21
    crichie21 1 month ago

    she should be a nurse aid

  • Kraggeraa -
    Kraggeraa - 1 month ago

    I SURE hope it's just hugging her!

  • randomyoshi
    randomyoshi 1 month ago

    I love it when Fluttershy shows her determination.

    • luzvhen15
      luzvhen15 1 month ago

      You cant spell 'determination' without 'termination'...

      It's funny because I love genocide =)

    • usuario 2143545
      usuario 2143545 1 month ago

      randomyoshi [ insert undertale determination joke here ]

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