Johnny Depp on Surprising People at Disneyland

  • Added:  1 month ago
  • Johnny talks about his disdain for watching himself in movies and reveals what actually happened when he went to Disneyland to surprise people on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

    Donald Trump vs. The Rock

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    Johnny Depp on Surprising People at Disneyland
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Comments: 878

  • mai lor
    mai lor 3 days ago

    if disney fired johnny depp tjey wont find anothrt as good as deop

  • Φλωρα Ταφ
    Φλωρα Ταφ 11 days ago

    He is perfect!!😍

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 11 days ago

    Captain Barbosa: Hah! Can't walk on land. I'm better undead rather than you. (Drinks alcohol and smashes the bottle)

  • Donald Conteh
    Donald Conteh 11 days ago

    Don't care what critics say this movie was great

  • JackNiteEagle
    JackNiteEagle 12 days ago

    1:30-1:36 System failure

  • Christha Meirin
    Christha Meirin 13 days ago

    damn..he is stunning as his movies

  • Not Yours
    Not Yours 14 days ago

    Johnny is my favorite actor❤

  • I am Darren Wilson Wilson

    I loved this movie. I'd say it's equal to the rest. They're all really cool.

  • Wade
    Wade 15 days ago

    "ghosts aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"
    Welcome to the world of the Pirates of the Caribbean.... the dead have been walking for like a decade now.

  • lovely Mygril
    lovely Mygril 15 days ago

    wait sparrow part6 love depp from thai

  • Kirin Rangiah
    Kirin Rangiah 15 days ago

    Critics seem to hate these movies alot but Fans just love these movies except the 4th one. But if you were to think about it these movie are not made for a critical analysis but for the fans who want a fun swashbuckling movie.

    Overall this is how I explain this. "They are the movies critics dislike but the ones the fans love and deserve"

  • Sasha Kanetani
    Sasha Kanetani 16 days ago

    lol idk about no reaction i watched the video hes talking about and every female was screaming johnny johnny jonny

  • Ariel Garcia
    Ariel Garcia 17 days ago

    He's such a good actor, I cried during blow haha. My fav movie

  • Xiomara Arbelaez
    Xiomara Arbelaez 19 days ago

    xq no se hablar inglés 😭😭😭😭😭

  • badfinger brofinger


  • Blabbing Mouth
    Blabbing Mouth 21 day ago

    Why does he look so good??😍😂😍😍❤️

  • Mike Dearing
    Mike Dearing 23 days ago

    Johnny Depp is an absolute legend

  • We Slice and Dice
    We Slice and Dice 23 days ago

    The more he speaks the more I think he has slight Down syndrome

  • Robert Sterner
    Robert Sterner 24 days ago

  • Ethel
    Ethel 26 days ago

    "Do you love clicking buttons blah blah blah?"

    Me: Only when it's about Johnny Depp bro.

  • RomeoKissedJuliet
    RomeoKissedJuliet 28 days ago

    wanna see how fast I would jump off a boat? 😂

  • Dewey Wilkerson
    Dewey Wilkerson 29 days ago

    this is hilarious

  • Reece Clive
    Reece Clive 1 month ago

    He's what 53?! Man he looks so young and so amazing!😩😍

  • margomarie1
    margomarie1 1 month ago

    wow. they have really been working on his appearance.

  • Mr.Froggy
    Mr.Froggy 1 month ago

    loved the movie. Its got great scenes like the execution scene was just so epic. Classic Jack Sparrow

  • cicknave
    cicknave 1 month ago

    Is he still in character??

  • Jolar70
    Jolar70 1 month ago

    The underwater hair on the lead ghost is FREAKY looking! Cool idea.

  • Lei Corbeza
    Lei Corbeza 1 month ago

    my love forever 😢😢

  • Mellow Ed
    Mellow Ed 1 month ago

    My question is where can I get that hat

  • Angel Müniz
    Angel Müniz 1 month ago

    johnny depp stays in jack sparrow's character all the time or what lol he talks just like it

  • άνθρωπος.of.камня

    This is why i love him...He is one of the biggest Hollywood stars ever, yet he's doing stuffs like that...He is so ''down to earth''

  • Costeno Salao
    Costeno Salao 1 month ago

    He didn't get a reaction because people who go to disneyland have no soul.

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly 1 month ago

    What stupid questions.

  • youknowwhyimhere b
    youknowwhyimhere b 1 month ago

    Johnny depp is the most overrated actor along with Jennifer Laurence. He's had one good movie with a long list of BOMBS!!!

  • InBedGamer
    InBedGamer 1 month ago

    Hard to believe that man is worth 400 MILLION!

  • Zarkovich Murdoch
    Zarkovich Murdoch 1 month ago

    Muthafuckaaaaz I had to view the video to see how he surprised em not explanation

  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis 1 month ago

    He wears a lot of makeup.

  • UncleCatfishDub
    UncleCatfishDub 1 month ago

    that's exactly what I was thinking. The robot already looked exactly like him... and you go by so fast

  • Cristina Angeles
    Cristina Angeles 1 month ago

    i saw him at disney 😎😎

  • Keyboard Gladiator
    Keyboard Gladiator 1 month ago

    the only character he can play is jack sparrow

  • Doorhenge
    Doorhenge 1 month ago

    So sad, people taking out their phones and taping something. They're supposed to be in-the-moment and enjoy the experience.

  • kiyonexus
    kiyonexus 1 month ago

    Wtf! Thumbs down lame... Bs clickbait! I wanted to see the actual scaring part

  • UltimateLocke
    UltimateLocke 1 month ago

    0:02-0:04 has to be the worst CGI'ed face I have ever seen. Like common that doesn't even look semi realistic.

  • Niampha Karenin
    Niampha Karenin 1 month ago

    Christ he's back I love him

  • Citizen Of Earth
    Citizen Of Earth 1 month ago

    When a YouTube video forces me to watch a 30 minute commercial before I can watch the video, I skip the video altogether.

  • Ot3p
    Ot3p 1 month ago

    Anyone else notice he's got a medical bracelet on his left wrist? :c

  • Enora Bernard
    Enora Bernard 1 month ago

    Trend street worth though elevator democracy so poem sea.

  • Beetlejuice Sandworm

    Does Johnny Depp visit Las Vegas as Hunter S. Thompson on acid?

  • Radio Bizarro
    Radio Bizarro 1 month ago

    Jimmy Boring Live

  • Samu_CFH. anselmo
    Samu_CFH. anselmo 1 month ago

    00:06 ahahaha

  • leonard penter
    leonard penter 1 month ago

    I think the world would be in chaos if johnny depp passed away

  • JaredLeto IsLife
    JaredLeto IsLife 1 month ago


  • Raz G
    Raz G 1 month ago

    i'm pretty sure he said "butthole" 0:07

  • VibrantBass
    VibrantBass 1 month ago

    is it just me or does he kinda sound like donald trump?

  • Will Collins
    Will Collins 1 month ago

    I was expecting something interesting from this interview, maybe it's cause all the interviews get cut short so you want to watch more of this channel.

  • heresyV6
    heresyV6 1 month ago

    Did anyone notice the big mistake in the trailer at 0:40 ?
    At the beginning, his face his full of sand, as soon as he turns around to walk away, sand is gone...

  • Alan Barddeenfer
    Alan Barddeenfer 1 month ago

    So many years later and I'm still a massive fan. I really hope the new movie is good.

  • Tronci
    Tronci 1 month ago

    he just sounds drugged

  • jonathan delatorre
    jonathan delatorre 1 month ago

    Ozzy osbourne finally took over Johnny depps body.

  • Ananda Nadhira
    Ananda Nadhira 1 month ago

    ew abuser

  • Xjaiver
    Xjaiver 1 month ago

    He looks like a pirate in real life lol

  • echo orca 11
    echo orca 11 1 month ago

    Funny story... so me and my mom were at Disneyland, and she asked me if I wanted to go on pirates of the Caribbean ride. And I said "no plz mom I don't like the drop part". And she said ok. We didn't know until later that Johnny depp was there. And now my mom won't let me hear the end of it!

  • Herman Booger
    Herman Booger 1 month ago

    Johnny Depp is cool as ice but still looks like a pirate in this interview

  • RumDePirate
    RumDePirate 1 month ago

    God, he's hot

  • sigal8004
    sigal8004 1 month ago

    He looks so good again😍 Classic Johnny.

  • Jessica MB
    Jessica MB 1 month ago

    Sweet mother of pearl he is so beautiful

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 month ago


  • chrisoconnelldotnet
    chrisoconnelldotnet 1 month ago

    It doesn't help that the struggling actors they get to play Jack Sparrow out in the parks usually do a damn good jump capturing (or at least mimicking) his performance. The riders probably thought it was one of them. =P

    HOOD RAT 1 month ago

    Woman beater!

    Just joking😂

  • Bolvern
    Bolvern 1 month ago

    The new POTC movie looks good. I can't wait to see it.

  • Derivative MVs
    Derivative MVs 1 month ago

    Am I the only one thinking that clip they showed from the movie was more than a bit too cartoon-ish in the dialog for a PotC movie?

  • PapPeePow
    PapPeePow 1 month ago

    *johnny smirks everyone laughs.

  • Unknown9117 M.
    Unknown9117 M. 1 month ago

    Is he drunk? He cant speak a whole sentence clearly! its embarrissing

  • david gonzalez
    david gonzalez 1 month ago

    Search why he dont like watching himself..

  • LogicalSense
    LogicalSense 1 month ago

    sooo no disneyland footage?.......

  • D T
    D T 1 month ago

    Is Kimmels kid dead yet? One can only hope

  • zainab mustapha
    zainab mustapha 1 month ago

    he's the coolest guy ever....

  • McKayla Baker
    McKayla Baker 1 month ago

    it's pronounced Caribbean.

  • Mamie Elsa Snow
    Mamie Elsa Snow 1 month ago


  • 邹俊安
    邹俊安 1 month ago

    好不容易翻个墙,看不清楚啊 是我的网速太卡吗?怎么搞的啊

  • Kai Ninja of Fire
    Kai Ninja of Fire 1 month ago

    "Jack sparrow..."

  • Theri4444
    Theri4444 1 month ago

    I've always wondered why such disdain about watching himself in his own movies

  • CobaltBomber
    CobaltBomber 1 month ago

    he looks alot older without make up haha

  • Valentina Schmidt
    Valentina Schmidt 1 month ago

    Liberty legislative leader connect route picture say.

  • cmon wow
    cmon wow 1 month ago

    Wow this dude sure on good drug

  • Daniel Serapio
    Daniel Serapio 1 month ago

    Is he Robin Padilla?

  • First Ray of Sunlight

    wickedness surrounds the wicked

  • Much Unique Jim
    Much Unique Jim 1 month ago

    What kind of accent does he have?

  • Alyssa Boucher
    Alyssa Boucher 1 month ago

    Wow he seems so out of it.... haha gotta love Johnny Depp

  • Henry N
    Henry N 1 month ago

    cant wait to see the movie

  • Americanism Not Globalism

    Kimmel is a shill

  • navyclock
    navyclock 1 month ago

    President Trump is right 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • maalaoui ramzi
    maalaoui ramzi 1 month ago

    free download the new android application of vidéo editing from this link

  • Quirky Dragon
    Quirky Dragon 1 month ago

    Hey remember that one time Jim bashed gaming on youtube

  • Boy In The Box
    Boy In The Box 1 month ago

    Is he drunk?

  • wayneyd2
    wayneyd2 1 month ago

    Johnny Depp is back in the Pirate movie because he is broke. He has out spend what he earned.

  • Frigman Gaming
    Frigman Gaming 1 month ago

    He said Pirates of the Caribbean wrong. IM TRIGGERED

  • Peter Butler
    Peter Butler 1 month ago

    Movie name jaysis.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 month ago

    So in the interview is he drunk or high or both? Or is Johnny Depp retarded? I can't tell.

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