PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2016 (MUST WATCH) - We Are Number One Ep. 5

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Author Colorful Life ( ago)
👍 Help me to Get 100.000 Subscribers , PLEASE CLICK SUBSCRIBE my Channel! Thankyou very much!

Author Estephanie Pinargote ( ago)
Que loqo

Author Susan Smith ( ago)
animals matter just as much as us just because they ain't human don't mean they don't matter👿and this is ariann susans ex neice

Author WarBrioche ( ago)
pute a click sale fils de pute de merde juste pour la thune

Author The Boyy ( ago)
Music sucks!

Author DerangedBrony ( ago)
Both the thumbnail and the girl in the water at the beginning are amazing. All the buffoonery is meh.
THE MUSIC, however, is in places MINDBLOWING.
Someone have a playlist?

Author STR3SS3D ( ago)
song at 18:00?

Author Be a kid again ( ago)
another awesome video u got i said ill spread ur videos with ur links on instagram... so that u can get subscribers...❤ ... as ur doin such an awesome thing...

Author fuk u bitch ( ago)
11:33 😏😏😏😏😏😏

Author Bluemoon ( ago)
5:14 Don't drink and drive!!

Author Bluemoon ( ago)
I came just to write this!

Dat ass in the thumbnail and #stopClickbait

Author Slippy ( ago)
gay clickbaiter

Author Muhammad Umair ( ago)

Author gerhard janssen ( ago)
2016 was aids glad It's over

Author agcala ( ago)
The Chinese girl at 0:26 was doing something with her legs, what was it? Her black panties didn't allow me to see what it was.

Author Eryk Zielonka ( ago)

Author Shamia Major ( ago)
hate it what isbthe point

Author flopy marquez ( ago)

Author Expliteron Boom ( ago)
The cities: man's glory. The nature scenes: God's glory.

Author Bruh ArmyTM ( ago)
Potatos !

Author Mr Snowy ( ago)
lmao 8:04 she caught the golf ball with her boobs 😂😂😂

Author DAN Gaming ( ago)
The click bait is tooo real 😱😱😱😱😱

Author Brandon Salgado ( ago)
Gotta love these thumbnails that don't show up in the video ;)

Author SUPPENKOPF HD ( ago)
du bist scheiße und deib video auch😠

Author Markirlston fialho ( ago)

Author Hyun Na ( ago)
2:35 It just showed Hero radio lol

Author Robogamer 123 ( ago)
who came here just for the ass pic

Author Suraj Shukla ( ago)

Author ivan lopez ( ago)
alguien sabe como se llaman las canciones

Author LorDiePie ( ago)
people are so crazy these days

Author Jack the GamingTime ( ago)
9:35 what is awesome on this girls? I can swim, too and anyone, too

Author FoodFreak ( ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue, I clicked for the thumbnail and so did you

Author Rin Okumura ( ago)
When I see boobs on a thumbnail I click on it, but quickly scroll through the comments to see if it's clickbait first.

Author GlitchKid ( ago)
clickbait cunt

Author SouperMovieCritic ( ago)
Roses are red.
And violets are blue.
You clicked for the thumbnail and I did too. No shame.

Author Morgan Hi ( ago)
What name of this song?

Author Christiana Butler ( ago)
that ass

Author Gryphon Jourdan ( ago)
wow they can blow out cigirate smoke what does that prove............... they will get cancer faster so awesome

Author I.T.4U ( ago)
what is that thing called at 2.31 ?

Author InPutHD ( ago)

Author Bay Wes ( ago)
6:00 are fake knifes

Author Jonathan Solis ( ago)
wires a but girl

Author Random Guy ( ago)
Roses are red
Another crappy meme
Thumbnail are awesome
Like if you agree

Author RBXqn ( ago)
like if you clicked on this because of the picture that man is touching a girl''s butt lol

Author LegacyTheGamer ( ago)
The one with the pigs what's not cool bro

Author David Jefferson ( ago)
I can be awesome too!! just give me a bunch of money to buy a gopro, a jetski, a snow ski, time off work, plane fare to an exotic beach, a fast souped up car, and a bunch of hot hoochie bitches.

Author rayopitaco ( ago)
music please!

Author Saz Stellar ( ago)
*pictures of seals* YES HUMANS ARE AWESOME (retarded)

Author Jigglys Channel ( ago)
fuk ur self unsubed

Author Jigglys Channel ( ago)
click bait

Author Joey Woodpieces ( ago)
Dude,  that kid at 5:34 is wicked as hell!

Author john33558 ( ago)
Whoa not click-bate jk there's a lot of it

Author Hayden Phillips ( ago)
bro that vid is so awesome

Author When you find out that Your GF is pregnant ( ago)
No brain no pain

Author Steven Derp ( ago)
Average fucking clickbait

Author THE LEGEND ( ago)

Author Walid Belabbes ( ago)
watch NCS 7:25 i think im the only who see itXD

Author Tony Wafford ( ago)
rose's are red violets are blue this is cool and so are all of you

Author Eric D ( ago)
good video

Author Tbomb B ( ago)
song at 8:05 Plz

Author Detox W. ( ago)
Song at 6:30 ?

Author Reygen de la Cruz ( ago)
5:34 my fav

Author norden shat ( ago)
whatch my videos i hope you like it

Author Katka Julinova ( ago)
I'm crying

Author 魂霜 ( ago)
Who was here to see some ass?

Author S D ( ago)
I love that ass boy

Author Mary Hihn ( ago)
What's the song name

Author Savior ( ago)
then flexible girls can do some fun stuff with you

Author Don't Touch My Phone ( ago)
+0:29 dangggg

Author Maid Ulook ( ago)
i dont appreciate the dog skateboarding at 12:11. this is called PEOPLE are awesome. screw that pooch

Author Badcatuk ( ago)
musics shit change your tune

Author Romain SAGUEZ ( ago)

Author IzAaC Vinas ( ago)
who only came here for the fucking thumbnail??

Author Boss Killa ( ago)
0:30 I found love

Author River Nine ( ago)
wow lots of thos videos where taken in newfoundland

Author carus dignitas ( ago)

You're welcome.

Author Nate O ( ago)
Those trampoline guys aren't even good

Author red x Yoshi ( ago)
whats the name of last song

Author Jacob Tissington ( ago)
Roses are red
Violeta are blue
I came for the thumbnail, do did you...

Author what's good fam ( ago)
5:50 i think jesus has returned

Author lego kaiel ( ago)

Author deadly tortilla ( ago)
I'm tired of these motherfukin clickbaits on my motherfukin feed!

Author Myriam Steffen ( ago)

Author Sir Baiter's Meme's ( ago)
boobies :D

Author Speakonia AE ( ago)
song plss.. 18.18

Author Jesus ( ago)

Author Frain Gav ( ago)
22:10 song pls

Author neon skull ( ago)

Author Dark Blood ( ago)
Came for thumbnail

Author The Expert ( ago)
same song every fucking time

Author Emerson Del Nogal ( ago)
where is the ass from the beginning?

Author Emerson Del Nogal ( ago)
the músic is awful.

Author مصطفى المحمدي ( ago)
راح ينشك كسه

Author Tonyjoke Tv ( ago)
Even your clickbaits suck dude

Author Mary Cunningham ( ago)
Why is there so many boys but barely any women and why the clickbait? Are you trying to attract perverts?

Author johns world ( ago)
1:55 the literal meaning of burning rubber

Author Alexandra Michel ( ago)
😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨 o
por dios kien ase eso

Author jose Rosendo Nuñes Miranda ( ago)
buuuuu asen trampa en la del niño ke esta sentado porke lo ponen en camara rapida

Author asnelling999 ( ago)
I love how so many people are upset over the click bait, I mean come on how many times have you clicked on a video showing tits and ass and there ACTUALLY be just tits and ass? Welcome to YouTube twelve-year-olds

Author 일요일엔짜파게티 ( ago)
와우 대단한데?

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