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Author 2007frodo ( ago)
where can i get this big crosshair in the forum, like you in this video?
user: fluffy

Author pauldrice1996 ( ago)
hacks are like tampons, every pussy needs them

Author PerkeleenTonttu ( ago)

Author Maxim T Potvin ( ago)
@Zman958 you know what... there will be 100% less hackers on ps3!

Author hackerisslv ( ago)
@RH0wnage and what if guy reports you to ea support?

Author megafio ( ago)
@pedarikarhu That's what a psychopath would say.

Author RH0wnage ( ago)
@EA1GhostRider Jigsaw

Author pedarikarhu ( ago)
Too much retards crying here. Never hacked in BF BC2 but im sure it's fun!
You just gotta know when to stop...

Author someone else ( ago)
undetectable? sure thats what they all say i have seen countless hackers in
this game and i did not give a fuck if they were on my team or squad I
warned an admin and got them banned, This hacking has to stop. battlefield
3 already got 700% more pre-orders then BC2 which has me worried about the
number of hackers there will be. by the way if you are a hacker reply to
this comment telling me this: WHAT THE FUCK IT THE POINT OF HACKING?! p.s.
notice 2:58 to 3:08 he gets about 5 kills undetectable?

Author avia305 (1478 years ago)
PUSSIES!!!! All cheater are feggets...

Author RandomTV123111 ( ago)
do i have to pay for this hack if not how do i ge is or how much

Author Pro Toss ( ago)
Hacks are Pathetic ...whats the point of show us how poor & skillless
player you are !?!

Author EvanScarbro ( ago)
@MrHackdetective Why would you waste your time to make an account so you
can make bogus threats to people? Wasting an hour of your time to make an
account and post false information in a video will not do any good. Go play
club penguin or runescape like the rest of the 12 year olds.

Author BrandoniTheGreat ( ago)
Lol this is why I'm don't buy FPS's anymore. Its always full of kids trying
to prove whos the better hacker really.

Author RH0wnage ( ago)
@Dancingbanana117 1000km kills are possible with this hack "even with

Author Dancingbanana117 ( ago)
as much as i hate hackers, i did enjoy the song and it would have been
cooler if you did a massive 1000km headshot on arica harbour or somthing

Author ZodiacMeatgrinder ( ago)

Author john GialantZis ( ago)
i like where u use the M95 to snipe head u stupid fuck like the first
sniper rifle wont do . . . it's fun for u but when ppl come from work or
had a bad day and just play to relax they come across u little fucks and
you make a nice afternoon so retarded just like your self !!!

Author Reznor The Impaler ( ago)
Entire team is babies!

Author Philipp Meindl ( ago)
@CxwarrenxD you might be right, but this only concerns people coding the
hacks. not old faggots, who don't have skill and purchase such hacks to be
good :D

Author Conor Vernon ( ago)
@CxwarrenxD I agree that it is fun to mess around with, but it is an
advantage over the people who want to play fairly, and they can get very
annoyed being killed by a hacker, and genuinely good players are accused of
hacking. That is why I do not agree with hacking.

Author Anthony Koning ( ago)
@hoeeerrr I totally agree with you but cancer is a real serious shit
desease. but ye hacker's may die but not that way :P Have an nice game
experience, good life etcetera!:) maby il ever c u in bfbc2

Author Vivid Aray ( ago)
@MrKnightWings do more people hack in mw2 or bad co 2... well thats pretty
easy to pick... MW2 which is why people will be playing less and less of
mw2 and more of any other cod games, and or other fps games

Author CxwarrenxD ( ago)
All you guys dont understand hacking in itself is another component to
playing a game...its a program that allows you to change code its truly
interesting and in its self fun .....its a video game no one cares about
winning or losing but testing somthing like this is truly interesting.

Author James Ramirez ( ago)

Author EnterFaceHerePlease ( ago)
Why do all the good games have to be hacked? Hackers are nerd ass idiots
who can never play fair.

Author Grey Denisson ( ago)
@hoeeerrr You right dude!

Author TigerMeet2142 ( ago)
so you guys also ruin bc2, hope you burn in hell hackers...

Author MrKnightWings ( ago)
Pfft and ppl say like "Uhh! Mw2 sucks balls coz every1 hack, no1 can hack
on bc2" yeah right...

Author musashe ( ago)
I have a question for all the hackers.. Are we really supposed to be
impressed by these vids? All you're doing is putting your LACK OF SKILL on
display for the world to see. You guys cheat every chance you get and then
parade around like if your nice, all the while cheating at something as
simple as a GAME! To all my non hackers, no worries.. people like this make
us better, the more they cheat the more our skill increase fighting them.

Author hoeeerrr ( ago)
alll you hackers need cancer very nice cancer in all your molested litlle

Author Justice Molton ( ago)
and what do you thing after a game like this? Uh yeah i rock like hell? you
fuckers are the most fucking peaople on this planet!

Author Flip4Flap ( ago)
kewl editing but..... SAD. Kills most of the fun.... (yeah I know, it's all

Author Cody Reneau ( ago)
Fucking pussy's just play the mouther fucking game god you guys just run
grate games into the dirt by hacking them

Author heathound ( ago)
Wow all those lines just ruin the game.

Author MikeKain95 ( ago)
haxing nubs i saw guy with aimbot and he had m95 yet i killed him before me
all the time anyway becasue im naturally beast unlike you nubs using hax

Author sumchiconthenet ( ago)
pM nikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkker

Author Sven Schwingen ( ago)
You hackers are little girls

Author Gridelix ( ago)
Sad Hack BFBC2 Just Sad

Author Lunatic ( ago)
Hack all the other games but not this 1 ;(

Author Destroyerzx1 ( ago)
kind of takes the fun right out of it doesn't it?

Author Tobi™ ( ago)
jigsaw rules

Author koschwarz ( ago)
yep, this is why i always stop playing online. but i understand these
things how important under age 13 for developing a healthy personality...

Author RH0wnage ( ago)
@Piciulas the hack has two options (pb ss cleaner and ss blocker)

Author copper head ( ago)
yea this game is one of the most hackign games out there

Author RH0wnage ( ago)
@DiamondHackVideos flipsyde - flipsyde

Author DiamondHackVideos ( ago)

Author sinephase ( ago)
thx for ruining video games assholes.

Author Xtreme66productions ( ago)
wow awsome video man 5/5 !

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