Dare Devil Dive Virtual Reality Roller Coaster POV New Revolution Six Flags Over Georgia

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  • Elba Roque
    Elba Roque 5 days ago

    Omg i got on that one but before it had the virtual reality

  • Austin Phan
    Austin Phan 5 days ago

    I'm wondering are the phones there already?

  • pinche gringo
    pinche gringo 6 days ago

    thanks for the vid. but VR on a coaster? nothing beats good old fashioned R !!!

  • echstatic primal
    echstatic primal 9 days ago

    i waited in line for 3 hours
    i got in the seat for this and then they shut it down
    god im so angry

  • Mya's A Weirdo
    Mya's A Weirdo 13 days ago

    ooouuuu i want to get on this ride like if you agree but scroll up and keep looking at the video lol

  • Tyler Barker
    Tyler Barker 13 days ago

    Why does VR always have such shitty graphics? Is it because it's so new still? Although... I remember a virtual reality roller coaster at a place called Gatti Town over ten years ago so it's not that new of a concept. But this one was indoors.

  • KrisTina Upton
    KrisTina Upton 17 days ago

    nope not today that drop

  • ah072965
    ah072965 17 days ago

    They stopped using the vr's lol, it's just a regular coaster now

  • Mercer Alex19
    Mercer Alex19 20 days ago

    ear rape

  • Dacian JMZ
    Dacian JMZ 26 days ago

    I wonder if ihas the same feeling

  • CringeContent 2104
    CringeContent 2104 28 days ago


  • master cringe
    master cringe 1 month ago

    whan then where going down it sound like it was in a dank meme

  • Wilson tamondong
    Wilson tamondong 1 month ago

    that's real english

  • sky 1187
    sky 1187 1 month ago

    Omg that looks fun n not fun.

    JOKER CREATIONS 1 month ago

    its actually the first one on north America is the new revolution at magic mountain

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy 2 months ago

    Do you have to use your own phone, or can you borrow one from them?

  • Mikey Guerrero
    Mikey Guerrero 2 months ago

    he said "A1" ....

  • Brady Is awesome
    Brady Is awesome 2 months ago


  • FlightSimMovie
    FlightSimMovie 3 months ago

    Wow awesome...

  • [Internal Screams]
    [Internal Screams] 3 months ago

    that's fuckin dope

  • Gucci Versace
    Gucci Versace 3 months ago

    The Nintendo 64 has better graphics

  • Stephen 1982
    Stephen 1982 3 months ago

    Put in better graphics. Great idea; terrible execution.

  • Jing Yang
    Jing Yang 3 months ago

    Wow this roller coaster is in LaRonde in Montreal!! Almost had my heart pumped out when I took the ride. Jumping down from top of building only appeared in my dream and now it feels so freaking real. Insane!!

  • anye76
    anye76 4 months ago

    pretty darn cool

  • Christian Mattos
    Christian Mattos 4 months ago

    this is 2017 what kind of graphics are those??? come on six flags, you make a shit load of money to be making 90s graphic models

  • Reggie Rodriguez
    Reggie Rodriguez 4 months ago

    It needs to be longer.

  • Christianto Ming
    Christianto Ming 4 months ago

    What's scarier real normal roller coaster ride or with the VR roller coaster ride ?

  • Nazwa Salsabila Fadhillah

    di mana kamu naik

  • Steak
    Steak 5 months ago

    The roller coaster sounds like bass boosted music XD

  • Barbara Tamayo
    Barbara Tamayo 5 months ago

    Alguien de aquí habla español ?

  • Ruth Egan
    Ruth Egan 5 months ago

    that looks AMAZINH

  • seywhut2985
    seywhut2985 5 months ago

    I'm sorry. I'd rather just ride the coaster.

  • Candace Michelle Nicolai

    TBH the foster seems fun but omg the virtual stuff would give me so much anxiety😂😂😂

  • Dualistic
    Dualistic 6 months ago

    Lmao u can only do this with a galaxy edge

  • Re Defy
    Re Defy 6 months ago

    1:34 ear rape

  • Re Defy
    Re Defy 6 months ago

    1:34 ear rape

  • 1guy 1meal
    1guy 1meal 6 months ago

    my vr stopped working on the ride smh

  • rochelimit's hangout
    rochelimit's hangout 6 months ago

    what if the phone got blown away by the wind?

  • Louirst
    Louirst 6 months ago

    I wanna try this but my Mom would kill me lmao

  • RAIN
    RAIN 6 months ago

    Neat idea, but how uncomfortable was it when you keep hitting your head on that headrest?

  • Onevibe 360
    Onevibe 360 6 months ago

    Awesome thank you for this video!!!

  • Michele Zaremba
    Michele Zaremba 6 months ago

    I don't think this is the FIRST virtual reality "roller coaster" in North America. I went on something similar at Disneyland.

  • Hector252.Hr@gmail.com Rodriguez

    what is that game call

    ALI KHAN 6 months ago


  • ian taylor
    ian taylor 6 months ago

    What's the name of the song at the end of the video.

  • Jill Smith
    Jill Smith 7 months ago

    A T L baby

  • Carlo Jeferson
    Carlo Jeferson 7 months ago

    can i Barrow that

  • notyouravrgjoe
    notyouravrgjoe 7 months ago

    They shouldn't add a VR on Dare Devil Dive.

  • Fsxgaming1
    Fsxgaming1 7 months ago

    Wow you went the day before I did

  • Chase Phillips
    Chase Phillips 7 months ago

    What a stupid idea..

  • Grewal Singh
    Grewal Singh 8 months ago

    technology talking us on new levels every day

  • Sea Hawks
    Sea Hawks 8 months ago

    Have a fucking computer on each seat built in, then run a small 8 inch LCD screen into the VR, not a f'ing Galaxy phone, then youll have a real a experience with great graphics. Problem solved.

  • PartyBoy101
    PartyBoy101 8 months ago

    I did the fright fest one with gargoyles today

  • MADai XYLoh
    MADai XYLoh 8 months ago

    1:48 ew sweaty armpits!

  • MissTia777
    MissTia777 8 months ago

    Damn they need to lift some weights! They are wimpy skinny!

  • Ethan Owens
    Ethan Owens 8 months ago

    I went on that with my  other 3 friends and it didn't work, instead of facing forward, our guys looked at their seats the whole time, it happened to all of us.

  • PinkishBlueish Jamma
    PinkishBlueish Jamma 8 months ago

    i live in Atlanta. Me and my mom go to six flags almost every week end in the summer

  • Backlog Productions
    Backlog Productions 8 months ago

    nice 👌

  • Colinz2 Gamming
    Colinz2 Gamming 8 months ago

    graphics are bad but WOW THAT MUST BE FUN

  • Esther yxy
    Esther yxy 8 months ago

    The only thing I will worry about on the ride is my phone flying off. XD

    ZULCAM 9 months ago

    The wind sounds like an ear rape 😂😂👌

  • Dave Marx
    Dave Marx 9 months ago

    I do not trust roller coasters enough to have my vision impaired while riding them.

  • Dogsdanglers Gaming
    Dogsdanglers Gaming 9 months ago

    Search galactic Alton towers

  • Mason Wade
    Mason Wade 10 months ago

    Sox flags over Georgia is probably the worst theme park in America

  • Angela Bailey
    Angela Bailey 10 months ago

    Holy shit I just rode this yesterday and when you're in the vr you can't even tell the graphics are bad

  • Hilary Tran
    Hilary Tran 10 months ago

    Do you guys feel the actual feeling of going down a roller coaster?

  • GD Crossfire
    GD Crossfire 10 months ago

    Sounded Like A Nuke Just Exploded.

  • MonkeyDood
    MonkeyDood 10 months ago

    The UK park Alton Towers had the first VR ride in the world

  • Nathan Ring Star
    Nathan Ring Star 10 months ago

    there doing this for akarham asylum rollercoaster in Australia in September.

  • VXCV
    VXCV 10 months ago

    I wanna try this and do acid. But mostly do acid.

  • wolf11
    wolf11 10 months ago

    I think this is perfect for someone who scared of coaster because u in a game and not seeing the real world so u mind is more focus on the game and world u are in super cool

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark 10 months ago

    All I can think about is whiplash

  • Purranormal
    Purranormal 11 months ago

    Much more visually interesting than that superman one :P

  • ไลค์ คุง
    ไลค์ คุง 11 months ago


  • Claudia Miceli
    Claudia Miceli 11 months ago

    Video game + fast motion = extreme nausea!!!!!

    • jiovani Passafiume
      jiovani Passafiume 10 months ago

      it is amazing how real video look can have valve machine for me and my kids

    • Mikey
      Mikey 10 months ago


  • Anonymous01959
    Anonymous01959 11 months ago

    Why do people stick their hands in the air like that? I never did that riding a roller coaster. Also the guy seemed unclear on the concept he was supposed to be shooting the aliens during the ride.

    • Keegan
      Keegan 9 months ago

      because we're not pussies

    • Delta V
      Delta V 11 months ago

      To increase the sense of weightlessness, if you're pushing yourself in your seat by holding the handles you cheat yourself out of that feeling you're going to get launched into the air when you hit an apex.

  • Osom Legends
    Osom Legends 11 months ago

    I've tried this down at Six Flags in Eureka.

    • Osom Legends
      Osom Legends 11 months ago

      Speaking of which, how come you've never reviewed roller coasters from THERE?

  • shayne stone
    shayne stone 11 months ago

    nobody wants to watch you goofs,put the whole video split screen.

  • Ceasar Langley
    Ceasar Langley 11 months ago

    That was good.

  • Elizabeth Guilarte
    Elizabeth Guilarte 11 months ago

    Omg i go to the same six flags that you guys when to 😄

  • critic
    critic 11 months ago

    We go up and wait for it BASS DROP AIR MASS BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  • VelocityGrimZ
    VelocityGrimZ 11 months ago

    Stop complaining about the graphics you 10 year olds

    • Roylan Montero
      Roylan Montero 1 month ago

      VelocityGrimZ todo es marketing . Hoy vas a verlo con el gráfico malo y el año que viene ellos mejoran el gráfico para que regreses.

    • VelocityGrimZ
      VelocityGrimZ 7 months ago

      +NelyL key word "complaining"

    • NelyL
      NelyL 7 months ago

      Giving criticism makes people 10 years old? I find this comment pretty ironic, to be honest. The graphics are absolute garbage and you would expect something better from Six Flags. Crysis looks better and that game came out in 2007! This is just embarrasing.

  • Ernest Reyes
    Ernest Reyes 11 months ago

    AWESOME!!! I'm going to six flags tomorrow and I'm gonna try it out!! :D

  • Ko Technik
    Ko Technik 11 months ago


  • Gotmo CZ
    Gotmo CZ 11 months ago

    Nice Samsung sponzoring...

  • Dymere Grave
    Dymere Grave 11 months ago

    i went on this it ws scary at all but it was cool 😘😍😃😄😊

  • Burak Biten
    Burak Biten 11 months ago

    game name

  • The RPG
    The RPG 11 months ago

    fuck you

  • Femmy Is Queer
    Femmy Is Queer 11 months ago

    Who else thought the sound of the roller coaster sounded like the extreme bass boost in dank memes

  • Adam Firdyansyah
    Adam Firdyansyah 1 year ago


  • MadTParty
    MadTParty 1 year ago

    No... The first virtual reality roller coaster is in six flags magic mountain...

  • Brandon Briones
    Brandon Briones 1 year ago

    1:32 EARRAPE

    THE LAST SHADOW 1 year ago


  • abubakr siddiq
    abubakr siddiq 1 year ago


  • komodomoe
    komodomoe 1 year ago

    I was with it until he landed going backwards on an aircraft carrier. Come on.

  • Grace Son
    Grace Son 1 year ago

    Can you not use your glasses when you use the headgear

  • Shank Weiler
    Shank Weiler 1 year ago

    They barely showed the game

  • mim telecom
    mim telecom 1 year ago

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  • Furious Paul
    Furious Paul 1 year ago

    I assume that you wont get any motion sickness since the ride makes the reactions in VR feel more natural

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