K&K Mime doing the old time favorite "Order My Steps"

K&K Mime doing the old time favorite "Order My Steps" Enjoy and please leave us your comment on this song!

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Author Jharmain Inge (18 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Shamia Irving (1 month)
Y'all are awesome!!! I love this song by itself....and the choreography and
the emotion made it even more powerful!!!! 

Author Alice Royal (3 months)
‘I am beckoning you down the Narrow Path this day’, says the Lord.

He is calling us to examine ourselves and ask the searching questions, ‘Do
I really need this in my life?’ and, ‘Is this doing me any good?’. If the
answer is no to anything, lay that thing at the foot of the cross.

For some, you are just beginning this journey of sanctification The Lord is
encouraging you today: ‘You may be laying down a lot, but what I will put
before you to pick up is far greater than what you have left at the foot of
the cross. Are you willing the lay down what I ask of you to gain the
fullness of what I have for you?’

For others, this is an extension of the journey that you have been on for
quite some time. To you, the Lord says, ‘Keep on going, you are doing a
great job!’ The call to holiness is a lifestyle and not a momentary
‘season’, keep pressing on and pressing through, for the Lord is pleased
with your progress.

The Narrow Path is a difficult journey at times, but is not meant to a
lonely journey. ‘I am with you in this’, declares the Lord.

Matthew 7:13
You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to
hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way.

Author shirley Last (1 month)

Author Deyunna Burton (3 months)
i love them tooo death they are amazing

Author deboraht taylor (5 months)
I looked for this video for months, this was one of my favorite Bobby Jones
Episodes,...thank you so much for posting it, this is "My Saturday Night
Club",..(1:58am on 4/13/14,..tears of joy, loving life to the fullest:-)

Author Sonya Pratt (8 months)

Author John Grove (8 months)

Author DanRiver101 (9 months)
Ahh...memories...I used to own the tape...until my lil brother destroyed it
when he was little 

Author Simone Grant (9 months)

Author cecee chisolm (1 year)
YES LORD......

Author Jauneen m Simons (1 year)

Author jacquita33 (2 years)

Author SilentPraise Mimers (1 year)
They are our inspiration!

Author Regina Weston (1 year)

Author philip knowles (1 year)
can i have your contacts plz

Author FaithBillionaire (1 year)
These guys are SO ANOINTED#Always loved their ministry!!!

Author msgoudelock42 (1 year)
I've loved them from the beginning & still do now!!! Very anointed men of
God! :)

Author Lawrence Griffin (2 years)

Author kcibaddest (2 years)
These guys are so powerful

Author kristiefirstlady1kt (2 years)
Love you guys ministry!!!!

Author Veronica Towson (1 year)
WOW! Amazing!

Author myvideotreasures (2 years)
ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! Can anyone tell me where I can get this version of
Order My Steps? I've been unsuccessful in my search. Thanks.

Author genyah coatin (2 years)
order my steps since 1994 still good to this day

Author hotsauce75o (1 year)

Author Rhonda Gumbs (2 years)
I guess when God hands is on something for you to do the enermy would even
us the ones around you to pull you down...what i didn´t knew then i know
now... If i just had eyes to see it back then that it was all just a
spiritual attack my steps would have been diffrence today and that prophecy
would be forfil by now. To anyone that is out there whatever God tell u to
do, do it the struggle and attacks only comes when God hands is on it! So
keep on running n praying dont mist ur season! L Holland

Author Rhonda Gumbs (2 years)
hahhahaha praise God! they never get old! still they ANOINTING!!!!..... Man
i wish i had continue my mime ministry had to must great idee and just let
the people around me bring me down. Now my passion is gone and even when i
do get the passion back for it...i get sooo scary to go back on stage i
dont know how to star again. When i ask my old group are u stil with me
they say yeah,but when time to pratice they are nowhere to be found.just
like in the beginnen. Drama, drama_more drama

Author djnewsjr (2 years)

Author Jauneen m Simons (1 year)
Order My Steps in your Word.

Author Alex Rose (1 year)
I love it!!!!! such a major inspiration to continue miming!!!!!!!

Author merica29 (1 year)
I love k&k they are anointed to dance for God and I love them keep on
dancing and praising God

Author markiab78 (1 year)
Wwwwwoooowwww! Very powerful. Yes Jesus

Author Beautysbebe (2 years)
I rememberwatchingthem whenv i was little

Author chanelletisdale1 (1 year)

Author meezyDOPE (2 years)
I love this video. I watch it all the time. It just speaks to my heart. The
way they mime is just beautiful.

Author Danielle Johnson (1 year)
i love it song awesome my favorite

Author onestep02 (1 year)

Author RevivalTemple YuotubeMinistries (2 years)

Author Jeremiah Burns (11 months)
Excuse Me This Is A Ministry you can go somewhere and sit down and shut
your mouth and think about what you just said. Ur mad Retarted

Author Vendolyn Frazier (2 years)
Praise GOD!!!!

Author quincylevern (1 year)
WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW! I've seen this years ago, and still get a fresh
annointing from their performance. God is so awesome, he made this space in
time for me to write this and give him the praise he is so worthy of!!!!!
Thank you JESUS!!!!! The holy spirit makes his presence known if not
already around 3:35------------

Author jobhunt11 (2 years)
Order my steps in your word, HEAVENLY FATHER!!! \\ O //

Author Kayden Moss (11 months)
Hey can you watch some of my videos you can just type in my name Tataria
Washington plz give feedback thank you!

Author Ashley Murk (1 year)
i love them sooooo much.! i wish they could come to my church.!

Author BrotherDavis012 (2 years)
This is powerful

Author dray wideman (1 year)
This song got me through my pregnancy. My family said I caught the spirit
every time I heard it!

Author K1NG0FK1NGS100 (11 months)
You can even see how they've grown!

Author Dottie Garrett Reaves (1 year)

Author TACHI COURTNEY (1 year)

Author ChefRedATL (2 years)
Wow this bring back so many memories. I remember watching K&K the first
time they were on Bobby Jones. They still bring tears running down my face

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