Pull Out Of Submersible Pump

Pull out of Submersible Pump

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Author Victor Valenzuela (4 years)
extraer o instalar una bomba sum hasta 15 hp es labor manual de un
profesional con su ayudante

Author sunriseent (4 years)
how the hell did i get to this

Author dmag2112 (4 years)
i pulled out 450 ft of 2 inch galv. with my penis. u guys r such wimps.

Author kenfo0 (5 years)
i thought the pump could be pulled out by hand?

Author The Lightning Stalker (4 years)
And it's probably not galvanized.

Author Frink (5 years)
It could, but only if the well is about 50 feet deep. Most wells are around
100-400 feet deep. So if pulling that much pipe out by hand isn't hard
enough, you have to figure that each set of pipes weigh about 30-40 pounds
each and each pipe is about 20ft long. So 30lbs x 5 pipes (100ft) = 150lbs
plus the pump which is probably another 50lbs and don't forget to add the
water in the pipes which comes out to more the 200lbs. So pulling it out by
hand is to much.

Author Travis Cadello (5 years)
their actually easy to pull even at 150FT down as long as their not full of
water. the ones i have been working on are PCV pipes 2 1/4 inch. their easy
to pull but man if their full of water you better get 2 pip wrenchs to help
you pull em out. if the leathers are sealed good then its gonna be a bitch
to pull it up cause the water is so fuckin heavy! I just started working as
a tech on these and am learning still but its fun and good paying work

Author kenfo0 (5 years)

Author charles gerlach (2 years)
What's taking so long? In one minute we coulda had the joint on the ground
and pulling the next 40

Author MrCraftfamily (3 years)
buy a smeal

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