BB9 Sara Folino is having a cold shower

Big Brother 9 Sara Folino in her bikini having a cold shower in the garden More at

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Author Roy ( ago)
i like the design of the place.

Author ljeezy1000 ( ago)
somebody kick her in tha belly please

Author comedian618 ( ago)
That fart noise is hilarious!

Author DucklingShakespeare ( ago)
@sndd0138 noe 700k how do you like it now _? :D

Author Stanley Stevenson ( ago)

Author Lady Bug Jones ( ago)

Author LucifersArms666 ( ago)
@DefectedQt it automatically turns off

Author Bram Drost ( ago)
I don't get it..

Author kcfakefake ( ago)
thats not even a proper shower. man she must smell real bad....

Author sndd0138 ( ago)
cold showers SUCK!

Author Sarah McKeown ( ago)
@Louie14DGB LMAO

Author rusty ibay ( ago)

Author bondiebluesy ( ago)
mostly hot

Author sndd0138 ( ago)
how did this get 400,000 views?

Author Kailutek9 ( ago)
to biedne dziecko boi sie wody HAHA xd

Author HINCHCLIFFE69 ( ago)
really? please, help me understanding how on earth this was worth posting.
I'd rather watch paint dry.

Author powerkeep ( ago)
still hot

Author Allister SA ( ago)

Author valdezmiguel2 ( ago)
mmmm. yeah. i'd like to shower her. in semen.

Author scarfranc ( ago)
dirty broth!!! haahaha

Author Louie14DGB ( ago)
I typed "cold shower" in the search to get my mind off...err...stuff. THIS

Author TheForgottenLonging ( ago)
"close" lol go learn english... omg

Author TalKingDk ( ago)
If she's always taking a bath with close on she must be real smelly at some
places. :o))

Author Jesús Castillo Guzman ( ago)
W T F mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Author Louise M. Faurholt ( ago)
WTF?! :S

Author Cão Dosinferno ( ago)

Author woodstock3312 ( ago)
i like it it is sad and it reminds me of my friend that saddly was killed
last year because of reading chain letters and now that you have read this
eshe will slowly kill you by everytime you hear a ring in your ear she will
make your life shorter by a day post this on five different vidios to be
saved sorry

Author Moneymakerx13 ( ago)

Author Drew McKelroy ( ago)
u are all dumb asses for arguing on youtube....hahahahaha....u pathetic
losers make me laugh.

Author rapidcombo (1470 years ago)
was that another reply?...

Author rapidcombo ( ago) are still going on. just fucking drop it you sad twat and get a
social life

Author rapidcombo ( ago)
yeh but u still carried it on. wats the point cos you both ended up lookin
like dick heads

Author rapidcombo (464 years ago)
fuck sake does it really matter?

Author keenly1 ( ago)
Her photoshoots are so altered it's untrue.

Author harrisnutter ( ago)
her in nuts woot woot

Author LosSizzle123 ( ago)
actuallyy its nothing like what you said, its more about standing up for
what u think is right. have fun being a bin man. anywayy i go onto youtube
to piss ppl off cause its funny when they take things so seriouslyy

Author LosSizzle123 ( ago)
i dnt actually understand why u would care about whats she like, shes just
a human beingg, everyone aproaches life differently, concentrate on ur owwn
life rather then others, its sad.

Author LosSizzle123 ( ago)
slightly over exagerated and dont be childish u know what 'joke' i mean,
there are different types.

Author LosSizzle123 ( ago)
u really cant take a joke.

Author LosSizzle123 ( ago)
HAHA, jealous cunt.

Author kesterxxx ( ago)
Aren't people who have these online arguments either sad people with no
life, or really stupid. Yes, you can say what you want to people here, be
as low and mean as you want, it doesn't make you a hard nut or anything of
the sort, just people who haven't realised there's much better things to do
with your life.

Author DAN3XTBiiGFiiNG ( ago)
I think she just genuinely wants to be friends with evryone but fancied
stuuart and she thought mo, rex and darnell were her frends but wen she
realised dey werent she went off dem like any normal girl would do sara 2
win !

Author keenly1 ( ago)
i agrees; those three are my favs

Author LosSizzle123 ( ago)
go suck my great grandparents? hmm thts interesting haha. and how the hell
would i guess ur username, some shite game and then putting is my thing a
bit wierd to put so yeah, and its a bit unlucky tht it looks like KISS MY
THING lol. yeah so err fuck off u retarded twat, nd u go suck ur great
granparents :)

Author khismything12 ( ago)
well then go suck your great granparents and by the way dont call me dumb
you are the one who couldnt read my username

Author LosSizzle123 ( ago)
wait?, im dreaming about what i said, hahhaaa, dnt get jealous now just
cause dont wanna believe me, ur just saying that cause ur obv insecure and
u know that ur a poor cunt. haha, and i dnt give a flying shit about ur
statemants or w.e, ur probably the thickest person ever haha oh and noone
has died in my family apart from my great grandparents and that soo FUCK
YOU CUNT!, get a life and is retarded the only thing u can think cause its
geting a bit old love. i really feel sorry for you.

Author khismything12 ( ago)
ok it seems you want to cry fuck brain keep dreaming about whatever you
said and oh yeah and i stick with all my statements p.s fuck whoever is
dead in your retarded family if you have one

Author LosSizzle123 ( ago)
haha woahhhhh. im poor?, ok then , my Grandad was a proffesional runner and
owns an island in the carribean and my dad is executive producer of adidas
in germany where his best mates grandad invented it years ago,, his name
was adi dasla,thats how poor i am :), i dnt normally blow my own trumpet
like this but it was called for. and why in the first place did u even tell
me to fuck a dick or whatever that TERRIBLE insult was??, hahaaa. oh and
ummm, fuck you :)

Author pmccaff2007 ( ago)
Both basically Darnell rex and sara are my favs

Author khismything12 ( ago)
shut youre mouth bitch i wernt even talking to you so butt out

Author khismything12 ( ago)
thats how i know youre retarded let me spell out my username for you kh
(kingdom hearts which is a game that youre to poor to buy)is my thing you
read a book then come back and read my username fuck you.

Author LosSizzle123 ( ago)
hahaha, fuck a dick or fuck a vagina?, hmmm arent they great insults, oh
wait... not really. and I come from retarded parents? haha. FYI no there
not retarted but i can certainly tell that urs DEFINETLEY are, seeming as
your username is khismything12, yes, what a great up bringing. not.
hahahaa, go read a book.

Author khismything12 ( ago)
fuck a dic or or fuck a virgina your dad and your mum are retarded i can

Author Keith Essien ( ago)
Sara is a SLUT. This is a woman who has admitted on big brother that she
has had a 3-some where she was DOUBLE PENETRATED yet she get's all upset
when Darnell calls her a slut and a ugly bitch.

Author LosSizzle123 ( ago)
and why the hell are you called n****hater its so sad, what the hell is
wrong with black ppl, ur a freaking freak haha, nd u cant say much , i mean
u come from russia, lol.

Author LosSizzle123 ( ago)

Author keenly1 ( ago)
yeah right He is always honest Lisa is the most manipulative rex is the
nastiest people's memories must be short

Author keenly1 ( ago)
Get her out so fame hungry; minipulative and fake

Author boymetronome ( ago)
she wud get WAXED

Author twentyjan ( ago)

Author twentyjan ( ago)
'evansl888: you must be fat then ,she looks great your just jealous.

Author twentyjan ( ago)
she wouldn't touche your dirty stinking tiny 'belllend' . she so much
better than a tool like you therage333.

Author twentyjan ( ago)
you are the bitch keenly1

Author mellllllllll (1834 years ago)
i love sara, she's so gorgeous & emtertaining

Author keenly1 ( ago)
fuck sara; manipulative bitch

Author therage333 ( ago)
i wana see her goofy teeth stick out when shes on her knees licking my

Poor old Sara

Author papalazaroux ( ago)
She's hot

Author Dider Kamal ( ago)
she's quite fit....until she opens her mouth...god her voice is soo croaky
and whiney im almost 100% convinced she does the voice over for marge in
the simpsons lol.

Author bellabana ( ago)
There is nothing wrong with Sara's accent as she is an Aussie after
all..duh!! You wouldn't ask all the other housemates with their regional
accents to change how they sound, so why should Sara???

Author 8xdefenderx8 ( ago)
Facebook group: Sara Folino To Win Big Brother 9 join it!!

Author ians2cool2 ( ago)
fit.. but her voice would drive me to suicide

Author Currie01 ( ago)
Skin and boner, more like.

Author Adam Darren ( ago)
She is a beauty. She looks like an ex of mine. Oh man, how I miss her.

Author thesoulmuncher ( ago)
Yeah - Bex is more your cup of tea innit? :p

Author Kerron (788 years ago)
i feel like such a perv for watching this all the way through :$. She made
me laugh though - she looks so scared of the cold water. bless her xxx

Author EvansI888 ( ago)
skin and bone man :(

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