PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2016 (MUST WATCH) - We Are Number One Ep. 5

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Author Colorful Life ( ago)
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Author David Jefferson ( ago)
I can be awesome too!! just give me a bunch of money to buy a gopro, a jetski, a snow ski, time off work, plane fare to an exotic beach, a fast souped up car, and a bunch of hot hoochie bitches.

Author rayopitaco ( ago)
music please!

Author Saz Stellar ( ago)
*pictures of seals* YES HUMANS ARE AWESOME (retarded)

Author Jigglys Channel ( ago)
fuk ur self unsubed

Author Jigglys Channel ( ago)
click bait

Author Joey Woodpieces ( ago)
Dude,  that kid at 5:34 is wicked as hell!

Author john33558 ( ago)
Whoa not click-bate jk there's a lot of it

Author Hayden Phillips ( ago)
bro that vid is so awesome

Author When you find out that Your GF is pregnant ( ago)
No brain no pain

Author Steven Derp ( ago)
Average fucking clickbait

Author THE LEGEND ( ago)

Author Walid Belabbes ( ago)
watch NCS 7:25 i think im the only who see itXD

Author Tony Wafford ( ago)
rose's are red violets are blue this is cool and so are all of you

Author Eric D ( ago)
good video

Author Tbomb B ( ago)
song at 8:05 Plz

Author Detox W. ( ago)
Song at 6:30 ?

Author Reygen de la Cruz ( ago)
5:34 my fav

Author norden shat ( ago)
whatch my videos i hope you like it

Author Katka Julinova ( ago)
I'm crying

Author 魂霜 ( ago)
Who was here to see some ass?

Author S D ( ago)
I love that ass boy

Author Mary Hihn ( ago)
What's the song name

Author Savior ( ago)
then flexible girls can do some fun stuff with you

Author Don't Touch My phone ( ago)
+0:29 dangggg

Author Maid Ulook ( ago)
i dont appreciate the dog skateboarding at 12:11. this is called PEOPLE are awesome. screw that pooch

Author Badcatuk ( ago)
musics shit change your tune

Author Romain SAGUEZ ( ago)

Author IzAaC Vinas ( ago)
who only came here for the fucking thumbnail??

Author Boss Killa ( ago)
0:30 I found love

Author River Nine ( ago)
wow lots of thos videos where taken in newfoundland

Author carus dignitas ( ago)

You're welcome.

Author Nate O ( ago)
Those trampoline guys aren't even good

Author red x Yoshi ( ago)
whats the name of last song

Author Jacob Tissington ( ago)
Roses are red
Violeta are blue
I came for the thumbnail, do did you...

Author what's good fam ( ago)
5:50 i think jesus has returned

Author lego kaiel ( ago)

Author deadly tortilla ( ago)
I'm tired of these motherfukin clickbaits on my motherfukin feed!

Author Myriam Steffen ( ago)

Author Sir Baiter's Meme's ( ago)
boobies :D

Author Speakonia AE ( ago)
song plss.. 18.18

Author Jesus ( ago)

Author Frain Gav ( ago)
22:10 song pls

Author neon skull ( ago)

Author Dark Blood ( ago)
Came for thumbnail

Author The Expert ( ago)
same song every fucking time

Author Emerson Del Nogal ( ago)
where is the ass from the beginning?

Author Emerson Del Nogal ( ago)
the músic is awful.

Author مصطفى المحمدي ( ago)
راح ينشك كسه

Author Tonyjoke Tv ( ago)
Even your clickbaits suck dude

Author Mary Cunningham ( ago)
Why is there so many boys but barely any women and why the clickbait? Are you trying to attract perverts?

Author bboy bones ( ago)
1:55 the literal meaning of burning rubber

Author Alexandra Michel ( ago)
😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨 o
por dios kien ase eso

Author jose Rosendo Nuñes Miranda ( ago)
buuuuu asen trampa en la del niño ke esta sentado porke lo ponen en camara rapida

Author asnelling999 ( ago)
I love how so many people are upset over the click bait, I mean come on how many times have you clicked on a video showing tits and ass and there ACTUALLY be just tits and ass? Welcome to YouTube twelve-year-olds

Author 일요일엔짜파게티 ( ago)
와우 대단한데?

Author abdou ketfi ( ago)
i can do all of that, hold my laptop

Author Goman Nikolasz ( ago)

Author Alexandru Ianov ( ago)
fucking clickbate

Author Štěpán Pazderka ( ago)
that clickbate

Author LemonLadGaming ( ago)

Author Zinx ( ago)
Fuck you! You used hero music and we all know that we hate hero!

Author aw11roman ( ago)
*IS THERE A TRACK LIST?* Thanks! Awesome video!

Author Teh Elite25 ( ago)
I was expecting the THUMBNAIL ONLY!!!!!!

Author How To Be ( ago)
fucking crap i wanted ass

Author Bradley Spurr ( ago)
All you dipshits who gave a thumbs down are losers!!!

Author Micheal Playz1984 ( ago)
Nice click bait

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
i came here for nice asses! i want nice asses god damnit!

Author MacTavish Schneider ( ago)
0:42 who was she ? Jayden James ? :/

Author christdragon ( ago)
I've seen this before. Albeit an edited version.

Author lucas Guzman ( ago)
me caso

Author Osayuwamwen Okuonghae ( ago)
fuck this shit

Author Nayan Pai ( ago)
these aren't even cool

Author Burak Turan ( ago)
stolen vidz?

Author William H ( ago)
at one point i though you were connecting us to animals.

Author Louter seafight ( ago)

Author Kthegoatt, ( ago)
i like the thumbnail :)

Author MrMonsterHunter 808 ( ago)
"People are awesome" shows dog, seal, cheetah, manatee, etc.

Author Vivek Verma ( ago)

Author Vivek Verma ( ago)

Author Dalton Shaw ( ago)

Author ultragamer ( ago)
8:25 Dogs are awesome

Author Death vs Life ( ago)
The fact that gorls r on here to makes me happy cause people ,mostly males, always talk about how women don't do much and take advantage of some....even the cover for this vid proves that and im not saying it's all men....but still....

Author Kylea Tipton ( ago)

Author Marius Craciun ( ago)
nice video

Author Olivier Goedhart ( ago)
it's a shame you use clickbait

Author MTMB 3000 ( ago)

Author Bulbasaur Vids ( ago)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I came from the thumbnail
And so did you

Author zippy0099 ( ago)
This should be titled "people are just ok 2016"

Author Maliyk Yishmael ( ago)
roses are red violets are blue i came for the thumbnail and so did u

Author Murasaki Z ( ago)
roses are red
violents are blue
I came for the thumbnail and so did you

Author emk00 ( ago)
who come for the thumbnail :D?

Author Boys Monkeys PK ( ago)
4:40 what is the name of the Song?

Author Misael Castañeda ( ago)
send me the name for the song

Author GD Bminerrox ( ago)
i subbed

Author Anthony Vasquez ( ago)

Author Luka Palic ( ago)
song at 14:05 pls someone?

Author jacob abit ( ago)
wala akong maipamahagi na abitlity :D

Author Lucy McCourt ( ago)
Eerr...Song? Anyone know the name? Cause I hear it alot and MUST know the name XD

Author LuLu Louis ( ago)
Let's be honest most people clicked on this cause they saw the booty

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