Kayla loves being humped


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Author YADIR MARTINEZ (1 year)

Author Goofballhero (4 years)
@micrheu1 I lick better than a dog... O.o

Author 10Sprintcar10 (3 years)
she wants to be humped ill help her with that.

Author Dewey Boymann (6 years)
....there is something wrong with her pants.

Author zerokewl80 (7 years)
same in america....Gloomkilla is gay

Author MusicLounge (6 years)
what the

Author Shker Ahd (2 years)

Author el tigre grande (7 years)
this dog knows more than its seems, i wish i was that chesapeak

Author shannon kent (2 years)
Aw Whos a Good boy You are Yes You Are!! XD

Author jonovips13 (7 years)
she is hot!!!! not the dog lol

Author Aldawok12 (6 years)
DAMN YOU Deviouswifey Why is everyone taking my comments damn :D

Author davidantonyread (6 years)
the holes in her pants are easy access for the dog

Author neslih1 (7 years)
Alismis köpek istiyor terrardan

Author Rami Kada (1 year)
Girls like to have sex with dogs because dogs don't kiss and tell and girls
don't get pregnant.

Author jonovips13 (7 years)
in england every holes a goal man

Author Ventasmentos (7 years)
I understand the dog, really.

Author Deviouswifey (6 years)
he thinks you have a treat in ur

Author RamzaBeoulve02 (2 years)
Change the title either to: Kayla's a Whore OR The Uploader's An Idiot

Author safehouse123 (6 years)
scum bags

Author 109sugarbear (1 year)
i wanna hump her

Author sexiisk8rgrl (6 years)
RAPE!!! wait it cant be rape if they r willing lol

Author slinder02 (3 years)
Id hump her to, actually, I FEEL YOU DOG, I FEEL YOU.

Author comcphee (6 years)
Only when the doggie didn't get none!

Author whataboutblank (5 years)
Dog u better hope she dont press charges!!!

Author owenselise (6 years)
this is why im a cat person

Author naresh pallikonda (1 year)

Author Gallant Cooper (3 years)
Im a dog too! can I! :D

Author bondageluvr (6 years)
I bet she never says get away when her boyfriend starts humping her like
that =D

Author TaekwondoGuy86 (5 years)
uh no dumb dumb.. dog can't smell it and uhh that's now why the dog did
that dogs are fucking stupid and have humped other male dogs so shut up

Author Kurt Justin (5 years)
yep he knows where hes been and liked it

Author Reptil Dysfunction (2 years)
Guess that dog is a cat lover...

Author ruffian271 (6 years)
she probably wants the dog to hump her on and on. she probably has the
holes in her pants for a reason. and the reason is so the dog can make
babys with her!!! lol she probably think it feels good. actualy, i have had
a dog hump me before and i was naked and it felt so weird. it felt like my
guys dick going in and out again but the dog was much faster and the dog
also did it longer too. so i would rather date my dog!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Author WKaliber1 (6 years)
she was on her period, thats why

Author dragonworld2008 (2 years)
after your dog have his way with you . I want a doves . Yuck !

Author MannyCAE (6 years)
thats gross!!... if ur that desperate pay for

Author dominic sabatino (1 year)
thats funny

Author thesteven1 (6 years)

Author VR4RubenVR4 (6 years)
raped by FOG lmao

Author Stefan Kozma (1 year)
The bears can smell the menstruation!!

Author Neffstradamus (6 years)
you are a fucking airhead. do you understand what humor is? Was she
actually being raped? Get a life. "a girl being raped by a fog" turns me on

Author sebastian blanton (2 years)

Author crystalinfection66 (1 year)

Author ssargman (6 years)
Thats what you get when for not showering every day, you have smelly lips
down there!

Author McCdog1 (4 years)
nice taste dog i wish i were u (sorta)o.0 p.s. why'd u stop

Author jonovips13 (7 years)

Author ian tobin (7 years)
i wana hump her!!

Author pathil9 (6 years)

Author TATTOOED4INK (6 years)
and i bet any money after that camara was turned off you dropped your pants
for the dog!

Author TubeHos (8 years)
You Been Featured on!

Author 18jjim18 (6 years)
so when you saw a girl being raped by a fog you thought HEE im gona film
this and place it on youtube. greate idea (idiot)

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