Hunters Rescue Stranded Elk

Hunters in Wyoming rescue a cow elk stranded in a icy hole in a stream. After she nearly tramples the hunters, she confounds them with her actions that follow. Video courtesy Elk Foundation Life Member Ron Niziolek.

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Author Gina MacDougall ( ago)
Omg...! it sounded like she screamed no at them.

Author Georgette Wood ( ago)
Well done chaps.

Author Preston Searle ( ago)
all the dumb hunter haters should watch this

Author Indigo Misfit ( ago)
Good job guys!

Author Rob Roy ( ago)
Women love their baths.

Author TheWolfDog Macie ( ago)
people who say:wolf's such , well if you were a wolf what would you
eat.they can't eat grass because they NEED protein BADLY

Author Moises Chavez ( ago)
You guys are bad ass. Good job!!

Author Bryan Moore ( ago)
Well done fellas!

Author whatevs18 ( ago)
I'm so glad you guys were able to get her out of there. Good work!!! :)

Author Swimbait1 ( ago)
Excellent. Thank you for saving her life.

Author Vailith ( ago)
lol For anyone saying they should have shot her, you do realize it's in
their best interest not to, right? That's a female, she's going to go out
and reproduce the bucks they really want.

Author Molly Miller ( ago)
Good job Guys!

Author Caleb higdon ( ago)
On this episode of how to lynch an elk. 

Author TheSniper1918 ( ago)
runs 100 yards

*falls in another hole

Author NTycingProductions ( ago)
I guess Kylezangara didn't watch the full video where the Elk walked away
safe huh? Some people just don't know when to shut up! Did you think
the Elk was committing suicide kylezangara? smh! Nice job guys you
did a great job getting her out to live another day. 

Author NTycingProductions ( ago)
Awesome job guys! Nice to see your efforts paid off. 

Author Brian Collins ( ago)
uh...when you get her out...lead her and the rope AWAY from the
hole..unless you like doing this multiple times..otherwise nice
effort...the guy in charge needed a replacement.

Author metadominnion ( ago)
Not only you have a point but those guys (both) who criticize such actions
aren't there when it happens. Point is, saving or letting it die is their
choice to make, not yours, especially if you weren't even there. They did
what they felt they should do and this is their right to do so.

Author Kurofitness ( ago)
Maybe he was referring to the guy who didn't tie a slip knot?

Author Ægewynn Thurnn ( ago)
Fuck wolves.

Author sqwerty123456789 (917 years ago)
very nice!

Author H0ly0uch ( ago)
Great video and great effort folks! You guys did a wonderful job.

Author boxingboycow ( ago)
good job fellas, more than I have ever seen any anti do.

Author chacaflaca waka ( ago)
I believe this is a perfect video for all of the people who seem to think
that all hunters are "cold blooded animal killers." Not all hunters are

Author The Rev. T-SkillZ ( ago)
First off good work guys. Secondly to all of you criticizing them for
"strangling" her get real! Doctors stop people's hearts multiple times
during open heart surgery literally killing them momentarily. All these
guys did was cause her to lose her breath for a bit. In both cases what
needed to be done to give this elk or a heart patient a fighting chance
were done.

Author allende6 ( ago)
excellent job guys,,I'm proud of all of you 

Author Cheezay Ballz ( ago)
Are you stupid or just a troll??

Author Thomas Wolter ( ago)
Anybody leaving an elk in this cold water to die ,is not human ,if I see
you guys i will buy u a beer. 

Author Joey Covert ( ago)
Don't feel bad they're good eating

Author OMaiSilverSilv ( ago)
No elk wants to be stuck in a frozen hole for days with no food and water. 

Author lapopofighting ( ago)
I think people often confuse hunters with poachers

Author YotaMax ( ago)

Author IHeartBLeeCrow ( ago)
"What do you think Nick? Good Elk rodeo?" "Eh, She's a tough old cow." lol
No way that was easy, but ya'll did what needed to be done. props to u and
the guys!

Author Chingleng Vang ( ago)
And for all you veggie eaters saying hunters dont care about animals, this
video shows it all!

Author pdayton01 ( ago)
Great job guys. Hope she survived, being in that cold, running for who
knows how long and stress of being pulled out can really tax an animal.

Author xhntsuab yaj ( ago)
good job guys 

Author travisihs08 ( ago)
Couldn't of said it any better myself

Author klaatubn ( ago)
The American Big Game Hunter is a conscientious, conservation-minded
person! We love the animals we hunt, which is something the antis will
never understand. These guys would do the same thing all over again in a
heartbeat. Terrific job, guys! 

Author puddleglum09 ( ago)
bet you were wishing you had your good rope horse out there too :P

Author Levon G ( ago)
And us HUNTERS have such a bad reputation, this was a great dedication of
time and effort to the wildlife, Kudos to these men and all other hunters
that would do the same in a heartbeat!! 

Author Beth Grant-DeRoos ( ago)
Great jobs guys!!!!! 

Author Thejermen11 ( ago)
Great job guys. And some say that us hunters are all about the kill. Not
even close. Proud to say I'm in an elite club of great men and women that
respect the treasures put on this earth for us.

Author Dan Epperson ( ago)
Most hunters have a heart, but they have stomachs too. :) 

Author MtnTow ( ago)
Good job but holy rigging cow man!

Author XxXMjolniirXxX ( ago)
Great job guys! It's great to see hunters who care about preserving
wildlife and providing them with help when they need it. I'm all for
hunting, it helps keep the population in check so they don't end up
starving to death. Trust me a bullet is alot faster death wise then slowly

Author gatolokco Druida ( ago)
putos retrasados seguro que despues de sacarlo de alli le dieron 3 segundos
de ventaja para que corriera y lo dispararon

Author Mrjulicaro ( ago)
wow youre fucking retarded 

Author Joshua Thiel ( ago)
And then they shot it.

Author daveblandston6 ( ago)
Thank you hunters

Author countrymx4171 ( ago)
Yay! Thank you for saving dah elk! :DDD 

Author Kyle Zangara ( ago)
you are so mean pulling it by its neck. If it wants to be in it don't make
it come out.I am very sorry elk.

Author Cheri Olheiser ( ago)
Awesome!! And a lot of people think hunters are heartless!! Just shows what
they're really made of!!

Author Ash Brookes ( ago)
I'm sorry, but when the elk jumped back into the hole and the cameraman
said "fucking dumbass" I started laughing so hard

Author Yankeegirl100 ( ago)
Well done, all of you! So good of you to help. 

Author UThunting ( ago)
Hunters kill for sport and for food this would not have been fair to kill
this animal no true hunter wants to see a animal suffer or wasted.. May the
hunting gods give bounty to all of you when you need it...

Author UThunting ( ago)
I would say 100% of all hunters would try and do the same.. Nice job
guys... I have a feeling she made it.... Sweet deal...

Author zarknsaw banjo ( ago)
you guys are cool

Author pesarirooni62 ( ago)
humanity is beautiful :) 

Author GoodRedBlackRatio ( ago)
@mtnbiker727 what would you have done different?

Author Connie Cook ( ago)
Awesome! You guys are great! Goes to prove not all hunters are bad like
everyone thinks

Author Dylan Koch ( ago)
That's crazy I can't believe that. And all those little bitches who are
against hunters. We care about our wildlife as much or more than any one
else. Every one who is against hunting thinks that we are out to kill any
thing that moves they are so wrong. There are poacher out there though. And
they all need to be caught. They ruin every other hunters reputation.

Author phantomcreamer ( ago)
that is great that you rescued her, but you totally strangled her! 

Author Paulzbor8 ( ago)
This is stupid (not the video) everybody's saying you should've let nature
take its course or why'd you save it its just wolf food. If they had just
filmed it and walked away people would be commenting wtf is wrong with you
guys. Their damned if they do and damned if they don't. Why don't you just
support them they put a lot of effort into saving that elk.

Author silentfades ( ago)
True hunters 

Author Alex Ander ( ago)
lmfao when it jumps back in. but gj guys

Author Blacktail Bowhunter TV ( ago)
Awesome job guys

Author Kevin Steele ( ago)
Great job guys!

Author wissam24 ( ago)
What a stupid elk.

Author MrCatD8T ( ago)
@cooltravis5566 no real hunters will do every thing possible to help out

Author raphael127 ( ago)
Good Job :D Beatiful elk^^

Author Badonkajunky ( ago)
One of my friends is a hunter. I thought hunters were cruel but he talks
only about hunting as a sport and he uses all he hunts. He has no problem
beheading gophers or things like that, but what I've learned is that
hunting is a sport and a great way to get some good meat on the table. I
don't hate hunters, killing for food is just nature

Author Sedona Lippert ( ago)
well done you guys i would have done the same thats what unting is all
about right there People Eating Tasty Animals

Author semtech30 ( ago)
What a job. A real bad luck cow. Can't believe she went back in that hole.
A real natural trap eh. Good footage.

Author bluelagoon10023 ( ago)
good job guys

right on dudes. where's PETA? LOL. worthless pricks.

Well she might not get eaten. But I understand your point. Kill the wolves.
Save the elk. I don't think wolf tastes very good.

Author kellikel13 ( ago)
it jumped back in the hole

Author Nick McLean ( ago)
And all the anti-hunters say we don't care about wildlife. I just saw a
small group of hunters do more for wildlife than all anti-hunters combined.

Author Leconslanuit (1276 years ago)
Why all the contentious comments, people? This is nothing more than real
Wyoming compassion. Good on you guys for helping her! : )

Author Scott Rockholm ( ago)
Did you save that elk, to become Wolf food? There is no reason to save
them, if you sit idly by, and let the wolf problem go. The Elk Foundation
never opposed the experimental wolf introduction. Now wolves are decimating
our elk herds. I can't believe an organization as powerful as the RMEF,
would sit on their asses, and let this happen. Saving this cow, was all for

Author Wyomings Windriver Countrykid ( ago)

Author trent schneider ( ago)
Great Work!

Author Grantman ( ago)
Good job guys.

Author kirklandkie ( ago)
now those are REAL hunters :D well done guys

Author RecptBookpr ( ago)
good job Niziolek!

Author BlackBuck ( ago)
Nice...Great job Men!...5stars Buck

Author greyhoundfriend123 ( ago)
Excellent job, bravo! Save them, don't kill them.

Author smalldog221 ( ago)
My hats off to you gentlemen. Great ethics, make great hunters. Just one
more example of how hunters are stewards of the land.

Author kirenesmoht ( ago)
good job.

Author Brians Art for Animals ( ago)
interesting elk

Author tashagotjunk99 ( ago)
I had to watch it twice!

Author tashagotjunk99 ( ago)
This will be national news.

Author tashagotjunk99 ( ago)
WOW, I am impressed!! Good going MEN!

Author lovesbriardi ( ago)
You all have great hearts...............

Author lisa bogart ( ago)
you guys rock!!......i was cheering u guys on the whole time..heehee

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