The People Of Walmart (Funny Fails)

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In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to the funniest fails, moments, and coincidences spotted at the biggest retail store in the guessed it, Walmart!

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Author Abigail Thompson ( ago)
Some of these weren't even Walmart

Author Galaxy_Gamer :P ( ago)
at 6:01 my dogs just looked at me like wtf

Author Aarya Kalapure ( ago)
Tal eat some carrots

Author Sylvan Cochran ( ago)
it's Jesus

Author Awkward Dinosaur ( ago)
Tal singing ❤❤

Author Kane Rios ( ago)
Thank for people like this and Justin bieber, or else aliens would invade are planet, but there smart and keep distance

Author Beth Raymer ( ago)
He is kinda cute :)

Author squishycute food4ever ( ago)
my friend had 4 cats

Author the diamondminecart girl ( ago)
tal your voice is beautiful

Author Matthew Henderson ( ago)
yes there is1

Author reborns4life lindsey ( ago)
that woman is a savage wearing white pants and no underwear on your period omg

Author Kaidynce Morris ( ago)
1:17 that was hallarious

Author Guinny Piggy ( ago)
Not gonna lie... I once wore a diaper to the drugstore XD, Not a pad AN ADULT DIAPER. I have a reason though, I was picking up my medication after my apendectomy and I coulden't walk very fast so I woulden't be able to go to the bathroom if I had to while I was there... Thankfully I didn't XD

Author Caitlin Edwards ( ago)
Ur hilarious Tal 😂😂😂😂😂

Author El Bilodeau ( ago)
1:50 I think that's my Walmart.....

Author Sara G ( ago)
Can someone get Tal some help please I actually worry for his well being

Author Nevaeh Jones ( ago)
she is not wearing shoes or pans

Author Nevaeh Jones ( ago)
your mouth is like Wal-Mart because it is always open 😂😂😂😂😂😂 jk

Author Hannah jones ( ago)

Author Hannah jones ( ago)
I'm starting a new hashtag: #DontBeLikeTheTogaLady

Author It's Time To Draw / Let's Draw! ( ago)
reatchan time: tittys

(I know i spelled it wrong )

Author Kaylee Pug ( ago)
don't make fun of girls, luckily for you , you don't have to deal with pads. why don't you try it out for a day and see how you like it.

Author Bre Ramella 2 ( ago)

Author Forsanbuffalos17 Aj Khmer ( ago)
2:03 I thought you were screaming because how big her ass is

Author Lex so cute and kawaii Anderson ( ago)
Hehehehe that girl she has a blanket like girl put clothes on god like in the middle of watching Netflix and then realize that you ran out of pizza 🍕 and your like no one is probably no gonna be there so I am gonna were my blanket

Author WAFFLEZ Lps ( ago)
When I was on my period I had candy and a pad in my backpack and this boy found out I had candy in my backpack so he started looking in my backpack and found a pad in my backpack. He held it up and yelled "What's this!?"

Author Tracie Fuhrman ( ago)
I have 4 cats but I love them

Author TheGenicus ( ago)
I really love your channel but the fact that you hate on Justin makes me kinda angry

Author ben lake ( ago)
0:55 what is that song?!

Author Jason Sipley ( ago)
they need bigger shirts

Author Woo Doo ( ago)
i have 3 Cats and 4 Dogs 3 Birds 1 Mouse

Author lilsolo jr ( ago)

Author Vanessa Esquerra ( ago)
your funny dude

Author Mark Lumley ( ago)
I used to never laugh at anything and now I laugh at everything

Author Nhung B ( ago)
Or guy

Author Nhung B ( ago)
You are very dirty tal

Author Oka Ruto ( ago)
cookie monster lady probably just finished taking a shower, put on the first outfit she saw, and brought her kid with her (which explains the cookie monster bag)

Author TBONBON Madrid Vlogs ( ago)
I always see people like that at Walmart 😂😂😂

Author pro gamer ( ago)
Yes you have titties on your back

Author Jerri Biernacki ( ago)
i died of laughter the entire time

Author JB Studios ( ago)
3:40 Is it me, or does Tal have a really muscular back?

Author Cheryl Gilbert ( ago)
i laughed my head off watching this

Author Michelle Lambert ( ago)
lol that was funnu

Author Salma Adel ( ago)
"lady you forgot your bants" OMG i laugh soo harrdd

Author Angela Foss ( ago)

Author Angela Foss ( ago)
At 5:20 she looks like she has boob on her back

Author Insaaf Lakay ( ago)
lol the lady who forgot her pants does she have different socks on too?

Author spirit Wolf ( ago)

Author spirit Wolf ( ago)

Author FluffieCat27 ( ago)
I had 6 kittens

Author Mr Toxic ( ago)
The guy with the toto just did a mad caca

Author Lizbeth Tzoc ( ago)
00:27 😍😍

Author Lizbeth Tzoc ( ago)
:27 😍😍

Author Elaine.Jepetha.Lucas ULTIMATE OTAKU ( ago)
clean yourself

Author Elaine.Jepetha.Lucas ULTIMATE OTAKU ( ago)
I loved that monthly song

Author Berri Meyers ( ago)

Author Ophelia Wang ( ago)
Was it supposed to be pink shorts?

Author Brooklyn Gormley ( ago)
There is a Walmart song! BOY👏🏻

Author Adventurez Gamez ( ago)
2:35 there you are pervs

Author Adventurez Gamez ( ago)
Who's here because of the video when he announced Wallmart has all ironic stuff

Author Paris Kirtley ( ago)
When tal took off his shirt I'm like 😮😍

Author Atarous24lps ( ago)
today in a gas station a guy had no shirt. I blushed

Author BRIANA HARPER ( ago)
So cute and hilarious 😍😘😂😂

Author Agustina Staudenmayr ( ago)
I don't know what is worst: those weird people or Tal singing 😂
Everything in USA is so cheap! So sad 😢

Author Shirlry Guo ( ago)
What happened to the " never trust a fart " woman?😂😂

Author DJKitten103 ( ago)
5:30 he is probably drunk.

Author Rhsick World ( ago)
You sound like a car doing to waaa sound

Author Rhsick World ( ago)
That's not him it's god!

Author DJKitten103 ( ago)
2:54 the person walking in probably thought what the heck!!!

Author The Dancing Demon ( ago)
This is why I shop at Aldi's :l

Author JAY BOY ( ago)
Waz up

Author Rosendo Perez-Flores ( ago)
i didnt know you can sing you should be in America gots talent

Author Paisley Bennett ( ago)
I hate shopping and I hate Walmart

Author Samsam Dildo ( ago)
when he took his shirt off😍😖😍😖😻❤

Author Sparkly Purple ( ago)

Author Nerdy Narwhal ( ago)
LOL I literally Cracked up!

Author Patmai Martin ( ago)
you're a great singer

Author Lily ( ago)
I find it cute when guys dress as girls... But there's a time when you gotta start doing it at home! haha

Author tattletail plays ( ago)
Imagine seeing them in real life

Author jose escobar ( ago)
I like your hair

Author I'm Invisible ( ago)
Can you just IMAGINE that one guy that would just WALK up and RIP off the bedsheets?!

Author D. Movrin ( ago)
I can't believe people actually take photos of these people. It's walmart. Enough said.

Author CHRISTIAN ( ago)
7:02 She also forgot her shoes

Author Bella and Allie vlogs ( ago)
butt: (explosive diarrhea)
me: oh, its just a fart
reality: your butt-hahahahaha!

Author Ann Nitafan ( ago)
Tal actually the butt stomach is actually normal for some women but im sure that men dont have that

Author Mon Mon ( ago)
This made me think about how I dress when I go out.

Author Scott Brannan ( ago)
he's being mean to all girls,and women cous he's making fun that we have pads for our monthly

Author Abigail Hernandez ( ago)
does he ever use Snapchat😂

Author sidthesciencekid ( ago)
Its funny he stared straight at her booty the pad girl

Author FunnyPrincess341 ( ago)
I would kill myself if someone saw a pad through my pants

Author Lila Manz ( ago)
nice walmart song :P

Author Touptis ( ago)

Author Touptis ( ago)
rabbits have more kits then cats

Author Tiffany Baker ( ago)
the one with the red shorts forgot her pants and shoes

Author Aiesha Khan ( ago)
i was eating when i saw that last pic :'(

Author Nathan James ( ago)
I thought girls were smart?!

Author Brianna Larsen ( ago)
She was wearing a turbie towel

Author Allison Long ( ago)
I survived the video! Lol

Author Maggie Debs ( ago)
you make me laugh

Author lover princess ( ago)

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