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Author Sun- Bunz (3 months)
69 dislikes. Does that mean something?

I thought her original outfit looked a little skanky, this one's just
embarrassing. Poor Fiona.

Author arsenalondonorth (2 years)
She's really pretty :3

Author ChristiMc Mistie (1 year)
I reely dont understand why she would were that, It would just make the men
clones too want her azoth thing even more

Author maddoc79 (1 year)
kicking him in the nuts would only piss him off...that's if he's actually
got any to start with...and he's practically an over sized ape, not even a
UFC fighter would be able to take him on face to face. plus it's actually
the women in this game that are evil, Debilitas (the big guy) kinda becomes
your friend...or helps you out in some's been a long time, so not
sure if that's entirely accurate

Author tyson ultha (1 year)
the amount of jiggle is sexy

Author markredblue (1 year)
Dat Jiggle *Bites Lip*

Author Your Epicness (2 years)
aw man i was really looking foward to rape..

Author ThaoAustin (2 years)
How many people masturbated to this? Hmm..

Author slaywee (1 year)
jiggling boobs = boner = fap fap fap

Author Julio Silva (1 year)
That made my day. Thank you.

Author nick00580 (11 months)
Whats the name of the monster?

Author Nuklearius (1 year)
lol german boobs?

Author Razzfazz87 (1 year)
giggle giggle giggle... BRB gone masturbating...

Author johnny mchikings (1 year)
He got her

Author Aflay (2 years)
Whoa. The boobs...They're.....moving...

Author PStylesWorldwide (1 year)
check your fucking privilege feminist scum

Author Ryane Green (11 months)

Author OnlyReitasGirl (1 year)
that's true, boobs jiggle a bit if u're walking, just not that much if u're
not one that actually has a C to D+ cup. But u know, in games like that
they just like to overdo it a bit, it's still funny as hell to look at it.
And yes, girl gamer do exist, and not all of them are fat, ugly or idk what
else everyone is thinking, lmao. It would be the same if i'd say all those
male gamers are ugly, wear glasses and NEVER go out to meet real life
friends. Cause in fact, i know that's not true :D

Author nathan corcino (1 year)
parese a Jill não ? ? ?

Author walamonga1313 (1 year)
Lots of fanservice lol

Author ใหม่ ชโรธร (1 year)

Author ReDDliX (1 year)
And I'm not a male... I'm a female :D I bet that most of the girls couldn't
even try this game. I admit that it's scary, but it's also really good! And
the point was that I like this costume after all, even thought I'm a girl

Author CarpathianCarl . (1 year)
Some emulators work better than others for *some* games, some might need
some *tweaking* of the emulator's settings. This is pretty common with the
newer consoles (PS2) that are being emulated. Kega Fushion for Sega stuff
is near perfect for example, but Dolphin for Wii/Gamecube games is work in
progress. If PCSX2 doesn't work for HG, try following the links for other
emulators from the rom sites. Try and get the emulator from the creator's
site as it'll be current. Join emu forum for help.

Author Gokimanga (1 year)
So... much... BOOBS!

Author RainMomKelley (2 years)
tht girl looks like jill valentine from resident evil O_O

Author linotobi (1 year)
amaizing face expressions

Author maya summers (6 months)
dem boobiez

Author Camille Alexandria Esguerra (2 years)
@RainMomKelley Yup...and since Haunting Groun is not very popular, Capcom
decided to gave up Fiona's design to Jill...;( SO UNFAIR!!!

Author Hersatz (1 year)
She didn't die of an earth attack after the whole story? Damn she have a
good earth.

Author nick00580 (11 months)
Thanks now i remember again.

Author Inzi (1 year)
Haunting ground.

Author TokoMas SinarMurni (8 months)
i will take her out there and remove all things at her body and kiss her

Author swkotor II (1 year)
There are many emulators for different consoles on pc.I played dendy
through jnes.But for modern consoles it's more difficult to emulate games

Author bryguy615 (1 year)
flat-chested could have been seperate, i guess.

Author KEEN69MANGUST (1 year)
блин все зделанно чтобы встал !

Author ponkadolz (1 year)
gainaxing up to eleven

Author Bogie Darma (1 year)
This is Clock Tower 3 right? The girl is Alissa.

Author NetNshow (2 years)
Boobs. Everywhere. *O*

Author BIll R (1 year)

Author Gamer21663 (1 year)
0;39 is best

Author jhayfaust (1 year)
jiggle jiggle .

Author SilentGirl247 (1 year)
I luv boobies!! xd I can't stop looking at them:DD

Author shadowninja202 (1 year)
she looks like the blonde chick from joe dirt

Author fr456901 (1 year)
come to papa

Author trancelistic (1 year)
Developers: "Hey I got an idea to sell a game for sure!. "Make a nice
detailed chick who is in dispear and fear, chased by some dark creatures,
garanteed a hit !!. But we must be sure we have good boobs motions, people
dig that "

Author flipscamara (2 years)
how do I go in this place?? I watch resident evil stories 9 then i got in
this bobbie video game @_@

Author happylilly789 (1 year)
Wow. e_e

Author Rey Coslip (1 year)
boing boing boing! this girl has turned me

Author YorkJonhson (2 years)
@OnlyReitasGirl This, is a horror game right?

Author jeslene01 (1 year)

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