Can iPhone 7 Survive 100 FT Drop Test Frozen in Mountain Dew? Frozen Two Months!!

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  • Elizabeth Espinal
    Elizabeth Espinal 7 hours ago

    🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🤕😝😝😝😝😝🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 you said duenes.!!!¡

  • SubZero Doesdestiny
    SubZero Doesdestiny 7 hours ago

    When he poured the Mountain Dew into the bowl who else felt like they had to piss after?😂😂

  • Hamza Ki Vidz
    Hamza Ki Vidz 17 hours ago

    Amazing it survived......

  • Jenne Myles
    Jenne Myles 22 hours ago

    He just gets a iPhone at any time and destroys it , I'm so lucky (actually blessed) to have this iPhone 6 😭😭

  • Drake Walsh
    Drake Walsh 1 day ago

    i dont even have a phone

  • Unicorny Oveson
    Unicorny Oveson 1 day ago

    I hate frozen things, I just thought you should know that.

  • Alkid Alija
    Alkid Alija 1 day ago

    Good video

  • JustWasted3HoursHere

    Why am I watching this retarded shit?


  • Mr Millionaire
    Mr Millionaire 2 days ago

    he ate that off the street

  • T. Lex
    T. Lex 3 days ago

    wow , and i am here with a screen shattered in so many areas and the actual screen is coming out that i dropped NOT 100ft but a mere 3 feet (waist down ). But of course i didn't have mountain dew to protect it..

  • Wyoming McAfee
    Wyoming McAfee 3 days ago


  • Luke Roddie
    Luke Roddie 4 days ago

    The only one who has just done that

  • Crazy Girl
    Crazy Girl 4 days ago

    Me: Why do I even watch these?
    Inner me: Because science

  • Fuzze up
    Fuzze up 4 days ago

    no it wont survive

  • Drew M.
    Drew M. 4 days ago

    I want your shirt

  • Esha Umran
    Esha Umran 5 days ago


  • RoxAna Roxy
    RoxAna Roxy 5 days ago


  • Ayden Price
    Ayden Price 5 days ago

    He is like ok got a new I phone 7 for 600 bucks next day ok got a new iPhone 7

  • Ayden Price
    Ayden Price 5 days ago

    Ik how does he buy all these phones

  • Lol Wtf
    Lol Wtf 6 days ago

    waht abotu fountian pew

  • santiago salazar
    santiago salazar 6 days ago


  • santiago salazar
    santiago salazar 6 days ago

    regalarme 1 telefono

  • Christian R.
    Christian R. 6 days ago

    who else looks forward to coming in the comments section to read all the salty bitches complaining about how they are so poor and how it is so selfish to drop these phones on purpose, like honestly bitch get yourself the same job as them before u start complaining.

  • Owais Jamad
    Owais Jamad 6 days ago

    ik subscribed liked nofication

  • Owais Jamad
    Owais Jamad 6 days ago

    can i get iPhone 6 plus please i have a Samsung core 2

  • CadeWassabi
    CadeWassabi 7 days ago

    No u had 1 iPhone 7 XD 1 iphone 7 plus

  • Deewa Yousufzai
    Deewa Yousufzai 7 days ago

    Such a waste of 💰

  • Gaming with Aks
    Gaming with Aks 7 days ago

    He ate the ice off the iPhone which was fallen on the damn road!

  • Bom Basti
    Bom Basti 7 days ago

    kannst du mir eins schenken ein iPhone 7??

  • محمد ال عزاوي

    Hi Can you send me an iPhone 7 replacement allowance and thank you I hope you get one

  • FaNcY RuByZ
    FaNcY RuByZ 8 days ago

    All of the below

  • cheyenne cool
    cheyenne cool 8 days ago

    the phone will not survive

  • Hapukapsas
    Hapukapsas 8 days ago

    Why did they stop using the parking lot for the drop tests?

  • Jaylin Coney
    Jaylin Coney 9 days ago

    instead of destroying the iphones why dont you send me one because i have an android

  • The Gamer's Eye
    The Gamer's Eye 9 days ago

    4:11 that sounds like a song waiting to happen

  • The Gamer's Eye
    The Gamer's Eye 9 days ago

    1:08 that sounds so wrong xD

  • Max Bowen
    Max Bowen 9 days ago

    The mountain dews probaly expired

  • Ken Field
    Ken Field 9 days ago

    you watch tiny rick toooo

  • Galaxy _Gaming
    Galaxy _Gaming 9 days ago

    So we learnt something...

    Mtn dew is mlg and a good phone case

  • tony ingram
    tony ingram 10 days ago


  • Deandra Merritt
    Deandra Merritt 10 days ago

    Your channel is a waist of time Wasting money on a very expensive phone and dropping it from a very high distance.its called purposely throwing away your money.if you can spend your money aimlessly like that it is probably very easy for you to help those who are less fortunate 😡😡😡😡😡

  • Zack Tack
    Zack Tack 10 days ago

    Help my dog needs surgery :(

  • Eli Plays -Roblox and more

    Who loves the distruction?

  • Sabrina Villa
    Sabrina Villa 11 days ago

    no it doesn't

  • Epic Ocelot AJ
    Epic Ocelot AJ 11 days ago

    I want to drink "This Thing." Now am I talking about the Mountain Dew or the iPhone 7?

  • Mariam Al muhairi
    Mariam Al muhairi 11 days ago

    You are just wasting money 💰

  • Dinosaur Nerd
    Dinosaur Nerd 11 days ago


  • Nicholas Nieves
    Nicholas Nieves 11 days ago

    Why would you waste all that money to break phones for just a YouTube video

  • Alayna Charlton
    Alayna Charlton 11 days ago

    Can I plz have it I only have a. Samsung 1 so plz I'm in need of it btw I love all of ur videos and u

  • Cinder Owlwishes
    Cinder Owlwishes 12 days ago

    Wait two months?!!?

  • Nykolas Molder
    Nykolas Molder 12 days ago


  • Taylor Church's life

    Ok I'm in 36 seconds and I already don't think it will run on because liquids damage phones so I don't think it will work

  • Adam Kafi
    Adam Kafi 12 days ago

    4:08 is that an owl? 😂

  • Mrmr Squirtle
    Mrmr Squirtle 13 days ago

    I am trying to get a phone but I only have a flip phone

  • I Am Tattletail
    I Am Tattletail 13 days ago

    MLG saves phones.

  • Cole Brooker
    Cole Brooker 13 days ago

    TINY RICK!!!!!

  • Zara Chawla
    Zara Chawla 13 days ago

    You changed the phone

  • Husna Khan
    Husna Khan 13 days ago


  • inteshar moinuddin
    inteshar moinuddin 13 days ago

    great videp

  • zahra putri family
    zahra putri family 13 days ago

    i think its not survive

  • λlψκ-dεsιɢπs
    λlψκ-dεsιɢπs 13 days ago

    drop is at 4:02

  • YouTube Is Swag
    YouTube Is Swag 14 days ago

    the noise when he was pouring in the Mountain Dew

  • Jay Playz
    Jay Playz 14 days ago

    its called water damage

  • the funny video
    the funny video 14 days ago

    The dog is stuck!!!!

  • Elsye Tuuk
    Elsye Tuuk 15 days ago

    its that your dog?

  • DerpyCatTaco happycat


  • Freya Fritsch
    Freya Fritsch 15 days ago

    and yet i drop my phone from my lap and it breaks

  • Sophia Lingrosso
    Sophia Lingrosso 15 days ago

    I think it will not survive

  • Kristen Jeffers
    Kristen Jeffers 15 days ago

    I think it will survive

  • Paola Verde
    Paola Verde 15 days ago


  • Black Gtr
    Black Gtr 15 days ago

    at first I thought it was gonna survive than u said 2 months and I was like NOPE

  • life review
    life review 15 days ago

    This dude used to live with his parents now sleeps in a trailer

  • madhura karekar
    madhura karekar 16 days ago

    Pls giveaway this iphone 7to me

  • Charlie Trapspring
    Charlie Trapspring 16 days ago

    Can an iPhone survive the one hundred foot drop test in Trigglypuffs ass crack

  • Vladimir S
    Vladimir S 16 days ago


  • Ayva Perdomo
    Ayva Perdomo 16 days ago

    an iPhone 7 will never break that is how they were made hahahahahahahahaha

  • MAXIMO60
    MAXIMO60 16 days ago

    I know how to put the phone right about in the middle of the container so it doesn't stay just on the bottom. hit me a msg if u want to know...

  • Jillian Wahlfors
    Jillian Wahlfors 16 days ago

    No no

  • Top Everything
    Top Everything 16 days ago


  • Katelyn Keating
    Katelyn Keating 16 days ago

    Bc iPhone 7's are waterproof

  • Julie Easby
    Julie Easby 17 days ago

    no i dont

  • Venom Seeker
    Venom Seeker 17 days ago

    I was more interested in the dog in the background

  • Christopher Bowerson

    I think it would break

  • gamertamer 60
    gamertamer 60 17 days ago


  • Shaquan Williams
    Shaquan Williams 17 days ago

    sir vive

  • M Hasnain Sial
    M Hasnain Sial 17 days ago

    i want it i can do whatever you say please please give it to me .. i'm your biggest fan and i'm not able to buy new phone please dear .God will give you more please

  • Stefan Stefano
    Stefan Stefano 17 days ago


  • skifreak
    skifreak 17 days ago

    That's awesome

  • Ashes Of Hell -Clash royale and more


  • Chayla Gaming
    Chayla Gaming 18 days ago

    this thing and this thing and this thing and oh don't forget this thing

  • Apple Blossom
    Apple Blossom 18 days ago


  • Tomara The Wolf
    Tomara The Wolf 18 days ago

    So we this thing and dis this and put dis in dis in and many hours later KABOOM and friken epic

  • Clara Flammae
    Clara Flammae 18 days ago

    You look like my band director. No lie. The only difference is you are skinnier and your hair is somewhat darker.

  • Clayton Davidson
    Clayton Davidson 18 days ago

    put dis fing in dis fing and den put dis fing in dis fing and wif dis fing we do dis fing and kabroom!

  • Julieonna Gardner
    Julieonna Gardner 18 days ago



    you ate something that had fall down!!!! ewww😷

  • Red Ash
    Red Ash 18 days ago

    fake as winrar lincense

  • Denis Canaku
    Denis Canaku 18 days ago

    it didnt servive the best things and it survived from an energy drink

  • X Vlogs
    X Vlogs 18 days ago

    Tiny rick!

  • Levi Helmick
    Levi Helmick 19 days ago

    the dog is like me in a Kik group

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