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Author terrina bettencourt (1 month)
How To Make a Girl Squirt - The Oprah Winfrey Show:

Author Kenny S. Bluford (2 months)
*It doesn't have to be that difficult to make a woman squirt in seconds.
There are techniques that you can master that can help you to give her the
pleasure that she has been craving.*

Author Geo Lew (5 months)
Love that look on Oprah's face - guess she never heard of squirting, nor
squirted herself lol.

Author trugangsta4real (1 year)
Women sure know how to talk about sexy stuff in the most un-sexy way. RIP,

Author rockydatruth (7 months)
Good to know

Author smithy smith smith (2 months)
oprah is eating out gale.

Author Camille Retaa (1 year)
How the hell did I get to this video?

Author MOJO MANHAND (1 year)
I bet you could get 3 glasses full from Oprah.

Author wherearetheynowguy (11 months)
Hey, Oprah, try those tips on your gal, Gayle because Stedman would not use
it on you.

Author Prostate Massage Therapy Learn How (6 months)
Great video!

Author Kellety Andrade (2 months)
eu sempre faço

Author DA'RON THE BOMB (3 months)

Author thersten (8 months)
Gayle, you're gonna get it tonight!

Author Bobb Graziano (1 year)
No,No,No! Female Ejaculate is NOT urine! I can attest to that,having been
engaged to a Squirter. She said she was "The Wet Spot" and she was not
kidding. The first time Making Love Cowgirl,I thought there was a Dam that
broke,as so much fluid came out,not like any pee stream you've ever known.
When performing oral sex/cunnilingus,there is a sweet taste,that let's you
know,here it cums,literally and when it does,it gushes out,very unlike

Author JOHN ANTHONY (11 months)

Author Geo Lew (5 months)
Correction: she said PSA meant "prostate stimulating antigen", when in fact
it means prostate specific antigen.

Author brad ley (11 months)
Possibly the reason girls seem to always be dying to go to the toilet after

Author Moneytolk (7 months)

Author betterthanthat25 Hi (1 year)
Squirt on girls I like it the natural was I don't pee on my man!!!!!

Author silver togn (1 year)
The first time I pounded my last wife (Laura Lee) to orgasm she got my feet
wet. After we caught our breath again she said: "Sorry" and I said: "For
what? that was fantastic." (In case you need a mental picture, it was
done in the "dogy style" position. I was behind her on my knees, holding
her by the hips.)

Author Venom Burn (9 months)
Oprah was jackin during that explanation.

Author Bufekana (1 year)
So how can squirt?

Author sembru erkh (1 year)
Wake up it's pee!

Author Kevin mel (1 year)
This made me Horney..

Author Anthony Armstrong (8 months)

Author Angel Elf (11 months)
I only met one girl that would squirt a lot of fluid when I went down on
her. The first time it caught me by surprize and I thought she peed in my
face but there was no taste or smell it was a clear liquid kinda like
saliva. After a while I could bring her off multiple times. We had to
get a plastic sheet to protect the mattress. 

Author Anthony Armstrong (8 months)

Author bbz232 (9 months)

Author Anthony Vincent (1 year)
INTERESTING... I never knew......

Author ejisloco (11 months)
One word....


Author Joe Leveen (11 months)
Oprah and sex somehow don't mix well. I love you though O! :) 

Author dustin miller (1 year)
everyone watching this is loser

Author mankizmo (11 months)
attach a dildo to a jack hammer?

Author Douglas Alan (1 year)
...and Okra replies: Dahhhhhhhh. An' allz I duez is fahht !

Author Jesse Reiter (1 year)
Oprah came in her face when she said orgasm and came again when she said
ejaculate. Watch her 

Author Bobb Graziano (11 months)
FYI, I have read more, watched more, researched more and actually tasted
and had more of that beautiful cum experience, than much, many have!! The
build up to it, is ever bit as exhilarating!!!

Author muppetonmeds (1 year)
is it normal when she poops?

Author XxSNEAK248xX (1 year)
TWISTED INSANE brought me here. Lol

Author Jason Wallace (1 year)
Oprah was turned on she started licking her lips 

Why...oh, forget it.

Author Ryan Buck (1 year)
All Oprah has to say about an orgasim is urinating? God I hat that fat oaf!

Author Walter Buxton (1 year)
Fark yeah

Author shyt shyt shyt (1 year)
How the fuck can they still not know for sure what it is?...

Author Stappit Fu (1 year)
This advice comes with a mop...

Author sirreggie51 (1 year)
Don't sweat it guys, or don't claim it! Either way, it's not you that
causes the squirting (you help) It's the woman. Either she does or she does
not. Apparently one can learn this now. My last G/F was a squirter, and may
I say, though I take no credit for it, it was absolutely Lovely for me!

Author 75lexluther (1 year)
welll im glad it's not pist

Author The Tower of Minos (1 year)
what dafuq did i just watch lol

Author Chris Hauser (1 year)
i just stumbled across this video while looking for oprah videos.

Author Jahmael Cox (1 year)
Got here from browsing "coregasm" videos that I just learned about that
women can do. 

Author christopher phillip skeates (1 year)
i never go above a woman ever my wife has esp and i fight for her
rights on the net ..she never gets sick because no man is above her ..there
is only sin in the world because of men not woman .. skeateso the so of man

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