Kingdom Hearts : Ven meets Terra and Aqua (English) [HD]

High Quality (super awesome quality!).
Well, with sub spanish too :P
Voice : English
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Author teen toni (1 month)
I love this back story how ventus meets Aqua and Terra.

Author Muffinmilk 317 (4 months)
Get your hands off of Ventus like you care!! :

Author mario sacarias silva (9 months)
If you look closely, you can see that Ventus in this scene has diferent
eyes. And If would be Terra, I wouldn't ask so many things with that laps
of time ._.

Author NineTailedHedgehog (5 months)
Did anyone else think it was funny about the connection between Ventus Aqua
and Terra, and Sora Riku and Kairi's names.
Sora=Sky Ventus=Wind
Kairi=Sea Aqua=Water
Riku=Land Terra=Earth

Author seaweedstarfy (2 years)
@lovekills011 It doesn't have a number this is 10 years before the first Kh

Author Deiony123 (3 years)
at 0:45, if you look at the words on the bottom, it says something about
llamas..... O_o

Author NinjaGetsuga (3 years)
@toukta9 mines too!!!!!!

Author TheOmegaDragon (2 years)
Maybe he's just shy because he is attracted to Aqua

Author Zamochy (3 years)
@Inkweavesilvertounge It shows when Xehanort tells Terra about Vanitas and
Ven. This is before Radiant Gardens is open and after the first set of
worlds are finished in Terra's chapter. This is just him recalling the past.

Author Sadet The Hyperactive Princess (2 years)
Birth by Sleep I think its for the PSP

Author KuroganeLover11 (1 year)
*dies from laughter*

Author KarkatXGamzee (2 years)
i felt really bad for Terra. like he didn't mean to make Ventus pass out or
anything... Poor Terra....

Author Sky_Queen (1 year)
Well in a way they are sora heal vens heart when sora was a new born heart

Author Jinx Star (1 year)
Terra before he goes to "take care of" master eriqaus

Author lovekills011 (2 years)
wht kingdom heart number is dis 0.o

Author Nicole Whitsell (2 years)
Honestly, people are saying that Ven and Aqua have a romantic relationship,
but I don't think so. I veiw it as more of a big sister/little brother kind
of relationship. For one thing, Aqua is taller than Ven. In this video, she
also calls him 'boy'. As another thing, unlike Riku and Sora, Ven and Terra
have a blossoming relationship as brothers. The rest of the hints are to be
veiwed from your perspective.

Author acesqurtal (3 years)
@Soooooooooooonicable is ventus modled on roxas

Author TjRoxas PO (1 year)
I mean wut part in the game

Author cammie davis (1 year)
@TheOmegaDragon yay rigth they just met and she is like 5 years older than

Author Vanessa Fisk (2 years)
OMG Terra!!! Give Ven some space!!!!!!!! XD

Author Sky_Queen (1 year)
So in a way they been connet seance sora was born

Author ginger14 (2 years)
@seaweedstarfy ohhhh ok thanks

Author Inkweavesilvertounge (3 years)
@DuskChill oooooohhhhhhh ok thanks a lot. :)

Author Kyle Reese (1 year)
Man I bet terra feels like a dick

Author Eclipton (2 years)
Prior to training alongside Terra and Aqua, Ven was originally Xehanort's
student. During that time, Xehanort removed the darkness in Ven's heart to
create Vanitas, thus why Ven is in the condition he's in during this

Author Count Moria . Crimson VII (1 year)
0:49 Ventus look exactly like Ruperstinski from Shrek Forever After...

Author anie64andvalerier20 (3 years)
i KNOW ventus's past :D :\ if i remeber

Author Zamochy (3 years)
@Inkweavesilvertounge Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, takes place 10 years
before KH1. It's been out for the PSP

Author DarkLucario1000 (2 years)
I wouldn't expect more from a guy that wanted a five years old kid to grab
his Keyblade in a deserted island... Good job, Terra '¬¬

Author KingMasterReview (1 year)
It was rumored that Ven and Sora were related. In fact, it was rumored that
they were Brothers. But I don't think its 100% true. Sadly.

Author jukah7898 (2 years)
oh nice work terra you killed ventus

Author Shizuo Heiwajima (11 months)
Dammit. What I'm pretty pissed off about is that Terra practically HAS to
be one of the 13 Darknesses since his body is a vessel to Xehanort. While
Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Ven, Mickey & Lea/Axel are most likely the 7

Author MissxManic (2 years)
Nice going Terra, you broke Ven =__='

Author Chelsea Pope (1 year)
Terra is upset and ven is shy and aqua...whore? In this video

Author Hotmama1122 (2 years)
aww i feel bad for both Ven and Terra; Terra was just trying to welcome
ven, and just know more about him and Ven just like.. *BRAIN OVERLOAD *
does not compute...* Aqua was like O.o good job, you broke Ven... in less
than 5 minutes o.o that sounded ....right? XD hahah

Author Memeist Kaxian (1 year)
Ventus having lost his memory is the reason why Roxas cannot remember
anything of his past life? Or that's another matter?

Author ginger14 (2 years)
y was that guy roxas

Author Sarah Bond (2 years)
Eraqus: What did you do!? Terra: It must have been that we were talking
about Xehanort. His brain must have imploded from all that trauma.

Author AnimeFreakForever97 (2 years)
wait wait wait so does this mean Ventus had a different life prior to this?
If so the story is getting realyy complicated but I still absolutely love
the KH series!!!

Author ctmerri (1 year)
Yah...ventus same like roxas right

Author DarkAngel (11 months)

Author Teresa Honles (1 year)
Poor ventus

Author GinoandRolofangirl (2 years)
Listening to Ventus spazz just made me smile like a perv eAe childhood

Author Kitty Len Kagamine (3 years)
where is the part 2 to there meeting?

Author TheDannnn (1 year)
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep ( for PSP )

Author shaun paglini (2 years)
fa zu took ventus somewhere safe and tell master eraqus what happen about
the dragon king and ventus meets terra and aqua.

Author Sloane Davidson (2 years)
Aww, poor Ven. Don't worry bud, things will get better... lol

Author MariKatzuki (3 years)
I feel bad for laughing when Aqua and Terra just asked Ven if he was okay
in a normal voice XD If it was me I'd be all "Hool shit!? Call the freaking
ambulance!" Or medic

Author coocooAddie1 (3 years)
y_cant_Ven_remember_everything? TERRA_DON'T_SO_MANY_QUESTIONS

Author Nicole Whitsell (2 years)
@ShadowFanGirl237 Same.

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