Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Movie Review

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  • OneWingedHoneybee

    I actually found a lot of issues with the movie too, I didn't dislike it but I had a LOT of problems with it.

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall 3 days ago

    I loved it

  • morning morality
    morning morality 3 days ago

    I don't know this movie was way better than the first.

    The villain in vol 1 was flat and had no personality, the jokes were funny but fell short in places especially in the end.

    I felt the second movie did what the first movie did but a lot better. Baby groot I don't know about him being an idiot was funny but after a while I felt he was more a liability especially the scene where they were trying to get him to get the fin. It was funny the first 2 times but after a while I felt like he was too dum to get it.

    Yes technically he is a baby but I'm not entirely sure how his biology works.

    But other than that and the reason why his mother got brain cancer I don't see much flaws in it I loved it better than the first at least

  • Daniel K
    Daniel K 4 days ago

    The humor was cringy and try-hard.

  • Nightfury 1507
    Nightfury 1507 4 days ago

    I've got to say this before anybody else has the chance ... I'm merry poppins yall

  • Stepchild06
    Stepchild06 4 days ago

    a lot of scenes have me thinking HOW...the scene where Gamora is sitting in the field and Nebula comes from NO WHERE in a ship and starts blasting her....maybe i missed something,but how did she find her ???
    a simple 30 second scene where Nebula does a life sign scan and pinpoints her would have worked....and yeah they are the Guardians of the Galaxy....but doing a 3 point landing from a fall lasting hundreds of meters or lifting that BUG ASS gun to shot ebula....COME ON....I dont believe it...Yondu was the best,but i dont care to watch it again any time the kept riding on Drax dumb humor to much

  • lel
    lel 4 days ago

    i saw this movie on fathers day gonna say right now this and logan are the best fathers day movies u can watch

  • Xian Videos
    Xian Videos 4 days ago

    I know I'm very late commenting on this video now and I love this guys reviews but I don't think he knows much about comic books.

  • Izzy Rozali
    Izzy Rozali 4 days ago

    I agree with Jeremy. I was disappointed to say the least.

  • Rob36622
    Rob36622 4 days ago

    I get that Jeremy didn't like this movie. I don't need every critic I like to validate my opinion on film. What I think is strange is just how he seemed to really enjoy Suicide Squad when, in my opinion, it had every problem this film had multiple times over.

  • Todd Knaperek
    Todd Knaperek 6 days ago

    The Sovereign kind of reminded me of the Nazis in the Blues Brothers.

  • mat sh
    mat sh 7 days ago

    No one has mentioned this.
    Drax (Bautista) has the best fake laugh I have ever heard.

  • Ariel Mc fangirl Mendez

    It's a good thing I went to see this movie and it was f****ing awesome!

  • The Epic E
    The Epic E 9 days ago

    00:22 OMG he voiced just turned into keemstar!

  • darthdude sith
    darthdude sith 10 days ago

    2nd movie was garbage, kurt russell musta been hard up for work

  • Amelia Doubleyou
    Amelia Doubleyou 11 days ago

    Okay, so I definitely am the only person who enjoyed *First Avenger* more than *Winter Soldier*. Great!
    (still liked *Winter Soldier* a lot though, just really like pulp-y type adventure movies)

    JOHN BOKO SHOW 11 days ago

    Guardians of the Galaxy = Man of Steel
    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 = Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
    James Gunn =Zack Snyder
    Joss Whedon = Zack Snyder

  • Drax
    Drax 11 days ago


  • Bryce Bitetti
    Bryce Bitetti 11 days ago

    I think Jeremy's kind of missing the point on the film. Sure the plot was sloppy, but that was also the case in Civil War, and he likes that movie okay. Like that movie, the plot is compromised in service of providing more character depth, and advancing them further. I just feel like he didn't see that. Also, like most, I also disagree with him on Suicide Squad, I personally think that movie is terrible. However, that's just my opinion of course.

  • Lego Machinex
    Lego Machinex 11 days ago

    I don't think we saw the same movie

  • Hank Elliott
    Hank Elliott 12 days ago


  • Demon Sunset
    Demon Sunset 12 days ago

    Oh god thank you someone else finally found the reason the first movie was better. HUMOR DOESN'T MAKE A DISJOINTED STORY WORK!

  • Bathuu
    Bathuu 14 days ago

    "it's not ripe"

  • Solid Sorensen
    Solid Sorensen 14 days ago

    I have no idea why you wouldn't see this again! I had two free tickets and no one to go with... I think I WILL see it again!!

  • Techno Drone 406
    Techno Drone 406 14 days ago

    Jeremy what did you ate at the theater popcorns and soda or weed brownies and tequila

  • CrimsonCeltCherokee
    CrimsonCeltCherokee 15 days ago

    usually i agree with Jeremy for the most part but lately i have been disagreeing with him a lot: Rogue One, Kong: Skull Island,and now Gotg2. Its kinda weird. I never disagree with him this much. Maybe its that he's has been doing this for so long he's getting critic fatigue, and me who does not have the time or money to see all these movies in a year has not gotten his perspective.

  • carlee elizabeth
    carlee elizabeth 16 days ago

    as someone who really didn't like guardians vol. 1 i was really pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed guardians vol. 2 (though your criticisms about it are valid).

  • Terry Meare
    Terry Meare 17 days ago

    I totally agree. It was good but nowhere near as good as the first. Guardians 1 is my favourite movie in the mcu, so maybe overhyped it a little.

  • dpq22
    dpq22 17 days ago

    Jeremy the reason I watch your reviews even after seeing the movie is because you really know how to articulate exactly what I was thinking and why I didn't REALLY like the movie. Thank you for being such a fantastic movie snob.

  • Kol Is life
    Kol Is life 17 days ago

    I don't agree with you

    CRAZZYasRUSSIANS 17 days ago

    I respect your opinion man but on this one I got to disagree

  • Aimopotis 80
    Aimopotis 80 18 days ago

    I also found the story flat, luck of action I totally agree with the dude

  • Renaldy Calixte
    Renaldy Calixte 19 days ago

    Favorite: Cap 2 Winter Soldier
    Least Favorite: Iron Man 2

  • Renaldy Calixte
    Renaldy Calixte 19 days ago

    😂😂Jeremy knows he messed up with the rating. I get why he disliked certain parts of the movie but I still like it better than the 1st one.

  • Renaldy Calixte
    Renaldy Calixte 19 days ago

    Woah! I thought u were gonna say good time no alcohol required Jeremy! WHY JEREMY JAHNS WHY DO YOU NEED BEER FOR GOTG2!!

  • stephen srey
    stephen srey 19 days ago

    I think you are spot on with your review.

  • Mike Norton
    Mike Norton 19 days ago

    You're my "go to" guy when it comes to movie reviews and this is one of the first times we've ever disagreed on the review. One of the things I love about your reviews is they tend to come from a fan/geek who knows a ton about movies (and you are); however, this time you seemed to be more like a traditional uptight movie critic. Are you losing your way a little?

  • Francesca Eddington
    Francesca Eddington 20 days ago

    The first two seasons of American Horror Story are the only good ones. And why are you so critical and analyse this film in depth but didn't do the same for Alien Covenant? You kinda just skimped over everything and didn't seem to give a slid opinion or say what you really did or didn't like about it. I'm curious because I thought it was shit. Looks great, predictable and bad though.

  • Lucas Kambeitz
    Lucas Kambeitz 21 day ago

    So far my list is

    1. Guardians of the Galaxy
    2. Iron Man
    3. The Avengers
    4. Captain America: Civil War
    5. Cap: The Winter Soldier
    6. Iron Man 3
    7. Ant-Man
    8. Guardians of the Galaxy 2
    9. The First Avenger
    10. Doctor Strange
    11. Age of Ultron
    12. Thor: The Dark World
    13. Thor
    14. Iron Man 2
    15. The Incredible Hulk

    1. Daredevil S1
    2. Daredevil S2
    3. Jessica Jones
    4. Luke Cage
    5. Iron Fist

    1. Agents of Shield
    2. Agent Carter

  • Morgan Ren
    Morgan Ren 21 day ago

    DON'T WATCH THIS REVIEW! This guy has no idea what he's talking about. GOTG 1 & 2 had ground breaking moments. The action intro in GOTG 2 scene is going to become popular in big budget movies. James Gunn is an amazing writer and director.

  • Cloras Fauna
    Cloras Fauna 22 days ago

    Pssh this review is Garbage, the movie was the best and heartfelt. Many reviewers complain that they want character development and this movie did have that. Mediocre review Jermy.

  • Leo
    Leo 22 days ago

    Most accurate movie review of all time. Fuck the bandwagoners.

  • Sophie Hartland
    Sophie Hartland 23 days ago

    Pretty much the only review of yours I've strongly disagreed with on all accounts. They fleshed out the characters, showed what each of them are capable together and separately (like rockets kick ass scene) and most importantly for me- it was different. Really fresh humour, sequences I've never seen in anything before and a level of emotion they aced. Even the gold twats didn't make bored as it was so interesting to see these characters interact and bounce off each other. Love my marvel movies and this is up there for me. As always though, I like to hear your opinion Jeremy.

  • RyanWallyPlayz
    RyanWallyPlayz 23 days ago

    I disagree with this one

  • Jada Fields
    Jada Fields 23 days ago

    Am I crazy for liking Vol. 2 more than the 1st? Cause I loved the movie, so am I crazy for loving this movie as much as I do?

  • Ravi Tolani
    Ravi Tolani 24 days ago

    really agree. fucking shit movie .. I was literly sleeping during movie. slow .. fucked up. wasted time and money ..

  • CryinOwl
    CryinOwl 24 days ago

    Perfect review. Saw it last night and agree with everything Jeremy says! Disjointed, dragged out action and jokes... Not a bad film, but not in the top ten MCU films for sure!

  • Robby Shaffer
    Robby Shaffer 24 days ago

    So much better than the 1st doe

  • Can't Be Fucking Bothered

    As much fun as it was, there's not much there beyond entertaining fluff.

  • Maclean Samis
    Maclean Samis 25 days ago

    Can not agree with this review. I was 110% sober and I loved it! It was better than the first imo.

  • child step
    child step 25 days ago

    to be Frank i won't remember guardians 2 in T minus 1 day

  • Spiros A.
    Spiros A. 25 days ago

    I AM GROOT!!! 😡😡😡

  • Janice Broadhead
    Janice Broadhead 25 days ago

    Drax:"You remind me of my daughter." Mantis:"Disgusting?"

  • A
    A 25 days ago

    I thought this was a good movie and I loved it but to many jokes

    THE RAM 25 days ago

    I thought this was paced well compared to any other modern movie

    THE RAM 25 days ago

    this is the best marvel movie I've ever seen

  • Omar Alor
    Omar Alor 25 days ago

    I liked this movie better than the first one.

  • Parker Smart
    Parker Smart 25 days ago

    I thought it was as good as the first one, which was entertaining.  But I'm more of a DC guy anyway.

  • Brennan Cain
    Brennan Cain 26 days ago

    Again, I want to remind people that this very man LIKED Suicide Squad, and said that it won him over by heart. Fucking Suicide Squad. Keep that in mind.

  • Sudhan dangol
    Sudhan dangol 26 days ago

    Fuck ur review...i love it!!!

  • kyawminn thein
    kyawminn thein 26 days ago

    like the 1st one
    vol 2 suck ass big time

  • Matthew Preiss
    Matthew Preiss 26 days ago

    You literally said everything I thought when most didn't. Thank you.

  • Ross Sapp
    Ross Sapp 26 days ago

    I know everyone has an opinion and all but I cannot for the life of me see why Jeremy disliked this movie.

  • majestic_eagle mvm
    majestic_eagle mvm 26 days ago

    You disgust me.

  • spideylover
    spideylover 26 days ago

    I agree.

  • jstarwars360
    jstarwars360 27 days ago

    Feel like this is going to be the Iron Man 3 of Phase 3 dividing a lot of people who are each going to take away something unique from this film.

  • Luis Carlos Lezcano
    Luis Carlos Lezcano 27 days ago

    Well Jeremy I understand that your ratings are very subjective and I also understand that you will not always agree with the majority and I respect that. However, as a critic I think that you need to have certain grade of objectivity because believe it or not some people really take into account your reviews when they decide if they go to the cinema or not. Therefore I must say that you have lost some credibility at least for me.

    To give force awakens (FOA) a PERFECT RATING, a movie that has so many flaws and give GUARDIANS VOL. 2 such a low rating I mean it really doesnt make sense is incredible. Is not that I think force awakens is the worst movie of all time I know a lot of people like it but FOA is not a masterpiece if you are a critic you need to be coherent. However, my point is not to compare both movies but to point out that if you are going to take a HIGH STANDAR with movies as a critic well you need to do it with all of them you cannot be that subjective.

    I hope you read these and take that into consideration coming from a person that has learn a lot from you about cinema and think you can really do better than this.

    PS. English is not my mother tongue so I apologize if is hard to read.

  • Franken Stein
    Franken Stein 27 days ago

    I was stoned and it still kinda sucked.

  • speedy
    speedy 27 days ago

    got a say in loved this movie

  • cece panda
    cece panda 27 days ago

    AHHH MY NIPPLES! -drax

  • Theodora
    Theodora 27 days ago

    The movie was fucking retarded. Holy shit. What a waste of time.

  • Amerikkka's Most Wanted

    This was much better than the first one

  • Kelechi Amuta
    Kelechi Amuta 28 days ago

    Fuck! This is the one time I disagree with you, man!
    Did we watch the same movie?!

  • RockRoll
    RockRoll 28 days ago

    Great review, but I like the movie very much. Thought the movie was funny and some of the parts were very emotional.

  • Gooder
    Gooder 28 days ago

    I maybe a minority here but I thought Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 was way better than the first...shit I saw it 4 times😁

  • Thomas Miller
    Thomas Miller 29 days ago

    "I'm married y'all"

  • The Auditor
    The Auditor 29 days ago

    i loved this movie tho, but keep on keepin on jeremy

  • Zingster
    Zingster 29 days ago

    All I could think of when the head scavenger was on screen was "wasn't he in spy kids?"

  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller 29 days ago

    Guys, this movie is great. I thought it was slightly better then the first personally. Listen to Jeremy when he say's "Don't just take my view, listen to everybody out there". It's actually incredible how wide the spectrum of opinions on this movie is

  • santino hp
    santino hp 29 days ago

    just say it mr, jahns. this movie is dog shit. the marvel univers is sometimes fun but at some point they have to drop the ball.

  • BeginningAndLast 7
    BeginningAndLast 7 29 days ago

    A bunch of sensitive people here.

  • bas ruiter art
    bas ruiter art 29 days ago

    in all honesty id say this was my favourite marvel movie of all time

  • Mr. Mateo
    Mr. Mateo 1 month ago

    I actually agree with you Jeremy

  • Angelo Busato
    Angelo Busato 1 month ago

    Everything is meaninglessAll logic is bound to pointless outcomes. Society is a construct#milk

  • Ratty Films
    Ratty Films 1 month ago

    Hello everyone, i am a movie reviewer to i just started, i will be uploading on saturdays and Friday Nights

  • Travis Adams Student Media

    I agree with jahns, not bad but not great. 7/10. I thought Power Rangers was better... (YES IM BEING SERIOUS)

  • D. Vaughn
    D. Vaughn 1 month ago

    hey man don't talk about my favorite show America horror story 😡😡😣 I'll go hulk on your ass !!! PS your review suck's

  • Graham Vajnagi
    Graham Vajnagi 1 month ago

    this movie sucked. JJ is correct

  • Jarrett Whipple
    Jarrett Whipple 1 month ago

    I'm conflicted with this movie. I recognized every point Jeremy made when I watched it, but I wanted to love it. I want to rewatch GoTGV2 to see if I can shift my view point. I see a lot of reviewers talking about all of the character development in the movie but honestly, I found it rather sloppy. Let me start with Rocket, Gunn was trying to make Rocket a deeper character in this, I see that, but making him an excessive jerk then having one scene to justify it isn't the way to go. IMO I feel like focusing on the Rocket/Groot relationship would've been more effective, at the end of the first film he lost his best friend, a brother, and now is left with him, but not the same Groot. If Gunn would've taken this into account and had the arc with him pushing everyone away I feel like the characterization of Rocket would've been far more effective. Also as a side note, there was many themes of family in this movie and I feel like having all of the Guardians split up for the most part wasn't the right choice, again just a thought here, if they were all together and it was Peter finding family in his dad, not his friends, which drove them apart, would've lent better to the over all themes and flow of the film. Finally ( I promise) the music wasn't used right, the score wasn't given room to breathe. In the first film there was the soundtrack ( which I loved ) and the score in moments such as the prison break and at the end when they're all sharing the power of the infinity stone. In GotGV2 though, the soundtrack was used everywhere, which made it seem out of place at some parts, detracting from the magic of it the first one had. The prime examples I would have would be the Yondu and Rocket escape sequence and the end battle with ego. In the escape music is playing ( Come a Little Bit Closer) which while not necessarily a bad thing, but didn't make sense, how could that music be on the ship when when Peter was abducted he only had Awesome Mix Vol.1? If there was some loophole where Rocket made a copy or they somehow had the walkman, that would've been fine with me( This was a nitpick but my next part is my problem). So the final battle had The Chain playing in the background as full on background music, not part of the environment. If the score was utilized here I feel like it would've made the scene much more impactfull. In the first film the music was used as a physical entity, part of the story that when used, made sense when used within the part of the movie, in Guardians Vol 2, the music is background music, for most scenes not really being part of the film so to say, being used just to hear the music.

  • Solyndros
    Solyndros 1 month ago

    Eh. Sorry but you're wrong on this one JJ. This movie was great!

  • Ms. Not It
    Ms. Not It 1 month ago

    Saw it in 3D. Pretty good.

  • Sawyer Farr
    Sawyer Farr 1 month ago

    Disjointed? What the hell did you watch? Cause I watched the 2nd best marvel movie

  • Cole Recksiedler
    Cole Recksiedler 1 month ago

    I respect your opinion but how in the hell did you give suicide squad 2 ratings higher than guardians of the galaxy 2?

  • Nick England
    Nick England 1 month ago

    I disagree with your review.

  • monfr0
    monfr0 1 month ago

    For me it was boring. I caught myself yawning three times. There were some fun bits in it but I agree with this review. It was so messy and the movie just screamed, I was rushed!!!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 month ago

    Very cool review.

  • UbinTimor
    UbinTimor 1 month ago

    so, I did like Vol. 2 more than the first movie- and I know I'm in the minority when I say I didn't really like the first movie that much, but I will say that Vol. 2 had some major problems with me that made it sort of eh...
    it's a good movie, will I add it to my movie collection? probably not considering it's been 3 years since the first movie came out and it's still $24.99 for the blue ray so this one will probably have the same problem.

  • Brandoon
    Brandoon 1 month ago

    I agree with everything Jeremy said. I walked out of the theater rather disappointed.

  • Game Loot
    Game Loot 1 month ago

    It was a 10/10 for me personally.

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