How To Make Vegetarian Lasagna

Today I show you how to make a delicious vegetarian lasagna. Vegetarian lasagna is incredibly easy to make, it's also incredible delicious. This lasagna recipe has been in my family for generations! You'll see why when you take your first bite of this mouth watering - melt in your mouth lasagne. You won't believe this lasagna is vegetarian. Simply follow the step by step instructions and your lasagna will turn out perfect. Enjoy!

Don't keep this delicious lasagne recipe to yourself!

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Author HowToBasic ( ago)
Don't keep this delicious recipe to yourself! Share it with your loved ones:

Author Fortune Gaming ( ago)
I'm Australian to 😊

Author •Kevin• Floppydoopy ( ago)
i liget thought this was a buzzfeed episode

Author Szymon Kukliński ( ago)
Why in every episode he throwing eggs

Author Daniel Oksnord ( ago)

Author OzzieBloke ( ago)
My mum wanted a tutorial for vegetarian lasagna to make it herself, and she used this video. I told her to ignore the last 30 seconds. She asked why. I told her that he set the oven too hot, and when she got to that part, she agreed with me. She closed the video then.
She then told me she's going to use How To Basic for all of her tutorials for all sorts of things.
I can't wait.

Author James He ( ago)
At the first look I was like OMG I WANT THAT.
After the video *throws up*

Author skyboowolf wolfie ( ago)
this is the idk but it was very good!

Author xablau gamer ( ago)

Author Two Brother Videos ( ago)
Did anyone notice that it said vegetarian and he added fish?

Author Samia Saghir ( ago)
imma make dis

Author AoCX ( ago)
dalasito is that you :"v?

Author LostGeburah ( ago)
uuuh so close XD

Author Camile bastos ( ago)

Author Darkarmess ( ago)
I thought it would be normal for once, I was like

* I think I I have he wrong channel, he's not doing anything weird

Author Nali DL ( ago)
the thumbnail had meat

Author Alberto Cadena colombiano ( ago)
wtf maniatic

Author KHALID Mohammed. ( ago)
this guy is fucking stupid

Author Jakarta World ( ago)
I tought This Time you were serious

Author Flower Ditzi ( ago)
The most funniest of this is what someone enters here thinking this is a real "how to make ___"

Author Lilith Lixivium ( ago)
I thought this was a normal recipe, then the sh*t happened...

Author Cheezgames YT ( ago)
I wonder if this is the the only normal vid he made oh wait never mind

Author largejeff12 cunt ( ago)
this worked im surprized

Author Hurixo Llane ( ago)
vegetarian lasagna is scary with a
l those damn vegtables

Author MineDash175 ( ago)

Author SeanSecret ( ago)
I saw this thinking it was for real, didn't notice it was howtobasic #scarredforlife 😓

Author Cheyenne ( ago)
All this wasted food... It's disgusting...

Author Faggento ( ago)
such a normal video

Author Dead Pool ( ago)
its work :)

Author Julianna Namiskis ( ago)
chicken strips. Vegetarian af

Author Carl Theodore I. Delarmente ( ago)
Am I the only one who actually did this, but turned the heat down?

Author Lucca Abasolo ( ago)
Dalas, ya no nos puedes engañar, sabemos que este es tu otro canal.

Author l ( ago)
Ye boy put some more cheese!!!!

Author xRisk ( ago)
This Is Actually REALLY Good ..Not Whit The Eggss..But Just The Lasanga

Author cracker hola ( ago)
cheese isnt vegeterian..

Author Hamiltoncheesy Unicorns ( ago)
I actually came here looking for a good recipe. I FOUND A GRATE ONE!

Author Tilasinus12 BE ( ago)
I thought it would be a normal video, until..... :s

Author Lahtrell Pogi ( ago)
Tried the recipe it was delicious (if cooked well)

Author OnionEyes ( ago)
Im actually gonna try this recipe

Author Jackie Nacoulivala ( ago)
you disgust me

Author Marc Marc ( ago)
I'm am hungy I want som lasaga

Author Zyro H. Zalaxstar ( ago)
PLS, can you do how to draw anime? 😅

Author Crybaby Of Phanic! At The Disco ( ago)
oh shit. that would've turned out so well.

Author Juana Tazzioli ( ago)
dalaz ia deja de hacer eso

Author papaya lunar secreta ( ago)
los niños de africa se ubieran comido ese horno :,V

Author z123gameing remixdj123aka ( ago)
fish blowjob XD 1:43

Author Ale 777 ahre ( ago)
Dalas? :v

Author øßçû Trevor ( ago)
You need an automatic egg gatlin gun.

Author øßçû Trevor ( ago)
How to tell fake News!! …………… Do it....

Author Poke' Queen ( ago)
Gordon Ramsay would not approve :(

Author Estefanía Núñez ( ago)

Author AlcatraZ Ls ( ago)
Estas loco Dalas

Author Kyōka Yamamoto ( ago)
wtf is this channel

Author Camiii Musica ( ago)
este es eL otro canal de dalas how to basic

Author Pablinchi xD ( ago)
Funciona realmente?:v

Author camilo acevedo ( ago)
dalah v:

Author BlazeGamma ( ago)
I'm not even sure anymore. He seems to have crossed the line from insanity back to semisanity

Author Vanesa Lee ( ago)
Ya decia que estaba bastante normal :D

Author Vaidik Laad ( ago)
2 mins of silence for those who thought it was a tutorial video 👉😅

Author Frost Byte ( ago)

Author MiImaGrander ( ago)
At least he made the lasagna normally.

Author Miles Harvey ( ago)
i feel bad for the people who searched for an actual vegetarian lasagna and accidentally stumbled here

Author SwiftyZ ( ago)
howtobasic is just maxmoefoe and that fat guy right?

Author PixelThePuppy ( ago)
I was wondering

"When's the weird stuff going to happen?!

Author DogeLord124 ( ago)
When HowToBasic is a better cook than you 1:44.

Author Mangle The Fox ( ago)
i knew it was going to burn :D

Author Spectrosity ( ago)
this one should have been a 4-second-video of him loading a gun and killing himself.

Author mariaJ3105 ( ago)
this guys doctor will see this

Author shadowwa ( ago)
whoever doesn't know who this dude is (and what he does) then you have a lot coming at 1:19

Author ComicPapyrus64 ( ago)
Actually, that looked delicious

Author iiTrixz ~ ( ago)
ثم لتسألن يومئذ عن النعيم .

Author Messica Gatkinson ( ago)

Author Hailie Hembury ( ago)

Author Juan Faria ( ago)

Author MiniPux ( ago)

Author Susi Chan ( ago)
the video was normal until 1:18, thats a new record ( sorry if my english is bad)

Author love pineapples ( ago)
wow that's the longest time he does something normal XD

Author Derpy Aura ( ago)
Poor oven

Author Tony Revenge ( ago)
I got ear cancer

Author TheZombieUnicorn 823 ( ago)
It looked good before he destroyed it

Author tristan gareth Lanozo ( ago)
his maid is the richest women ever live!

Author zorak 05 ( ago)
Can you make just a few videos normal thanks

Author stefan lazic ( ago)
I never knew vegetarians ate chicken

Author Lachlan Croker ( ago)
Is it just me noticing or is he like a savage in every how to make vids

Author ErkosGaming ( ago)
How to make a vegetarian lasagna yet he added chicken strips

Author Just try and remember the good times... ( ago)
Forgot to check the YouTube channel.. I thought this was legit until..

Author Samantha Hybryds ( ago)
he broke the oven
rip Oven

Author fvcnx ( ago)
that was so fun to watch

Author KitKatKaas ( ago)
everything seems normal but do you have to put olive oil in the pan??

Author Alejandro San Agustin Mendez ( ago)
I laugh so bad after it was finished!! (1:19)

Author Cat Dog ( ago)
i thought this was actual recipe and close to the end of the video i saw that it was made by howtobasic, FFS!

Author Паша Кравцевич ( ago)

Author Millyisonline ( ago)
lol I'm actually gonna use this

Author mohamed blackman ( ago)
Hey .why are you waisting food don't you that one day you well not find any thing to eat😔😔some people don't have food and you are waisting that 😡😡you can give to poor people😊😊😊then you will feel good😍😍trust me😌😌

Author Dani . Org ( ago)
I just wanted to watch a few food videos...

Author Johanna De Vries ( ago)
chicken Is not a vegetable.

Author Marina Tavadze ( ago)
you are mad

Author CooingThatguy ( ago)
rip woolies carrots

Author joy7com ( ago)

Author Night Terror ( ago)
Cooking by the book

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