White girls twerkin

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yeah i messed up the song its been a while since i heard it oops


Author Joe Harvey (2 months)
Just cummed my pants

Author Phil Henderson (4 years)
no doubt....check ya way id keep speakin wit u on the

Author Neka Alston (4 years)
@GQvizoXX wanna not say niggers . kthnx . its offensive you dumb shit .

Author TheRodification (3 years)

Author Joey Scott (3 years)
@MRORTIZBEATS if you noice in the video...the dope dealer is that dude with
that WILD ASS HAIR. LOL he have all of his crack head white girls HIGH AS A

Author Neka Alston (4 years)
@fellow2k Kuz i'm def a girl right ?? exacatly i'm a girl and i have a
boyfriend so excuse you asshole . i don't jerk off to girls nor guys . soo
lmfao how about u get a bitch u fucking loser . get outta ur moms basement
and get a job .

Author tylon cooper (2 years)
god damm her booty got really big great video u know how to twerk that thing

Author LandoSkyy (3 years)
i can do it better ima post a vid bby :)

Author Tim Jones (3 years)
Holy sweet lord, beautiful booties. amazing ladies, all had some nice
asses, girl in tight black leggings, and the short blue booty shorts got me

Author Neka Alston (4 years)
@kateylovesaustin lmao i do have a job . and i'm only in 11th grade soo . i
wudnt be hating kuz i can dance better than that . only reason i dnt hv
videos up is kuz my bf wud get tight . soo . u can suck my dick . hold it .
like the good little slut u r :)

Author Tylon Cooper (1 year)
old girl booty got really big

Author Neka Alston (4 years)
@fellow2k lmao wow u went mad hard for no reason . get a life freak . haha
. im not gunna kill myself so u wnt see me on channel 5 news . but i can
catch ur mom on those porn websites since she loves sucking dick . lml shes
a hoe :) . damn ur whole fam is fucked up .

Author kkgills2004 (3 years)
LMAO>>>>>LMAO>>>>> get it. :)

Author littledred90 (4 years)
good job!!

Author Tez Roberts (4 years)
@kateylovesaustin wats gud boo love ya vids check ya inbox hit me up
sumtime boo

Author nelly solider (4 years)
@orion2006w.. u dont even know us n u call us somethin we aint so yea thats
hatin u fuckin reatard if u aint got nothin nice to say dont say it at all

Author myfightlife (3 years)

Author c93motley1 (3 years)
all white girls should learn from this video lol

Author Neka Alston (4 years)
@kateylovesaustin or how about u get a real job anf life and stopping
sucking dick u slut :)

Author Aaron Rowland (3 years)
they like being called HOESS LOL

Author famous3 (3 years)
My goodness!

Author Dema S. (2 years)

Author Veronica R (3 years)
The chick with the hat saved em.

Author candymane92 (4 years)
it was sexy white gurlz are sexy all yall hatin for no reason

Author nelly solider (4 years)
lol thanks a lot!

Author rogersamber26 (4 years)
P3Rr i lIk3 DiSs sHiI !! AlL Th3s3OtH3R WhIt3 GiRlS CaN DaNc3 Th3y n33Da
sToP BuT yaLl gOoD ShOuLd cH3Ck oUhhT mY ViDo3'Z!!

Author FlashBlue_USA (4 years)
the blonde with the hat got a FATTY damn...

Author ShadowIdiosyncratic (3 years)
who cares what the haters say im black and when i see a sexy white girl
twerk i dont got a problem with it i love white girls i could never be

Author ShadowIdiosyncratic (3 years)
@ljsmixbox44 get off my dick they sexy like i said nobody even talkin to or
about you. damn u is just a dick ridin ass mothafucka stay off my nutts if
u dont like the video dont watch it bitch

Author lionclaw77 (3 years)
These white girls where thick and they tried. I'm not hatin'

Author obarbie (4 years)
@smpur2 black boys and black guys + other black black boys / black guys and
goats .. always n forever! (no one want the black) black boys and black
guys love goats and other black boys and thats how its always gonna be from
now on baby!.. (LOSER SPAMMER BLACK BOYS LIKE SMPUR23 cant not even get
that LOL)!

Author TheRulersBack18 (3 years)
They're all good, but I think the one with "gymnast" on her ass is the

Author smpur2 (4 years)
Whitegirls love Blackmen & Blackguys! Whitewomen love Blackmen & Blackguys!

Author Chris k (4 years)
if i was dude in the red i would of hopped behind one FORREAL...

Author Isaiah B (3 years)
Yoo Yall Killed This Like Foreal Yo lOl.

Author bearcatdlp2009 (3 years)
Good job ladies I love me some white girls who can dance

Author Aaron Rowland (3 years)
these gilrs only like blackguys these days is because of all that hip hop
bull shyt lol there all stupid with some stink ugly niggg

Author brell bovain (3 years)
ayyyyy thats what im talking about ! yal did good ! didnt know white girls
can dance but yal can ! twerk somthing ! No Homo

Author JRWolfgang1 (2 years)
id fuck wit all these hoes bro

Author krackizcookin (3 years)
who the one in the hat

Author Casey Thomas (2 years)
White girls can boogie too!!! They can ROCK!!! And they can SHAKE IT!!!

Author Alexaa Laloss (2 years)
dammm blondie wit the hat & gray jeans was killin it !! sit on ma faceeee
lmao she can TWERKK

Author said banks (4 years)
well yall did your thing

Author 324tv (4 years)
where yall from

Author Aaron Rowland (3 years)
I love thhese white gurls

Author Neka Alston (4 years)
whores . :]

Author thirdshift47 (3 years)
What's this--a wigger rally?LMAO "You a baaaaad bitch."lol

Author Beyyacera3 (3 years)
aayy yall was getttin ihhht

Author xSykonic (3 years)

Author nelly solider (4 years)
aint no one drunk in this video hun hatin ass bitches should jus sit down
and not look at my shit again ;)

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