NÜRBURGRING CRASH COMPILATION 2016 - Nordschleife CRASH & FAIL Compilation 2016 VLN Touristenfahrten

NÜRBURGRING CRASH COMPILATION 2016 - Nordschleife CRASH & FAIL Compilation 2016 VLN Touristenfahrten

It's that time of the year again: Crash Compilation Time!
The 2016 Nürburgring season has come to an end. And with the end of a season, a crash compilation video is born!


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And as always, thank you very much for watching!

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Disclaimer: Nobody got injured!
Special thanks to SH DreamCreator for the Audi R8 video!

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Author Marc De La Rosa ( ago)
I've seen enough

Author whoflung dung ( ago)
that biker disappeared into the woods like bigfoot

Author credence7777777 ( ago)

Author Algernon Ilfracombe ( ago)
11:17- aaand that... is perhaps the calmest and most reasonable departure I have ever seen a barrel-chested, teeth-gritting TVR make from a major international raceway (as opposed to crashing backwards into that corner in a haze of tyre smoke and blatant ignorance for EU safety regulations.) At least it succeeds in keeping the brand-image up by being on fire.

Author brocanova ( ago)
7:54 das ganze Geld wieder nur in den Auspuff gesteckt

Author Mozart ( ago)
Why do bimmers lose the tie-rods so easy?

Author josh luxury ( ago)
my dream to race my delsol here

Author seesou fang ( ago)
a bunch of wannab racers. lol

Author Ectremar ( ago)
So what you're saying is, don't bring a BMW to track day...

Author antony sidney ( ago)
Do they cover that corner with oil just for the crack?

Author Tk Racing ( ago)
Why do people panic at yellow flag and crashes his own car for no reason

Author Myles Prower ( ago)
What I don't understand is how people are allowed to race there without a helmet.

Author DanXPlays ( ago)
why cars have to break so easily!?

Author liamwilson123 ( ago)
dude i said holy fuck at the same time as the video, laughing so hard

Author i Technofail ( ago)
Oh well,this is just another vid that shows us how stupid the BMW drivers are...

Author Forest Marc ( ago)
Eine Heckschleuder nach der anderen...tzz

Author Brian Samuels ( ago)
I thought imports were the best at handling. Also BMW says "The Ultimate Driving Machine" I guess it's just used to sell cars lol

Author The Arhitekt ( ago)
7:55 That's the reason you don't rice tune your own vehicle in your backyard and you leave it up to the professionals. The wheel just flew off. Imagine this guy driving on the Highway or public roads where semis are driving too, and his wheel going.

Author Armesis P ( ago)
9:35 Thats how i drive in Grand Turismo.

Author ProphetOf Melodeath ( ago)
i bet nobody of them has played Gran Turismo 4 to learn the stage xD

Author Tommy T ( ago)
Love to know what happened with the TVR and the KA

Author duracotton ( ago)
2:52 hahaha Idiot

Author Tommy T ( ago)
3:05 did that dude fuck his wife?!

Author Honza Krčil ( ago)
i notice a bmw trend :D

Author tormen76 ( ago)
I have been dreaming to travel to Nurburgring, and drive green hell by myself...but when I watch these, I'm always having a second thoughts =) I know that there are no insurance for crashing your car at the ring, but what about, if someone else crashes your car? Or if you need to go to hospital, do you have to pay everything by yourself?

Author DollaBill ( ago)
I love seeing these BMW drivers fuck up lmao

Author 2JZ4Me ( ago)
Sad but that Porsche crash was pretty sick

Author WasGeeeht ( ago)
3:04 what the fuck is this idiot car driver doing???

Author Michael B ( ago)
Mich würde es mal interessieren wie der fahrer des Tranporters der Trockenbaufirma das seinen Chef erklärte. Der wolle wohl Werbung machen. So bekommt man die volle Aufmerksamkeit.:D

Author Mavi Işık ( ago)
they are like playing gta 5.
wrecking exotic cars like normal
fuck my life
they are palying with cars liek toys

Author Jordi B ( ago)
the Audi R8 crash is at 6:14

Author Moy Boone ( ago)
BMW The Ultimate UNstable Machine! Lol

Author Domme Dortmund ( ago)
Wie Sensationsgeil alle immer zum Zaun rennen wenn es knallt.

Author eeysi ( ago)
Nice videos
That golf @7:56 hahahahaha

Author Dan Haneveer ( ago)
So do these guys ignoring / not looking for yellow flags, get any sort of a penalty?

Author Jarbas Bossler ( ago)

Author UlTrApLeX ( ago)
hahah lol them fucking expensive supercars ruined makes me laugh. Get a a cheap car and invest a bit of money on it before you jump in to a super car and smash it in to a wall with no skillz lol.

Author SupaNami ( ago)
@1:11 GOT DAMNIT BOBBY, No wonder Mrs. Rogers toilet isn't fixed......

Author Gregs Mowing ( ago)
These Europeans are crazy. Not like the English

Author DrStrangeloveII ( ago)
8:45 Offebescher sollde kaa Renne faan

Author LochVids ( ago)
that idiot waving his arms causes 2 crashes 😅😅😅😅

Author 0neKingD0wn ( ago)
correct me if im wrong, but insurrance company probably doesnt cover any dmg done on this track huh?

Author ALEKSANDAR ( ago)
why don't use side protection??

Author something weird ( ago)
bikes + cars on the same track seems like a really bad idea.

Author -INVIERNO ( ago)
jubelndes Asivolk

Author nurakhvi rizky ( ago)
we should try japanese cars. they said they are good at handling

Author Giorgio Giurdanella ( ago)
gooooooooooood Bmw

Author Włodek 1410 ( ago)
7:50 agro tunning?? wtf :-D

Author Doubledunk ( ago)
comic sans van 1:15

Author Skitalec 39 ( ago)
один и то же злощастный поворот!)

Author Mysterious Laptop ( ago)
so many shit drivers and riders wtf

Author Miha Kokalj ( ago)
Looks like BMW is best sport car lol

Author Brandon Rodriguez ( ago)
when you're deciding to buy a BMW...

Author Michael Gallagher ( ago)
If your videos have taught me anything its BMW drivers really can't drive

Author Craig Morgan ( ago)
6:28 Lol, what a great investment those sexy driving gloves were eh!

Author M4rcin ( ago)
BMW drivers at their best

Author brightspark54 ( ago)

Author Lo Ki ( ago)
Kommt mir das nur so vor oder sind das überdurchschnittlich viele BMW ? gefolgt von porsche ?

Author Luca Menna ( ago)
Damn, why people use common cars? They're dangerous.

Author Ian Muir ( ago)
Just borrowed my dad's Audi R8 fancy fucking it right up ?

Author Dgman2k12. ( ago)
Bruh the golf 1...;/

Author Paulo Gianolio ( ago)
The BMW driver @ 8:25 it's painful to the nuts to have a look at the guard rail in 109 + something km/h. Not to mention how costly it will be to repair the barrier

Author Moritz Fiege ( ago)
Always bimmer drivers crashing. They should pay 5000%more insurance rate in Netherlands

Author Alfred Tetzlaff77 ( ago)
Sensationsgeiler Spasti bei 11:25 .

Author Marius Andersson ( ago)
WFT is wrong with the BMW 2-series?! Stearing problems on all of them?! shit...

Author Christopher Königsfeld ( ago)
5:00 Diese Phänomen beobachte ich schon bei vielen Videos. Die Fahrer fahren kerzengerade aus einer Kurve heraus. Die machen ja nicht mal den Anschein zu lenken. Ist da ein mechanischer Defekt ein Grund oder lenken die Leute einfach gar nicht ein? xD

Author Anthony Coomber ( ago)
BMW best car/drivers for crashes HA HA!!

Author DONALD TRUMPH ( ago)
die Vollkasko übernimmt da nichts ! die Idioten Rasen da auf dem mit Abrieb und Schmutz übersäten Asphalt als ob es ne blitzblanke Landstraße wär !

Author Zeeshan Ali Khan Anwar ( ago)
there's always a big problem with all the rear wheel drive bmw cars

Author ff96 ( ago)
BMW driver's are the worst driver's ever i seen.

Author bongmistt ( ago)

Author Superman Spiderman ( ago)
What the fuck there is a yellow flag just stop the fucking car instead of trying to drift it! They really deserve their crashes

Author Georgios Vasileiadis77 ( ago)
ist kein Nürburgring ist ein IDIOTEN RING!!!!!!!!!!

Author David waspKL ( ago)
1:16 next day his boss banned him from the business

Author Strahlemannsci ( ago)
der schöne R8

Author Darren Walsh ( ago)
Just should have been called BMW crash compilation! Also what is the name of the turn that this guy is recording all of these crashes from?

Author Anders Tallbom ( ago)
Just because you have money to by a race car, or tuning your own crappy car, doesn't automatically mean you can drive, wich this video clearly demonstrates

Author algor65 ( ago)
Was ist das für eine Kurve?

Author Diggah Was? ( ago)
BMW Fahrer...

Author Biggus Dikus ( ago)
Franz comic sans trockenbau

Author TonyGord22 ( ago)
Die guten BMW's... lieben die ihre Autos nicht oder wat :/
Solche Manöver können ja nur schief gehen :(

Author Raduh Moldovan ( ago)
#how to drift a corsa

Author HotGamingPotato ( ago)
So many bmws crashing holy shit!

Author Fadic 4 ( ago)
I swear that guy in blue caused more accident then he prevented

Author TheOp Blaze ( ago)
I'm, a BMW driver and I hate these fucking idiots that HAVE to show everyone how "good" they are...... I mean srys you can kill someone, and to other BMW drivers who are idiots (i know there are some good drivers still) LEARN HOW TO FUCKING DRIVE, YOU DONT OWN THE ROAD'S, respect others, START USING YOUR BLINKERS, don't flip someone off when you are wrong, and LEARN THE LAW!!!! YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT SCUMBAGS, you ruin the ride for the rest of us cause people think that we are douches, so learn the right way to drive, or SELL YOUR FUCKING CAR!!!!!!!

Author goldenkoi23 ( ago)
I'd rather go watch that then F1

Author ElleEsse ( ago)
3:04 The King of the stupid !

Author ZainTT ( ago)
That bike at 6:47 would've made if it stayed in the lean and looked through the turn. Target fixation.

Author 11bravo 01A ( ago)
I think the dude in blue should have been down the track more. warning drivers in the mid braking zone is just a little to late notice no cars wrecked when he was not standing there after he ran back cars are crashing again

Author jocky102 ( ago)
LOL@ all the beemers crashing.....

Author aGmanproduction ( ago)
How were some of these guys sponsored? They're making worse-than-rookie mistakes!

Author RorysIrishTour ( ago)
unusual high percentage of bmw in this vid

Author george piakoulis ( ago)
what the fuck wants this idiot with opel vivaro...

Author Philippe Dechaume ( ago)
Une BMW ça tient la route comme une bique sur ses cornes

Author BerkanTGx ( ago)
3:20 ●*Fucking close holy shit*●

Author karl holland ( ago)
it would appear putting stickers on your car don't make you or youre car a race car!!!!!! stick to the roads and speed limits

Author nightspeed98 ( ago)
Note to self. NEVER bring a BMW to the 'Ring

Author Phillip Robinson ( ago)
These burks must have deep pockets!

Author order9066 ( ago)
I hope that wall is ok. Several "superior German" drivers smacked it really hard.

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