Haunting Ground (Demento) - Fiona Cowgirl video clip

Fiona Cowgirl video clip

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Author Skunk Kusai ( ago)
Cowgirl Fiona looks like Tina from Dead Or Alive! :3

Author MadBlade 12 ( ago)
Wait how do you even unlock this Costume?

Author FemShep Bunzanator ( ago)
69 dislikes. Does that mean something?

I thought her original outfit looked a little skanky, this one's just
embarrassing. Poor Fiona.

Author maya summers ( ago)
dem boobiez

Author Ryan Partridge ( ago)
Maybe if she wore a bit more then she would not be getting chased

Author Jajang Jangkrik ( ago)
damn some very good tits physic!!

Author Enrique Molina Rangel ( ago)
!! fiona ._.

Author TokoMas SinarMurni ( ago)
i will take her out there and remove all things at her body and kiss her

Author nick00580 ( ago)
Thanks now i remember again.

Author zodiia ( ago)

Author nick00580 ( ago)
Whats the name of the monster?

Author Ryota Saotome ( ago)
wow i thing she is sherry

Author Саша Жук ( ago)

Author PStylesWorldwide ( ago)
check your fucking privilege feminist scum

Author รวมคลิป ฮาๆ ( ago)

Author Aura Lance ( ago)
well it's not like they become friend, but Debilitas learns to respect
Fiona and Hewie after he got beaten down so many times. That's why i'd not
use the word friend but more like he respects them enough to stop chasing
Fiona around.

Author maddoc79 ( ago)
kicking him in the nuts would only piss him off...that's if he's actually
got any to start with...and he's practically an over sized ape, not even a
UFC fighter would be able to take him on face to face. plus it's actually
the women in this game that are evil, Debilitas (the big guy) kinda becomes
your friend...or helps you out in some's been a long time, so not
sure if that's entirely accurate

Author RRR ( ago)
good graphics looks so realistic i love this game very underrated game.

Author david lopez ( ago)
Dem tits

Author john cybot ( ago)
Thug? He's an ogre. I'm a guy and I wouldn't consider it sensible to fight
something like that. Running is the most sensible thing to do, unless you
have a proper weapon like a sword or gun. She has the ability to kick

Author gridsleep ( ago)
Every woman I know would have the sense to tear the leg off of a chair and
beat that thug senseless. Games need to be less misogynistic and more
realistic. Sensible people fight back tooth and claw. Victimization as
gameplay just pisses me off. Kick him in the nuts, lady! Jeez...

Author Walamonga 1313 ( ago)
Lots of fanservice lol

Author spooben ( ago)
She seriosly needs a bra.

Author CarpathianCarl . ( ago)
Unfortunately no. There is a bogus (but very convincing site) 360 site that
appears to be real, but it's a hoax with fake files. I investigated it
without downloading as I was skeptical. From my understanding the PS3, 360,
WiiU, 3DS have not been emulated, and won't be emulated for possibly years
due to the fact the systems are heavily encrypted, making them MUCH more
difficult to emulate. Also, you'll need a high-end system to even run them
assuming one is ever made.

Author Inzi ( ago)
Yeah, xD skills of death. I tried going up the ladder and his ass was
coming down the ladder and kicked me off. Every time I tried to go up the
ladder hed slap me off. So I then was all "Just kill me, just kill me." xD

Author bre worthy ( ago)
u got skill lolz

Author Inzi ( ago)
I just got HG in the mail and already debilitas pinned me in the study key
room and killed me xD

Author CarpathianCarl . ( ago)
Some emulators work better than others for *some* games, some might need
some *tweaking* of the emulator's settings. This is pretty common with the
newer consoles (PS2) that are being emulated. Kega Fushion for Sega stuff
is near perfect for example, but Dolphin for Wii/Gamecube games is work in
progress. If PCSX2 doesn't work for HG, try following the links for other
emulators from the rom sites. Try and get the emulator from the creator's
site as it'll be current. Join emu forum for help.

Author CarpathianCarl . ( ago)
There are emulators for Wii, PS1, 1st Xbox, Game Boy Advance-basically
every console/handheld system ever made has been successfully emulated. PS3
and Xbox 360 (basically the very current consoles/handhelds) have NOT been
emulated and probably won't be for years to come due to heavy encryption,
so don't be fooled as there are a couple bogus sites. The sites that
advertise "rom" files are legit sites. Also, it IS considered illegal to
download the roms, so this info is for educational purposes.

Author CarpathianCarl . ( ago)
You can download an emulator AND also find the .iso of the game online and
play it on your PC. A PS2 "emulator" is a software version of a PS2 that
people reverse engineered and is free (it's also spot-on, meaning you'll
think it's the real thing only better- can use Xbox 360 controllers, 1080P,
save states mean you save anywhere, etc. A good PS2 emu is "PCSX2". (make
sure to get most recent build for compatibility and best performance).
emuparadise has this game's iso as I just checked.

Author Inzi ( ago)
Yeah unfortunatly right now it is. There was talk about it being redone for
a ps3 digital release but that was last year in around june to july. So I
dont know if they will. I can let you know if they do otherwise just google
it youll find the info. We have all the systems in this house so if theres
a classic game and I like it, I get it xD.

Author Inzi ( ago)
No problamo. Its rare and on ebay it goes for around 50 bucks. I just
luckly found one for a decent price.

Author Inzi ( ago)
Haunting ground.

Author leo zivica ( ago)
Omg nice bouncing boobs x)

Author Lenooc403 ( ago)
Boing boing boing boing boing boing boing boing

Author Christin Eleven ( ago)
Well i´m a young girl if this count ^_^

Author Jose Manuel ( ago)

Author dthmon ( ago)
its as if her boobs have a completely unique physics engine centered around
it, interesting...*fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfafap*

Author ChristiMc Mistie ( ago)
I reely dont understand why she would were that, It would just make the men
clones too want her azoth thing even more

Author Hugo Mensegues ( ago)
65 are gays

Author megazero zero ( ago)
boobs boobs and more boobs :3

Author barak219 ( ago)
nice bounce mechanics

Author jeslene01 ( ago)

Author kotosqopos ( ago)
Legal is 18 in most parts of the world. Actually this is a cyber girl so I
don't care much. And she's a good age. It bothers me when they are less
than 14 and being sexually used.

Author BuckMarley ( ago)
dem jiggle physics

Author Cecil's Wayback Gaming Machine ( ago)
are you even trying to troll, the girl is 17, legal is most parts of the
world and i'm only 27, what are you going to do?

Author nielss4 ( ago)
Dat costume O_o

Author WhiteNight ( ago)
I can't agree you more.

Author kotosqopos ( ago)
Yeah .. nice try Pedos.

Author xbluespottedzebrax ( ago)
1:01- "I'm a scary monster" >:3

Author ReDDliX ( ago)
And I'm not a male... I'm a female :D I bet that most of the girls couldn't
even try this game. I admit that it's scary, but it's also really good! And
the point was that I like this costume after all, even thought I'm a girl

Author 117fuzz ( ago)
for cgi....those boobs jiggle ALOT!!!

Author nathan corcino ( ago)
parese a Jill não ? ? ?

Author markredblue ( ago)
Dat Jiggle *Bites Lip*

Author TKhualtt shaanoak ( ago)
แม่ง เข้ามาดูหน้าอกมันชัดๆๆ !!

Author tyson ultha ( ago)
the amount of jiggle is sexy

Author Nuklearius ( ago)
lol german boobs?

Author shadowninja202 ( ago)
she looks like the blonde chick from joe dirt

Author starscream 79 ( ago)

Author BIll R ( ago)

Author Slayer3915 ( ago)
You KNOW the scenes at 00:42-00:54 were made just for that skin.

Author kalelsant ( ago)
Oh man I wanna f* her.

Author Kai Percival (5 years ago)
Rape rape rape.

Author Leon Kennedy ( ago)
hmm whats this...

Author jhayfaust ( ago)
jiggle jiggle .

Author AvailableNameForMe (1439 years ago)
did anyone notice the german flag on her top? oO

Author eziosun j ( ago)
i love boobs!

Author Christin Eleven ( ago)
is this for ps2 ?? ^_^

Author Yuna5422 ( ago)
That`s for sure XD

Author Ryan Hope ( ago)
Lol i wish i had this game when i was a kid

Author A Million Minds ( ago)
wow she has very big.. umm pupils! yeah.. pupils! X-P

Author fr456901 ( ago)
come to papa

Author ponkadolz ( ago)
gainaxing up to eleven

Author Dane Alberto-perez ( ago)
her boobs ceep jumping :(

Author YourDeath311 ( ago)
i would bang that blond girl every night of my life above all if i would be
stuck with her in a fucking castle

Author Rey Pen ( ago)
boing boing boing! this girl has turned me

Author Andres Kozuhhovski ( ago)
Bouncy bouncy

Author Razzfazz87 ( ago)
giggle giggle giggle... BRB gone masturbating...

Author BeeDee Live ( ago) bad..I completely forgot. Thanks!

Author Bakwihef ( ago)
This looks completely different from Clock Tower 3, Alyssa is 14, and there
is no dog whatsoever in Clock Tower 3. Plus, I don't see SledgeHammer,
Corroder, Chopper or the Old man anywhere here. :P

Author johnny mchikings ( ago)
He got her

Author Jill Valentine ( ago)

Author RomanistaRLM ( ago)
This game is coming to PS3 as PS2 Classics!!

Author Zoey frerenze ( ago)
She looks like Jill Valentine from resident evil...

Author ​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ( ago)
Audiences This video is most popular with: Gender Age Male 45-54 Male 35-44
Male 55-64 .....Really? -_- Where are the 14 year old boys? you dirty old

Author BeeDee Live ( ago)
This is Clock Tower 3 right? The girl is Alissa.

Author Julio Silva ( ago)
That made my day. Thank you.

Author slaywee ( ago)
jiggling boobs = boner = fap fap fap

Author willy wonka ( ago)
I want to milk a cow

Author Mortimer Duke (1451 year ago)
Definitely a better love story than Twilight

Author ‬ ‬  ‬ ( ago)
in that case, i love jello

Author stretchypants123 ( ago)
ya it is...well kinda not~ =\

Author trancelistic ( ago)
Developers: "Hey I got an idea to sell a game for sure!. "Make a nice
detailed chick who is in dispear and fear, chased by some dark creatures,
garanteed a hit !!. But we must be sure we have good boobs motions, people
dig that "

Author Erzats Erz ( ago)
She didn't die of an earth attack after the whole story? Damn she have a
good earth.

Author bryguy615 ( ago)
flat-chested could have been seperate, i guess.

Author unseeliesluagh ( ago)
Umm... you can't really be fat and flat chested, boobs are fat :P You, sir,
fail at breasts.

Author killersushi99 ( ago)
Trollface at :19 XD

Author RikkuStarling ( ago)
that's true, boobs jiggle a bit if u're walking, just not that much if u're
not one that actually has a C to D+ cup. But u know, in games like that
they just like to overdo it a bit, it's still funny as hell to look at it.
And yes, girl gamer do exist, and not all of them are fat, ugly or idk what
else everyone is thinking, lmao. It would be the same if i'd say all those
male gamers are ugly, wear glasses and NEVER go out to meet real life
friends. Cause in fact, i know that's not true :D

Author bryguy615 ( ago)
I've always found this funny. I have seen tons of girls walking around
normally, with normal sized boobs, & in normal clothes, & they jiggle about
quite a bit. So, are all these complaints from "girl" gamers, (as if they
actually exist, which I doubt) just a bunch of fat, lazy, gross,
flat-chested parents'-basement dwellers? Because, it seems to me, that
boobs DO in fact work like that.

Author bryguy615 ( ago)
1;18-END Looks like the monster got her in the end.

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