Malay boys undergo circumcision.(abusing muslims again)

The victims are the muslims. I think before we complain about the west invading our lands and what not, let us first save our own sons from ourselves. Circumcision is aviolation of their body and you will have to answer Allah on the day of judgement for this.

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Author americanprophecies2 (10 months)
circumcision is child abuse and gennital mutilation to produce mentally
instable men could go for suicide missions and rape action easily(see
examples Muslim terrorists, american circumcised Wacos and Evil Jews)
circumcision highly recommended by Satan and his wife(Asherah) to spread
the first deadly sin (Lust) and number five deadly sin (Wrath) the add is
six which help bringing 666

Author jiob8 (2 years)
Glad to see they're still putting kids through this when my brother (I was
7 at the time) died from blood loss from a circ, and I'm left mutilated
from it.

Author Eddie Elmasry (1 year)
fuck you bitch !

Author jedi1234ify (2 years)
@karelin11, you're so wrong, there are way more reasons to hate the muslims
than just circumcision. Way more!

Author Viibhas Nylewar (1 year)
In muslin countries, I heard that they don't allow the women to wear
contact lenses as they said it is against the nature of muslin community
given by Allah. WTF!! Then how do they allow to do Khatna against the
nature. Did their Allah told or ordered them to do such a barbaric act with
the children? Does their Allah confirm every Khatna after it has been
performed? This is all bullshit.

Author jahns tikkah (2 years)
yes those who seek to hate muslims this too a good tool to do so. no matter
when christian and jews do.

Author karelin11 (2 years)
circumcision is the only factor why muslims are always been disrespected,
discriminated, insulted and condemn, not only by the west but by the whole

Author jardabc (2 years)
@MuslimCircumcision: Your wish won't come true as long as Islam holds the
tight grip on the society it has now. Circumcision is about the power of
the imams. They want the parents and the boy to obediently submit to what
they decided. They want people's sex life ruined as much as possible so
they can still produce future Muslims but don't have too much fun in sex
and from some age on rather no fun at all and attend the mosque meetings
instead. Nobody is allowed to experience intact sex pleasure.

Author jahns tikkah (2 years)
you dont know much about the world. in usa 73% new born babies are
circumcised. in europe about 23to 35%. and also 99% in philipine. as well
as china japan and all over the world for medicle reason do circumcise. are
those muslim countries?

Author eleggance (2 years)
@circol Stupid man or woman.... All women. girls look at a 10 year boy
penis curiosuly during circumcision... many people make video of the penis
being circumcised with boy face... This is a great humuliation to a boy
that his sexual part is being seen by women and girls and video is being
published everywhere. What would you think if a 10 year old girl is lying
naked and men and boys are looking at her vagina and her vagina is being
filmed with her face ???? Dumb brain.. think of it..

Author jazpkr5 (2 years)
For all comentator let me advise to all do not make any jugdment toward
this video,actualy filming or video or picture taken is again all the
muslim because this episod should not be show mahram, thank for your
positive comment.muslim does not allow filming any of this event in
naked.the stupidity of the organiser.

Author orrinoconnor (2 years)
How could any Learned Dr do this to any child, it is BURCHERY. No clamp or
pain releif excuses the barbaric ritual, Dr's are supposed to be learned
men will they do anything for money? The child has been harmed for life. No
person has the right to insist or even ask for this is done. Anyone that
would do this to their child dose not deserve to have that child.

Author Abdul Fawwaz Sulaiman (2 years)
sunnah nabi..think about it..nobody ever die doing circumcision..except u
have hemofilia or other disease..

Author chosenone4447 (1 year)
You just pulled these stats out of your ass. It's a little less than 60%
now for newborns here (it used to be more than 90%) and it's really low in
Europe. The only reason it even exists is because of Muslim immigrants
there who do it for religious reasons. It's roughly 5% in England and would
be less than 1% if it wasn't for Muslim immigrants.

Author wdmm94 (3 years)
Circumcision removes the most sensitive part of a man's penis. The five
most sensitive areas of the penis are on the foreskin. The transitional
region from the external to the internal foreskin is the most sensitive
region of the fully intact penis, and more sensitive than the most
sensitive region of the circumcised penis. ----- Fine-Touch Pressure
Thresholds In The Adult Penis British Journal of Urology International,
2007, Vol. 99, No. 4, 864-869 Sorrells et al.- See my channel for more

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