School bus dashcam captures horrific car crash

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    Oklahoma City - An Edmond school bus driver is being praised for her calm demeanor during a horrific crash in Oklahoma City.

    On April 26, the bus carrying students from Edmond North High School and Edmond Santa Fe High School was involved in a crash near Memorial Rd. and Santa Fe.

    A camera on board the bus captured the moment a pickup truck crossed the center line and slammed into another car.

    Immediately, the bus driver hit the brakes but the truck rolled into the front of the bus.

    As bystanders stopped to help both drivers, the bus driver kept students on the bus and in their seats.

    Edmond Public School officials say there were 19 children on the bus at the time of the crash.

    Fortunately, none of them were injured.

    Three people in the other vehicles were rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition. However, they were all expected to survive their injuries.

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Comments: 321

  • Villager of SmashVille

    Cruising on down Main Steet.

  • Randomly Casual
    Randomly Casual 3 days ago

    since when have high schools had yellow school buses

  • Justin McNeil
    Justin McNeil 3 days ago

    Anyone see the passenger freak as she saw the driver? next to the car

  • Jim Dickenson
    Jim Dickenson 4 days ago

    at 353 sum dum as nyg piks sumtin up an smelz it,,, did anyone c dat?

  • Hope
    Hope 4 days ago

    Not only was I amazed by the collision itself, a head on, but the people helping. I've witnessed (with video) many collisions here in SC; over a 17 year period; and seriously, 2 people total helping out of *all* of them (other than EMT/Fire/Police). People stop, but they only stop to do video off their phones. I've seen people motion traffic around the collision just so they could keep filming until _actual_ real help arrived. Once they're done filming, they leave. A few get robbed. yes, seriously. This place is so self-absorbed and antisocial, it's pathetic.

  • Bike Cycle
    Bike Cycle 5 days ago

    Almost ONE minute goes by and finally one guy pulls over and gets out to help! People come on!

  • phi 0318
    phi 0318 5 days ago

    I really appreciate the summary you put with these videos. It gives us a sense of closure because the summary lets us know what happened and the aftermath. You do it in a respectful way considering the situations.

  • yee
    yee 10 days ago

    F O R D ' S
    N E W
    A L L U M I N U M
    B O D Y

  • Vue Family
    Vue Family 11 days ago

    at 1:17 why wasn't the tow truck on
    the left help?

  • Mechanized Ape
    Mechanized Ape 11 days ago

    Was that a Chevy or a dodge? What a peice of shit. The doors came right off..

  • Sam Levin
    Sam Levin 11 days ago

    Moron in the truck probably fell asleep at the wheel.

  • Ian Shea
    Ian Shea 13 days ago

    I remember having a similar incident back in 2013

  • Matthew Baker
    Matthew Baker 13 days ago

    does that girl survive and her parent died? or bad hurt?

  • Tinyl1
    Tinyl1 14 days ago

    Great bus driver!

  • hattori 49
    hattori 49 15 days ago


  • Lucas Silva
    Lucas Silva 15 days ago

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  • Feral Kimchi
    Feral Kimchi 15 days ago

    At least people stopped to help. Doesn't seem like people in a some other countries are as willing to do so.

  • Albomoney
    Albomoney 17 days ago

    Ugh this comment section is cancer. Its called the "BYSTANDER AFFECT". This is when a driver sees multiple others offering help at the scene so they feel like its ok to pass. People have lifes, meetings, jobs, 100 people are not going to stop for 2 cars im sorry.

  • MartnO
    MartnO 17 days ago

    that sedan tore up that Ford truck omg

  • Ole TDM XD
    Ole TDM XD 17 days ago

    Pet Monster
    Pet Monster3 days ago
    The guy in that truck got "schooled

  • lil pump's nipple
    lil pump's nipple 17 days ago

    oh wow I see a big ass truck coming straight towards me on the wrong side of the road let me just slowly and calmly switch lanes.

  • Scratching Out Some Hunger

    bus driver was very professional

  • Fader2003
    Fader2003 17 days ago

    weird ass camera in the bus   seems to not like the color Orange at all

  • rodrrico
    rodrrico 17 days ago

    The accident is bad enough, but what is disgusting is how many people drive right on by after it happens without stopping.

  • Aham Abraham
    Aham Abraham 17 days ago

    By steering to the right, the car driver took the worst possible decision in that second...

  • wgraham2410
    wgraham2410 18 days ago

    Did the driver of the Sedan get ejected? or partial ejected? When the woman got out of the car she went to the drivers side and looked like she saw the driver out of the vehicle. And that good Samaritan who stopped went over and was kneeling down outside of the drivers door. Man that was a Brutal collision.

  • Ronnie
    Ronnie 18 days ago

    I can't tell if the driver was a good person for preventing the truck from hitting the school bus or just an idiot for swerving into the truck.

  • Ruud
    Ruud 18 days ago

    Stay in the seat, don't help :-(

  • bbruce995
    bbruce995 18 days ago

    it says no one died, but by the looks of one in that car, they werent going anywhere, no one was even attending them... seems to me , they would be dead

  • Lynn Misery
    Lynn Misery 18 days ago

    the kids on the school bus seem to be very well behaved

  • Boulderpits
    Boulderpits 18 days ago

    Sumbich texting?

  • crashstitches79
    crashstitches79 18 days ago

    Shoulda left that chump in the fuckin truck, figure him out when everybody else was good and safe.

  • Vue Family
    Vue Family 18 days ago

    stop messing around people,this is serious matter

  • Travis Calkins
    Travis Calkins 18 days ago

    amazing how long it take people to come help thank God for guy in black truck that stopped, got everyone else moving

  • A Florida Son
    A Florida Son 18 days ago

    @3:52 A man picks up some object, acts like he was going to give it to somebody at the car, then he does an about face, walks back towards the truck, stops, stands in the grass, then walks to the truck and starts using both hands. Where did the object go? He may have dropped it, _or_ he may have put it in his pocket in that moment  to help at the truck, then pulled it back out of his pocket and gave it to someone after things calmed down.

  • Peyton youarenotrelated

    🎶 _Cruisin' on down main street_ 🎶

  • Mark H
    Mark H 19 days ago

    Amazing efficacy of seat belts and air bags.

  • Carson Dugger
    Carson Dugger 19 days ago

    That gives me chills just watching it

  • albert7139
    albert7139 19 days ago

    Looks like the female passenger got out of the VW, wow. Good that everyone survived!

  • The_Gingaa_Ninj a
    The_Gingaa_Ninj a 19 days ago

    I knew it was in oklahoma when I heard Santa Fe (I'm from Oklahoma)

  • Why is it so hard to think of a name for YouTube?

    Bus driver should have backed up immediately after the accident. The truck could have caught on fire.

  • Larriors Bandwagons Are Gay

    Dumb bus driver shoulda got out and helped them as well.

    • Larriors Bandwagons Are Gay
      Larriors Bandwagons Are Gay 16 days ago

      +Daniel Bibb

      *The bus driver can get OUT and help even without a bus monitor on the bus. They can lock the bus down and help citizens if they really need help. I know what I'm talking about. I've road plenty of buses and they got out. Locked the bus down. And went to help...with and without a bus monitor on the bus*.

    • Daniel Bibb
      Daniel Bibb 16 days ago

      Larriors Bandwagons Are Gay they can get out and go for help, only if the driver and other adults on board are incapable. They can not help personally. You sir do not know crap.

    • Larriors Bandwagons Are Gay
      Larriors Bandwagons Are Gay 16 days ago

      +Daniel Bibb

      Yes bus drivers can lock down the bus. It's not illegal. *Locking* down the bus is legal while kids are in it. They can get out and help as well. I know the protocol.

    • Daniel Bibb
      Daniel Bibb 16 days ago

      Larriors Bandwagons Are Gay not really. You can't lock down a bus with students in it. Illegal to lock the doors. Keeping them in isn't the issue as much as keeping other out. Those fake Good Samaritan people who would use that to get near the students. Not good.

    • Larriors Bandwagons Are Gay
      Larriors Bandwagons Are Gay 16 days ago

      +Daniel Bibb Bus drivers have the right to get out and help a citizen. They have the right to lock the bus down and be helpful which is help a citizen that got into a car crash...etc!!! I know the bus rule protocol.

      *Excuse My Grammar*

  • Fire Ice Fox
    Fire Ice Fox 19 days ago

    OMG F**K

  • E Webb
    E Webb 19 days ago

    my favorite part about these videos is how many people that drive past and see the accident but does not try and come help

  • enderlaptop minecrafter3

    it's time to school some fools!

  • scott sabo
    scott sabo 19 days ago

    that school bus driver handles that lika boss

  • Candhe River
    Candhe River 19 days ago

    If the sedan didn't take that hit the school bus would of got nailed. This accident could of been a lot worse

  • Ruben Vera
    Ruben Vera 19 days ago

    Pick up truck driver fell asleep or on the cell phone?

  • Zillertalerwelthass
    Zillertalerwelthass 19 days ago

    Can't believe almost nobody helped. What the hell is wrong with those people?

  • quadcoreQ
    quadcoreQ 19 days ago

    despite the silver car swerving away that faggot black car kept going towards it

  • bmoraski
    bmoraski 19 days ago

    Wonder why it happened. Drunk, texting, falling asleep, heart attack or just spacing out.

  • 100k subs without video

    and this is why I didnt did my exams....

  • Manas B
    Manas B 19 days ago

    It's heart warming seeing people run to help those hurt #Sarcasm

  • Alvin Thompson
    Alvin Thompson 19 days ago

    Thank god there were no fires caused by the crash. Those people inside the cars would have been shit outta luck and crispy as bacon.

  • Laura Johnson
    Laura Johnson 19 days ago

    IF a truck is coming at your vehicle in the wrong lane, what is the BEST maneuver to AVOID it crashing into your car?

  • 64pori
    64pori 19 days ago

    How can that woman sit there and say everyone's ok when the 2 cars were pretty smashed up? That's bs I'm pretty sure they got hurt!

  • Bonn Castell
    Bonn Castell 19 days ago

    Why the most Drivers don't stop to help :-(

  • Vexent
    Vexent 19 days ago


  • OfficialNatusPak
    OfficialNatusPak 19 days ago

    5 minutes in and who are the first ppl to show up? civilians. these ppl were prob going to work or church and they stopped what they were doing chose human lifeover stupid everyday bullshit. meanwhile the cops are finishing there mexican foodat the local restraunt...

    847,628 views 20 days ago

    Fucken hope the truck driver dies a slow painful death

  • Cristi S
    Cristi S 20 days ago


  • captainslapaho1
    captainslapaho1 20 days ago

    Everyone keep looking at your phone when driving, there dosent seem to be any consequences.

  • Andrew Comments
    Andrew Comments 20 days ago

    Love seeing those good samaritans. Also, major props to the bus driver for braking in time and staying cool.

  • Greenscyth22
    Greenscyth22 20 days ago

    Well that cut the field trip short.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 20 days ago

    Is your music on iTunes ? I really want to buy the Frankenstein song .

  • Grey, The Mad King
    Grey, The Mad King 20 days ago

    Everyone here should go to Raw's facebook. He's very lively there.

  • LaMelo Ball
    LaMelo Ball 20 days ago

    The bus is ok Dont worry

  • 216trixie
    216trixie 20 days ago

    Lucky there were plenty of white people around to help.

  • X1area51 Zone
    X1area51 Zone 20 days ago

    Watching this type of accident makes me drive like granny speed. Watching fast and furious makes me drive like a racing car maniac. I hope everyone is ok. I bet the truck is texting or drunk?

    • David Richter
      David Richter 20 days ago

      X1area51 Zone Probably drunk texting. And that never ends well, even without a massive car wreck.

  • Josh Stakey
    Josh Stakey 20 days ago

    Thank god the bus driver was on her game

  • Ima Tumor
    Ima Tumor 20 days ago

    .... School bus was totaled . It had a scuff on the bumper. Not worth buffing out......

  • mamoga78
    mamoga78 20 days ago

    chinge a su puta perra Madre the pick up truck driver 😡, if you are "not sure" 2 take the fucking road wherever the fuck it is don't mother fucking do it !!,u just fuck up someone life 😬 bitch!!

    • The_Gingaa_Ninj a
      The_Gingaa_Ninj a 19 days ago

      mamoga78 what?

    • 348frank348
      348frank348 20 days ago

      mamoga78 pinche puñetas vale verga, ha de ver sido una pinche vieja pendeja en su pinche celular verdad. "ay deja le pongo 'like' a esa foto"

  • My Puritanical Opinion

    Caused by a one-handing texting type, no doubt.

  • T dog
    T dog 20 days ago

    lord if that happen where I live id be going Code 3 In my pov. running my reds and everything. We have a lot of 10-51's and over turned vehicles, My 1st Wreck Ive ever been on was a over turn vehicle.

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 20 days ago

    In pc 2017 all are equal then ask a snowflake why at :50 sec she couldn't help them

  • Ironman9000 Campa
    Ironman9000 Campa 20 days ago

    where is obama when you need him #obamacare

  • anthony kobe
    anthony kobe 20 days ago

    I hope they take away this iddiot license.

    • maradinhoOo
      maradinhoOo 17 days ago

      and i hope someone fucking takes your internet faggot

    • National Dashcam
      National Dashcam 19 days ago

      anthony kobe somebody should take away this iddiot keyboard

      sorry, you set yourself up on that one :p

  • Vekta
    Vekta 20 days ago

    That bus driver was really, really annoying.

    • Vekta
      Vekta 20 days ago

      +Drhumbolt I'm sure it would be an "Oh, shit" moment, but it was clear there was no danger. They might be held liable but at that point it's no different than the kids not sitting when they're getting on or off the bus. They're stopped, the wreck is obviously at its end, there are cars all around making it obvious something happened so that other drivers wouldn't carelessly read end the bus or something. This is a highschool bus so it's not like these are 8 year olds, you've got 14-18 year olds in there. More than capable of standing up to look and not immediately dieing or something lol.

    • Drhumbolt
      Drhumbolt 20 days ago

      Vekta i dont think so, she was trying to make sure to follow their polices to a T. My aunt is a bus driver, they are liable for anything happening to someone on the bus. It probably scared her the crash happening like that, imo she was talking non stop to keep herself calm.

  • levrac68
    levrac68 20 days ago

    I certainly would have been looking to get that bus backed up away from the vehicles in case there was a fuel leak...

    • levrac68
      levrac68 18 days ago

      Really...That's why I said "Looking to get". I'm pretty sure there would be traffic, but a priority other than just calling police, since there are many others with cell phones right there, would be the SAFETY of the children. Direct someone to help, or get the kids safely off the bus, away from the accident, in the grass. Saying there was traffic doesn't help if the car and subsequently the bus, becomes engulfed in flames. Just my professional opinion.

    • M. Redleg
      M. Redleg 18 days ago

      There might have been other traffic behind the bus you know. Cant just hit the reverse and plow through a few more people.

      DEUS VULT 19 days ago

      That was my first reaction!

    • Aidan
      Aidan 19 days ago

      And to get out of the way.

  • Ford_roy
    Ford_roy 20 days ago

    itll buff out

    • Ford_roy
      Ford_roy 20 days ago

      S1D3W4Y5 JDM i would say that.. i mean look at the other car nd look at the truck

    • S1D3W4Y5 JDM
      S1D3W4Y5 JDM 20 days ago

      Ford_roy built ford tough amirright

  • Ronald Philbrick
    Ronald Philbrick 20 days ago

    thankfully people care

  • tony tim
    tony tim 20 days ago

    So glad that nobody died

  • JahJah
    JahJah 20 days ago

    why did they have to pick a piece of paper and write the seat number and name on it ? wtf ?

      ALIMMOTO 20 days ago

      JahJah Procedure probably

  • The Progressive Atheist

    He was driving a pick-up truck which means he was a right winger so he wasn't wearing his seatbelt because he wanted to piss off liberals.

    • Anton Zuykov
      Anton Zuykov 17 days ago

      The fact that he is still alive tells that we WAS wearing a seatbelt.

  • Maria Santos
    Maria Santos 20 days ago

    I think the driver of pick-up was sleeping. He change lane suddenly without noticing that he counterflow. If you are sleepy park the vehicle take a nap or more. always have a cup of coffee to drink once you feel sleepy but better you take a nap. its irresponsible if you continue driving though....stupid way

  • ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

    Quite possible another impaired driver on her cell phone.

  • ItsJimdevera
    ItsJimdevera 20 days ago

    oh nice. youre back in business

  • Terry Hogan
    Terry Hogan 20 days ago

    It's good to know that all survived such a horrific looking crash ! God speed they recover quickly and get back to enjoying their lives !

  • Literally Shitler
    Literally Shitler 20 days ago

    If that truck was a Dodge, it would have exploded on impact, sending shrapnel and debris all over, which in turn would have exploded the bus, killing all the kids... Thank God that guy drove a Ford.

      2AM GEORGIE DICK 20 days ago

      TenThirty-Two God you guys are dicks 😂

    • TenThirty-Two
      TenThirty-Two 20 days ago

      No if it was a Dodge it would all be rusted to pieces already and nothing left to crash into :p

    • looping thoughts
      looping thoughts 20 days ago

      Would you care to explain why do you think that?

  • NichoTBE
    NichoTBE 20 days ago

    bet they were texting.

  • Ken W
    Ken W 20 days ago

    russians hacked his truck

    • Anton Zuykov
      Anton Zuykov 17 days ago

      how can you "hack" US elections. Influence maybe, but hacking? No.

    • borgilskye
      borgilskye 19 days ago

      No for sure they stick to hacking US elections

  • Jerry Buit
    Jerry Buit 20 days ago

    automakers need to find a way to keep anyone from using cell phone in car while driving except to call 911...stupid people..just pull over to use phone. to many folks can't drive straight let alone be on a call phone..what is it gonna take..

    • Anton Zuykov
      Anton Zuykov 17 days ago

      "automakers need to find a way to keep anyone from using cell phone in car while driving except to call 911...stupid people."
      There is no such way with the existing tech. A simple example - you and your passenger are in the car. You are driving. How do you distinguish a passenger's phone moving with a car from a driver's phone moving with that same speed in that same direction? You can block a phone when it is moving, but then you won't be able to use it when you are on a bus/train/airplane/on foot.

    • Jerry Buit
      Jerry Buit 20 days ago

      yeah, the kid was Instagram??..reminds me of the 20 yr. kid last month in TX. that went across the center line many times...? 20 or more and hit that church bus killing 13 people..again...very reckless and stupid..

    • Pablo Escobar
      Pablo Escobar 20 days ago

      Jerry Buit business is usually more important

    • Jerry Buit
      Jerry Buit 20 days ago

      to funny..glad that dumbazz didn't hit the bus..

    • Philip550c
      Philip550c 20 days ago

      Jerry Buit what about when you want to watch raw leak while driving?

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson 20 days ago

    Everyone means well but if there is no risk of the truck going on fire then it's better to leave the patient where they are for the paramedics and fire brigade to deal with. They can assess for possible spinal damage before moving and are fully trained on extracting patients. Better to comfort and re-assure the patient. Switch off engine and turn off electrics.

  • John Steinbeck
    John Steinbeck 20 days ago

    I believe in self driving cars.

    • 348frank348
      348frank348 20 days ago

      John Steinbeck i believe in life after love

    • DVincentW
      DVincentW 20 days ago

      How about self wiping toilets? Self washing hair? Self brushing teeth?
      Self fucking?
      Driving is a component of self- determination; being able to control your vehicle according to move where you want.. not where a servers series CPU satellite wants you to be.
      It will really piss off impatient drivers who demand exceeding the speed limit.
      Its bad enough with careless drivers wanting to tailgate pushing their car nose into any vacant spot ahead of them... like some impulsive psychotic ramming their car peenis- shoving it where ever there is open lanes.. only to end up at a red light. Usually.
      Maybe self driving cars would have their own lane.
      id go for that.

  • jxrry Gonzalez
    jxrry Gonzalez 20 days ago

    anybody got a pencil

  • 2 wheeled demon
    2 wheeled demon 20 days ago

    Hope the kids got the day off.

  • phuk offndy
    phuk offndy 20 days ago

    Ford truck driver was posting on instagram.

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