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Author spideraxis ( ago)
I remember this every day, growing up in Queens, Channel 7, 4:30 PM. I
might be wrong, but think it was on after Dark Shadows. Oh, what great
days they were!

Author Tom Schrade ( ago)
The good old days, before they replaced the 4:30 movie with Eyewitless News

Author Daniel Toma ( ago)
I LIVED for Monster Week and Planet of the Apes Week

Author Juan Rodriguez ( ago)
OMG!! This intro takes me back to my wonderful youth years. what a great
Era that was and I'm glad to have been part of it. things just aren't the
same these days..

Author wheelinthesky300 ( ago)
The 4:30 movie ran until 6 PM.
The slot wasn't really 90 minutes
-there were so many commercials it was only 75 minutes of film.
Saw a lot of edited-for-telivison bastardized movies that way.

Author Fr ra ( ago)
To bad ABC and Disney don't care about american values any more just a
talking head for the wacko left homosexual radicals

Author Astro Bear ( ago)
even though they show this intro In Texas were im from channel 13 but in
new York is abc 7 is very great to see the intro can it please come back

Author M. Bergman (955 years ago)
Does anyone remember watching a 4.30 movie about a girl who gets sent to
insane asylum & returns to her childhood home with her psychiatrist to
uncover the childhood trauma that happened there & caused her to become
insane. The incident happened in the attic or at the room at the top of the
stairs. Ive been trying to find this movie for years & just remember being
scared out of my wits when I was 10 yrs old

Author Karyl Miller ( ago)
I remember this from back in the day when I was a little girl.

Author xxxvse ( ago)
Winter in New Jersey it was getting dark around this time,dinner was
cooking and i watching this insted of doing my homework after school.

Author Mark Ganter ( ago)
Great! got here from a "Ghost and Mrs Muir" discussion.

Author Tee Simmons ( ago)
I can't get that song out of my head now.....

Author Art Edwards ( ago)

How could I NOT agree!!!

Author scronx ( ago)
Wish we could know who wrote this very special 20-second work.
Bacharachian, isn't it!

Author Andre Richards ( ago)
Wow!!...Life was so simple back then, Monster Week or Planet of the Apes
week on channel 7. I remember those days growing up in NY in the late 70's
and early 80's. On Saturdays we use to wake up at 6:30Am to watch Cartoons
till Noon quietly in the Living Room with a bowl of Cereal. Then Saturday
Weekend Special Movies on Channel 7. At 2PM we watched some Karate Flicks
on Channel 5. After that we went out to Play. Then Back Inside by 8 PM to
watch shows. I Miss The Times We Had Growing Up.

Author kgmaj ( ago)
Memories! Movies chopped to bits and pieces - getting us all ready for
cable and VHS!

Author feinstei ( ago)
Same theme used for the 3:30 movie on WBKB (later WLS-TV) in Chicago....

Author PrettyPaul ( ago)

Author Hushabye Mountain ( ago)
Brings me back so hard this theme song. This was afternoon TV when I was a
kid. I wish there was an officially-released version of the music. So

Author Stephen Kern ( ago)
Always loved this opening of the 4:30 movie. Brings back a lot of memories
growing up in North Jersey. 

Author ShakespearesDaughter ( ago)
Man, I loved this. I remember seeing "The Producers" way back when, for the
first time, on the ABC 4:30 Movie. A joyous discovery, like a treasure I
found after I got home from school.

Author manickreations ( ago)
monster week!!!!!

Author Joel Perry ( ago)
Monster week always ruled!!!

Author Rex II ForSure ( ago)
I estimate the film winders age now as 55 (his age in this clip) + 40 (this
is from about 1975) = 95 years old

Author DanZero77 ( ago)
I'm happy to see more memories continued to be shared on this video to this
very day. Of course other ABC affiliates had their own versions at the same
time WABC did, such as WXYZ in Detroit and WLS in Chicago (The 3:30 Movie)

Author Francis Mazanet ( ago)
Channel 7, 4:30 movie on ABC (New York of course). I remember it well.
Watched it while waiting for my mom to come home and cook dinner.

Author byromania ( ago)
After reading all of the comments, I am amazed that the 4:30 movie is known
mostly by people from the NYC area. I grew up in Detroit in the 70s and
this intro takes me right back to that carefree time, coming home after
school, having a snack and watching the 4:30 movie. I remember Beach Week,
Monster Week, and Elvis Week like it was yesterday. Gosh, I really miss
those times. Thanks for posting this rare find.

Author Philip Alan ( ago)
Being in my mid 50's, it's truly powerful, how this music intro can
transform you to another era, and memories flood in to your head. The
only movie I remember watching from this was Rich Man, Poor, Man.

Author Dan Livni ( ago)
WOW i remember this theme as a kid.
I was 9 in 1979 and can remember coming home from school and always
watching the 4 30 movie. The theme was a great theme.

Author Textronox ( ago)
This lasted for a long time until 1985 came and Oprah and the news killed
the tradition for me in NYC

Author moon leverette ( ago)
i remember this theme the abc afternoon movie i was in grade school and
when i came home my sister would have the tv blasted and this theme would
be playing true memories thank you

Author zzzombie888 (1600 years ago)
I always thought this looked like a giant frog monster :-P

Author aboylegolcom ( ago)
How exciting the world was then. Falling asleep to the 4:30 movie after
school was an institution. Homework can wait. (I always remember the 4:30
movie as being much better than WOR's Million Dollar Movie, but don't know
if I could tell you a single title I saw of either.)

Author the430movie ( ago)
You rang!!!?

Author Ellie Dicker ( ago)
Thanks for posting this great TV intro!
Couldn't finish my homework fast enough so I could watch the 4:30 movie

Author pup lover ( ago)
Maybe this creeped a lot of us out because they showed those scary 70's TV
movies after this intro? At least, that's what I remember.

Author Shooga J ( ago)
Youtube indeed has everything. I could not believe this was anywhere! Oh
Being a kid and hoping for Fantastic Voyage or Monster week...{{sigh}} 

Author Scott Richards ( ago)
My favorite movie intro ever! Brings back those memories of after school
watching TV when it was winter outside and you were indoors. Thank you so
much for posting. Only complaint is that it's so short. Wish there was an
extended version :)

Author Karyl Miller ( ago)
I remember this from waaaay back when I was a little girl. Then ABC stopped
showing movies at 4:30, and extended the news. Stupid studio.

Author ritter89 ( ago)
For a good while during my early childhood, I thought that I was looking at
the silhouette of a frog rather than a cameraman. I'm not sure that I even
knew what I motion picture camera looked like back then. Looking at now, I
still think that the final silhouette resembles a frog more than a camera

Author Steve Taaffe ( ago)
Monster week was awesome

Author Heineken500 ( ago)
Thanks for posting. Great job. Yeah, this is the original.

Author Abdul Houser ( ago)
The music was great, but the logo used to scare me.

Thank you..Ive been looking for this ever since Planet of the Apes week!!

Author zl1vette427 ( ago)
We had the WABC-7 NY guy who actually produced this or knew who produced it
-- I can't find his posts.

Are you out there ?

Author RRaquello ( ago)
I remember watching "Some Like It Hot" first time I ever saw it, on the 4:30
movie. I think they showed it at least over 3 days, each day 45 minutes of
movie, 45 minutes of commercials.

Author MrGlanderson ( ago)
MONSTER WEEK was the best!

Author augustine pacheco ( ago)
I always remember monster week.

Author spideraxis ( ago)
I remember this at 4:30 PM, Ch.7 ABC in NYC. Saw it almost every day,
believe it came on after "Dark Shadows". Yes, to compress the movie into
90 minutes some parts were cut. But they were carefree, fun, high school
days. Days when I had my family, less responsibility, fewer worries, and
no idea the country and world were going to end up as they are now.

Author promiseofanewday ( ago)
Odd. Of all the theme week's, I'll forever equate this intro with "horror
week"! The Spell, The Initiation of Sarah, The Devil's Daughter, Crowhaven
Farm and Bad Ronald! Didn't help that I was a latch key kid and would
often have the entire house (three stories and an attic and basement) to
myself around 4:30ish. For those reasons, I prefer apartments to this day
and big houses give me the heebie jeebies.

Author Tara Sigidi ( ago)
This was one of my favorite intros. This takes me back to my childhood!
Great times, when all you had to do was be a kid!!! Thanks so much for
posting this classic!!!

Author DavidB Feeney ( ago)
Planet of the Apes week!

Author Eric Grove ( ago)
This was a great sounding intro.

Author Ann070558 ( ago)
How many times did you and I sit on our butts watching that intro? If we
had a dolor for each time we'd be in the Sound of France of at least

Author wmbrown6 ( ago)
From what I have been apprised by the original co-producer of the recording
of this theme (and my own research from that producer's pointers), it was
registered with ASCAP as "Big Show Theme" (a reference to the earlier
afternoon movie show title before being renamed "The 4:30 Movie"), written
by Walter Raim in or around 1968 - and recorded in New York City.

Author Brian53886 ( ago)
I'm so happy that I wasn't the only kid who used to think the cameraman
looked like a "FROG". Such good childhood memories!

Author hollisterpatricia ( ago)
I have just entered Nostalgia Heaven !! Thank you!

Author SuperPat88 ( ago)
Here in Buffalo, WGR-TV2(an NBC outfit) would air "The Big Movie" weekdays.

WKBW, Channel 7, despite being an ABC/CapCities O-and-O, showed "Mike
Douglas," and later "John Davidson," at 4:30... no 4:30 Movie here.

Author saintquinn007 ( ago)
I remember this throughout the 70's on channel 7 in NYC....They would
deadfully butcher the movies into at least 2 parts...Then at 6 it was
Rodger Grimsby and Bill Beutel....
I'll never forget about 1974 (when I was 10) Watching Eyewitness news and
they were doing a segment on "breast exams" ....A doofus mess jew doctor
was rubbing and squeezing live a girl's big tits (showing how do do a
breast exam) and I remember going apeshit with a boner..... 

Author the430movie ( ago)
This really brought a tear to my eye! Thankyou! I know now that i am loved!

Author zl1vette427 ( ago)
Me too....except on Monday and Tuesday when Dad worked late at a 2nd job
and didn't get home until 9:15 PM.

Author zl1vette427 ( ago)
Heavily edited...something we wouldn't know about until VCRs and cable TV

Author Fernando Gutierrez ( ago)
Planet of the Apes Week!

Author Princess Grace ( ago)
the good life! what mtv, vh1 videos? smile

Author thunderstruck665 ( ago)
WABC also used Moving Pictures for their Late Movie bumper in the 80's and
into the early 90's. I sooooo wish they would bring it back to their modern
intro. It's such a great, timeless Joe Raposo theme!

Author Catwoman501 ( ago)
Same here...watching tv, doing home work, mother getting meal ready, father
home by 6pm.

Author wolfmannoon ( ago)
I love it!! Please do more!!

Author James Hyman ( ago)
Great little snippet of music for this intro.

Author Jose Rivera ( ago)
This is the one!!! so many memories of my life in NY

same here

Author mikamamma ( ago)
Camera man AND camera, I should say (regarding my comment below)

Author mikamamma ( ago)
Wow! Was I really the only kid who back thought this cameraman was a frog?

Author zl1vette427 ( ago)
Do you know how many times I missed "War of The Gargantuas" because it was
on a Saturday night and my mom STILL wouldn't let me stay up even though
the next day was no school ??? LOL That and "Destroy All Monsters" when my
dad grilled me using the flash cards (remember them) after I got a bad
grade in math. I was afraid to leave the kitchen. The movie was already on
but I wasn't sure I was allowed to leave. He comes in 10 minutes later and
says "Go watch your movie and get out of here !!"

Author zl1vette427 ( ago)
You and several hundred thousand other kids who lived in the NYC area and
got Channel 7 via over-the-air antennae. Great memories....though I might
have been a bit more upset if I knew how they edited (cut) the movies back
then as a teenager !! lol

Author muneetalks ( ago)
Thanks for the upload! This brings back memories of my youth!

Author lisabella cubavana ( ago)
I remember this growing up way before dumb realty shows ruined
television.The good old days!

Author Ismael Nunez ( ago)

Author Michael Chua ( ago)
Joe Raposo - Moving Pictures

Author kenjanpo ( ago)
This takes me back to when I was a kid visiting my Grandma in NYC for the
summer. Thank you for the memories :o) 

Author Pete Muldoon ( ago)
I like this one as well as the ABC movie of the week but don't forget the
original HBO movie opening and The Million Dollar Movie. The original
Million Dollar Movie is not on YouTube. It was in black and white and it
was awesome. 

Author zl1vette427 ( ago)
Yes, that's how they could fit alot of those 75-80 minute movies into the
spot. Edit them down, then 20 minutes of commercials in the 90-minute

Author TheFunk ( ago)
And only 18 minutes of commercials in a 90 minute you get that
in a 60-minute show !!!

Author whizkidd4ever ( ago)
So many great memories. We had it made back then, all of us if we we were
kids in the 70's coming home from school watching TV. I grew up in New
Jersey and remember we had to have our homework done or no TV! I screwed up
big one time and I missed "Monster Week" because I acted like a clown in
class. I couldn't watch "War of the Gargantuans" and I cried like my dog
had been run over by a bus! Good days Thanks Rousian! 

Author LaLi66 ( ago)
I remember this.

Author the430movie ( ago)
I am like you! The same thing you went through, we i went through as a
kid!.... I would get home from school, about the same time my mother would
come home from work. She watch General Hospital, then edge of night, then
go to cook, me, my bro and sis would watch the 4:30 movie... My pop
wouldn't be home until after 6... It was the time and a place in America to
be as a kid! 

Author ViacomRockit ( ago)
This, and the devil from The Joker's Wild, were the two most frightening
things a kid back in the 70's and 80's could ever see.

Author Ismael Nunez ( ago)

Author louis tenore ( ago)
ah the good old days of local tv before stations started doing early
newscasts and stupid talk shows

Author Tmanaz480 ( ago)
I was about the same age then, and It wasn't until I recently, in my 50's
that I finally understood what nostalgia means. It's more than just hearing
something from long ago and fondly thinking "that's so cool", but it's an
emotion all its own. Something deeper--almost eerie. No wonder someone came
up with a special name for it. 

Author TheCharlisseAngel ( ago)
OMG wow. I was randomly thinking of the Chiller Theatre intro and found
that and then I guess I clicked on a playlist and this one popped up. I
didn't remember this at all until I saw it. My goodness I was just a little
girl. So many memories flashed before my eyes of those good old days. I
lived in NYC. I miss NYC I live in Cali now.

Author Anthony S ( ago)
and the godzilla movies with the planet of the apes

Author Daniel Kepley ( ago)
I'm planning to do something like THE 4:30 MOVIE with my Universal Horror
movies! One week, it will be the FRANKENSTEIN series, followed by THE MUMMY
series, and then THE INVISIBLE MAN series.

Author kewrock ( ago)
Jeez, it's a year since I posted this. Feels like a few weeks ago. The
other great intro bumper was the "Special" on CBS usually before a Charlie
Brown show. That was lifted from the Hawaii 50 soundtrack LP.

Author Jay Willy ( ago)
Thank You Kewrock I am VERY Interested.

Author peter budenjoon ( ago)
WOW, this brings back memories of a time where my life consisted of nothing
but PURE MAGIC. Innocent 11 year old boy who neither knew or cared about
the real monsters out there. This video exemplifies to me, the best time
machine out there on the market. The very moment the video and song played,
I was instantaneuosly transported back. But the most frightnening
experience was how I physically felt the mood of those days. They were fun
days, but spooky at the same time. Can't explain it. 

Author SJYNYC ( ago)
OMG! Such memories! "Monster Week on the 4:30 movie" (Godzilla, etc...). I
remember this so well growing up in NJ. The 4:30 Movie came on right after
my mom's soap ("The Edge of Night"), followed by the 6:00 news! I have the
same memories, Mom getting dinner ready and dad coming home any minute now.

Author justanotherengine ( ago)
Yea, glued to the Channel 7 IN NEW YORK 4:30 Movie with a pencil in ya hand
trying to do H.W. on Long Island, mom's got dinner cooking waiting for Dad
to get home from the train from "Manhattan", it's snowing ! 

Author artfrankmiami (735 years ago)
That was certainly an expensively produced opening.

Author lucy goosey ( ago)
Funny, I was scared of this opening when I was a kid. If you look at it a
certain way the camera looks like godzilla. 

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