Shajarian - Yade Ayam

Mohammad Reza Homayoun Shajarian, Dariush Pirniakan, Jamshid Andalibi

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Author TheAtth (4 years)
gerde an shameeeeeeeee tarab misokhtam parvane var.....

Author Dynamic (4 years)
akh, yade ayami........... :"( be yade pedaram ke arame janam bood va
kheili zood raft..... vaghti ke man dar ghorbat digar ashiani nadashtam
..... yade ayami....

Author Paradise (5 years)
HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA...dude ! it's right there ;-) btw ...LOVE YOU OSTAD :)

Author keroine9 (3 years)
Who is the shaher?

Author sundera100 (3 years)
love his voiceeeeeeeeeeee

Author MrMooritani (4 years)
darde bi eshghi ze janam borde taghat ..........

Author kyle geyser (3 years)

Author Alireza Korangy (4 years)
@AFGkho0oshgelak Ajab rast gofti hamvatan be khodagerye ke sahle khunam

Author worldwithpeace4ever (3 years)
@pooya77 Sorry to hear that; I just wanted to let you know each and every
one of us, Iranian, even far from each other in abroad, are connected
together with the strong roots. It appears you are a brave young man; and I
wish you all the best & happiness in the world. Don't feel lonely!

Author Omid45 (6 years)
everything was good, accept when listing to his music, you need to be
buzzed to feel his true voice.

Author sephedoo (5 years)
doroode bar ostad

Author zara0ustra (4 years)
بسیار زیبا

Author 06644799119 (5 years)
i love it from the botton of my heart.

Author Abdulla AlEmadi (7 years)
please, how to download this song from you tube .

Author Kouros Falahi (4 years)
@netfan2009 Wauw! Thanks so much for your great translation!!

Author dlekurdistan (5 years)
waaw what a voice! i understood some but not all........ can anyone
translate it for me into english? pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase... even if
its one sentence....

Author ecozi (5 years)
Zende bashi Ostad!

Author netfan2009 (5 years)
In memory of the time when I had an Alas in the Flower-Garden, I had a Nest
between Lily and Flower; 2 times I was burning out around that Joy Candle
like a butterfly, 2 times I had running tears beneath that Wavering
Cypress; 3 times I had my soul on fire, but I was silent of any complaint,
I had an interpretation of Love by Tears of Regret; 3 times No-Loving pain
has made my soul unrest, 3 times Else, I was calm, until I had a Beloved;

Author sophomore12 (5 years)
its fabulous, marvellous

Author Mosen Hani (2 years)
Thanks for this. I will be happier if you could suggest some of his poems
you think I need to read first (say be sending links).

Author Shahab M (7 years)

Author afg khoshgelak (5 years)
vaghean ke sedaye besyar ziybayi dare ostad shajariyan. va har moghei ke
man in ahango gosh midam yade dorane bachegiham miyoftam kheyli sedaye
zibayi ba arezoye movafaghiyat

Author Mosen Hani (3 years)
@keroine9 The poet is Rahi Moayari, I highly recommond reading his poems to
every one.

Author TheAtth (4 years)
شجریان دوست داریممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممم

Author pavpare (6 years)
Hello,Thank you very much of this selection. because I will be happy if can
recorde this video. please helpe me.

Author SefrBistoYek (4 years)
we are all trawellers in this world,we will go back again,to our own
place.does any body believe that?

Author Reza Mokhtari (3 years)
@netfan2009 Laleh is not Lily. it is tulip. and Gol means rose.

Author morza007 (7 years)
brings back so many memmories

Author rangestorm (8 years)
beautiful song, beautiful words. if u ever come back to listen to it,
thanks azadeh for recommending it.

Author netfan2009 (5 years)
Continue... I was servant of a Holly Palace as a tear drop for great
desire, I was slave of a Holly Palace as a dust particle for thanksgiving;
I was burning out around that Joy Candle like a butterfly, I had running
tears beneath that Wavering Cypress; My Soul Nightingale is now silent for
loneliness, I sang so songs until I had a Soul-Mate; In memory of the time
when I had an Alas in the Flower Garden, I had a Nest between Lily and
Flower; 2 times

Author amshaspandan (5 years)
chi begam? chi mishe goft? rooham parvaz mikone vaghti in ahang ro
mishnavam. dar panahe khoda bashsid ostad

Author 555777555conect (7 years)
the besst,, total respect

Author cotonie (8 years)
perfection in the highest sense

Author Kouros Falahi (5 years)
Hi dlekurdistan, yade ayam, here's a lousy try: thinking back of that time
(period), where i sat amongst the flowers...

Author afg khoshgelak (5 years)
vaghean ke raste yade ayamike dar golshan feghani dashtim dar miyane lale
vo gol ashiyani dashtim ama hali hich khabari nist az on ayam :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Author max066447 (4 years)
perfect master

Author worldwithpeace4ever (3 years)
Please Join: ( Fadayan-e Iran [Iranian Nationalistic Revolt] ) on Faceboob

Author dlekurdistan (5 years)
waaw thank you for the translation... it is really apreciated.... dastet
dard nakone :p

Author takeen1 (6 years)
I wish Master Shajarian would bring back Mr. Jamsheed Andalebi. He is
great. How can he leave a great performer like that out of his group.

Author LIBERTY PEACE (5 years)

Author kourosh nakhaei (2 years)
@pooya77 rooheshoon shad

Author afg khoshgelak (4 years)
@pooya77 akheyyyyyyyyy:(:(:(:(:( hamamon rozayi ro dashtim ke alan jashon
khaliye va khabari ham nist az on roza faghat khaterateshon to delamone

Author Persialives (6 years)
bah bah, eshgh kardam ino shanidam, in ahange be adam joon mide

Author takeen1 (6 years)
Ther is a software calle "Mr. Captor", using it will allow you do just that
and more.

Author Ario Barzan (7 years)
It could not be better, this is a masterpiece!

Author sanyasin sanyasin (2 years)
qurbani sedat ostad jun

Author gpars88 (5 years)
yadesh khosh

Author lilijohnsonmj (5 years)
I looooooooooooooooooove this song and morghe sahar... I loveeeeeeeeeeeee
it soooo...

Author nassir1 (5 years)
great trnaslation!!!! well done tnx a lot

Author Zenaide Costa (1 year)
Linda melodia.

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