How To Make Vegetarian Lasagna

Today I show you how to make a delicious vegetarian lasagna. Vegetarian lasagna is incredibly easy to make, it's also incredible delicious. This lasagna recipe has been in my family for generations! You'll see why when you take your first bite of this mouth watering - melt in your mouth lasagne. You won't believe this lasagna is vegetarian. Simply follow the step by step instructions and your lasagna will turn out perfect. Enjoy!

Don't keep this delicious lasagne recipe to yourself!

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Author HowToBasic ( ago)
Don't keep this delicious recipe to yourself! Share it with your loved ones:

Author Pineapple ( ago)
0:36 Wait a second! Chicken strips?!

Author Mehmet Işık ( ago)
kids in africa could eat this oven

Author The Assassin Boy ( ago)
For a second there I thought it was gonna be regular how to video

Author 2 Vlogs ( ago)
i actually tried it without the eggs and fish and it taste pretty good

Author AlexxGamergg _YT_ ( ago)
:v delicious

Author Roar - Agario ( ago)
I forgot i was watching how to basic 😂

Author ほーくとま ( ago)
Wow! He cooks very well!!

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
I feel bad for the people that actually come here to try and make it and then realize what the video actually is

Author Майкл Ребит ( ago)
это просто жесть какая то

Author Henrique Oliveira ( ago)
What a waste...

Author itsjaboi mofo ( ago)
how to make an vegitarian lasanga

you don't

Author JasonTheGamingBoy ( ago)
It's actually good that you show how to actually make it since lots of people would want to know

Author natassia kennerly ( ago)
stop making videos you just wasted perfect lasagma

Author TheBeaconWarrior ( ago)
1 and a half weeks ago he had 8.1 subs, now he has 8.9, WTF?

Author PvpGamingEasy Games for life ( ago)
Thought this was a real how 2 😂😂

Author W.D Sans ( ago)
1 minute without throwing, burning or breaking things! that's a new high score!

Author eskhato ( ago)
Lasagna with chicken strips – is the best vegetarian lasagna!

Author crecent .m ( ago)
I have a feeling he's a extremely good cook

Author Bored to Death ( ago)
He was almost normal

Author Spectra GhostClaw ( ago)
1:44 *Succ intensifies*

Author TheGamerZ_ FTW ( ago)
the moment you think the video was normal them he starts throwing eggs

Author Vaso ( ago)
What ? I thought this is your first video with the best tutorial !
But other tutorials are much easier than this. Thank you HowToBasic.

Author Luxy CZ ( ago)
Mom: You broke the whole stove!
Me: Who cares, the lasagna is done

Author Monika Joseph Dun ( ago)
@HowToBasic could be a great cooking channel if he wouldn't lost his shit.

Author Anonimowa Dziewczyna Z Youtube ( ago)
...I wanted to make...lasagna ;_;

Author CookiMonster 2 ( ago)
That actually looked good up until... well you know

Why is nobody talking about the ending!?!? Like he literally made a *FISH* deep-throat a *CARROT*

Author • Eliott ( ago)
that actually looked pretty good at the beginning, but i guess the final result is best

Author Maria LeBlanc ( ago)
0:31 Junior Asparagus: I Think I have to throw up! **puke**

Author Master ModzHD ( ago)
That Good Would've Been Appreciated By A Homeless Person Atleast

Author Fajer Ma ( ago)
I thought it was actually real

Author SkYdAy CloUDy ( ago)
i showed this to my mum and she said what a good recipe! but when she saw....

Author BUNS XP ( ago)
damn it's already good y do u smashed it?

Author Apocalypse Gaming ( ago)
He spends so much money buying food and he wastes it he also broke a perfectly good oven so he spent a about 600$ plus on this vid and wasted all of it

Author HyperSonicX1 ( ago)
hahaha, who cares.

Author Mr.Spagcat ( ago)
Am I the only one that wonders how he cleans all his up

Author Cindy Robles ( ago)
Show this recipe to Garfielf

Author Connor Domrow ( ago)
I thought it wasn't gonna be weird

Author MayoNoise Is life ( ago)
I showed this at school then I got an F ( mean's Fantastic! )

Author Dat Doge ( ago)
Funny thing is I kinda would eat that it does look 😊

Author Paradox Gaming ( ago)
"How To Make Vegetarian Lasagna"


Author Dthomas Mcghee ( ago)
And to I saw all of this

Author Last Shadow ( ago)
Those poor souls who came here for an actual tutorial

But ended up watching a fish sucking on a carrot 😂😂😂😂😂

Author Dthomas Mcghee ( ago)
We thought this was a normal video

Author iiNsanity Gamiing ( ago)
Its not vegetarian...

Author Dan Wow ( ago)
For just a moment there I thought "is this a actual tutorial" I was wrong

Author Bartek Filipek ( ago)
jestem od borbotv xD

Author Sharingan King ( ago)
For one second i thought this was an actual how to but then i realised that you can never trust how to basic

Author Leonel Messi ( ago)

Author Plague AnTi-Human ( ago)
how do you function as a human being at all or are you even human? xD

Author KrisGamer ( ago)
PTM que susto por un momento creí que sería un tutorial de verdad

Author African Kid ( ago)
I could of eat that stove

Author I need healing. ( ago)
Garfield's diet

Author Tyler Marcroft hi ( ago)
hahaha Im pretty sure all the food howtobasic has used in his vids could feed all of africa

Author Cute Kitty Cat ( ago)
Im a vegan and before he DESTROYED the food he was cooking in the pan it actually looked good

Author DARK PLUM ( ago)
Can I imagine the vegetarian fag that clicked on this video thinking it was a jenuin food video

Author MoondaPanda ( ago)
Ok fine I laughed at 1:45

Author Dylan Trahan ( ago)
There's 🧀

Author BronzeProPlays ( ago)
yea chicken stripes 100 prozent vegetarian

Author farmer bob ( ago)
oh shit fam, thats why u mass ordered those veggies from me.

Author Bulwark1911 ( ago)
Dory does Dallas

Author Trixell Channel ( ago)
this video was a "wait for it"

Author xJaems GT ( ago)
Me: Finally a serious video
after 20 seconds after 1 min.

Author Лютый ( ago)
Далбоеб ебаный, лучше мне эту еду отдал!

Author B33M ( ago)
did someone actually try this, i mean until it gets crazy? i think its not bad

Author rektTV ( ago)
Vegetarian Lasagna but with chicken strips. Hmmmmmmm

Author Nicholas Rotondo ( ago)
I bet if this guy stopped doing this it would end world hunger IM NOT HATING

Author Matt_Retos Y Mas!! ( ago)
como alguien puede estar tan mao de la puta cabeza

Author T. Games ( ago)
I will try to make this food in my dad's restaurant. It is just AMAZIMG😍😘😍

Author Terri Curtis ( ago)
in turns from nice to.... I don't even know

Author Little hacker XD ( ago)

Author Satire Saint ( ago)
lol your oven is fucked

Author H:ZDWatcher ( ago)
It's weird to think if this guy didnt sperg out half way through the video, he'd actually have a decent tutorial channel. Paths not taken and all that.

Author Braeden Mclean ( ago)
all the food wasted, the kids in africa...... the fuck am i taking about they can eat dirt p.s its organic

Author Kohaku Takahashi ( ago)
the thumbnail lasagna has meat in it hah

Author RushEagle ( ago)

Author Aya Ragragui ( ago)
The fishes the wall those vegetables omg i am done with that man

Author Night Skull47 ( ago)
who noticed that when he threw the bowl the light flickered (who also saw that?)

Author Burrito Almighty ( ago)
technically people can still follow the recipe, but they have to guess how hot the oven must be and how long they need to cook it. thats literally the only thing he actually left out of the tutorial.

Author Sassy LPS ( ago)
He should've made a normal video for april fools

Author Aleksander Rinaldo ( ago)
this video should be called: How to make a eggsagna. Xd lelelelelel.

Author Isabella Essien ( ago)
I had a lasaga add before dis...

Author Space Potato ( ago)

Author Андрей Олешко ( ago)
Бля ну нахуя стекло то разъебал на духовке?)))

Author Danica Mews ( ago)
not the lasaga

Author Trey Rath ( ago)
This one survived much longer than normal

Author Go for love #2 ( ago)
But I love lasagna 🤤😭

Author Hayden Boone ( ago)
Is it bad I think he could actually be a really good cook

Author Valdo Lohanda ( ago)
it looks perfect, professional and delicious 'till 1.17 hmm

Author Bjørn Christopher Wang ( ago)
Omfg I almost died when he was deepthroating that fish!!!!

Author Luis Alveo ( ago)
u fucking broke ur oven!!!!!!

Author svit jeram ( ago)
anddd you had to ruin it at the end


Author nice ( ago)
>throws fish to "lasagna"

Author axl GT ( ago)
i just told my mom about this and she just freak out hahahaha

Author The Mindcraft Unicorn ( ago)
I was really hoping for real food but... This got my hopes up Untill..... He started smashing his oven (ヽ´ω`) is the oven ok?

Author The Mindcraft Unicorn ( ago)
Gezz is he ok? .... (´-﹏-`;)

Author Mayra Orellana ( ago)

Author Emily Is awesome ( ago)
Would it be mean to send this to my vegetarian friend who I don't like anymore? (And they r super mean to me)

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