Kingdom Hearts : Ven meets Terra and Aqua (English) [HD]

High Quality (super awesome quality!).
Well, with sub spanish too :P
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Author Xenodragoon ( ago)
Lol the music is a remix of Roxas' theme... coincidence?

Author DJ_420campo ( ago)
which kingdom hearts is this

Author Link Tahuterasu Spirit (Lixkn number: XLVII) ( ago)
1:21 ventus gets a headache trying to answer terra and aquas questions.
pore Ven :(

Author Ana Del Rosario ( ago)

Author Joels_Creed141 ( ago)
That's sad, ven can't remember a thing about his past because of xehanort

Author Tsuna Sawada ( ago)
Stuff my ass you broke ven by asking so many questions did you see ven's
eyes his theme is
so sad in the background

Author Tsuna Sawada ( ago)
poor ven xenorant you bastad you hurt ventus go to hell

Author FantasyWorld Girl ( ago)
Maybe if Terra waited for him to answer, he wouldnt have had a brain

Author Jim X ( ago)
Still feels weird knowing that Roxas is physically identical to Ventus--the
two seem so different if you ask me! Roxas can be very assertive while
Ventus just seems very fragile most of the time.

Author Teen Toni ( ago)
I love this back story how ventus meets Aqua and Terra.

Author Muffinmilk 317 ( ago)
Get your hands off of Ventus like you care!! :

Author BlackWolf100k ( ago)
Did anyone else think it was funny about the connection between Ventus Aqua
and Terra, and Sora Riku and Kairi's names.
Sora=Sky Ventus=Wind
Kairi=Sea Aqua=Water
Riku=Land Terra=Earth

Author mario sacarias silva ( ago)
If you look closely, you can see that Ventus in this scene has diferent
eyes. And If would be Terra, I wouldn't ask so many things with that laps
of time ._.

Author Shizuo Heiwajima ( ago)
Dammit. What I'm pretty pissed off about is that Terra practically HAS to
be one of the 13 Darknesses since his body is a vessel to Xehanort. While
Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Ven, Mickey & Lea/Axel are most likely the 7

Author DarkAngel ( ago)

Author Cheyenne Huddleston ( ago)

Author 18aidanme ( ago)
well isnt this the best way to meet your best friends for the first time.

Author 18aidanme ( ago)
Terr and Aqua seem to make more sence i feel like Ventus is kinda like
there son.

Author 18aidanme ( ago)
.-. Roxas is Soras nobody Ventus's heart and Sora's hearts are linked GOD

Author Austin Rogers ( ago)
No master xehanort wiped his memory clean by getting rid of the darkness
within him.

Author Pedrokasable ( ago)
because roxas as ventus

Author Kía S. ( ago)
Ventus having lost his memory is the reason why Roxas cannot remember
anything of his past life? Or that's another matter?

Author Bryan Rios ( ago)
Ventus cant remember anything because Xehanort took away his darkness in
order to make Vanitas therefore taking away his memories and experiance

Author Jinx Kitty ( ago)
Terra before he goes to "take care of" master eriqaus

Author silverfalconcosplay ( ago)
What part of the game is this at?

Author silverfalconcosplay ( ago)
Eraqus: TERRA WHAT DID YOU DO! Terra: Nothing! I just- Eraqus: SOILED IT!

Author silverfalconcosplay ( ago)
*dies from laughter*

Author Jinx Kitty ( ago)
Poor ven and BAD TERRA!! aqua did nothing wrong

Author Chelsea Pope ( ago)
Terra is upset and ven is shy and aqua...whore? In this video

Author Mackenzie Frost ( ago)
Terra must feel like a real Dick.

Author MartinsMinecraft ( ago)
Goddamit Terra

Author Jinx Kitty ( ago)
And they didn't know not to ask they didn't know it would hurt ventus but

Author Jinx Kitty ( ago)
Is not terras fault! He just asked some stuff but still...poor ventus

Author Julia Honles ( ago)
This is really sad:( put ven

Author Teresa Honles ( ago)
Poor ventus

Author KisaraTsuki ( ago)

Author Sky_Queen ( ago)
So in a way they been connet seance sora was born

Author Sky_Queen ( ago)
Well in a way they are sora heal vens heart when sora was a new born heart

Author The KING ( ago)
It was rumored that Ven and Sora were related. In fact, it was rumored that
they were Brothers. But I don't think its 100% true. Sadly.

Author Lehi Gray ( ago)
-.- Ventus is roxas

Author ArtisanHearts ( ago)
Hey Terra, take a job as an interrogator, you'd do great

Author yungratchet205 ( ago)
LoL Sounds like Ventus Is Jizzing In His Pants

Author skullpalace ( ago)
Oh, Ven sounded so sad. :(

Author cammie davis ( ago)
@cammie davis his name in a ok voice. but says Terra and Aqua in a
"learning how to speak voice"

Author cammie davis ( ago)
@TheLunarFlower yay but aleast ventus reamebers his name

Author cammie davis ( ago)
werid ventus said his name in a "learnig how to speak voice" you know

Author cammie davis ( ago)
@TheOmegaDragon yay rigth they just met and she is like 5 years older than

Author Love Is Blue. Arms ( ago)
0:49 Ventus look exactly like Ruperstinski from Shrek Forever After...

Author TjRoxas PO ( ago)
I mean wut part in the game

Author TheDannnn ( ago)
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep ( for PSP )

Author TjRoxas PO ( ago)
When does this play?

Author Mariah Starr (1803 years ago)
I love Ventus he's so adorable!

Author righthandstep5 ( ago)
The problem here is that this is a typical parent/kid situation that no one
usually likes to see. Master Eraqus came just as he heard Ventus scream, he
was not physically there to see what happened. Naturally, judging by his
reaction, he expected better of Terra when just randomly talking to a guest
they are hosting in their castle. It'd be the same if I was playing with my
friend, he/she gets hurt and my mom and dad scold me, even if I didn't do

Author Kyle Reese ( ago)
Man I bet terra feels like a dick

Author zexion660 ( ago)
Seriously terra at least wait until be answers the first question before
asking something else!

Author Vanessa Fisk ( ago)
OMG Terra!!! Give Ven some space!!!!!!!! XD

Author AnimeGirlUnleashed ( ago)
Me too!

Author AnimeGirlUnleashed ( ago)
1:13 he's having a orgasm

Author TheOmegaDragon ( ago)
Maybe he's just shy because he is attracted to Aqua

Author Snivy Terphione ( ago)
Yeah it is.

Author robyn little ( ago)

Author ᒪET ᔕTᗩᖇᔕ ᔕᕼIᑎE ( ago)
Pore ven

Author Juan Mendoza ( ago)
i no terra was trying 2 no him better but asking all thoes questions at the
same time kinda carryed away

Author Sadet The Hyperactive Princess ( ago)
Birth by Sleep I think its for the PSP

Author Gabriel Jacques ( ago)
thats right. when xehanort took the darkness in his heart he took his
memories and his experience. thats why he doesn't remember anything

Author MegaPiePieEATER ( ago)
AAAAAWWWWW!!!!!!!!! This gets me every time! XD

Author Hotmama1122 ( ago)
ahahah good, so I'm not the only one who takes his freak out and makes it a
lil pervy~ > u <

Author KingdomHearts2Girl01 ( ago)
Poor Terra he was just trying to get to know Ventus and I also feel bad for
Ventus because he dosen't really have a memory from before. But Ventus's
story is kinda sad anyway :(

Author santuary45 ( ago)
Shit Tyrone, get it together Wait a minute

Author herbin cabrera ( ago)
i wonder what was his past and why he can't remember

Author Hprulez19 ( ago)
Thx a lot Terra you made Ven spaz

Author AnimeFreakForever97 ( ago)
Thanks for clearing that up that was very helpful.

Author Eclipton ( ago)
Prior to training alongside Terra and Aqua, Ven was originally Xehanort's
student. During that time, Xehanort removed the darkness in Ven's heart to
create Vanitas, thus why Ven is in the condition he's in during this

Author AnimeFreakForever97 ( ago)
wait wait wait so does this mean Ventus had a different life prior to this?
If so the story is getting realyy complicated but I still absolutely love
the KH series!!!

Author Hotmama1122 ( ago)
aww i feel bad for both Ven and Terra; Terra was just trying to welcome
ven, and just know more about him and Ven just like.. *BRAIN OVERLOAD *
does not compute...* Aqua was like O.o good job, you broke Ven... in less
than 5 minutes o.o that sounded ....right? XD hahah

Author MoviesMadeFromHome ( ago)
damnit, terra broke ventus

Author MehPlaysPiano ( ago)
No offense or anything, but Jesse McCartney acts better in live things. His
scream here doesn't sound very...true. But his crying scenes in Summerland
were epic. Know what I mean?

Author VenitasX1 ( ago)
Terra askin' all dem questions.

Author MJIndian ( ago)
@Loveless2Me Ventus gave young Sora his heart and when Sora released his
heart to save Kairi Sora's nobody was created, his nobody is Roxas. Roxas
looks alike to Ventus because of Ventus' heart inside Sora.

Author aberrantTenacity ( ago)
Okay, I don't understand something. I mean, I've never played the games so
I wouldn't understand anyway, but isn't Ventus Roxas? They look exactly
alike! I don't get it. :(

Author kaledov ( ago)
Damn it everyone leave Terra alone who was just trying to welcome Ventus.

Author shaun paglini ( ago)
fa zu took ventus somewhere safe and tell master eraqus what happen about
the dragon king and ventus meets terra and aqua.

Author Jacqueline Beaird ( ago)
UGGG 2 me the japanese one sounds better D: becuz terra was like.. terra:
Im sorry i didnt mean too, i just asked him some questions.. And the master
guy was like: Its ok, Ventus just cant answer your questions, he lost his

Author naturalmusic333 ( ago)
this is a good way to learn spanish, if you know the game by heart like me

Author naturalmusic333 ( ago)
@Eliannacardwell thats why aqua keeps her distance

Author OlivJuice ( ago)

Author justincabalfin ( ago)
Terra: so where r u from? aqua: Terra... Terra: who was that with you? you
good with a keyblade? ven: aaaaaaahhhh! Terra: oops aqua: not again, Terra!
master earqus(or something): what did you do?! Terra: the usual thing i do
with visitors :(

Author koto2211 ( ago)
@MrSpore75 why not?

Author TheLunarFlower ( ago)
"Fine dining and breathing..." This is just like Spongebob; if you don't
have the answer, just have a panic attack.

Author Snivy Terphione ( ago)
@KHKHLOLZ234 I'm a TerrAqua fan.

Author Snivy Terphione ( ago)
@KHKHLOLZ234 I'm a TerrAqua fan.

Author Snivy Terphione ( ago)
You killed Ventus.

Author Jobucar94 ( ago)
Who is that man with you if you watch the first scene well its a
pedophile xD

Author JapanBlue54 ( ago)
Annnnnnd in comes the cockblock

Author MrSpore75 ( ago)
why spanish subs? aww who cares

Author Sloane Davidson ( ago)
Aww, poor Ven. Don't worry bud, things will get better... lol

Author VentusWolf777888 ( ago)
poor ventus he can't remember anything

Author XD4Lifeington ( ago)
@lovekills011 KH Birth by Sleep, for the PSP.

Author popcornpopcorn55 ( ago)
WHAT DID YOU DO?! Terra: aw shit. Aqua: **runs** Terra: T-T.... I broke it

Author seaweedstarfy ( ago)
@lovekills011 It doesn't have a number this is 10 years before the first Kh

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