Jim Jong Un Just Got Some Bad News: Rex Tillerson Hits North Korea Where It Hurts!

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  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson brought the hammer down on North Korea during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Tuesday. Tillerson said the United States is considering imposing sanctions on countries that do trade with North Korea.

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  • wayne carswell
    wayne carswell 1 hour ago

    No assistance of any form to north korea or palestinian devils !

  • kuvceebxab1
    kuvceebxab1 6 hours ago

    I hate how politicians play games with people's life. Just finish of the Kim's dynasty for once.

  • Carla Sanders
    Carla Sanders 13 hours ago

    What are you doing? Sanctions will not hurt the Tyrant running that Country. It hurts the poor people who are oppressed under this Tyrant. My God there are Orphans in that Country(NK) that live out in the wilderness and come into the City to eat crumbs off the ground.

  • Pentcho Rouynekov

    Kim Un is an Alien.

  • carol g
    carol g 1 day ago

    we want to hear him ..

  • Mary Clark
    Mary Clark 1 day ago

    I think Mr Tilison is doing a very good job. We are so lucky to have a secretary of State who will. stand up for America.

  • 0gata
    0gata 1 day ago

    srsy man i gonna dislike this u know why ?
    first 100 million trade between china and NK is in food nothing else ..with that u just gonna comit again another genocide (i know its nothing new and is aligned with USA doing) ..
    second sanctions against china = bad things for USA if that happens trumps word of making USA great again will have different meaning :P
    second country which trades in food with NK is Russia they have only 20 million in trade with NK and Russia is in sanctions from USA with whom they actually never traded the consequence of all that big talk will u know what ?
    1 :Russia will fill the place of china so Russians will trade 120 millions (20 +100= ? ) and basically u cant do nothing to Russia ..what u gonna implement more useless sanctions to a BRIC county :P
    2: lets be real USA cant do sanctions to China its not in interest of both countries ..and even if they do that to china that will be game changer :
    first both economies will surfer allot that's obvious but most interesting will be that in case of that China will stop playing nice in the SC sea and pacific :P and as maniacal u are u will try to boss them but china aint push over (they didnt bend over even in 90's when they had waaaay weaker army and now they for sure wont :P

    so as i said dislike from me for this pathetic attempt of propaganda ..or for this naive interpretation of the real situation (not knowing aint excuse)

  • nawlulu
    nawlulu 1 day ago

    What the fuck , it's Kim Jon Un. Your stupid voice is not match to Rex's voice.

    SE ASIA 1 day ago

    Kim is not crazy

    SE ASIA 1 day ago

    Sadly North Korea will have to be taken out. Hope it can be avoided n there will be a peaceful outcome.

  • Nobdy Cancrossit
    Nobdy Cancrossit 1 day ago


  • Adrian Finley
    Adrian Finley 1 day ago

    more USA bull shit
    you lost the Korean war get over it or is it possible that you have found
    rich minerals just north of the boarded hmmmmmmmm!
    all oap administration grow old with dignity you Prick

  • day man
    day man 2 days ago

    sanctions dont work! bomb those fuckers already!!

  • Jerel Kenworthy
    Jerel Kenworthy 2 days ago

    Obama could car less about the young man that just died even though the Obama is half white he has a problem with white people. He's also half black and he has a problem with black people too. That's because he's a psychopath.

  • zagashow
    zagashow 2 days ago

    you see how easy doing , they do not need to come here challange Americnas go there fooling around then USA Goverment take action foreign countries .

  • Sileap Ek
    Sileap Ek 2 days ago

    U.S must Bomb that Fat boy

  • James Killa
    James Killa 2 days ago

    you've heard about the Mandela effect, well brace for the WARMIER effect. wicked games are about to break.

  • Ontario Backwoods Outfitters

    he is not innocent what he did there by their laws could get the death penalty or life in prison. only a complete idiot would go to north korea and pull a stunt like that. they tell tourists what you can or can not do before you go and that the penalties are extremely harsh and this moron still decided to take his spoiled ass and do what ever he wanted. I feel bad for the family that they had to lose a son but it was his own stupidity that got him there in the first place. What did he think was gonna happen they smile say its ok you said sorry and send you home! Not to mention he endangered the lives of everyone in the tour group.

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  • Rayan Agarm
    Rayan Agarm 2 days ago

    2:35 that is not ok...

  • Dennis Anderson
    Dennis Anderson 2 days ago

    China better step up we will stop buying from them and become strong again. I think China is holding back N Korea like a mad dog on a leach and laughing at us.

  • George T
    George T 2 days ago

    John P M God bless you! It's funny how people say your the problem because you said God bless you to someone. That are the problem for making a big deal and saying insulting things just because you simply said God bless you. that's sad. God bless all of you who read this and remember that JESUS LOVES you, and he is coming back he died for us all repent and accept Him in to your heart. have a blessed life.

  • solomon king
    solomon king 2 days ago

    Stop Americans going to north k. It's your fault hard headed nuts

  • meah adelgado
    meah adelgado 2 days ago

    please bring other american prisoners back home

  • Ariel Aguirre
    Ariel Aguirre 2 days ago

    they ain't gonna do nothing but talk

  • Pentcho Rouynekov
    Pentcho Rouynekov 2 days ago

    War war war. I am with the winner.

  • K. Joy Sedlmair
    K. Joy Sedlmair 3 days ago

    Sadly, Kim Jung - Un will never give up the Nuclear weapons, Ballistic missiles and all the other... You are waiting in vain, for nothing..., and losing only time. Kim Jung- Un laughs at you!~ His hatred of America and South Korea still going on: That has built up for 70 years of old hatred. Again do not wait for his change of mind, he will never change and the people are suffering. Please free them!! I pray for this since many years!

  • Nancy Linda
    Nancy Linda 3 days ago

    I read that north korea uses prisoners to human test their chemical weapons. Poor Otto - what did they do to him?

  • Stephen C
    Stephen C 3 days ago

    Talk talk talk wipe North Korea of the MAP

  • Alhadji Jalloh
    Alhadji Jalloh 3 days ago

    Please! Mr. President don't deprived other nations for what they knew not about. The best solution for The UN Security Council, is that reunification to unity the ✌ Koreans but sanctions against other nations may lead to a possible ww3. We better expect the unexpected. Let's talk about conflict:we have meaning and types of conflict_courses of conflict_effects of conflict_local method of conflict resolution and the modern method of conflict resolution! I pray The Almighty God who created us given us the rank of men will pour the spirit of love within their hearts. W_waste A_all R_resourses the meaning of war.

  • felix mendez
    felix mendez 3 days ago

    Fat Kid should answer demanding from Amerika thorough compensation for the 20% of the North Korean civilian population killed by US aerial bombing in 1952 and by the flattening of the capital and the destruction of the North Korean civil infrastructure.

  • Michael Brittain
    Michael Brittain 3 days ago

    we need to send special ops in and kill the fat punk .

  • Tai Lu
    Tai Lu 3 days ago

    hey nk, you are not dealing with girly boy obama any more. you are dealing with a real man and all his generals. you are screwed.

    • Tai Lu
      Tai Lu 2 days ago

      felix mendez, i bet you are one of those millenial that still live in your mama garage. one of those entitlement mentality. i really love your poet rhyme. it remind me of many of those faggot who have a man body but is really a girl inside.

    • felix mendez
      felix mendez 2 days ago

      No, Fu Man Chu but I am sure you know and like that of yankee poo.

    • Tai Lu
      Tai Lu 2 days ago

      i am pretty sure you like the taste of fresh shit

    • Tai Lu
      Tai Lu 2 days ago

      i bet you know what cum taste like

    • Tai Lu
      Tai Lu 2 days ago

      no, I am just a common sense person who know what communist is like. unlike you, I am not a faggetty Latino sucking on Obama dick

  • James C
    James C 3 days ago

    Sanctions against North Korea is not a act of war, but a measure that is in place to send a message that war will be next if things don't change. Any country can sanction another, all that is, 'is we will not do business with you'. For the last 50 years we have been at a stalemate, because both countries will lose big if war breaks out. What the North Koreans do not understand is that we in the U.S. and Japan are not as threatened by their actions. So the tolerance of war will only be felt by the South Koreans. If the South Koreans were smart they would move the bulk of the civilians away from Seoul into the south (that is, if they want to be a separate nation).

  • Josh M.
    Josh M. 3 days ago

    Lmao over a white boy? Really ? Lmao people die every day

  • Maria Trans
    Maria Trans 3 days ago

    That is still too nice to him

  • Anthony Atento Bello

    China for what i can see is just a piece of cake. cause if you want War, just go and declare war, and fight, if you need to do something, go do it for your self, it's not a great act to send your friend to talk to a girl you like, about how much you wish to be in love with her. your friend may end up getting your best love, set for you in your destiny. If China do this cause someone else says, it will look like the best clown in the Circus. and i don't play music cause i love the country of Origin, i play and listen cause i like music.

  • David Penn
    David Penn 3 days ago

    he must be wearing a mask no one can look that stupid for real.

  • David Penn
    David Penn 3 days ago

    with a stupid hairdo like kimmie you got to be having sex with dolls the last we saw a very fat leader was painting of henry the eighth and he died from over eating and ulcers you are both disgusting.

  • Frederic Wheeler
    Frederic Wheeler 3 days ago

    .and NO TRADE with ANY country that trades with NORTH KOREA.

  • Frederic Wheeler
    Frederic Wheeler 3 days ago

    Absolutely NO TRADE with North Korea.

  • Graham Vermish
    Graham Vermish 3 days ago

    The conundrum is do we deal with NK sooner or later when the regime has nukes? Neither is a pleasant task but waiting allows the Fat Boy to be more dangerous.

  • Bigdogmax Bigdoghoso

    did rex really say dat hmm

  • Løttie R.
    Løttie R. 3 days ago

    Kim nor Assad wants a Jewish banking cartel.

  • Avis Swope
    Avis Swope 3 days ago


  • mexcan fun
    mexcan fun 3 days ago

    Don't worry folks, sorry to disappoint you all, but Trump will be running home with 3 aircraft carriers tied to his tail.

  • Sam Ahmed
    Sam Ahmed 3 days ago

    Telson fuckin wanker talks shit

  • Elijah Hathcock
    Elijah Hathcock 4 days ago

    youtube video y

  • wwvette
    wwvette 4 days ago

    J Stewart....

    Like Your Comments!

    Read My Comment!

    Have A Great Day, WW

  • wwvette
    wwvette 4 days ago

    Sanctions Can Starve North Korea To Death! Un Deserves It, The Little Fat Fucker!!!!

    We Need To Get Rid of ALL Countries Nuclear Weapons!!!!


  • Mark Fischer
    Mark Fischer 4 days ago

    The only really bad news Kimmy can get is that his military has been wiped out with American nuclear weapons, his off shore assets like submarines and clandestine nukes have been destroyed, and many more missiles with nuclear warheads are on their way to destroy what's left of his country. That all of his cities and military industrial complex is being taken out and there is nothing he can do about it. That his tunnels have been breached and nuclear weapons are targeting them from the inside. That neither China nor Russia will respond. Now that is what I'd call a bad day for him.

  • GentlemanH
    GentlemanH 4 days ago

    I was hoping to hear what Rex Tillerson had to say - instead I got a voice telling me what he said. This is not good at all and is open to interpretation(and misinterpretation). Verbatim speech only in future please.

  • Mark Fischer
    Mark Fischer 4 days ago

    I won't think the US government is serious until I hear that it has launched a massive nuclear first against North Korea, I won't believe President Trump will have fulfilled his obligations he took a sacred oath to uphold.

  • Richard Gray
    Richard Gray 4 days ago

    I believe little fat tards name is Kim not Jim work on your openings make sure the spell checker

  • JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI*

    Hey, Who the Hell is JIM JONG-UN?

  • Toofast4fleas
    Toofast4fleas 4 days ago

    Kim sucks Rodham's cock!

  • John P M
    John P M 4 days ago

    Kim Un doom will never change and either will the people of his insane cult. If they could they would kill everyone on this planet.

  • xavier jr mirasol
    xavier jr mirasol 4 days ago

    Roll the dice lets see what happen tillerson

  • pedro quinones jr
    pedro quinones jr 4 days ago

    Your fake new

  • Regan Orr
    Regan Orr 5 days ago

    Jeremy Smith if US and Allies had Hit Hitler HARD instead of appeasing him Millions of lives would have been Spared!

  • latin ontheroad
    latin ontheroad 5 days ago

    bunch of bullshit lies ,to benefit the bullies ,and to keep other countries poor or down ,

  • wjdonner
    wjdonner 5 days ago

    Ever heard the following saying: "Sticks and stones can break my bones but the words of a dummy can never hurt me." ?
    The North Koreans know it too. Just watch on YouTube: AMERICANS GETTING DUMBER - Average IQ Drops 14 Points

  • Romeo Torres
    Romeo Torres 5 days ago

    Wow so the corrupt Cartel will soon loot the taxpayers money again via wars and they will kill innocent lives in NK again ?
    Shame on corrupt Trump( the president of Russian Hackers) and its not people of US at all. Beaware

  • wacko craco
    wacko craco 5 days ago


  • white horse beauty
    white horse beauty 5 days ago

    usa run by bunch of murderer in White House who Trrorising the people around the world killing innocent people and creating terrorism and destabilizing whole the world.

  • Rafael Camilo
    Rafael Camilo 5 days ago

    Nothing will happen North Korea has the Nukes and the guts to used it.

  • Troy Moore
    Troy Moore 5 days ago

    Did Rex kick him in the balls?

  • Jurgen Pagel
    Jurgen Pagel 5 days ago

    Just amagine ALL the Chinese Container Ships turning around right now and DONT come back my American Friends , you would be in big big Trouble . Of course , you think in your big oversized American Heads that you can do it all , NO YOU CANT !!! Wallimart with empty Shelfs is a scary thing for most Americans . Long Beach, CA Terminal will be reduced 70% and those Union Guys who make + $150K WONT LIKE IT . Debt by People for Cars / Houses etc.... has to be paid , unloading / reloading / delivering / trucking ALL GONE !!!!!!! Who will replace and fill the void ?? Canada - Mexico - who ?? Americans think with their Ass and thats a Problem and TILLERSON DOESNT MEAN SHIT TO NO ONE !!!!!!!

  • JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI*

    That's, of reducing or Eliminating North Korea's WMD's Is, *NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN while Kim Jong-un is Alive!* We have *tried 2 X's,* that I know of, *AND HAVE FAILED TO ASSASSINATE HIM!* The only way now *IS TO THROW EVERYTHING WE HAVE ONTO NORTH KOREA ALL AT ONCE WITHIN 15 MINUTES* or we will *LOSE THE WAR* with Kimmy!

  • Mardasee
    Mardasee 5 days ago

    But China will be an exception I bet.

  • J R
    J R 5 days ago

    Pray,North Koreans, will be free,soon.Suffered,so much.

  • James Buchanan
    James Buchanan 5 days ago

    why does Saudis arabia,Israel etc.get a free ride

    • James Buchanan
      James Buchanan 5 days ago

      The world is going back words because of A Dozen people's Greed.It seems to be in a mess and nobody cares.Sad..Sad..Sad.

  • Dan Basler
    Dan Basler 5 days ago

    Fucking Fat Boy needs his head removed. USA is being a pussy.

  • hudhastings1
    hudhastings1 5 days ago

    oh great starve the country

  • onedaywewill
    onedaywewill 5 days ago

    The way the USA is acting it will have no friends left.

  • Ron Vest
    Ron Vest 5 days ago

    China is taking our money that we buy their junk with, and using it to build their military, how fuckin stupid for America to be doing business with them.

  • Koori Sandy
    Koori Sandy 5 days ago

    It's not only The USA angry about what NK did to Otto... I'm pissed off. So sad n cruel.
    Bomb the shit outa north Korea!

  • James Dunphy
    James Dunphy 5 days ago

    not me... i would tell kim. to rid all weapon if he dont do any shits in 24 hrs. i will wipe all north korea after 24 hrs i am not gonna talk any more bullshits. they didnt listen... why could i talk shits if they dont give a damns? they will start to smart up once we attacked bomb whole his army. this might froce kim to change his mind. talk shits not gonna change his mind.

  • Amerimechcan Guy-Engineering

    communist USA is friends with North Korea

  • Davy spilani
    Davy spilani 5 days ago

    For what fucking reason? They have nukes? Lybia and Gaddafi gave up their nukes! The United States of terror murdered that country. Long live Kim Jon. Fuck the usa. They don't mention the 1400 inoccent people the United States of mass murderers killed in the middle east in May 2017. They are sick in the mind and that is poisoning everyone.

  • Rudi Zimmerer
    Rudi Zimmerer 5 days ago

    North Korea is getting everything from Russia, also Russia sends his tourists to North Korea. And China has trade Embargo against South Korea, because of the 4 THAAD missiles defense system... Who suffers more? American go home we want peace!!!!

  • Doug Watkins
    Doug Watkins 5 days ago

    Those sanctions might work against a reasonable leader but I'm not sure it will in his case. It will probably just make life worse for his people as they will just have to get by on less. But he will be fine

    • NeoTribe1
      NeoTribe1 3 days ago

      Doug Watkins There is no less. The people will revolt and fat fuck will die. fact.

  • kbkproperty
    kbkproperty 5 days ago

    After try to talk for years. Time for action. We don't like war. But sometimes we have to. Kim or Jim or Jeremy are problem . Let finish it.

  • Fla sun
    Fla sun 5 days ago

    Russia had an increase in their exports up 75%. Really? Eat shyt Putin! Wake up Merkel!! He's not your friend.

  • Reymundo Leon
    Reymundo Leon 5 days ago

    Peace bullshit they are lying u.s government terrorists

  • cagun7
    cagun7 5 days ago

    Quit all this bullish politically "snik snak"(talk talk) and nuke NK it would work .
    Sanctions only hurt the people of NK ,not Kim.

  • Up 'n' at 'em
    Up 'n' at 'em 5 days ago

    Why the fuck were you giving North Korea money anyway wake the fuck up America stop giving away tax payers money to assholes. People are dying on the streets of our country and you are giving it away to a dictator and there brainwashed people, did you fucks ask us the people of this country before giving our money away.what the fuck is wrong with this government, stop giving money to anyone and put it back into roads and infrastructure that is so badly needed in America thanks to your neglect ya dumb fucks.who else are you trying to buy with our money?????????

    • James Dunphy
      James Dunphy 5 days ago

      because your goverment are dirty. they doing drity work for money get off rich thst how goverment is. i am not gonna blame only your goverment i also blame my own goverment either. canada goverment are also dirty. all world goverment are same... it is up to us and your people to fight back. but we didnt. we just act like nothing even happening. and letting them doing their dirty works and lies all world even their own people. sad...

  • Up 'n' at 'em
    Up 'n' at 'em 5 days ago

    Fuck I hate Jim now.

  • Deborah Johnson
    Deborah Johnson 5 days ago

    People need to stay here and run wild. Go to other countries you have to obey their laws OR stay here and tear up as much as you like. There is no white supremacy in other countries. You just get that here.
    Looks like he got electro convulsive therapy (ECT), to reorganize his thinking. It was done here routinely as a psychiatric treatment. They could've beat him or waterboarded him. Just keep your wild kids at home. You're not in control in other countries. America can't tell anybody how to treat folks in foreign jails, look at how people, even children are treated in jails here. Hypocrites.

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo 5 days ago

    Kim 😂. Old Balloon 🎈 face . He is committing suicide by pie , cake , ice cream and bon bons .

  • Zander
    Zander 5 days ago

    Who the hell is "Jim Jong un " ?

  • Swiss Knight
    Swiss Knight 5 days ago

    America tortures, rapes, pillages and plunders. Who are they to tell the world what to do?

    • Roger didit
      Roger didit 4 days ago

      Swiss Knight Comon Swiss, it's only niggers, so it's all good!

    • tom dalton
      tom dalton 5 days ago

      Swiss Knight come over and tell me that and I bet I kick your ass all over the place! You bunch of pussies over in your little swiss country, your little bitches and bow to all the sand niggers who are taking over your country, raping your beautiful women when they should be raping you and your bitch assed boys. Pussy's!! Here's another load down your throat! ! !

    • R Jenkins
      R Jenkins 5 days ago

      Swiss Knight ...American soldiers do not rape, pillage and plunder. ..Have you lost your damn mind? Stop spreading bullshit! Spooks do that kind of shit..not soldiers. .

    • say what
      say what 5 days ago

      Swiss Knight The Swiss are bitches

    • Daniel James
      Daniel James 5 days ago

      Swiss Knight well kill you all

  • Richard Woodson
    Richard Woodson 5 days ago

    I've got a little fat yellow man in my head, there's a red sleeping under my bed!!!

  • ba sook
    ba sook 5 days ago

    I wonder where $100 mil. loose to NK trade and china goes to, knowing that China is more of trade?

    • Ainur Ainur
      Ainur Ainur 5 days ago

      ba sook 100 mil is nothing to them. i think is wrong the news.

  • Ff Gfhc UhhHx Jg
    Ff Gfhc UhhHx Jg 5 days ago

    if they want war hit back to united state.why every where want war united state?

    • James Dunphy
      James Dunphy 5 days ago

      because america want to contorl world . that why. plus america killing childen family even rapes ... all that. you cant think america are good guy... not all good guy... some are fucking asshole. like police in america shot killed people for no reasons. same thing in america miltary. they are drity. world hate america. canada is starting leaving america side. because they not good guy anymore. all people in canada dont want allie with america we perfer to join nato which we alreadt choose on their side not america. but our canada goverment is pussy. want us to stay side with america all they cares is money. or scare trump i dont know... not canada people... goverment knew. you watch and wait we are gonns kick justin out! we will vote new presdent who will stand with world against trump. we not interesting against america people. we want drity goverment out! both side our goverment and america goverment too... they both team up doing drity works for money

    • Coaster Warriors
      Coaster Warriors 5 days ago

      Ff Gfhc UhhHx Jg The U.S. starts it.. We're up everyones asses

  • S U P E R MALE V I T A L I T Y

    Jim isn't it Kim?

    • S U P E R MALE V I T A L I T Y
      S U P E R MALE V I T A L I T Y 3 days ago

      Gen Z I am indeed, yes Alex is a gate keeper but the memes are juicy hence the name, but what they said is true people will only give you half the truth you have to do the research yourself to find more of the truth than people lead onto.

    • Gen Z
      Gen Z 3 days ago

      S U P E R MALE V I T A L I T Y funny name, and I'm not into the shill Alex jones, but are you awakened to the truth?

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