How the Government Tracks You: NSA Surveillance

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The U.S. Government has turned the Internet into something it was never intended to be: a system for spying on us in our most private moments. Out of control government surveillance is a dangerous form of censorship. Don't be intimidated. Share this video.

Narrated by Evangeline Lilly

Brought to you by Fight for the Future and Demand Progress.

Produced by Mata Wata --

Executive Producer: Evangeline Lilly --

Photos and Video from the October 15th Guerrilla Screening Debut in New York City:


Sat, October 26th in Washington, DC

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Author Avari Wilson ( ago)
no strings attached

Author RockChar Rocker ( ago)
I'm very boring. boring and boring........moving on

Author Trevolutionary Media ( ago)
Daily reminder NSA and intelligence agencies, all third party tech
companies collecting data, youre all shills, sell outs, and cuckolds,
because youre all nothing but voyeurs, just watching people, mentally
jerking off to your own ego - faggots

Author Against Machines Taking Over ( ago)
yet, we can't catch thiefs, terrorist, rapist.

Author Lpool FC ( ago)
You can't even just disconnect from technology and go outside. CCTV cameras are tracking your every move. Probably your thoughs too.

Author hamza Elhafidi ( ago)
nooo that's not true ,
hamdulilah , thanks to Allah subhanahu wa taala i know everything .
i don't know how come that i know all of it , but i know it anyway , and as i've said its a gift from ALLAH .
hamdulillah .

Author MIimo Reii ( ago)
Fuck You NSA

Author Ari Ari ( ago)
big brohter is watching you 19-84 orson wels, fuck de intelligentie eenheden

Author Wavey ( ago)
like how I was talking about yu gi oh with my friend on the phone then I started getting ads for it by the boatload on youtube wtf

Author Alan Rochin ( ago)
I don't think these programs are used to keep surveillance but to collecr data to sell to corporations for the application of ads so much so that ads on TV the internet will no longer be the same for everyone but targeted personalised to you only .very scary thought to know that soon everything you buy everything g you see is their because some entity suggested you should buy it because well they know you better then yourself lol

Author Alan Rochin ( ago)
it's going to be so hard to privately that Pepe will start t**lkin li*e this to not engage the keyword engine in these survive programs

Author lee swinscoe ( ago)
how would we track the people trying to do harm to use if we have no surveillance.
If you have nothing to hide it should not be a problem. Simple

Author Norman Odinson ( ago)
I wouldn't care if the government spied on us, if the government were not run by Hebrew and Saudi slime.

Author Legend 27 ( ago)
Who gives a fuck lol let em watch
As long as you're not a threat to society
A fuck

Author Openmind Newworld ( ago)
I would eliminate and close down almost every single federal agency.

Author High Frequency ( ago)
Yet The sheeps stay sheeps and seem to not be bother by their privacy being taken away from them. 9/11 was inside job everyone knows that the real terrorist are governments

Author Ryan Alan Ulrey ( ago)

Author Ulfhednar x ( ago)
call this number so we can put you on our watch list.

Author Sarita Sampson ( ago)
nosey motherfuckas why the fuk y'all can't stay to yourself, always in somebody's business

Author Joseph Montante ( ago)
thank god im living in the Philippines

Author BriGuyFlyers ( ago)
Am I the only one who DOESN'T CARE that the government is doing surveillance? I HATE IDIOTS WHO THINK THIS MATTERS! They can watch me all they want. Why? Because I have nothing to hide. The only ones who are angry/scared are the ones who actually did something wrong.

Author king pedro barcelona-gano ( ago)
how could 911 be an inside job if the planes came from the outside, jk but fr, my Google pixle scares me, I transferred my data from my old phone to it and even the pictures I made sure to delete on Google pictures on my Samsung came back new but thats nothing, the Siri scares tf out of me, every time I ask it something about the NSA and Google working together to spy on people and all the sites that come up only talk about how to be a hacker that spies on google, it always listens to you at all times, if you look at the phone it will turn on so it's recording me when I don't give it permission, I can't take the battery out and I'm pretty sure that the reason why Androids started doing this is because the NSA told them to, and Google at anytime can put anything on my phone to make me look like a monster and everyone will overlook my argument and call me a paranoid monater, this thing probably sells you pringerprint to the NSA, my dad is a lawyer so if he just talking about hes case with me, google can hear it all and sell it to the state and advice the prosecutor on how to go against my dad, really sad that nobody cares about this, I told someone about this today and he told me wait that really hallena, can somebody make a phone like Apple or Samsung that looks nice and works well that haves like lil thingies that are like Windows for your camera and it also haves a 100% sound proof window shutter thingie that only unlock by itself when you have a call that is super encrypted to the point that it is hacker proof and government proof, and even better, every time the government unsuccessfully tries to spy on you, well it gives them a virus that destroys there computers, I know that this product seems impossible but the only reason why that it seems like that is because companies aren't competing on making the best government proof phones and if they did, we would have this in 3 years tops, and when people give me shit like terrorist and all that as an excuse, it just makes me mad, if I'm being totally honest I'd rather have school shootings every day than my privacy being taken non existent and being able to be used against me with ease and I don't mean like me being a criminal I mean that they can make me the criminal easily right now just by putting a couple things on my phone , and tbh terrorism isnt the big problem the media says it is, is it uncontrolled, well yes but not here and it's over there and that's there problem to solve not ours and the people that live there didn't ask for help that actually makes the whole thing worse, bad shit has happened across all history and I know you are thinking about 70s 80s 90s but those times were worse than now in soooo many aspects, crime has gone down a fuck toon but you don't know that, and a lot of other shit is ten times better now and I don't know about it because the media and everyone else is so obsessed with talking about how terrible it is right now, we don't need surveillance to be good and who knows the government probably did murder almost 3000 which isn't that much to be able to do what they are doing and if I was I can't blame them, pretty smart, have a small sacrifice to be able to control your people so they can never ever over through you, but thats there point of view and mine isn't like that, I'm pretty sure they didn't do 9/11 but if they did I wouldn't be surprised, well I would but I could easily understand why they did it, it just discusses me to see people be so proud of this country and they should be proud of the idea that America is but they should despise what it is and what it's heading towards, we already there it's just getting worse

Author Bitter Coffee ( ago)
Hey government if your watching me right now I just want to tell you that some day people are gonna catch on to your bullshit and the people will start a riot. I hope you rot in purgatory

Author Al Gores Head ( ago)
If you are on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat you are being monitored.

Author YouTube Troll ( ago)
Edward Snowden deserves a fair trial, followed by a full pardon. If only we had more like him in high office . #americanhero

Author Christopher Zavala ( ago)
I know more about Edward Snowden... I have the encrypted files that he personally deleted. If NSA wants them they must contact me personally.. I know you're watching, but you will never find me

Author Jim Dugger ( ago)
oh mercy. How many of you have been locked up in jail because the NSA did a scan on your phone to see if you texted "bomb" or some other key word? Well, I have a secret for you. If you want to stop NASA spying on you there is a way to stop it. Just go to the command prompt by typing in "CMD" in your windows search. When the prompt comes up type "Format C". When it comes back and says "are you sure this will delete all the data on your drive" don't believe those evil Freemason, Illuminati, Jesuit NSA assholes. Type "Y" and defy those bastards. This is a big secret so don't tell anybody about this trick, but it will rid you permanently of NSA spying. Seriously.

Author weshuiz13 ( ago)
fuck the police(gouverment)straight from the underground

Author Glor Yaomme ( ago)
My private phone calls:

Husband: At what time are u coming home so I can have dinner ready.

Friends : How are u girl.... wanna go out for a coffee?

Mom : mom how you feeling?

Honestly the US has become a shadow of itself. The nation that made the world a safer place has become a psychotic, neurotic police state.

It breaks my heart because I love America.

Author Technology Squidman/TNLGsquidman ( ago)
even if i am living in vietnam... this is too cruel, i hate when they track my emails. you are going to far, gov

Author Zero Danna ( ago)
I knew all this before it was cool...

Author la fo bb ( ago)
they killed people they lie and they bear no honor. they were exposed they have no rigteousness

Author la fo bb ( ago)
for their self conglomerate

Author la fo bb ( ago)
your fucking pussys

Author la fo bb ( ago)
fucking pussu

Author la fo bb ( ago)
they'll get exposed lie And then make federal provision rulings to try And justify because their hypocrites

Author la fo bb ( ago)
they cowards and shouldn't be making a fucking paycheck

Author la fo bb ( ago)
the other people lost their fucking jobs they should to and be deprived of their money fucking frauds

Author la fo bb ( ago)
no their hackers their going into your life for tolitetarinism they want to feel like powerhouses its illegal and they should go to jail

Author Dex Carrell ( ago)
scream fuck you one time

Author Ruth ily ( ago)
i'm only here because of the spongebob meme

Author Jalek24 ( ago)
it's like someone pulls out a gun and says: don't worry, i'm not gonna use. it's only for a protection. the sight of the gun already gives you an uneasy feeling. this is clearly increasing the anxiety.
oh, and if anyone wants to be safe: we live in a planet that spins itself around the sun in an extremely high speed.

Author Rubeni Alimasi ( ago)
But can I trust Squidward's house?

Author Erik Cervantes ( ago)
We don't care if the government spies on us ! We want to be safe , being safe comes at a cost ..

Author Donald Trump ( ago)
Vote for Donald Trump

Author fhhf A ( ago)
Government , shut the fuck up . do your homework before you get Shot one by one. I'll do it. Spy on this comment, then come see me, then get shot. Deal ??

Author gi joe ( ago)
I also would like to say. every single one of u has a facebook and a Twitter and all that shit. that's what records everything. we ALL know facebook NEVER deletes your info. the government does not need to spy on you illigaly anymore. they just have to Google you ya dumbasses

Author gi joe ( ago)
SIR! u might want to take a look at this. A 11 year old in Florida just posted a picture of her cat. her grandma said it was cute and her father said Awhhh , then she asked if she could go to her friends house.............alright. keep an eye on her XD

Author IvoryStrike ( ago)
What people might not understand is that NSA spying actually would prevent a HUGE amount of terrorist threats to America if the FBI wasn't so lenient when it comes to taking action. There's a reason why the FBI had plenty of information on the guy who recently bombed New York but didn't do anything about it for years.

Author 109ejg ( ago)
Many of my co workers, family, friends, and neighbors say "I have nothing to hide and these programs keep us safe".

Author Daten Reizen ( ago)
Le systeme pyramidal c bien aussi 乛

Author Daten Reizen ( ago)
Etre surveiller c bien 了tout simplement 乛

Either a new leader will come in and totally abuse this system against any deserters like Hitler on steroids, or the system itself will become self aware and destroy humanity. Those are the only 2 possible outcomes of the future as long as this omniscient system is allowed to exist.

Author Against Machines Taking Over ( ago)
this is completely wrong and this is corruption.

Author Arvian R. ( ago)

Author Michael boyd ( ago)
secretly that modem in your house record every keystroke for 10 years if you look at your email they tell you about once a year but that's what they're doing with your information if you want to see you all the data you have to go down there and so on and so forth so they're not really secretly doing it that's right in front of your face

Author JL Bostrom ( ago)

Author DucksDeLucks ( ago)
"Spying can make you second-guess what you say." THAT IS THE ESSENCE. I know I would think twice before saying things that in the past I would have confided without fear.

Author DucksDeLucks ( ago)
It should be obvious to a child that computers and the internet provide endless opportunities for eavesdropping and surveillance. Some right wing nut-job alleged that such a system existed many years ago but nobody listened. Amusingly, the  NSA has EVERYONE's private emails on file and that includes people like Bill and Hillary. The NSA's system has already been used for stalking hot babes, so the question whether it will be abused has already been answered!!!!  But nobody cares, we're too busy watching football.

Author Parmezom 77 ( ago)

Author laughingwarrior ( ago)
Any proof ?

Author Ami Jackman ( ago)
how come they dont catch terrorist and serial killers right away?

Author Sir Auryn ( ago)
So before the Snowden revelations- you we're a kook! a nutter, a tin foil hat wearing "conspiracy theorist" because you knew the facts about the 1984 telecommunications act...but you see now your god, the television has told you it's true, but it's all safe fine and gosh darn it dandy you brush it to one side and accept it as a new criminal standard set and go back to sleep again! So predictable, so transparent! Good god I sincerely hope you sycophant sadists have no kids!

Author FAT PUG ( ago)
they can see all my dam emails i dont care they can see this one.also theyhave control of world population control wich is secret service prisons police millitary and courts

Author FAT PUG ( ago)
we dont have freedom we realy dont only the big and rich people do

Author FAT PUG ( ago)
the govrment is lying to us they have been lying to us a long time ago

Author Poakenfold ( ago)
ok so what power do people have to revolt? Nothing.

Author Billy's Gaming ( ago)
And the government wouldn't like it if we tracked them.

Author Ethan Lundeen ( ago)
Edward Snowden did good

Author Toby Blake ( ago)
When Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA (Nation Sucking Assholes), those in NSA management should have been arrested for crimes against the American people; but here they are, the same dickheads are still at it. Obama should have been impeached for not knocking heads at the NSA. I cast my vote for Edward Snowden as our next president. I consider him an America hero and the NSA un-American and criminal. They were supposed to be protecting us and now they are a threat.

Author Jj Ek ( ago)
Who cares, it is... as... it was.... as it will always be.

Author ICE ( ago)
NSA Spies All Countries :)

Author CellularInterceptor ( ago)
dumbasses! it's the CIA and MI-6, the NSA is just a escape goat

Author jamc jamc ( ago)
terrorists aren't scared of the patriot act, but americans are

Author Jimmy Mann ( ago)
whats that movie at 1:37?

Author XolisykeswifeX ( ago)
What's the song

Author Cephalon Prime ( ago)
Agents will respond if you reveal there IP address and share it to someone

Author Darth Sader ( ago)
Please tell me they are monitoring us when we look up porn.

Author Elaan Rt ( ago)
Nasa is the iilumanti

Author Deon K ( ago)
they can read YouTube comments to

Author ATTITUDE ELMO [The Cult Of Personality] ( ago)
Part of the NWO's future plans...

Author MrAlen61 ( ago)
NSA, only what you have to watch is me showing you middle finger

Author James Garland ( ago)
The private sector, the googles, insurance companies, banksters etc., are in full collusion with the government. When will all of us little slaves realize that we were sold out by our politicians a long time ago? Full blown revolution is the only solution.

Author JakeTheGiant ( ago)
Music is "Brad Sucks", if anyone wanted to know

Author tinge1954 ( ago)
NSA is criminal organisation that should be abolished totally.

Author Go Away ( ago)
-.- Paranoid meter 200%.

Author Russ Davis ( ago)
And Win10 has open backdoor straight to the NSA. Forcing Win10 on us whether you want it or not.

Author Brad Howard ( ago)
Oh no, so are you saying I have to be careful and not say things like bomb, nuke, rebel, stockpile, arsenal, war, overthrow, or detonate? And if I do some poor NSA tech will have to read my emails, texts, searches, and grocery lists for the last five years? Well thanks for the heads up, your the bomb...oops I mean your awesome. I'm going to rebel against my duty to go mow the grass and nuke me some popcorn and watch War Games now. I mean...oops... oh darn it.

Author Gra Piken ( ago)
Non removable batteries both assists the Surveillance State and the smartphone manufacturers by forcing the technology to become disposable and thus increase turnover. In an era where governments lecture populations re recycling and environmental awareness, this exemption for smartphones stands out as being inconsistent and hypocritical.

I would rather go without than buy a smartphone with a non removable battery. It smacks of environmental waste and decadence and is akin to buying a laptop designed with a maximum user life of no more than 2 years.

The Surveillance State exists to monitor Working Class dissent. That's its main purpose. Terrorism is a red herring.

Author Archangel 4 Truth ( ago)
The Government has been doing this long before 2001 but eventually they will chip people but until then they have your cell,,& electronics

Author Joy PP ( ago)
does this count australia and england

Author North Korea South Korea ( ago)
I knew it!

Author Firesauce901 ( ago)
Too bad we can't stop this.

Author don trachefski ( ago)
As a child growing up, I was told GOD is watching you. He knows everything you do I was a good little boy ! Well, I stopped believing in GOD when I turned 20 due to all the crazy shit going on in the world. Yeah, lots of crazy people, YES the most craziest were the people who believed in GOD !!! Now I'm told the governments are watching you, they know everything you do. Well I can believe that's true BUT what a crazy world it still is and getting worse !!!I laugh when I hear government computers are being hacked into ...a bit of their own medicine and they don't like it at all...

Author Christina Macci ( ago)
ᒪᗩᔕT TIᗰE I ᕼEᗩᖇᗪ ᗩᗷOᑌT ᕼᗩᐯIᑎG ᑕOᗰᑭᒪETE ᑕOᑎTᖇOᒪ OᐯEᖇ EᐯEᖇYTᕼIᑎG, ᕼE ᗯᗩᔕ KIᒪᒪEᗪ, ᗩᖴTEᖇ ᕼE ᕼᗩᗪ KIᒪᒪEᗪ ᗰIᒪᒪIOᑎᔕ(ᕼITᒪEᖇ) ᑌ ᔕOᑎᔕ Oᖴ ᗷITᑕᕼEᔕ!!!!!!!

Author Christina Macci ( ago)
Iᗰ ᔕᑕᗩᖇEᗪ ᑎOᗯ!!!😭😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰

Author Gina Oakley ( ago)
how does E.T. fit into this video?

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