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Author RRaquello (3 months)
I remember watching "Some Like It Hot" first time I ever saw it, on the 4:30
movie. I think they showed it at least over 3 days, each day 45 minutes of
movie, 45 minutes of commercials.

Author Abdul Houser (1 month)
The music was great, but the logo used to scare me.

Author Steve Taaffe (9 days)
Monster week was awesome

Author zl1vette427 (3 months)
We had the WABC-7 NY guy who actually produced this or knew who produced it
-- I can't find his posts.

Are you out there ?

Author Heineken500 (26 days)
Thanks for posting. Great job. Yeah, this is the original.

Author Tara Sigidi (6 months)
This was one of my favorite intros. This takes me back to my childhood!
Great times, when all you had to do was be a kid!!! Thanks so much for
posting this classic!!!

Author DARK REALM RECORDS (2 months)
Thank you..Ive been looking for this ever since Planet of the Apes week!!

Author MrGlanderson (3 months)
MONSTER WEEK was the best!

Author augustine pacheco (4 months)
I always remember monster week.

Author promiseofanewday (5 months)
Odd. Of all the theme week's, I'll forever equate this intro with "horror
week"! The Spell, The Initiation of Sarah, The Devil's Daughter, Crowhaven
Farm and Bad Ronald! Didn't help that I was a latch key kid and would
often have the entire house (three stories and an attic and basement) to
myself around 4:30ish. For those reasons, I prefer apartments to this day
and big houses give me the heebie jeebies.

Author Brian53886 (8 months)
I'm so happy that I wasn't the only kid who used to think the cameraman
looked like a "FROG". Such good childhood memories!

Author David Feeney (6 months)
Planet of the Apes week!

Author Eric Grove (7 months)
This was a great sounding intro.

Author wmbrown6 (7 months)
From what I have been apprised by the original co-producer of the recording
of this theme (and my own research from that producer's pointers), it was
registered with ASCAP as "Big Show Theme" (a reference to the earlier
afternoon movie show title before being renamed "The 4:30 Movie"), written
by Walter Raim in or around 1968 - and recorded in New York City.

Author Ann070558 (7 months)
How many times did you and I sit on our butts watching that intro? If we
had a dolor for each time we'd be in the Sound of France of at least

Author SuperPat88 (9 months)
Here in Buffalo, WGR-TV2(an NBC outfit) would air "The Big Movie" weekdays.

WKBW, Channel 7, despite being an ABC/CapCities O-and-O, showed "Mike
Douglas," and later "John Davidson," at 4:30... no 4:30 Movie here.

Author spideraxis (4 months)
I remember this at 4:30 PM, Ch.7 ABC in NYC. Saw it almost every day,
believe it came on after "Dark Shadows". Yes, to compress the movie into
90 minutes some parts were cut. But they were carefree, fun, high school
days. Days when I had my family, less responsibility, fewer worries, and
no idea the country and world were going to end up as they are now.

Author saintquinn007 (10 months)
I remember this throughout the 70's on channel 7 in NYC....They would
deadfully butcher the movies into at least 2 parts...Then at 6 it was
Rodger Grimsby and Bill Beutel....
I'll never forget about 1974 (when I was 10) Watching Eyewitness news and
they were doing a segment on "breast exams" ....A doofus mess jew doctor
was rubbing and squeezing live a girl's big tits (showing how do do a
breast exam) and I remember going apeshit with a boner..... 

Author hollisterpatricia (8 months)
I have just entered Nostalgia Heaven !! Thank you!

Author Cicely Clark (1 year)
Does anyone remember horror week on The 4:30 Movie? That how I came to fear
now love Vincent Price.

Author BalladOfThinMan (3 years)
miserabowl: same here! I'm in N.J. (Union County) and used to watch 4:30
movie from the mid 70's to '81; and mom would tell me to wash up for
dinner. Great soundtrack. Joe Riposo did a great job composing this.

Author bigjoetube (4 years)
I do. Do the homework and then the 430 movie. Then Roger Grimsby and Bill
Beutel for the news.

Author antitum (4 years)
Oh where are those 4:30 movies I loved so much?!

Author DanZero77 (3 years)
@CookyMonzta And of course his sign off "Hoping your news is good news, I'm
Roger Grimsby". Sadly, news these days is all about sensationalism and who
can get your attention the best these days. "WHAT COULD KILL YOU TONIGHT AT
11" Yeah, great. What happened to NEWS? Eyewitness News was great, at one

Author SHRINA17 (3 years)
@10Tuxedo ----That would be so wonderful if the 4:30 movie came back!

Author TheCharlisseAngel (2 years)
OMG wow. I was randomly thinking of the Chiller Theatre intro and found
that and then I guess I clicked on a playlist and this one popped up. I
didn't remember this at all until I saw it. My goodness I was just a little
girl. So many memories flashed before my eyes of those good old days. I
lived in NYC. I miss NYC I live in Cali now.

Author William Hughes (3 years)
Living in Detroit, I remember when they moved the start of these movies
from 4:30 PM to 4:00 PM. I approved of this, as it meant the Movies were
not as heavily edited. Then a couple of years later they decided to start
the news at 5:30. So I ceased watching their Movies and switched to the
ones they were showing on Toledo's Ch. 11 (They also has Sci-Fi Week,
Planet of the Apes Week, Godzilla Week, Etc. Then along came a little
something called "Pay-TV".

Author lisa murray (3 years)
Fantastic! I wish they would bring this back!

Author 68NYC2 (3 years)
@DanZero77 You said it... 13, UHF and VHF...the aluminum foil on the
antenna and remoteless TV . A time when turning the channel actually was...
TURNING THE CHANNEL.. Too many channels not enough quality these days.
Fortunately we do have options other than cable these days. ;0)

Author Robert Bermudez (3 years)
old farts not ayfarts...gee the typos on these modern keyboards....i wish
we could go back to big clunky manual typewriters like in the good old

Author vallergy (3 years)
Such good memories.I remember the movie "Whatever Happen to Baby Jane" --
one of the best 4:30 movies ever!

Author Ciro Morales (3 years)
I remember coming home from school in Jackson Heights and eagerly awaiting
the 4:30 movie. Thanks for the memories.

Author William Hughes (2 years)
@StukInBuf There is the Detroit Area bumper bouncing aroud there, but I
cannot find it. Since WABC New York had the same theme for their Afternoon
Movie, it will have to suffice for now. Black Friday was A LOT DIFFERANT
when I was growing up. The stores opened AT THEIR NORMAL TIMES back then
(Yes they were still crowded, but they didn't have the "Doorbusters" they
have today. One other thing, the stores were CLOSED ON SUNDAYS.

Author louis tenore (1 year)
ah the good old days of local tv before stations started doing early
newscasts and stupid talk shows

Author Jay Willy (2 years)
Thank You Kewrock I am VERY Interested.

Author sanfrancisco89 (3 years)
Loved the Planet of the Apes weeks. Perfect excuse to avoid homework.

Author peter budenjoon (2 years)
WOW, this brings back memories of a time where my life consisted of nothing
but PURE MAGIC. Innocent 11 year old boy who neither knew or cared about
the real monsters out there. This video exemplifies to me, the best time
machine out there on the market. The very moment the video and song played,
I was instantaneuosly transported back. But the most frightnening
experience was how I physically felt the mood of those days. They were fun
days, but spooky at the same time. Can't explain it.

Author the430movie . (10 months)
This really brought a tear to my eye! Thankyou! I know now that i am loved!

Author Robert Goldman (2 years)
All those poor souls who lived in small markets and had to watch Merv
griffin or mike douglass.

Author SuperPat88 (2 years)
@robphilll22 Or "Brady Bunch," or "Tom & Jerry," or "My Three Sons," and on
and on...

Author Robert Bermudez (3 years)
it's amazing....everytime I come to anything like this there is always a
group of old ayfarts who've turned into their parents whining about how
"great" things were in the "good old days" and how "bad" everything is
today, blah blah blah...all the same old bullshit cliches every generation
that gets older (old) and can't relate to the modern world uses ad were young so it was great-we go away

Author ViacomRockit (1 year)
This, and the devil from The Joker's Wild, were the two most frightening
things a kid back in the 70's and 80's could ever see.

Author Manny Fox (3 years)
I really miss those 70s afternoons watching the 4:30 movie ,smelling dinner
being prepared and awaiting the sound of the garage door opening announcing
my Dad's arrival.

Author zl1vette427 (10 months)
Heavily edited...something we wouldn't know about until VCRs and cable TV

Author wolfmannoon (1 year)
I love it!! Please do more!!

Author Ismael Nunez (1 year)

Author Robert Rivera (3 years)
Bring back the 4:30 movie!

Author jtcohen1 (4 years)
think this should be remastered and used again, does not matter the channel.

Author Robert Goldman (2 years)
Palm Springs Weekend, Journey To the Center of the Earth,The Fly,Buzz
Reilly's Back In town,The Incredible Mr. Limpet,Loads of Jerry Lewis
Movies,Monster week and who could forget Tom Poston's memeorable
performance in the Epic picture cakked ZOTZ!!!

Author jmedwick (2 years)
Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster with milk and cookies!!!

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